Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.228, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 4 Polycrystalline wafers of silicalite-1 etched by HF acid and viewed by SEM
Brabec L, Kocirik M
5 - 9 Passivation of GaAs field-effect transistors in diluted S2Cl2 solution
Wu Y, Liu Y, Ding XM, Obbard EG, Wang XZ, Ding HJ, Hou XY, Li XB
10 - 16 Raman microprobe mapping of residual microstresses in 3C-SiC film epitaxial lateral grown on patterned Si(111)
Lee CJ, Pezzotti G, Okui Y, Nishino S
17 - 25 EIS study of the surface film on the surface of carbon steel from supercritical carbon dioxide corrosion
Wu SL, Cui ZD, Zhao GX, Yan ML, Zhu SL, Yang XJ
26 - 33 Introduction of anticoagulation group to polypropylene film by radiation grafting and its blood compatibility
Mao C, Zhang C, Qiu YZ, Zhu AP, Shen J, Lin SC
34 - 39 Effect of crystallographic orientation upon switching properties of PZT films measured by electrostatic force microscopy
Desfeux R, Da Costa A, Flambard A, Legrand C, Tondelier D, Poullain G, Bouregba R
40 - 47 Pulsed laser desorption of alkali atoms from PDMS thin films
Brewer J, Burchianti A, Marinelli C, Mariotti E, Moi L, Rubahn K, Rubahn HG
48 - 52 Thermal annealing in FHD Ge-doped SiO2 film for applications in optical waveguides
Zhang LT, Xie WF, Wang J, Li AW, Xing H, Zheng W, Zhang YS
53 - 56 Property of carbon nanotube tip for surface topography characterization
Guo LQ, Liang J, Dong S, Xu ZW, Zhao QL
57 - 62 Study of electroless Ni-Cu-P coatings and their anti-corrosion properties
Liu Y, Zhao Q
63 - 76 The effects of nuclear and electronic stopping powers on ion irradiated novolac-diazoquinone films
Garcia ITS, Zawislak FC, Samios D
77 - 83 Electronic stopping powers for fluorine ions in F-19(+)-implanted potassium titanyl arsenate
Liu XD, Xia YY, Li F, Tan ZY, Zhao MW, Xu XG, Huang B
84 - 92 The HSAB concept as a means to interpret the adsorption of metal ions onto activated carbons
Alfarra A, Frackowiak E, Beguin F
93 - 99 Study of HfO2 thin films prepared by electron beam evaporation
Wang YJ, Lin ZL, Cheng XL, Xiao HB, Zhang F, Zou SC
100 - 109 Removal of the photoresist (PR) and metallic-polymer in the concave-typed storage node using the excimer laser
Kim HJ, Kim DJ, Ryu JK, Pak SS
110 - 114 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy investigation on chemical states of oxygen on surfaces of mixed electronic-ionic conducting La0.6Sr0.4Co1-yFeyO3 ceramics
Xu Q, Huang DP, Chen W, Wang H, Wang BT, Yuan RZ
115 - 119 Surface sensitivity of Mg2NiH4 leading to a profound color change
Ronnebro E, Noreus D
120 - 127 Pulsed laser ablation of silicon with low laser fluence in a low-pressure of ammonia ambient
Choo CK, Tohara M, Enomoto K, Tanaka K
128 - 134 Effect of argon ion beam voltages on the microstructure of aluminum nitride films prepared at room temperature by a dual ion beam sputtering system
Chen HY, Han S, Cheng CH, Shih HC
135 - 142 Morphological characterization of vanadium oxide supported on carbon-coated monoliths using AFM
Garcia-Bordeje E, Lazaro MJ, Moliner R, Galindo JF, Sotres J, Baro AM
143 - 150 Field penetration induced charge redistribution effects on the field emission properties of carbon nanotubes - a first-principle study
Chen CW, Lee MH, Clark SJ
151 - 157 X-ray diffraction analysis of texture modification induced by ion beam irradiation in stainless steel films
Goudeau P, Bechade JL, Boubeker B, Renault PO, Serrari A, Eymery JP
158 - 163 Single short voltage pulse induced superstructure on the graphite surface
Wei Z, Xu CK, Chen XJ, Xu KZ
164 - 168 Interfacial reactions between RF sputtered CeO2 film and Si(100) substrate
Lee HY, Lee YC, Hong YP, Ko KH
169 - 175 A convenient way to prepare magnetic colloids by direct Nd : YAG laser ablation
Chen GX, Hong MH, Lan B, Wang ZB, Lu YF, Chong TC
176 - 190 Surface derivatization of nano-CdS clusters and its effect on the performance of US quantum dots in solvents and polymeric matrices
Rong MZ, Zhang MQ, Liang HC, Zeng HM
191 - 200 Frictional properties of bilayered mixed lubricant films on an amorphous carbon surface: effect of alkyl chain length and SAM/PFPE portion
Choi J, Morishita H, Kato T
201 - 206 Femtosecond laser machining characteristics of Nitinol
Huang H, Zheng HY, Lim GC
207 - 212 Alloying effects on the 1G(0) contact of Au
Fujii A, Ochi R, Kurokawa S, Sakai A
213 - 220 Modeling and simulation of surface roughness
Patrikar RA
221 - 226 Femtosecond pulse laser ablation of sapphire in ambient air
Wang XC, Lim GC, Zheng HY, Ng FL, Liu W, Chua SJ
227 - 232 Enhancement of silicon etching rate in XeF2 ambient in the presence of activated polymer
Knizikevicius R
233 - 244 Role in photocatalysis and coordination structure of metal ions adsorbed on titanium dioxide particles: a comparison between lanthlianide and iron ions
Matsuo S, Sakaguchi N, Yamada K, Matsuo T, Wakita H
245 - 256 Kinetics of etching in inductively coupled plasmas
Kim MT
257 - 264 Study of surface copper species of TiO2-supported by CuO catalyst ReflEXAFS
Zhao LY, Yang PC, Wang XK, Xie Y, Wu NZ, Xie YC
265 - 270 Real time observation of trans-cis isomerization on azobenzene SAM induced by optical near field enhancement
Micheletto R, Yokokawa M, Schroeder M, Hobara D, Ding Y, Kakiuchi T
271 - 276 Ge-doped SiO2 glass films prepared by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition for planar waveguides
Lee JW, Kim SS, Lee BT, Moon JH
277 - 284 Numerical analysis for charge accumulation on the chunnel of field emission devices
Liu M, Zhang XB, Lei W, Wang BP, Wang QL
285 - 291 Effect of pH on the EPR properties of NiZn ferrite/SiO2 nanocomposite
Wu KH, Li HY, Yang CC, Chen HB
292 - 296 Surface morphological influence on charging at metal-insulator interface in XPS depth profiling
Mori Y, Tanemura M, Tanemura S
297 - 301 Preparation of high quality MgO thin films by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis
Bian JM, Li XM, Chen TL, Gao XD, Yu WD
302 - 305 Growth of nanocrystalline Pd films on Si(111)
Joshi N, Aswal DK, Debnath AK, Gupta SK, Yakhmi JV
306 - 312 Advanced study of various characteristics found in RHEED patterns during the growth of InAs quantum dots on GaAs(001) substrate by molecular beam epitaxy
Lee JW, Schuh D, Bichler A, Abstreiter G
313 - 319 Structural evolution of self-assembled monolayer of 1-mercapto-2-propanol on Au(111) in N-2 flow: an electrochemical and STM study
Rhee CK, Kim YN
320 - 325 Growth and properties of electrodeposited cobalt films on Pt/Si(100) surface
Azizi A, Sahari A, Felloussia ML, Schmerber G, Meny C, Dinia A
326 - 333 The influence of organic additives on the electrodeposition of iron-group metals and binary alloy from sulfate electrolyte
Lallemand F, Ricq L, Wery A, Bercot P, Pagetti J
334 - 345 Theoretical studies on mixed-gas adsorption equlibria and accompanying enthalpic effects by using rectangular adsorption energy distribution function
Nieszporek K
346 - 356 Hydroxyapatite thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition and radio-frequency magnetron sputtering: comparative study
Nelea V, Morosanu C, Iliescu M, Mihailescu IN
357 - 364 A study of gallium drops on germanium(111)
Monchoux JP, Chatain D, Wynblatt P
365 - 372 Nanomechanical properties of TiC, TiN and TiCN thin films using scanning probe microscopy and nanoindentation
Fang TH, Jian SR, Chuu DS
373 - 377 Study of lithium fluoride/tris(8-hydroxyquinolino)-aluminum interfacial chemistry using XPS and ToF-SIMS
Song WJ, So SK, Wong KW, Choi WK, Cao LL
378 - 400 Characterization of an AgBr-Ag2S-AS(2)S(3)-HgI2 ion-selective electrode membrane: a X-ray photoelectron and impedance spectroscopy approach
Pejcic B, De Marco R
401 - 404 Application of the electromeniscus phenomenon to carbon nanotube erection and surface modification
Matsuura H, Tanikawa T, Furukawa H
405 - 409 Structural and interfacial analysis of WC92--Co8 coating deposited on titanium alloy by electrospark deposition
Wang RJ, Qian YY, Liu J
410 - 417 Development of novel process for RuCMP using ceric ammonium nitrate (CAN)-containing nitric acid
Lee WJ, Park HS