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1 - 2 Proceedings of the First International SiGe Technology and Device Meeting (ISTDM 2003) - From materials and process technology to device and circuit technology - 15-17 January, 2003 - Nagoya University Symposion, Nagoya, Japan - Preface
Murota J, Tillack B, Caymax M, Sturm J, Yasuda Y, Zaima S
3 - 8 Challenges of high Ge content silicon germanium structures
Kasper E, Heim S
9 - 17 The revolution in SiGe: impact on device electronics
Harame DL, Koester SJ, Freeman G, Cottrel P, Rim K, Dehlinger G, Ahlgren D, Dunn JS, Greenberg D, Joseph A, Anderson F, Rieh JS, Onge SAST, Coolbaugh D, Ramachandran V, Cressler JD, Subbanna S
18 - 23 Selective epitaxial growth of SiGe : C for high speed HBTs
Schafer H, Bock J, Stengl R, Knapp H, Aufinger K, Wurzer M, Boguth S, Rest M, Schreiter R, Meister TF
24 - 30 Avoiding loading effects and facet growth - Key parameters for a successful implementation of selective epitaxial SiGe deposition for HBT-BiCMOS and high-mobility hetero-channel pMOS devices
Loo R, Caymax M
31 - 35 N-2 as carrier gas: an alternative to H-2 for enhanced epitaxy of Si, SiGe and SiGe : C
Meunier-Beillard P, Caymax M, Van Nieuwenhuysen K, Doumen G, Brijs B, Hopstaken M, Geenen L, Vandervorst W
36 - 40 Production-ready dry cleaning and deposition processes for low-temperature Si and SiGe epitaxy
Buschbeck HM, Erhart A, Goeggel Y, Rosenblad C, Wiltsche S, Ramm J, Dommann A, Kummer M
41 - 45 Low temperature, high growth rate epitaxial silicon and silicon germanium alloy films
Todd MA, Weeks KD
46 - 50 Growth of high quality epitaxial Si1-x-yGexCy layers by using chemical vapor deposition
Hallstedt J, Suvar E, Persson POA, Hultman L, Wang YB, Radamson HH
51 - 54 Characterization of Ge gradients in SiGeHBTs by AES depth profile simulation
Kruger D, Penkov A, Yamamoto Y, Goryachko A, Tillack B
55 - 58 High performance SiGe : C HBTs using atomic layer base doping
Tillack B, Yamamoto Y, Knoll D, Heinemann B, Schley P, Senapati B, Kruger D
59 - 62 On the mechanism of ion-implanted As diffusion in relaxed SiGe
Eguchi S, Lee JJ, Rhee SJ, Kwong DL, Lee ML, Fitzgerald EA, Aberg I, Hoyt JL
63 - 67 A new technique to fabricate ultra-shallow-junctions, combining in situ vapour HCl etching and in situ doped epitaxial SiGe re-growth
Loo R, Caymax M, Meunier-Beillard P, Peytier I, Holsteyns F, Kubicek S, Verheyen P, Lindsay R, Richard O
68 - 72 In situ B doping of SiGe(C) using BCl3 in ultraclean hot-wall LPCVD
Kunii Y, Inokuchi Y, Moriya A, Kurokawa H, Murota J
73 - 76 Low-temperature dopant activation technology using elevated Ge-S/D structure
Takeuchi H, Ranade P, King TJ
77 - 81 Relationship between impurity (B or P) and carrier concentration in SiGe(C) epitaxial film produced by thermal treatment
Noh J, Takehiro S, Sakuraba M, Murota J
82 - 86 Characterization of As+ ion-implanted layers in strained-Si/SiGe/Si hetero-structures
Ishida T, Irieda S, Inada T, Sugii N
87 - 90 Segregation of boron to polycrystalline and single-crystal Si-1-(x)-yGexCy and Si1-yCy layers
Stewart EJ, Sturm JC
91 - 94 Development of a new type of SiGe thin strain relaxed buffer based on the incorporation of a carbon-containing layer
Delhougne R, Meunier-Beillard P, Caymax M, Loo R, Vandervorst W
95 - 98 Fabrication of SiGe-on-insulator by rapid thermal annealing of Ge on Si-on-insulator substrate
Kutsukake K, Usami N, Fujiwara K, Ujihara T, Sazaki G, Nakajima K, Zhang BP, Segawa Y
99 - 103 Formation of thin SiGe virtual substrates by ion implantation into Si substrates
Sawano K, Koh S, Hirose Y, Hattori T, Nakagawa K, Shiraki Y
104 - 107 Strain-relaxation mechanisms of SiGe layers formed by two-step growth on Si(001) substrates
Egawa T, Sakai A, Yamamoto T, Taoka N, Nakatsuka O, Zaima S, Yasuda Y
108 - 112 Dislocation structures and strain-relaxation in SiGe buffer layers on Si(001) substrates with an ultra-thin Ge interlayer
Yamamoto T, Sakai A, Egawa T, Taoka N, Nakatsuka O, Zaima S, Yasuda Y
113 - 116 Strain relaxation of strained-Si layers on SiGe-on-insulator (SGOI) structures after mesa isolation
Usuda K, Mizuno T, Tezuka T, Sugiyama N, Moriyama Y, Nakaharai S, Takagi S
117 - 121 Influence of Si1-xGex interlayer on the initial growth of SiGeC on Si(100)
Ariyoshi S, Takeuchi S, Nakatsuka O, Sakai A, Zaima S, Yasuda Y
122 - 126 Roughening mechanisms of tensily strained Si1-x-yGexCy films grown by UHV-CVD: evidence of a carbon surface diffusion related mechanism
Calmes C, Bouchier D, Clerc C, Zheng YL
127 - 133 Intermixing in Ge hut cluster islands
Denker U, Sigg H, Schmidt OG
134 - 138 Selective epitaxial growth of Ge quantum dots on patterned SiO2/Si(001) surfaces
Nguyen LH, LeThanh V, Debarre D, Yam V, Halbwax M, El Kurdi M, Bouchier D, Rosner P, Becker M, Benamara M, Strunk HP
139 - 142 Shape and composition change of Ge dots due to Si capping
Kirfel O, Muller E, Grutzmacher D, Kern K, Hesse A, Stangl J, Holy V, Bauer G
143 - 147 Kinetics of Si capping process of Ge/Si(001) quantum dots
Yam V, Le Thanh V, Debarre D, Zheng Y, Bouchier D
148 - 151 Optical properties of stacked Ge/Si quantum dots with different spacer thickness grown by chemical vapor deposition
Chen WY, Chang WH, Chou AT, Hsu TM, Chen PS, Pei ZW, Lai LS
152 - 155 Improved growth of Ge quantum dots in Ge/Si stacked layers by pre-intermixing treatments
Lee SW, Chen LJ, Chen PS, Tsai MJ, Liu CW, Chen WY, Hsu TM
156 - 159 Influence of thermal annealing on compositional mixing and crystallinity of highly selective grown Si dots with Ge core
Darma Y, Murakami H, Miyazaki S
160 - 164 Coupling effect dependent on the thickness of the spacer layer between double layers of quantum dots
Rao Y, Gao Q, Jiang ZM, Lu F
165 - 169 Room temperature 1.3 and 1.5 mu m electroluminescence from Si/Ge quantum dots (QDs)/Si multi-layers
Pei Z, Chen PS, Lee SW, Lai LS, Lu SC, Tsai MJ, Chang WH, Chen WY, Chou AT, Hsu TM
170 - 174 SiGePIN photodetector for infrared optical fiber links operating at 1.25 Gbit/s
Jutzi M, Berroth M, Wohl G, Parry C, Oehme M, Bauer M, Schollhorn C, Kasper E
175 - 178 Fabrication of epitaxial SiGe optical waveguide structures
Kim YW, Berlin D, Samoilov A
179 - 182 GeH4 adsorption on Si(001) at RT: transfer of H atoms to Si sites and atomic exchange between Si and Ge
Murata T, Suemitsu M
183 - 187 Adsorption kinetics of dimethylsilane at Si(001)
Senthil K, Nakazawa H, Suemitsu M
188 - 192 Kinetics of epitaxial growth of Si and SiGe films on (110)Si substrates
Sugiyama N, Moriyama Y, Nakaharai S, Tezuka T, Mizuno T, Takagi S
193 - 196 Local atomic structure in Czochralski-grown Ge1-xSix bulk alloys
Yonenaga I, Sakurai M, Sluiter MHF, Kawazoe Y
197 - 201 Epitaxial growth of N delta doped Si films on Si(100) by alternately supplied NH3 and SiH4
Jeong YC, Sakuraba M, Murota J
202 - 205 Formation of heavily P-doped Si epitaxial film on Si(100) by multiple atomic-layer doping technique
Shimamune Y, Sakuraba M, Murota J, Tillack B
206 - 209 Effect of carbon on the thermal stability of a Si atomic layer on Ge(100)
Fujiu M, Takahashi K, Sakuraba M, Murota J
210 - 214 Ar plasma irradiation effects in atomically controlled Si epitaxial growth
Muto D, Sakuraba M, Seino T, Murota J
215 - 221 Interfacial reaction and electrical properties in Ni/Si and Ni/SiGe(C) contacts
Zaima S, Nakatsuka O, Sakai A, Murota J, Yasuda Y
222 - 226 Reactive ion etching of Si1-xGex alloy with hydrogen bromide
Wang CS, Shu DY, Hsieh WY, Tsai MJ
227 - 230 Ge-dependent morphological change in poly-SiGe formed by Ni-mediated crystallization
Sadoh T, Kanno H, Kenjo A, Miyao M
231 - 234 Enhanced crystal nucleation in a-SiGe/SiO2 by ion-irradiation assisted annealing
Tsunoda I, Kenjo A, Sadoh T, Miyao M
235 - 240 Numerical simulation of strained Si/SiGe devices: the hierarchical approach
Meinerzhagen B, Jungemann C, Neinhus B, Bartels M
241 - 247 Fabrication and device characteristics of strained-Si-on-insulator (strained-SOI) CMOS
Takagi SI, Mizuno T, Tezuka T, Sugiyama N, Numata T, Usuda K, Moriyama Y, Nakaharai S, Koga J, Tanabe A, Maeda T
248 - 253 Mobility and performance enhancement in compressively strained SiGe channel PMOSFETs
Shi ZH, Onsongo D, Banerjee SK
254 - 259 Fabrication of 0.12 mu m pMOSFETs on high Ge fraction Si/Si1-xGex/Si(100) heterostructure with ultrashallow source/drain formed using B-doped SiGeCVD
Lee D, Takehiro S, Sakuraba M, Murota J, Tsuchiya T
260 - 264 SiGe elevated source/drain structure and nickel silicide contact layer for sub 0.1 mu m MOSFET fabrication
Shim J, Oh H, Choi H, Sakaguchi T, Kurino H, Koyanagi M
265 - 269 Low-frequency noise suppression and dc characteristics enhancement in sub-mu m metamorphic p-MOSFETs with strained Si0.3Ge0.7 channel grown by MBE
Myronov M, Durov S, Mironov OA, Parker EHC, Whall TE, Hackbarth T, Hock G, Herzog HJ, Konig U
270 - 273 Proposal of a multi-layer channel MOSFET: the application of selective etching for Si/SiGe stacked layers
Sasaki D, Ohmi S, Sakuraba M, Murota J, Sakai T
274 - 277 Electrical properties Of Si1-yCy/Si/SiO2 interface for sub 50 nm strained-channel nMOSFETs
Ducroquet F, Ernst T, Weber O, Hartmann JM, Loup V, Besson P, Brevard L, Di Maria JL, Deleonibus S
278 - 282 Analysis of carrier generation lifetime in strained-Si/SiGe heterojunction MOSFETs from capacitance transient
Bera LK, Mathew S, Balasubramanian N, Braithwaite G, Currie MT, Singaporewala F, Yap J, Hammond R, Lochtefeld A, Bulsara MT, Fitzgerald EA
283 - 287 Minority carrier lifetime and diffusion length in Si1-x-yGexCy and Si1-yCy heterolayers
Samanta SK, Dalapati GK, Chatterjee S, Maiti CK
288 - 291 Electrical propel-ties of ZrO2 films on Si1-x-yGexCy epitaxial layers
Chatterjee S, Dalapati GK, Samanta SK, Maiti CK
292 - 296 Fabrication of 50 nm high performance strained-SiGe pMOSFETs with selective epitaxial growth
Loo R, Collaert N, Verheyen P, Caymax M, Delhougne R, De Meyer K
297 - 305 Circuit applications of high-performance SiGe : C HBTs integrated in BiCMOS technology
Winkler W, Borngraber J, Heinemann B, Rucker H, Barth R, Bauer J, Bolze D, Drews J, Ehwald KE, Grabolla T, Haak U, Hoppner W, Knoll D, Kruger D, Kuck B, Kurps R, Marschmeyer M, Richter H, Schley P, Schmidt D, Scholz R, Tillack B, Wolansky D, Wulf HE, Yamamoto Y, Zaumseil P
306 - 311 High-speed SiGeHBTs and their applications
Washio K
312 - 319 The state-of-the-art in simulation for optimization of SiGe-HBTs
Palankovski V, Selberherr S
320 - 323 Influence of the extrinsic base on the base current kink in SiGeBJTs
Sadovnikov A, Krakowski T, El-Diwany M
324 - 329 Design and optimization of a 200 GHz SiGeHBT collector profile by TCAD
Stricker AD, Johnson JB, Freeman G, Rieh JS
330 - 335 The effect of C on emitter-base design for a single-polysilicon SiGe : C HBT with an IDP emitter
Haralson E, Suvar E, Malm G, Radamson H, Wang YB, Ostling M
336 - 340 Characterization of leakage current related to a selectively grown collector in SiGeC heterojunction bipolar transistor structure
Suvar E, Haralson E, Radamson HH, Wang YB, Grahn JV, Malm BG, Ostling M
341 - 346 Reliability properties of SiGeHBTs
Rennane A, Bary L, Roux JL, Kuchenbecker J, Graffeuil J, Plana R
347 - 349 Achieving a SiGeHBT epitaxial emitter with novel low thermal budget technique
Brabant P, Wen JQ, Italiano J, Landin T, Cody N, Haen L
350 - 353 Evaluation of compact noise modeling for Si/SiGe HBTs based on hierarchical hydrodynamic noise simulation
Bartels M, Neinhus B, Jungemann C, Meinerzhagen B
354 - 360 Comparison of state-of-the-art bipolar compact models for SiGe-HBTs
Chakravorty A, Garg R, Maiti CK
361 - 364 Rigorous modeling approach to numerical simulation of SiGeHBTs
Palankovski V, Rohrer G, Grasser T, Smirnov S, Kosina H, Selberherr S
365 - 369 Direct extraction feature for scattering parameters of SiGe-HBTs
Wagner S, Palankovski V, Rohrer G, Grasser T, Selberherr S
370 - 376 Microwave performances of silicon heterostructure-FETs
Aniel F, Enciso M, Richard S, Giguerre L, Zerounian N, Crozat P, Adde R, Hackbarth T, Herzog JH, Konig U
377 - 381 Resonant tunneling in Si-SiGe superlattices on relaxed buffer substrates
Tsujino S, Mentese S, Diehl L, Muller E, Haas B, Bachle D, Stutz S, Grutzmacher D, Campidelli Y, Kermarrec O, Bensahel D
382 - 385 60 nm gate-length Si/SiGe HEMT
Kasamatsu A, Kasai K, Hikosaka K, Matsui T, Mimura T
386 - 389 SiGe virtual substrate HMOS transistor for analogue applications
Michelakis K, Despotopoulos S, Gaspari V, Vilches A, Fobelets K, Papavassiliou C, Toumazou C, Zhang J
390 - 393 Effect of temperature on the transfer characteristic of a 0.5 mu m-gate Si : SiGe depletion-mode n-MODFET
Gaspari V, Fobelets K, Velazquez-Perez JE, Ferguson R, Michelakis K, Despotopoulos S, Papavassilliou C
394 - 398 Nonvolatile memory based on Ge/Si hetero-nanocrystals
Yang HG, Shi Y, Pu L, Zhang R, Shen B, Han P, Gu SL, Zheng YD
399 - 404 Si/SiGe heterojunction collector for low loss operation of Trench IGBT
Kudoh T, Asano T
405 - 409 High performance rf front end circuits using SiGe : C BiCMOS plus copper technologies
Watanabe G, Ortiz J, Holbrook R
410 - 418 Low-cost circuit solutions for micro- and millimeter-wave systems using commercially available SiGe technologies
Schumacher H, Abele P, Sonmez E, Schad KB, Trasser A
419 - 424 SiGe based low noise amplifier for WLAN applications
Sadowy J, Dubuc D, Busquere JP, Grenier K, Telliez I, Graffeuil J, Tournier E, Plana R
425 - 428 The comparison of isolation technologies and device models on SiGe bipolar low noise amplifier
Hua WC, Yang TY, Liu CW
429 - 433 A 4.4 to 5 GHz SiGe low noise amplifier
Crippa P, Orcioni S, Ricciardi F, Turchetti C
434 - 438 A DC-5 GHz NMOSFET SPDT T/R switch in 0.25-mu m SiGeBiCMOS technology
Crippa P, Orcioni S, Ricciardi F, Turchetti C