Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.220, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Oxygen atom-induced D-2 and D2O desorption on D/Si(111) surfaces
Rahman F, Khanom F, Inanaga S, Tsurumaki H, Namiki A
7 - 11 Characteristics of the silver-doped TiO2 nanoparticles
Liu Y, Liu CY, Rong QH, Zhang Z
12 - 18 Photoluminescence of ZnO films prepared by r.f. sputtering on different substrates
Wang QP, Zhang DH, Ma HL, Zhang XH, Zhang XJ
19 - 25 Argon ion stimulated conversion between CFx (x=0-3) chemical states and fluorine depletion in fluorocarbon films studied by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Tong SW, Fung MK, Lee CS, Lifshitz Y, Lee ST, Hoffman A
26 - 29 Growth and magnetism of Ni nanoparticles in Ni/Al2O3/Si or Si3N4 multilayers
Pradhan AK
30 - 39 Growth, structural, and magnetic properties of iron nitride thin films deposited by dc magnetron sputtering
Wang X, Zheng WT, Tian HW, Yu SS, Xu W, Meng SH, He XD, Han JC, Sun CQ, Tay BK
40 - 45 Formation of copper silicides by high dose metal vapor vacuum arc ion implantation
Rong C, Zhang JH, Li WZ
46 - 50 Field emission from quantum size GaN structures
Yilmazoglu O, Pavlidis D, Litvin YM, Hubbard S, Tiginyanu IM, Mutamba K, Hartnagel HL, Litovcheriko VG, Evtukh A
51 - 59 Effect of the current density on the volume expansion of the deposited thin films of aluminum during porous oxide formation
Vrublevsky I, Parkoun V, Schreckenbach J, Marx G
60 - 78 Determination of the intrinsic bulk and surface plasmon intensity of XPS spectra of magnesium
Kurth M, Graat PCJ, Mittemeijer EJ
79 - 87 AFM and SEM characterization of non-toxic vanadium-free Ti alloys used as biomaterials
Morant C, Lopez MF, Gutierrez A, Jimenez JA
88 - 95 Femtosecond laser ablation of DAST
Dittrich P, Bartlome R, Montemezzani G, Gunter P
96 - 104 Field emission characteristic of screen-printed carbon nanotube cathode
Li JT, Lei W, Zhang XB, Zhou XD, Wang QL, Zhang YN, Wang BP
105 - 112 Diagnosis of deactivation sources for vanadium catalysts used in SO2 oxidation reaction and optimization of vanadium extraction from deactivated catalysts
Ksibi M, Elaloui E, Houas A, Moussa N
113 - 116 Surface segregation of Al substrate metal on Zr film surface
Lay TT, Yoshitake M, Bera S
117 - 124 Effect of Ag promoter on redox properties and catalytic performance of Ag-Mo-P-O catalysts for oxidative dehydrogenation of propane
Zhang X, Wan HL, Weng WZ, Yi XD
125 - 135 Resonance absorption of coherent infrared radiation by thin polypropylene films and its technological applications
Bormashenko E, Pogreb R, Sheshnev A, Sutovski S, Shulzinger A, Nachum L, Kerbel R
136 - 153 Ga+ primary ion ToF-SIMS fragment pattern of inorganic compounds and metals
Li ZP, Hirokawa K
154 - 158 Fractal dimensions of lanthanum ferrite samples by adsorption isotherm method
Dobrescu G, Berger D, Papa F, Ionescu NI
159 - 168 Surface and interface characteristics of TiO2-muscovite nanocomposites
Song GB, Joly H, Liu FS, Peng TJ, Wan P, Liang JK
169 - 174 X-ray diffraction evidence of the single solid solution character of bi-metallic Pt-Pd catalyst particles on an amorphous SiO2 substrate
Cordero-Borboa AE, Sterling-Black E, Gomez-Cortes A, Vazquez-Zavala A
175 - 180 Effect of freon flow rate on tin oxide thin films deposited by chemical vapor deposition
Fang TH, Chang WJ
181 - 185 Comparison between post-irradiation annealing and post-high electric field stress annealing of n-channel power VDMOSFETs
Ristic GS, Pejovic MM, Jaksic AB
186 - 192 Microstructure and high-temperature wear resistance of a laser surface alloyed gamma-TiAl with carbon
Chen Y, Wang HM
193 - 202 Tantalum irradiation by high power pulsed laser at 1315 and 438 nm wavelengths
Torrisi L, Gammino S, Mezzasalma AM, Gentile C, Krasa J, Laska L, Rohlena K, Badziak J, Parys P, Wolowski J
203 - 216 Tetrakis(diethylamido) titanium (TDEAT) interactions with SiO2 and Cu substrates
Tong J, Magtoto N, Kelber J
217 - 223 ESEM study of size removal from ceramic fibers by plasma treatment
Wei QF, Wang XQ, Mather RR, Fotheringham AF
224 - 230 Atomic force microscopy study of self-organization of chiral azobenzene derived from amino acid
Zhang Y, Tan CH, Liu QS, Lu R, Song YL, Jiang L, Zhao YY, Li TJ, Liu YC
231 - 237 XPS and RBS investigations of Si-Er-O interactions on a Si(100)-2x1 surface
Scalese S, Mirabella S, Terrasi A
238 - 250 Electroless plating of nickel-phosphorous on surface-modified poly(ethylene terephthalate) films
Domenech SC, Lima E, Drago V, De Lima JC, Borges NG, Avila AOV, Soldi V
251 - 258 Observation of unrecoverable domains in two-dimensional-arrayed Pr0.5Ca0.5MnO3-y junctions
Sakai J, Imai S
259 - 272 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy investigation of the carburization of 310 stainless steel
Tabet N, Allam I, Yin RC
273 - 287 Role of surface reactions in the transpassive dissolution of ferrous alloys in concentrated H3PO4
Betova I, Bojinov M, Tzvetkoff T
288 - 292 Double optical waveguide in Cu-doped KNSBN crystal formed by MeV boron ion implantation
Wang FX, Chen F, Wang XL, Wang KM, Lu QM, Shen DY, Ma HJ, Nie R
293 - 297 Preparation of atomically clean and flat Si(100) surfaces by low-energy ion sputtering and low-temperature annealing
Kim JC, Ji JY, Kline JS, Tucker JR, Shen TC
298 - 303 Investigation on NIR, coating mechanism of PS-b-PAA coated calcium carbonate particulate
Miao S
304 - 312 Auger electron spectroscopy investigation of sputter induced altered layers in SiC by low energy sputter depth profiling and factor analysis
Kosiba R, Ecke G, Liday J, Breza J, Ambacher O
313 - 320 Effect of substrate bias on SE, XPS and XAES studies of diamond-like carbon films deposited by saddle field fast atom beam source
Sharma R, Panwar OS, Kumar S, Sarangi D, Goullet A, Dixit PN, Bhattacharyya R
321 - 326 Structural and compositional analysis of InBixAsySb(1-x-y) films grown on GaAs(001) substrates by liquid phase epitaxy
Dixit VK, Keerthi KS, Bhat HL, Bera P, Hegde MS
327 - 334 Two series of triple- and single-domain reconstructions induced by europium on vicinal Si(111) [(1)over-bar(1)over-bar2]-miscut surface
Vaara RL, Kuzmin A, Laukkanen P, Perala RE, Vayrynen IJ
335 - 342 Structure and properties of molybdenum implanted with high-flux carbon ion
Zhang JZ, Gao Y, Wang ZJ, Rong C
343 - 348 Fractal study of Ni-Cr-Mo alloy for dental applications: effect of beryllium
Eftekhari A
349 - 358 Characteristics of sputtered TaBx thin films as diffusion barriers between copper and silicon
Lin ST, Kuo YL, Lee C
359 - 366 Polymer surface modification and characterization of particulate calcium carbonate fillers
Shui M
367 - 371 Influence of N-2 :(N-2+Ar) flow ratio and substrate temperature on the properties of zirconium nitride films prepared by reactive dc magnetron sputtering
Hu LL, Li DJ, Fang GJ