Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.217, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

In this Issue (40 articles)

1 - 6 An intriguing photosensitized heterogeneous sink of nitrous oxide
Prasad SS
7 - 15 Small signal amplification using parametric resonance in NcAFM imaging
Patil S, Dharmadhikari C
16 - 22 Surface modification of TiO2 nanoparticles by polyanifine
Li XW, Chen W, Bian CQ, He JB, Xu N, Xue G
23 - 27 Microstructure studies on hexagonal layered Ni-S nanocrystals
Sun XC
28 - 33 Optical and electrical properties of GaN/AlN superlattices grown on Si(111) substrate by pulsed laser deposition
Tong XL, Zheng QG, Qin YX, Yu BH, Xi ZJ, Ding ZH
34 - 38 Nanoscale oxide structures induced by dynamic electric field on Si with AFM
Hu XD, Guo T, Fu X, Hu XT
39 - 42 Nanoscale silicon prepared on different substrates using electron-beam evaporation and their field-emission property
Xie XY, Wan Q, Liu WL, Men CL, Lin Q, Lin CL
43 - 49 Characterization of ceramic-metal composite hydrogen separation membranes consisting of barium oxide, cerium oxide, yttrium oxide and palladium
Siriwardane RV, Poston JA, Fisher EP, Lee TH, Dorris SE, Balachandran U
50 - 55 Properties of annealed anodically etched porous Zn studied by scanning tunneling microscopy
Chang SS, Kurokawa S, Sakai A
56 - 67 The electronic effect of carbon and hydrogen in an (1(1)over-bar1) edge dislocation core system in bcc iron
Simonetti S, Pronsato ME, Brizuela G, Juan A
68 - 77 The structure and composition of lithium fluoride films grown by off-axis pulsed laser ablation
Henley SJ, Ashfold MNR, Pearce SRJ
78 - 81 Growth of GaN nanowires through nitridation Ga2O3 films deposited by electrophoresis
Xue CS, Yang L, Wang CM, Zhuang HZ
82 - 87 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of polycrystalline AIN surface exposed to the reactive environment of XeF2
Watanabe M, Mori Y, Ishikawa T, Iida T, Akiyama K, Sawabe K, Shobatake K
88 - 94 Substrate temperature dependence of the properties of ZAO thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering
Fu EG, Zhuang DM, Zhang G, Yang WF, Zhao M
95 - 99 Thickness dependence of resistivity for Cu films deposited by ion beam deposition
Lim JW, Mimura K, Isshiki M
100 - 107 Capacitance characteristics in PbSrSe thin films
Wang K, Shen WZ, Yang HF
108 - 117 Nanoscale study of the ferroelectric properties of SrBi2Nb2O9 thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition on epitaxial Pt electrodes using atomic force microscope
Gautier B, Duclere JR, Guilloux-Viry M
118 - 124 Laser assisted surface microstructuring of Me/ZrO2 bilayered thin film system
Starbova K, Krumov E, Radoeva M, Starbov N, Popov D, Schlaghecken G, Kreutz EW
125 - 133 Effect of ruthenium cluster on the photoluminescence of chemically derivatized porous silicon
Boukherroub R, Zargarian D, Reber C, Lockwood DJ, Carty AJ, Wayner DDM
134 - 148 Decomposition of N2O in a microwave-absorbent assisted discharge of N-2 at atmospheric pressure
Tsuji M, Kumagae J, Nakano K, Matsuzaki T, Tsuji T
149 - 162 Influence of the processing parameters on the formation and deposition of particles in UV pulsed laser ablation of Al2O3-TiC ceramics
Mendes M, Vilar R
163 - 169 Determination of correct composition in nickel-phosphorus films by XPS angle resolved technique
Sirtori V, Lombardi L, Cavallotti PL, Magagnin L
170 - 180 UV Nd : YAG laser ablation of copper: chemical states in both crater and halo studied by XPS
Zeng DW, Yung KC, Xie CS
181 - 193 Electrical conductivity of conductive carbon blacks: influence of surface chemistry and topology
Pantea D, Darmstadt H, Kaliaguine S, Roy C
194 - 201 Sintering: the role of interface energies
Gouvea D, Castro RHR
202 - 209 Laser ablation of CsI analyzed by delayed extraction
Fernandez-Lima F, Collado VM, Ponciano CR, Farenzena LS, Pedrero E, da Silveira EF
210 - 222 Surface modification of a biomedical poly(ether)urethane by a remote air plasma
Gray JE, Norton PR, Griffiths K
223 - 232 In situ spectroscopic and corrosion studies of ultra-thin gradient plasma polymer layers on zinc
Grundmeier G, Brettmann M, Thiemann P
233 - 238 Bulk versus surface effects in magnetic thin films obtained by pulsed laser deposition
Sorescu M, Grabias A, Tarabasanu-Mihaila D, Diamandescu L
239 - 249 Ni/NiO(001) interface studied by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulations
Symianakis E, Ladas S, Evangelakis GA
250 - 260 Temperature dependence of characteristic parameters of the H-terminated Sn/p-Si(100) Schottky contacts
Karatas S, Altindal S, Turut A, Ozmen A
261 - 267 Radio frequency bias power effect on surface roughness of silicon carbide plasma etching
Kim B, Kim K, Lee BT
268 - 274 In0.25Ga0.75As films growth on the thin GaAs/AlAs buffer layer on the GaAs(001) substrate
Zhang ZC, Yang SY, Zhang FQ, Xu B, Zeng YP, Chen YH, Wang ZG
275 - 280 Simulation of the loading effect
Knizikevicius R
281 - 288 Simplified sedimentation process for 3D photonic thick layers/bulk crystals with a stop-band in the visible range
Bresson F, Chen CC, Chi GC, Chen YW
289 - 293 Creating sub-surface channels in PMMA with ion beam lithography in only one step
Gonin Y, Munnik F, Benninger F, Mikhailov S
294 - 301 In situ TM-AFM investigations of the influence of zinc and tin as alloy constituents of copper to the early stages of corrosion
Kleber C, Schreiner M
302 - 313 Study of TEOS and TPOS anticorrosion coatings developed at different ranges of pyrolysis temperatures
Hashem KME
314 - 318 Nanosized beta-SiC films prepared by a Cat-CVD with negative bias at low substrate temperature
Wang B, Zhao Q, Li JC, Wang BB, Song XM, Yang XD, Yan H, Wang M
319 - 331 Implantation of ions produced by the use of high power iodine laser
Torrisi L, Gammino S, Mezzasalma AM, Badziak J, Parys P, Wolowski J, Woryna E, Krasa J, Laska L, Pfeifer M, Rohlena K, Boody FP