Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.225, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Precipitation of HNbO3 at the Ti : LiNbO3 surface
Kalabin IE, Grigorieva TI, Pokrovsky LD, Atuchin VV
7 - 13 The study of surface properties of ZrO2
Zhao Q, Wang XP, Cai TX
14 - 20 Nitridation effect on the oxidation of a austenitic stainless steel AISI 304 at 900 degrees C
Issartel C, Buscail H, Caudron E, Cueff R, Riffard F, El Messki S, Perrier S, Jacquet P, Lambertin M
21 - 28 Changes in surface composition of the Ti-6Al-4V implant alloy by cultured macrophage cells
Lin HY, Bumgardner JD
29 - 38 Influence of substrate temperature on titanium oxynitride thin films prepared by reactive sputtering
Chappe JM, Martin N, Pierson JF, Terwagne G, Lintymer J, Gavoille J, Takadoum J
39 - 46 Controlled microphase separated morphology of block polymer thin film and an approach to prepare inorganic nanoparticles
Huang L, Yuan H, Zhang DB, Zhang Z, Guo J, Ma JM
47 - 53 The surface of 1-euro coins studied by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Gou F, Gleeson MA, Villette J, Kleyn SEF, Kleyn AW
54 - 58 Etching characteristics of TiNi thin film by focused ion beam
Xie DZ, Ngoi BKA, Fu YQ, Ong AS, Lim BH
59 - 71 Effects of organic additives on electroplated soft magnetic CoFeCr films
Lallemand F, Comte D, Ricq L, Renaux P, Pagetti J, Dieppedale C, Gaud P
72 - 77 Aluminothermic powder boriding of steel
Uzunov N, Ivanov R
78 - 85 Study on the reflection of EM wave from chiral material
Wang GQ, Zhang P, Liu ZL, Yao KL
86 - 99 XPS study of N-2 annealing effect on thermal Ta2O5 layers on Si
Atanassova E, Tyuliev G, Paskaleva A, Spassov D, Kostov K
100 - 115 Corrosion of Si3N4-MoSi2 ceramic composite in acid- and basic-aqueous environments: surface modification and properties degradation
Winterhalter F, Medri V, Ruffini A, Bellosi A
116 - 123 Density fluctuation in silica-PVA hybrid gels determined by small-angle X-ray scattering
Xu Y, Li ZH, Fan WH, Wu D, Sun YH, Rong LX, Dong BZ
124 - 134 Magnesium alloys laser (Nd : YAG) cladding and alloying with side injection of aluminium powder
Ignat S, Sallamand P, Grevey D, Lambertin M
135 - 143 Experiment combining ion-beam sputtering and quantitative ICP-OES analysis: angular distributions and total yield of titanium sputtered by 5 keV krypton ions
Fournier PG, Varenne O, Baudon J, Nourtier A, Govers TR
144 - 155 Surface modification of SiLK (R) by graft copolymerization with 4-vinylpyridine for reduction in copper diffusion
Zhu YQ, Kang ET, Neoh KG, Chan L, Lai DMY, Huan ACH
156 - 161 Effect of the heat flux direction on electrical properties of SrBi2Nb2O9 thin films crystallized using a microwave oven
Vasconcelos JS, Vasconcelos NSLS, Zanetti SM, Leite ER, Varela JA, Longo E
162 - 169 Surface and interface state analysis of the TPD/Alq(3) using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and atomic force microscopy (AFM)
Li HR, Zhang FJ, Liu S
170 - 175 Influence of magnetic field on structural defects in Si and GaAs
Brodovoy AV, Brodovoy VA, Skryshevsky VA
176 - 185 Investigation of inhibition effect of some amino acids against steel corrosion in HCl solution
Ashassi-Sorkhabi H, Majidi MR, Seyyedi K
186 - 197 The surface oxidation of selected polymers using an atmospheric pressure air dielectric barrier discharge. Part II
Borcia G, Anderson CA, Brown NMD
198 - 203 Improving the stability of alkaline earth sulfide-based phosphors
Guo CF, Chu BL, Su Q
204 - 216 Poly(o-anisidine) coatings on copper: synthesis, characterization and evaluation of corrosion protection performance
Patil S, Sainkar SR, Patil PP
217 - 222 Effects of deposition temperature on the properties of Zn1-xMgxO thin films
Hwang DK, Jeong MC, Myoung JM
223 - 228 Surface modification of a microcellular porous solid: carbon foam
Mukhopadhyay SM, Pulikollu RV, Roy AK
229 - 234 Photoemission study of the oxidation and the post-annealing behaviors of a Pr-covered Si(100) surface
Wu JX, Wang ZM, Li FQ, Ma MS
235 - 242 High temperature ammonia treatment of activated carbon for enhancement of CO2 adsorption
Przepiorski J, Skrodzewicz M, Morawski AW
243 - 249 Low-threshold field emission from transparent p-type conducting CuAlO2 thin film prepared by dc sputtering
Banerjee AN, Chattopadhyay KK
250 - 255 Wet etching study of silica glass after CWCO2 laser treatment
Zhao J, Sullivan J, Bennett TD
256 - 266 Low thermal budget surface preparation of Si and SiGe
Abbadie A, Hartmann JM, Holliger P, Semeria MN, Besson P, Gentile P
267 - 271 ESD thresholds for NaCl
Golek F
272 - 280 Role of surface instabilities, in mixing and oxidation mechanisms of bilayered Y/Zr films at elevated temperature
Pranevicius L, Milcius D, Pranevicius LL, Templier C, Sirvinskaite V, Knizikevicius R
281 - 286 Investigation of the quantum confinement effects in Ge dots by electrical measurements
Ma XY, Huang SH, Chen Y, Lu F
287 - 293 Inhibition of copper corrosion by bis-(1-benzotriazolymethylene)-(2,5-thiadiazoly)-disulfide in chlonide media
Zhang DQ, Gao LX, Zhou GD
294 - 301 Influence of target to substrate spacing on the properties of ITO thin films
Antony A, Nisha M, Manoj R, Jayaraj MK
302 - 308 Surface-enhanced Raman scattering effect for copper oxygenous compounds array within the alumina template pores synthesized by ac deposition from Cu(II) acetate solution
Jagminas A, Niaura G, Kuzmarskyte J, Butkiene R
309 - 317 Correlation between the electrical and mechanical behaviours of a nanocontact with an alkanethiol monolayer
Alamarguy D, Schneegans O, Noel S, Boyer L
318 - 323 Relationship between barrier heights and ideality factors of H-terminated Pb/p-Si contacts with and without the interfacial oxide layer
Aydin ME, Akkilic K, Kilicoglu T
324 - 331 Chemical modifications in femtosecond ultraviolet (248 nm) excimer laser radiation-processed polyimide
Adhi KP, Owings RL, Railkar TA, Brown WD, Malshe AP
332 - 338 A hybrid instrument combining electronic and photonic tunnelling for surface analysis
Pechou R, Ajustron F, Seine G, Coratger R, Maurel C, Beauvillain J
339 - 346 Ablation induced by femtosecond laser in sapphire
Li XX, Jia TQ, Feng DH, Xu ZZ
347 - 355 Contact angle measurements at the colemanite and realgar surfaces
Koca S, Savas M
356 - 361 Raman evidence of the formation of LT-LiCoO2 thin layers on NiO in molten carbonate at 650 degrees C
Mendoza L, Baddour-Hadjean R, Cassir M, Pereira-Ramos JP
362 - 371 Surface modifications of TiN coating by the pulsed TEA CO2 and KrCl laser
Trtica MS, Gakovic BM, Petkovska LT, Tarasenko VF, Fedenev AV, Lipatov EI, Shulepov MA
372 - 379 Combinatorial masked deposition: simple method to control deposition flux and its spatial distribution
Noda S, Kajikawa Y, Komiyama H
380 - 388 Change of surface morphology and field emission property of carbon nanotube films treated using a hydrogen plasma
Yu K, Zhu ZQ, Zhang YS, Li Q, Wang WM, Luo LQ, Yu XW, Ma HL, Li ZW, Feng T
389 - 394 Stabilization of porous silicon surface by thermal decomposition of acetylene
Salonen J, Bjorkqvist M, Laine E, Niinisto L
395 - 409 Spectroscopic and electrochemical characterization of the surface layers of chalcopyrite (CuFeS2) reacted in acidic solutions
Mikhlin YL, Tomashevich YV, Asanov IP, Okotrub AV, Varnek VA, Vyalikh DV