Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.226, No.1-3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 AIPO(4)-18 synthesized from colloidal precursors and its use for the preparation of thin films
Vilaseca M, Mintova S, Karaghiosoff K, Metzger TH, Bein T
7 - 11 Palladium nanoparticles on silicon by photo-reduction using 172 nm excimer UV lamps
Fang Q, He G, Cai WP, Zhang JY, Boyd IW
12 - 18 The role of thermostats in modeling vapor phase condensation of silicon nanoparticles
Erhart P, Albe K
19 - 25 Silicon nanocrystals studied using Hartree-Fock and molecular dynamics
Mazzone AM
26 - 30 Cluster fragmentation and cluster beam steering studied by dynamic reaction coordinate and molecular dynamics calculations
Mazzone AM
31 - 35 STM and FIB nano-structuration of surfaces to localise InAs/InP(001) quantum dots
Kapsa J, Robach Y, Hollinger G, Gendry M, Gierak J, Mailly D
36 - 40 Synthesis and characterization of Se nano-structures inside porous zeolite crystals
Li IL, Launois P, Tang ZK
41 - 44 Observation of localization complexes and phonons replicas in heavily doped GaAs1-xNx
Bousbih F, Ben Bouzid S, Chtourou R, Harmand JC
45 - 51 Growth and optical properties of InAs/GaAs quantum dot structures
Trofimov VI, Park HS, Kim JI
52 - 56 Structural and optical properties of Cu : silica nanocomposite films prepared by co-sputtering deposition
Battaglin G, Cattaruzza E, Gonella F, Polloni R, Scremin BF, Mattei G, Mazzoldi P, Sada C
57 - 61 Raman and photoluminescence study of ion beam irradiated porous silicon: a case for the astrophysical extended red emission?
Baratta GA, Strazzulla G, Compagnini G, Longo P
62 - 67 Radiofrequency magnetron co-sputtering deposition synthesis of Co-based nanocomposite glasses for optical and magnetic applications
Cattaruzza E, Battaglin G, Canton P, Fernandez CD, Ferroni M, Gonella F, Maurizio C, Riello P, Sada C, Sangregorio C, Scremin BF
68 - 71 Temperature effects on the formation of Si nanoclusters
Kim JH, Jeon KA, Lee SY
72 - 77 Curvature effect in ultra-small single-walled carbon nanotubes
Li IL, Tang ZK
78 - 82 Numerical study of effective permittivity in composite systems
Peon-Fernandez J, Martin-Herrero J, Banerji N, Iglesias TP
83 - 87 Stability of SnO2 nanocrystalline grains: A study at semi-empirical level
Mazzone AM
88 - 93 Linear nanoscale clusters of CuO in Cu-ZSM-5 catalysts
Ismagilov ZR, Yashnik SA, Anufrienko VF, Larina TV, Vasenin NT, Bulgakov NN, Vosel SV, Tsykoza LT
94 - 98 Surface effects on structural and thermodynamic properties of CU3Au nanoclusters
Van Hoof T, Hou M
99 - 107 Semiempirical calculations of the collective optical excitations in substituted oligodiacetylenes
Ottonelli M, Musso GF, Dellepiane G
XI - XI Preface - Nanostructures from clusters - Proceedings of the European Materials Research Society 2003 - Symposium F Strasbourg, France, June 10-13, 2003
Perez A, Puglisi O
108 - 113 Global optimization of silicon nanoclusters
Chaudhuri I, Sertl S, Hajnal Z, Dellnitz M, Frauenheim T
114 - 119 Monte Carlo simulation of CdTe layers growth on CdTe(001) and Si(001) substrates
Pyziak L, Stefaniuk I, Virt I, Kuzma M
120 - 124 Observation of cluster formation of rare earth ions in wide band gap fluorine dielectric crystals using transmission electron microscopy
Drazic G, Kobe S, Sarantopoulou E, Kollia Z, Cefalas AC
125 - 130 AFM and micro-Raman investigation on filters coated with silver colloidal nanoparticles
Muniz-Miranda M, Innocenti M
131 - 136 Size distribution of silver nanoclusters induced by ion, electron, laser beams and thermal treatments of an organometallic precursor
D'Urso L, Nicolosi V, Compagnini G, Puglisi O
137 - 143 Silica gels with tailored, gold nanorod-driven optical functionalities
Perez-Juste J, Correa-Duarte MA, Liz-Marzan LM
144 - 148 Investigation of thiourea-silanes as viable precursors for the sol-gel synthesis of composites containing Zn-S complexes
Angelova D, Armelao L, Gross S, Kickelbick G, Seraglia R, Tondello E, Trimmel G, Venzo A
149 - 154 Organized planar nanostructures from ligand-stabilized nanoclusters: a route to molecular nanoelectronic devices
Khomutov GB, Gainutdinov RV, Gubin SP, Kislov VV, Khanin VV, Rakhnyanskaya AA, Sergeev-Cherenkov AN, Soldatov ES, Suyatin DB, Taranov IV, Tolstikhina AL
155 - 160 Silicalite-1/polymer films with low-k dielectric constants
Larlus O, Mintova S, Valtchev V, Jean B, Metzger TH, Bein T
161 - 166 Thermal properties of thin and thick Ni3Al cluster assembled layers: an atomic scale simulation study
Hou M, Moskovkin P
167 - 172 Nucleation and growth kinetics of gold nanoparticles on MgO(100) studied by UHV-AFM
Hojrup-Hansen K, Ferrero S, Henry CR
173 - 177 Gold nanoparticle arrays on graphite surfaces
Prevel B, Bardotti L, Fanget S, Hannour A, Melinon P, Perez A, Gierak J, Faini G, Bourhis E, Mailly D
178 - 184 Evolution of the morphology of small Co clusters grown on Au(111)
Chado I, Goyhenex C, Bulou H, Bucher JP
185 - 190 Magnetic force microscopy on cobalt nanocluster films
Koch SA, Velde RHT, Palasantzas G, De Hosson JTM
191 - 196 Formation of nanoclusters on silicon from carbon deposition
Palermo V, Jones D
197 - 208 Clusters for biology: immobilization of proteins by size-selected metal clusters
Collins JA, Xirouchaki C, Palmer RE, Heath JK, Jones CH
209 - 215 Acoustic vibrations of metal nanoparticles: high order radial mode detection
Nelet A, Crut A, Arbouet A, Del Fatti N, Vallee F, Portales H, Saviot L, Duval E
216 - 225 Noble metal particles for polymer-based nanostructured thin films
Compagnini G
226 - 230 Nanostructured films from (C-60)(n)Si-m clusters
Masenelli B, Tournus F, Melinon P, Blase X, Perez A, Pellarin M, Broyer M
231 - 236 Optical thin film formation by oxygen cluster ion beam assisted depositions
Toyoda N, Yamada I
237 - 241 Nonlinear optical activity in Ag-SiO2 nanocomposite thin films with different silver concentration
Scalisi AA, Compagnini G, D'Urso L, Puglisi O
242 - 248 Enhancement of exciton emission from ZnO nanocrystalline films by pulsed laser annealing
Ozerov I, Arab M, Safarov VI, Marine W, Giorgio S, Sentis M, Nanai L
249 - 260 Building high-performance magnetic materials out of gas-phase nanoclusters
Binns C, Baker SH, Louch S, Sirotti F, Cruguel H, Prieto P, Thornton SC, Bellier JD
261 - 264 Numerical study of the collective magnetic behavior of nanoparticle assembled films
Kechrakos D, Trohidou KN
265 - 270 Nanostructured thin films from mixed magnetic Co-Ag clusters
Favre L, Stanescu S, Dupuis V, Bernstein E, Epicier T, Melinon P, Perez A
271 - 281 Inelastic light scattering: a multiscale characterization approach to vibrational, structural and thermo-mechanical properties of nanostructured materials
Bassi AL, Bottani CE, Casari C, Beghi M
282 - 288 Vibrations of amorphous nanometric structures: when does the classical continuum theory apply?
Tanguy A, Leonforte F, Wittmer JP, Barrat JL
289 - 297 Electronic and superconducting properties of silicon and carbon clathrates
Connetable D, Blase X
298 - 305 First principles simulations of 2D Cu superlattices on the MgO(001) surface
Zhukovskii YF, Kotomin EA, Fuks D, Dorfman S, Stoneham AM, Sychev O, Borstel G
306 - 312 Structural and electronic properties of small CuOm clusters
Pouillon Y, Massobrio C
313 - 320 Synchrotron radiation techniques for structural and morphological investigations on clusters: present and future
d'Acapito F
321 - 326 Extraordinary Hall effect and X-ray photoemission studies of two dimensional films of magnetic nanoclusters
Tuaillon-Combes J, Boisron O, Bernstein E, Guiraud G, Gerber A, Milner A, Melinon P, Perez A