Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.222, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Light-stimulated switching of azobenzene-containing self-assembled monolayers
Hamelmamm F, Heinzmann U, Siemling U, Bretthauer F, der Bruggen JV
6 - 12 Nitridation of epitaxially grown 6.1 angstrom semiconductors studied by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Preisler EJ, Strittmatter RP, McGill TC, Hill CJ
13 - 16 Noble gas ion effects on the XPS valence band spectra of silicon
Walker E, Lund CP, Jennings P, Cornish JCL, Klauber C, Hefter G
17 - 22 Prediction of profile surface roughness in CHF3/CF4 plasma using neural network
Kim BW, Kim KH
23 - 32 A study of the surface structure and composition of annealed Ga0.96Mn0.04As(100)
Mikkelsen A, Gustafson J, Sadowski J, Andersen JN, Kanski J, Lundgren E
33 - 42 On-line monitoring of laser modification of titanium dioxide using optical surface second harmonic
Vrillet G, Lee SK, McStay D, Robertson PKJ
43 - 64 Deformations, subgrain structure, dislocation arrangement and transition layer formation in Cu/Al coating deposited by mechanochemical technique
Harutyunyan VS, Torossyan AR, Aivazyan AP
65 - 73 Growth studies and characterisation of IN2S3 thin films deposited by atomic layer deposition (ALD)
Naghavi N, Henriquez R, Laptev V, Lincot D
74 - 81 BCl3/Ne etching of III-V semiconductors in a planar inductively coupled plasma reactor
Lim WT, Baek IK, Lee JW, Lee ES, Jeon MH, Cho GS, Pearton SJ
82 - 88 Model study of initial adsorption of SO2 on calcite and dolomite
Malaga-Starzec K, Panas I, Lindqvist O
89 - 101 Effects of anodic passivation on the constitution, stability and resistance to corrosion of passive film formed on an Fe-24Mn-4Al-5Cr alloy
Zhang YS, Zhu XM, Liu M, Che RX
102 - 109 Copper chemical vapour deposition on organosilane-treated SiO2 surfaces
Semaltianos NG, Pastol JL, Doppelt P
110 - 115 A novel technique for finely controlled near-infrared beam transmission of titania
Zheng HY, Soutar A, Lim GC, Chai JW, Freeman B, Jiang HJ
116 - 124 Ag-enhanced layered growth in Fe(100) hemoepitaxy
Kamiko A, Mizuno H, Chihaya H, Xu JH, Kojima I, Yamamoto R
125 - 130 Characterization of oxygen impurities in thermally evaporated LaF3 thin films suitable for oxygen sensor
Vijayakumar M, Selvasekarapandian S, Gnanasekaran T, Fujihara S, Koji S
131 - 137 Conductivity and distribution of charge on electroluminescent Si/SiO2 structures investigated by electrostatic force microscopy
Suominen T, Paturi P, Huhtinen H, Heikkila L, Hedman HP, Punkkinen R, Laiho R
138 - 147 Effect of liquid tilm on near-threshold laser ablation of a solid surface
Kim DS, Oh B, Lee H
148 - 165 Surface characterisation of electrografted random poly [carbazole-co-3-methylthiophene] copolymers on carbon fiber: XPS, AFM and Raman spectroscopy
Sarac AS, Tofail SAM, Serantoni M, Henry J, Cunnane VJ, McMonagle JB
166 - 170 Mass-resolved ion scattering spectrometry for characterization of samples with historical value
Daolio S, Pagura C, Tolstogouzov A
171 - 179 Depth dependences of the ion bombardment induced roughness and of the interdiffusion coefficient for Si/Al multilayers
Wang JY, Zalar A, Mittemeijer EJ
180 - 185 Photoluminescence and transmission spectrum characterization of Er-implanted Al2O3 films
Xiao HB, Zhang CS, Jia XL, Wang YJ, Cheng XL, Cao GB, Zhang F, Zou SC
186 - 197 In situ deposition of neutral Cs for secondary ion mass Spectrometry
Wirtz T, Migeon HN
198 - 207 Photoinduced second harmonic generation in the In2O3 crystalline films doped by Al and Sn
Herschel H, Ebothe J, Kityk IV, Yamoda U
208 - 214 Application of hydrocarbon plasmas for modifying near-surface characteristics of bearing steel
Sridharan K, Wilson EH, Lawrence DF, Jacobs JR
215 - 225 The study of the volume expansion of aluminum during porous oxide formation at galvanostatic regime
Vrublevsky I, Parkoun V, Sokol V, Schreckenbach J, Marx G
226 - 233 Femtosecond laser ablation of diamond-like carbon films
Dumitru G, Romano V, Weber HP, Pimenov S, Kononenko T, Sentis M, Hermann J, Bruneau S
234 - 242 Thermal decomposition of dimethylaluminum isopropoxide on Si(100)
Lee SY, Luo B, Sun YM, White JM, Kim YS
243 - 252 Electronic resonances in the photofield emission spectra from Ta(111)
Hadzel P, Jurczyszyn L, Radon T
253 - 262 Adhesion behavior of electroless deposited Cu on Pt/Ta silicate and Pt/SiO2
Garza M, Liu J, Magtoto NP, Kelber JA
263 - 268 Annealing effects on the microstructure and photoluminescence properties of Ni-doped ZnO films
Qiu DJ, Wu HZ, Feng AM, Lao YF, Chen NB, Xu TN
269 - 274 Humidity behavior of thermally carbonized porous silicon
Bjorkqvist M, Salonen J, Laine E
275 - 285 Real dimensional simulation of SiO2 etching in CF4+H-2 plasma
Knizikevicius R
286 - 292 Morphology of ultra-thin cubic GaN layers on GaAs(100) grown by MOVPE with DMHy as nitrogen source
Sormunen J, Toivonen J, Sopanen M, Lipsanen H
293 - 306 Simplified model to account for dependence of ablation parameters on temperature and phase of the ablated material
Franklin SR, Thareja RK
307 - 321 Application of the statistical rate theory to the computer simulations of adsorption kinetics
Panczyk T
322 - 326 Room-temperature ferromagnetism of Mg and Mn co-doped GaN films grown by PEMBE
Jeong MC, Ham MH, Myoung JM, Noh SK
327 - 337 The investigation of carbon nitride films deposited at various substrate temperatures and N-2/Ar flow ratios by vacuum cathodic arc method
Zhou ZM, Xia LF, Sun MG
338 - 345 Poly(methyl methacrylate) nanobrushes on silicon based on localized surface-initiated polymerization
Hou SF, Li ZC, Li QG, Liu ZF
346 - 350 Suppression of interfacial diffusion by a predeposited Hf metal layer on SiO2/Si
Tan RQ, Azuma Y, Kojima I
351 - 356 Dual-source chemical vapour deposition of strontium and zirconium beta-diketonates for strontium zirconate perovskite films
Andrieux M, Viallet V, Le Stum M, Rapenne L, Ghysel M, Haut C, Condat M
357 - 364 Temperature effects on the growth of oxide islands on Cu(110)
Zhou GW, Yang JC
365 - 373 The early stages of silicon surface damage induced by pulsed CO2 laser radiation: an AFM study
Yang DQ, Sacher E, Meunier M
374 - 381 Tailoring graphite layers by scanning tunneling microscopy
Hiura HF
382 - 393 Emission spectroscopy of laser-ablated Si plasma related to nanoparticle formation
Narayanan V, Thareja RK
394 - 398 Formation of ytterbium silicide nanowires on Si(001)
Kuzmin M, Laukkanen P, Perala RE, Vaara RL, Vayrynen IJ
399 - 408 Chemical states and electronic properties of the interface between aluminium and a photoluminescent conjugated copolymer containing europium complex
Cai QJ, Ling QD, Zhu FR, Haung W, Kang ET, Neoh KG
409 - 414 Local barrier height of Au nanoparticles on a TiO2 (110)-(1x2) surface
Maeda Y, Okumura M, Tsubota S, Kohyama M, Haruta M
415 - 422 Chemical composition of dome-shaped structures grown on titanium by multi-pulse Nd : YAG laser irradiation
Gyorgy E, del Pino AP, Serra P, Morenza JL
423 - 431 Effect of the growth sequence on the properties of InGaP/GaAs/InGaP quantum wells grown by LP-MOVPE from group-V metalorganic sources
Begotti M, Longo M, Magnanini R, Parisini A, Tarricone L, Bocchi C, Germini F, Lazzarini L, Nasi L, Geddo M
432 - 440 Structural and compositional changes of the ultrathin Pd layers on Nb(001) caused by annealing
Brona J, Ciszewski A