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Applied Surface Science, Vol.212 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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3 - 3 Applied surface science - Preface
Aufray B, Bernardini J, Dallaporta H, Le Lay G, Soukiassian P
4 - 9 Passivation of metal carbide surfaces: relevance to carbon nanotube-metal interconnections
Oudghiri-Hassani H, Zahidi E, Siaj M, Wang J, McBreen PH
10 - 16 Surface states resonance on In-terminated InAs(001)4 x 2-c(8 x 2) clean surface
De Padova P, Perfetti P, Quaresima C, Richter C, Zerrouki M, Heckmann O, Ilakovac V, Hricovini K
17 - 25 Atomic structure and magnetic properties of Mn on InAs(100)
Hricovini K, De Padova P, Quaresima C, Perfetti P, Brochier R, Richter C, Ilakovac V, Heckmann O, Lechevallier L, Bencok P, Le Fevre P, Teodorescu C
26 - 32 Effect of end-substitution of hexyl chains on the growth and electrical properties of quaterthiophene thin films
Ackermann J, Videlot C, Raynal P, El Kassmi A, Dumas P
33 - 37 Interplay between surface and electronic structures in epitaxial Ag ultra thin films on Cu(111)
Bendounan A, Cercellier H, Fagot-Revurat Y, Kierren B, Yurov VY, Malterre D
38 - 42 Thermo-coloration of SmS thin flims by XPS in situ observation
Mori Y, Tanemura S, Koide S, Senzaki Y, Jin P, Kaneko K, Terai A, Nabotova-Gabin N
43 - 46 Structural transitions at the surface of the decagonal quasicrystal Al-Co-Ni
Fluckiger T, Michlmayr T, Biely C, Luscher R, Erbudak A
47 - 51 Potassium assembled on the InAs(110) surface: from nanowires to two-dimensional layers
Gavioli L, Padovani M, Spiller E, Sancrotti M, Betti MG
52 - 56 Temperature-dependent interaction of C-60 with Ge(111)-c(2 x 8)
Bertoni G, Cepek C, Sancrotti M
57 - 61 Molecular orientation of C-60 on Pt(111) determined by X-ray photoelectron diffraction
Giovanelli L, Cepek C, Floreano L, Magnano E, Sancrotti M, Gotter R, Morgante A, Verdini A, Pesci A, Ferrari L, Pedio M
62 - 66 Matrix element effects on the Fermi surface mapping by angle resolved photoemission from Bi2Sr2CaCU2O8+x superconductors
Roca L, Izquierdo M, Tejeda A, Gu GD, Avila J, Asensio MC
67 - 72 Shadow bands at the Fermi surface of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+x superconductors: structural or antiferromagnetic origin?
Izquierdo M, Roca L, Gu DG, Avila J, Asensio MC
73 - 77 Direct observation of localized unoccupied states by synchrotron radiation two-color resonant photoemission
Hsiao HL, Yang AB, Hwang HL
78 - 84 Surface particularities in pulsed laser ablation/deposition of the ferromagnetic alloy NiMnSb
Grigorescu CEA, Manea SA, Mitrea M, Monnereau O, Notonier R, Tortet L, Keschawarz R, Giapintzakis J, Klini A, Zorba V, Androulakis J, Fotakis C
85 - 91 Structure properties of nanostructured Fe films grown on c(2 x 2) N/Cu(100) self-organised surface
Finetti P, Borgatti F, Felici R, Gunnella R, D'Addato S
92 - 96 Surface fracture of glassy materials as detected by real-time atomic force microscopy (AFM) experiments
Celarie F, Prades S, Bonamy D, Dickele A, Bouchaud E, Guillot C, Marliere C
97 - 100 Surface XPS core-level shifts of FeS2
Mattila S, Leiro JA, Laajalehto K
101 - 104 Atomic and electronic structures of heteroepitaxial C-60 film grown on Ni(111), Cu(111)
Kiguchi M, Iizumi K, Saiki K, Koma A
105 - 109 STM and STS on single dopants and Au-induced chains at the Si(111) surface
Surgers C, Schock M, Trappmann T, Von Lohneysen H
110 - 115 Investigations of Cd1-xMnxTe crystals by means of ellipsometry and auger electron spectroscopy
Wronkowska AA, Wronkowski A, Bukaluk A, Stefanski M, Arwin H, Firszt F, Legowski S, Meczynska H, Hradil K
116 - 121 Expression of the optical constants of chalcogenide thin films using the new parameterization dispersion model
Franta D, Ohlidal I, Frumar M, Jedelsky J
122 - 126 Luminescent properties of single quantum well of CdTe on ZnTe grown by hot-wall epitaxy
Yoneyama Y, Kuwabara H, Tatsuoka H
127 - 130 Optical manifestation of magnetoexcitons in near-surface quantum wells
Flores-Desirena B, Perez-Rodriguez F
131 - 134 Sb/Si(110) 2x3 - a photoelectron diffraction study
Schurmann M, Dreiner S, Berges U, Westphal C
135 - 139 Atomic structure and formation process of the Si (111)-Sb(root 7 x root 7) surface phase
Gruznev D, Rao BV, Furukawa Y, Mori M, Tambo T, Lifshits VG, Tatsuyama C
140 - 145 Spectroscopic multiple angle reflection and transmission ellipsometry of aggregated gold films
Truong VV, Belley R, Bader G, Hache A
146 - 150 Structure of Ga-stabilized GaAs(001) surfaces at high temperatures
Ohtake A, Tsukamoto S, Pristovsek M, Koguchi N
151 - 156 Study of the (001) cleavage planes of guanidinium methanesulfonate single crystals by AFM and He diffraction
Bracco G, Ying H, Acker J, Ward MD
157 - 161 Inelastic electron analysis in reflection high-energy electron diffraction condition
Nakahara H, Hishida T, Ichimiya A
162 - 165 Emission of lights of various colors from p-CdS : Cu/n-CdS thin-film diodes
Kashiwaba Y, Sato J, Abe T
166 - 170 Thermal magnetic properties of Fe films on Cu3Au investigated by magneto optical Kerr effect
Bisio F, Gonella G, Canepa M, Terreni S, Mattera L
171 - 176 Interdiffusion and magnetism in Ni/Cu multilayers
Meunier A, Gilles B, Verdier M
177 - 183 Vapor phase techniques for the fabrication of homoepitaxial layers of silicon carbide: process modeling and characterization
Pons M, Baillet F, Blanquet E, Pernot E, Madar R, Chaussende D, Mermoux M, Di Coccio L, Ferret P, Feuillet G, Faure C, Billon T
184 - 192 Control in the initial growth stage of heteroepitaxial Si1-x-yGexCy on Si(001) substrates
Zaima S, Sakai A, Yasuda Y
193 - 196 Si epitaxial growth on SiH3CH3 reacted Ge(100) and intermixing between Si and Ge during heat treatment
Takahashi K, Fujiu M, Sakuraba M, Murota J
197 - 200 Si atomic layer-by-layer epitaxial growth process using alternate exposure of Si(100) to SiH4 and to Ar plasma
Sakuraba M, Muto D, Seino T, Murota J
201 - 203 Investigation of interface roughness and roughness correlation in solid-state multilayer by coplanar diffuse X-ray scattering
Busch I, Stumpel J
204 - 208 fEffects of As+-implantation on the formation of iron silicides in Fe thin films on (111)Si
Lu HT, Chueh YL, Chou LJ, Chen LJ
209 - 212 Work function of impurity-doped polycrystalline Si1-x-yGexCy film deposited by ultraclean low-pressure CVD
Shim HY, Sakuraba M, Tsuchiya T, Murota J
213 - 218 Ag island nucleation on Ge(111)-c(2 x 8)
Padovani M, Magnano E, Bertoni G, Spreafico V, Gavioli L, Sancrotti M
219 - 223 Si(111) step fluctuations in reflection electron microscopy at 1100 degrees C: anomalous step-step repulsion
Schroll RD, Cohen SD, Einstein TL, Metois JJ, Gebremariam H, Richards HL, Williams ED
224 - 229 Mg deposition on Ag(100): temperature evolution of the structural and electronic properties
Moroni R, Bisio F, Mattera L
230 - 234 Some evidences of ordering in InGaP layers grown by liquid phase epitaxy
Prutskij TA, Diaz-Arencibia P, Mintairov A, Merz J, Kosel T
235 - 243 The growth of silver films on Si(111)-(7 x 7) studied by using photoelectron diffraction
Perez-Dieste V, Sanchez JF, Izquierdo M, Roca L, Avila J, Asensio MC
244 - 248 Equilibrium surface segregation enthalpy of Ge in concentrated amorphous SiGe alloys
Nyeki J, Girardeaux C, Erdelyi G, Rolland A, Bernardini J
249 - 254 Surface electromigration of in-covered Si high-index surfaces
Sakamoto K, Matsubayashi Y, Shimada M, Yamada T, Natori A, Yasunaga H
255 - 263 Preparation and characterization of polycrystalline anatase and rutile TiO2 thin films by rf magnetron sputtering
Miao L, Jin P, Kaneko K, Terai A, Nabatova-Gabain N, Tanemura S
264 - 266 An XPD and LEED study of highly strained ultrathin Ni films on Pd(100)
Petukhov M, Rizzi GA, Sambi M, Granozzi G
267 - 270 Growth of Zn1-xMnxTe films on GaAs(100) by hot-wall epitaxy
Kuwabara H, Sakamoto R, Tatsuoka H, Nakanishi Y
271 - 278 Electrolytic co-deposition of a nickel/fluorographite composite layer on polycrystalline copper
Plumier F, Chassaing E, Terwagne G, Delhalle J, Mekhalif Z
279 - 286 Fabrication and characterization of metal and semiconductor SmS thin films by rf/dc dual magnetron sputtering
Tanemura S, Koide S, Senzaki Y, Miao L, Hirai H, Mori Y, Jin P, Kaneko K, Terai A, Nabatova-Gabain N
287 - 290 Growth of high quality silicon carbide films by bias enhanced low-pressure HFCVD using methane
George VC, Das A, Roy M, Dua AK, Raj P, Zahn DRT
291 - 295 Growth and dissolution kinetics of Au/Pb(111): an AES-LEED study
Oughaddou H, Leandri C, Aufray B, Girardeaux C, Bemardini J, Le Lay G, Biberian JP, Barrett N
296 - 304 Superlattices of self-assembled Ge/Si(001) quantum dots
Le Thanh V, Yam V
305 - 310 Zinc sulfide thin films deposited by RF reactive sputtering for photovoltaic applications
Shao LX, Chang KH, Hwang HL
311 - 318 III-V nanoelectronics and related surface/interface issues
Hasegawa H
319 - 324 STM investigation of epitaxial Si growth for the fabrication of a Si-based quantum computer
Oberbeck L, Hallam T, Curson NJ, Simmons MY, Clark RG
325 - 328 Structural evolution in Ge+ implantation amorphous Si
He JH, Wu WW, Lin HH, Cheng SL, Chueh YL, Chou LJ, Chen LJ
329 - 333 Adsorption and decomposition of t-butylphosphine (TBP) on an InP(001)-(2 x 4)/c(2 x 8) surface studied by STM, TPD, and HREELS
Fukuda Y, Kobayashi T, Shirai T, Kadotani N, Shimomura M
334 - 338 Ga-induced nano-facet formation on Si(1 1 n) surfaces
Nakahara H, Suzuki H, Miyata S, Ichimiya A
339 - 343 Auto-correlation function analysis of crystallization in amorphous SiGe thin films
Chiang TF, Wu WW, Cheng SL, Lin HH, Lee SW, Chen LJ
344 - 348 He diffraction study of the time decay of ripple structures on ion bombarded Ag(110)
Pedemonte L, Bracco G, Boragno C, de Mongeot FB, Valbusa U
349 - 352 Synthesis and laser processing of ZnO nanocrystalline thin films
Ozerov I, Nelson D, Bulgakov AV, Marine W, Sentis M
353 - 359 Atomic structures of Ag/Ge(111) root 39x root 39 and 6x6 surfaces studied by STM: observations of bias dependent reconstruction transformations
Zhang HM, Uhrberg RIG
360 - 366 Temperature dependence of ordered cobalt nanodots growth on Au(788)
Baudot G, Rohart S, Repain V, Ellmer H, Girard Y, Rousset S
367 - 372 The role of microstructure in nanocrystalline conformal Co0.9W0.02P0.08 diffusion barriers for copper metallization
Kohn A, Eizenberg M, Shacham-Diamand Y
373 - 377 A structural analysis of Bi/Si(100) 2 x n surfaces by ICISS
Oishi N, Saitoh N, Naitoh M, Nishigaki S, Shoji F, Nakanishi S, Umezawa K
378 - 382 SiC nanofibers grown by high power microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition
Honda S, Baek YG, Ikuno T, Kohara H, Katayama M, Oura K, Hirao T
383 - 387 Surface morphology and field emission characteristics of carbon nanofiber films grown by chemical vapor deposition on alloy catalyst
Kamada K, Ikuno T, Takahashi S, Oyama T, Yamamoto T, Kamizono M, Ohkura S, Honda S, Katayama M, Hirao T, Oura K
388 - 392 Silicon nitride deposited by ECR-CVD at room temperature for LOCOS isolation technology
Pereira MA, Diniz JA, Doi I, Swart JW
393 - 396 Highly aligned carbon nanotube arrays fabricated by bias sputtering
Hayashi N, Honda S, Tsuji K, Lee KY, Ikuno T, Fujimoto K, Ohkura S, Katayama M, Oura K, Hirao T
397 - 401 Presumption and improvement for gallium oxide thin film of high temperature oxygen sensors
Ogita M, Yuasa S, Kobayashi K, Yamada Y, Nakanishi Y, Hatanaka Y
402 - 405 Transparent ellipsometric memory with thin film multilayer structures -Optical memory based on the ellipsometric principle
Tazawa M, Xu G, Jin P
406 - 410 Si-LiG process for inductive meso systems
Barbaroto PR, Doi I, Ferreira LOS
411 - 416 Micro-patterning of self-supporting layers with conducting polymer wires for 3D-chip interconnection applications
Ackermann J, Videlot C, Nguyen TN, Wang L, Sarro PM, Crawley D, Nikolic K, Forshaw M
417 - 422 Perylenes and phthalocyanines on GaAs(001) surfaces
Evans DA, Steiner HJ, Vearey-Roberts AR, Dhanak V, Cabailh G, O'Brien S, McGovern IT, Braun W, Kampen TU, Park S, Zahn DRT
423 - 427 Transport gap of organic semiconductors in organic modified Schottky contacts
Zahn DRT, Kampen TU, Mendez H
428 - 432 Time-resolved photoluminescence study of excitons in thin PTCDA films at various temperatures
Kobitski AY, Scholz R, Salvan G, Kampen TU, Wagner HP, Zahn DRT
433 - 437 Influence of substrate surfaces on the growth of organic films
Das A, Salvan G, Kampen TU, Hoyer W, Zahn DRT
438 - 440 Electronic structures of unoccupied states in lithium phthalocyanine thin films of different polymorphs studied by IPES
Sato N, Yoshida H, Tsutsumi K, Sumimoto M, Fujimoto H, Sakaki S
441 - 445 IRRAS and LEED studies of films of the long chain n-alkane n-C44H90 on Cu(100) and Cu(110)
Hosoi Y, Niwa Y, Sakurai Y, Ishii H, Ouchi Y, Seki K
446 - 451 Direct comparison of the electronic coupling efficiency of sulfur and selenium alligator clips for molecules adsorbed onto gold electrodes
Patrone L, Palacin S, Bourgoin JP
452 - 457 Effect of the solvent on the formation of n-dodecanethiol films on a polycrystalline Ag90Ni10 substrate
Laffineur F, Couturier N, Delhalle J, Mekhalif Z
458 - 463 A discussion of conduction in organic light-emitting diodes
Mori T, Ogawa T, Cho DC, Mizutani T
464 - 471 Self-assembly of (3-mercaptopropyl)trimethoxysilane on polycrystalline zinc substrates towards corrosion protection
Sinapi F, Forget L, Delhalle J, Mekhalif Z
472 - 480 Electropolymerisation of poly(3,4-ethylene-dioxythiophene) on nickel substrates
Mekhalif Z, Plumier F, Delhalle J
481 - 484 Scanning tunneling microscopy of locally derivatized self-assembled organic monolayers
Battaglini N, Klein H, Dumas P, Moustrou C, Samat A
485 - 490 Pseudogap structure in icosahedral ZnMgY and ZnMgHo quasicrystals
Suchodolskis A, Assmus W, Cechavicius B, Dalmas J, Giovanelli L, Gothelid M, Karlsson UO, Karpus V, Le Lay G, Sterzel R, Uhrig E
491 - 496 Investigation of gas-surface interactions at self-assembled silicon surfaces acting as gas sensors
Narducci D, Bernardinello P, Oldani M
497 - 500 Photoconductivity and oxygen adsorption of Cu-phthalocyanine thin films on cadmium sulphide surfaces
Komolov AS, Moller PJ
501 - 507 Orientation of perylene derivatives on semiconductor surfaces
Kampen TU, Salvan G, Paraian A, Himcinschi C, Kobitski AY, Friedrich M, Zahn DRT
508 - 514 Reactions of iodobenzene on Pd(111) and Pd(110)
von Schenck H, Weissenrieder J, Hellden S, Akermark B, Gothelid M
515 - 519 Low-energy molecular exciton in indium/perylene-3,4,9, 10-tetracarboxylic dianhydride system observed by electronic energy loss spectroscopy
Nakamura T, Iwasawa K, Kera S, Azuma Y, Okudaira KK, Ueno N
520 - 524 Raman analysis of first monolayers of PTCDA on Ag(111)
Wagner V, Muck T, Geurts J, Schneider M, Umbach E
525 - 529 XPS study of irradiation damage and different metal-sulfur bonds in dodecanethiol monolayers on gold and platinum surfaces
Laiho T, Leiro JA, Lukkari J
530 - 536 Comparative study of the monolayers of CH3-(CH2)n-SiCl3 and CH3-(CH2)(n)-PO(OH)(2), n=4 and 13, adsorbed on polycrystalline titanium substrates
Philippin G, Delhalle J, Mekhalif Z
537 - 541 Scanning tunneling microscopy study of pentacene adsorption on Ag/Si(111)-(root 3 x root 3)R30 degrees
Guaino P, Carty D, Hughes G, Moriarty P, Cafolla AA
542 - 546 Peculiar features in the electrical characteristics of CuPc based diodes
Pham G, Kampen TU, Thurzo I, Friedrich M, Zahn DRT
547 - 555 Chemical and electronic structure of SiO2/Si interfacial transition layer
Hattori T, Takahashi K, Seman MB, Nohira H, Hirose K, Kamakura N, Takata Y, Shin S, Kobayashi K
556 - 562 Characterization by ion beams of surfaces and interfaces of alternative materials for future microelectronic devices
Krug C, Stedile FC, Radtke C, da Rosa EBO, Morais J, Freire FL, Baumvol IJR
563 - 569 Electronic structure of transition metal high-k dielectrics: interfacial band offset energies for microelectronic devices
Lucovsky G, Raynor GB, Zhang Y, Fulton CC, Nemanich RJ, Appel G, Ade H, Whitten JL
570 - 574 Thermal growth of SiO2 on SiC investigated by isotopic tracing and subnanometric depth profiling
Radtke C, Baumvol IJR, Stedile FC, Vickridge IC, Trimaille I, Ganem J, Rigo S
575 - 578 In situ observation of oxygen-induced anisotropic surface etching processes at 6H-SiC(0001) by variable temperature scanning tunneling microscope
Okado H, Kubo O, Yamaoka N, Itou S, Katayama M, Oura K
579 - 582 A metastable-induced electron spectroscopy study on the process of oxygen adsorption at a Ni(110) surface
Ikari T, Kojima T, Yamada K, Naitoh M, Nishigaki S
583 - 588 Photoluminescence properties of Tb3+ and Eu3+ ions hosted in TiO2 matrix
Conde-Gallardo A, Garcia-Rocha M, Palomino-Merino R, Velasquez-Quesada MP, Hernandez-Calderon I
589 - 594 Interaction between oxygen and InAs(111) surfaces, influence of the electron accumulation layer
Leandersson KS, Gothelid M, Tjernberg O, Karlsson UO
595 - 600 Morphology changes of Si(001) surfaces during wet chemical halogenation
Pedemonte L, Bracco G, Relini A, Rolandi R, Narducci D
601 - 606 First stages of the InP(100) surfaces nitridation studied by AES, EELS and EPES
Petit M, Ould-Metidji Y, Robert C, Bideux L, Gruzza B, Matolin V
607 - 613 Electrical characterization of charges in irradiated oxides by electrostatic force microscopy and Kelvin method
Dongmo H, Carlotti JF, Bruguier G, Guasch C, Bonnet J, Gasiot J
614 - 618 Nitridation of GaAs(100) substrates and Ga/GaAs systems studied by XPS spectroscopy
Ould-Metidji Y, Bideux L, Baca D, Gruzza B, Matolin V
619 - 624 Generation of ammonia plasma using a helical antenna and nitridation of GaAs surface
Yasui K, Arayama T, Okutani S, Akahane T
625 - 629 Initial oxynitridation of a Si(100) 2 x 1 surface by the annealing and low energy nitrogen ion exposure
Kim KJ, Ihm K, Jeon C, Hwang CC, Kang TH, Kim B
630 - 635 Direct image observation of the initial forming of passive thin film on stainless steel surface by PEEM
Kang TH, Ihm K, Hwang CC, Jeon C, Kim KJ, Kim JY, Lee MK, Shin HJ, Kim B, Chung S, Park CY
636 - 643 The influence of fluoride anions on the silicon carbide surface oxidation in aqueous solutions
Socha RP, Vayrynen J
644 - 648 Oxide formation and passivation for micro- and nano-electronic devices
Bae C, Lucovsky G
649 - 653 On the re-oxidation of silicon(001) surfaces modified by self-assembled monolayers
Narducci D, Pedemonte L, Bracco G
654 - 660 Optical properties of polycrystalline and epitaxial anatase and rutile TiO2 thin films by rf magnetron sputtering
Tanemura S, Miao L, Jin P, Kaneko K, Terai A, Nabatova-Gabain N
661 - 666 Structural characterization of TiO2/TiNxOy (delta-doping) heterostructures on (110)TiO2 substrates
Chiaramonte T, Cardoso LP, Gelamo RV, Fabreguette F, Sacilotti M, de Lucas MCM, Imhoff L, Bourgeois S, Kihn Y, Casanove MJ
667 - 673 EPES applied to the study of gold/alumina interfaces
Gruzza B, Robert C, Bideux L
674 - 678 Physico-chemistry and morphology of silicon surface during the first stage of alumina deposition
Jonnard P, Desmaison J, Hidalgo H, Rossignol F, Tixier C, Tristant P
679 - 683 Contact resistivity between tungsten and impurity (P and B)-doped Si1-x-yGexCy epitaxial layer
Noh J, Sakuraba M, Murota J, Zaima S, Yasuda Y
684 - 688 W delta doping in Si(100) using ultraclean low-pressure CVD
Kanaya T, Sakuraba M, Murota J
689 - 693 Spectroscopic studies of TM/Si and TM/SiO2 interfaces
Jarrige I, Jonnard P, Holliger P, Nguyen TP
694 - 700 Electron induced epitaxy of cubic ZnS on GaAs(100) surfaces
Shimaoka G, Arakawa T, Suzuki Y
701 - 704 Metal induced gap states at LiCl-Cu(001) interface studied by X-ray absorption fine structure
Kiguchi M, Katayama M, Yoshikawa G, Saiki K, Koma A
705 - 710 Dynamics of c(4 x 2) phase-transition in Si(100) surfaces
Natori A, Osanai M, Nakamura J, Yasunaga H
711 - 714 c(4x8) periodicity in ultrathin iron silicides on Si(111)
Garreau G, Hajjar S, Pelletier S, Imhoff M, Pirri C
715 - 723 Kinetics study of antimony adsorption on Si(111)
Lapena L, Muller P, Quentel G, Guesmi H, Treglia G
724 - 729 Structural stability of the Ge/Si(113)-2 x 2 surface
Nakamura J, Zhang ZH, Sumitomo K, Omi H, Ogino T, Natori A
730 - 734 Si c(4 x 4) structure appeared in the initial stage of 3C-SiC epitaxial growth on Si(001) using monomethylsilane and dimethylsilane
Narita Y, Inubushi T, Yasui K, Akahane T
735 - 741 An investigation of sidewall adhesion in MEMS
Ashurst WR, de Boer MP, Carraro C, Maboudian R
742 - 748 Strain effects in device processing of silicon-on-insulator materials
Camassel J, Tiberj A
749 - 752 Model for defect generation at the (100)Si/SiO2 interface during electron injection in MOS structures
Houssa M, Autran JL, Heyns MM, Stesmans A
753 - 759 Electron capture kinetics at AlF3/SiO2 interfaces
Thurzo I, Kampen TU, Zahn DRT, Konig D
760 - 764 Formation of silicon nano-dots in luminescent silicon nitride
Pei ZW, Hwang HL
765 - 769 An innovative a-Si : H p-i-n based X-ray medical image detector for low dosage and long exposure applications
Fann SS, Jiang YL, Hwang HL
770 - 774 Chemical analysis and optical properties of metallic nanoclusters
Downes A, Dumas P
775 - 781 Formation and characterization of TiO2 thin films with application to a multifunctional heat mirror
Jin P, Miao L, Tanemura S, Xu G, Tazawa M, Yoshimura K
782 - 786 Surface-induced broadening and shift of exciton resonances in the thin film regime
Atenco-Analco N, Perez-Rodriguez F, Makarov NM
787 - 791 Auger electron spectroscopy determination of surface self-diffusion coefficients from growth of voids in thin deposited films
Beszeda I, Szabo IA, Gontier-Moya EG
792 - 796 Electropolymerized poly-4-vinylpyridine for removal of copper from wastewater
Viel P, Palacin S, Descours F, Bureau C, Le Derf F, Lyskawa J, Salle M
797 - 803 Probing a molecular electronic transition by two-colour sum-frequency generation spectroscopy
Humbert C, Dreesen L, Nihonyanagi S, Masuda T, Kondo T, Mani AA, Uosaki K, Thiry PA, Peremans A
804 - 808 SIMS characterization of hydrogen transport through SiO2 by low-temperature hydrogen annealing
Kawashima Y, Liu ZY, Terashima K, Hamada K, Fukutani K, Wilde M, Aoyagi S, Kudo M
809 - 814 New technique to characterise thin oxide films under electronic irradiation
Liebault J, Zarbout K, Moya-Siesse D, Bernardini J, Moya G
815 - 819 Dependence of structural and luminescent characteristics of Y2O3 : Er thin film phosphors on substrate
Nakanishi Y, Kimura K, Kominami H, Nakajima H, Hatanaka Y, Shimaoka G
820 - 825 Quantum structures in SiC
Bechstedt F, Fissel A, Furthmuller J, Kaiser U, Weissker HC, Wesch W
826 - 828 Role of interface suboxide Si atoms on the electronic properties of Si/SiO2 superlattices
Carrier P, Lu ZH, Lewis LJ, Dharma-wardana MWC
829 - 832 Transport properties of magnetic atom bridges controlled by a scanning tunneling microscope
Nakanishi H, Kishi T, Kasai H, Komori E, Okiji A
833 - 838 Segregation in ternary alloys: an interplay of driving forces
Luyten J, Helfensteyn S, Creemers C
839 - 843 Contributions to the infrared effective charges of oxides and chalcogenides from equilibrium charge and dynamic charge redistribution during normal mode motions
Sremaniak LS, Whitten JL, Menon M, Lucovsky G
844 - 849 Modelling surface phenomena in Pd-Ni alloys
Helfensteyn S, Luyten J, Feyaerts L, Creemers C
850 - 855 Surface properties of chalcogen passivated GaAs(100)
Kampen TU, Zahn DRT, Braun W, Gonzalez C, Benito I, Ortega J, Jurczyszyn L, Blanco JM, Perez R, Flores F
856 - 860 Surface-state mediated three-adsorbate interaction: exact and numerical results and simple asymptotic expression
Hyldgaard P, Einstein TL
861 - 865 Chalcogen passivation of GaAs(100) surfaces: theoretical study
Szucs B, Hajnal Z, Frauenheim T, Gonzalez C, Ortega J, Perez R, Flores F
866 - 871 Relation between surface stress and (1 x 2) reconstruction for (110) fcc transition metal surfaces
Olivier S, Saul A, Treglia G
872 - 878 Epitaxial growth of the pseudo-binary wide band gap semiconductor SiCAlN
Roucka R, Tolle J, Chizmeshya AVG, Crozier PA, Poweleit CD, Smith DJ, Kouvetakis J, Tsong IST
879 - 884 Thermally induced changes in cluster-assembled carbon nanocluster films observed via photoelectron spectroscopy
Magnano E, Cepek C, Sancrotti M, Siviero F, Vinati S, Lenardi C, Barborini E, Piseri P, Milani P
885 - 889 Cathodoluminescence in-depth spectroscopy study of AlGaN/GaN heterostructures
Ishikawa F, Hasegawa H
890 - 896 Allowed combinations and overtones of vibrational modes in wurtzite GaN
Kunert HW
897 - 900 Influence of intermediate-temperature buffer layer on flicker noise characteristics of MBE-grown GaN thin films and devices
Leung BH, Fong WK, Surya C
901 - 906 Surface and overgrowth analysis of the II-VI compound BeTe
Wagner V, Wagner J, Hansen L, Gundel S, Schmidt G, Geurts J
907 - 911 Ohmic contact to p-type GaN using a novel Ni/Cu scheme
Liu SH, Hwang JM, Hwang ZH, Hung WH, Hwang HL
912 - 919 Comparison of classical and BEN nucleation studied on thinned Si(111) samples: a HRTEM study
Arnault JC, Pecoraro S, Le Normand F, Werckmann J
920 - 925 3C-SiC thin epilayer formation at low temperature using ion beams
Tsubouchi N, Chayahara A, Mokuno Y, Kinomura A, Horino Y