Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.218, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Determination of kinetic parameters from temperature programmed desorption curves
Bhattacharya M, Devi WG, Mazumdar PS
7 - 11 Effect of cerium ion implantation on the aqueous corrosion behavior of zircaloy-4
Peng DQ, Bai XD, Chen XW, Zhou QG, Liu XY, Yu RH
12 - 16 Study on the surface of AlGaInP
Lian H, Wang QP, Cheng XK, Wei AJ, Wang YR
17 - 23 Femtosecond ultraviolet (248 nm) excimer laser processing of Teflon (PTFE)
Adhi KP, Owings RL, Railkar TA, Brown WD, Malshe AP
24 - 28 Large third-order optical nonlinearity in BaTiO3 matrix-embedded metal nanoparticles
Wang WT, Qu LS, Yang G, Chen ZG
29 - 33 Statistical approach for the optimal deposition of Cr underlayer for SmCo/Cr magnetic films
Xu XH, Wu HS, Duan JF, Wang F, Jin F, Lee ZY
34 - 43 Electrochemical oxidation of the chalcopyrite surface: an XPS and AFM study in solution at pH 4
Farquhar ML, Wincott PL, Wogelius RA, Vaughan DJ
44 - 53 Study of hydrogenated amorphous silicon thin films as a potential sensor for He-Ne laser light detection
Ristova M, Kuo Y, Lee HH
54 - 57 Increased hole injection in organic diodes by grafting of dipolar molecules on indium-tin oxide
Sigaud P, Chazalviel JN, Ozanam F, Lahlil K
58 - 69 Characterization of polyaniline-polypyrrole composite coatings on low carbon steel: a XPS and infrared spectroscopy study
Rajagopalan R, Iroh JO
70 - 77 Deposition of indium tin oxide films on polycarbonate substrates by direct metal ion beam deposition
Kim D
78 - 83 AFM study of the effect of direct negative Ni ion beam energy on the evolution of Ni nanoislands
Kim D
84 - 96 The electrochemical homopolymenization of furan and thiophene and the structural elucidation of their bipolymer films
Kabasakaloglu M, Talu M, Yildirim F, Sari B
97 - 105 Influence of annealing temperature on the properties of titanium oxide thin film
Hou YQ, Zhuang DM, Zhang G, Zhao M, Wu MS
106 - 112 Annealing and morphology effects on the Fe0.39Co0.61 nanowire arrays
Guo Y, Qin DH, Ding JB, Li HL
113 - 122 Characterization of complex (B+C+N) diffusion layers formed on chromium and nickel-based low-carbon steel
Kulka M, Pertek A
123 - 136 Characterization of black chromate conversion coating on the electrodeposited zinc-iron alloy
Long ZL, Zhou YC, Xiao L
137 - 142 Study of range distribution parameters for fluorine ions implantation in AgGaS2 crystal
Liu XD, Li F, Lu QM, Xia YY, Zhang CJ
143 - 153 Electrochemical characterization of copper surface modified by n-alkanethiols in chloride-containing solutions
Ma HY, Yang C, Yin BS, Li GY, Chen SH, Luo JL
154 - 161 Photoelectron microscopy of filiform corrosion of aluminum
Weissenrieder J, Leygraf C, Gothelid M, Karlsson UO
162 - 168 Study of the surface roughness of CVD-tungsten oxide thin films
Tanner RE, Szekeres A, Gogova D, Gesheva K
169 - 174 Effect of presence of ions on surface characteristics of surfactant modified powdered activated carbon (PAC)
Basar CA, Karagunduz A, Keskinler B, Cakici A
175 - 187 Tungsten microcone growth by laser irradiation
Kawakami Y, Ozawa E
188 - 194 Interaction of methanol with Zr(0001)
Stojilovic N, Weber DW, Ramsier RD
195 - 201 Synthesis of carbon nanotubes/Si nanowires core-sheath structure arrays and their field emission properties
Lu M, Li MK, Zhang ZJ, Li HL
202 - 209 XPS investigation of surface films on high Cr-Ni ferritic and austenitic stainless steels
Lothongkum G, Chaikittisilp S, Lothongkum AW
210 - 214 Electronic properties of sulfur passivated undoped-n(+) type GaAs surface studied by photoreflectance
Jin P, Pan SH, Li YG, Zhang CZ, Wang ZG
215 - 221 Magnetic and conducting particles: preparation of polypyrrole layer on Fe3O4 nanospheres
Chen W, Li XW, Xue G, Wang ZQ, Zou WQ
222 - 230 On the electronic transport properties of polycrystalline ZnSe films
Rusu GI, Popa ME, Rusu GG, Salaoru I
231 - 244 Polyaniline-palladium composite coatings for metallization of polyethylene substrate
Wang JG, Neoh KG, Kang ET
245 - 249 Theoretical analysis of strain energy-driven abnormal grain growth in metallic films with hcp ((c/a)< 1.633) structure on rigid substrates
Zhang JM, Xu KW
250 - 257 Gas cluster ion beam processing of gallium antimonide wafers for surface and sub-surface damage reduction
Li X, Goodhue WD, Santeufeimio C, Tetreault TG, MacCrimmon R, Allen LP, Bliss D, Krishnaswami K, Sung C
258 - 266 Surface chemistry of carbon removal from indium tin oxide by base and plasma treatment, with implications on hydroxyl termination
Chaney JA, Koh SE, Dulcey CS, Pehrsson PE
267 - 274 Experiment and simulation of grain growth in a bidimensional polycrystalline film
Zhang JM, Xu KW, Ji V
275 - 280 Structural and electrochemical properties of opaque sol-gel depositedWO(3) layers
Leftheriotis G, Papaefthimiou S, Yianoulis P, Siokou A, Kefalas D
281 - 289 Characterization of tungsten oxide films produced by reactive pulsed laser deposition
Soto G, De la Cruz W, Diaz JA, Machorro R, Castillon FF, Farias MH
290 - 296 Preparation and characterization of copper telluride thin films by modified chemical bath deposition (M-CBD) method
Pathan HM, Lokhande CD, Amalnerkar DP, Seth T
297 - 304 Preparation of thin films of carbon-based compounds
Pan WJ, Sun J, Ling H, Wu N, Ying ZF, Wu JD
305 - 309 Mineral-acid-free chemical polishing solutions for ferrous alloys
Jiang HX, Chen XF, Hong L
310 - 316 The effects of ambient He pressure on the oxygen density of Er-doped SiOx thin films grown by laser ablation of a Si : Er2O3 target
Park SM, Bae CH, Nam SH, Jang YR, Yoo KH, Ha JS
317 - 322 On the dielectric properties of dc magnetron TiO2 thin films
Stamate MD
323 - 328 X-ray reflectivity and AFM studies of polystyrene-CdS nanocomposite thin films
Mukherjee M, Deshmukh N, Kulkarni SK
329 - 335 Adsorption geometry of ethyl iodide on clean and oxygen covered Ru(001) surfaces: LEIS, XPS and TDS study
Ovari L, Kiss J, Farkas AP, Solymosi F
336 - 342 Effect of series resistance on the performance of high resistivity silicon Schottky diode
Keffous A, Siad M, Mamma S, Belkacem Y, Chaouch CL, Menari H, Dahmani A, Chergui W