Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.211, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 1 Femtosecond laser interaction with protection materials (vol 208, pg 333, 2003)
Martin S, Kruger J, Hertwig A, Fiedler A, Kautek W
2 - 5 Dual-source chemical vapour deposition of titanium(III) phosphide from titanium tetrachloride and tristrimethylsilylphosphine
Blackman CS, Carmalt CJ, O'Neill SA, Parkin IP, Apostolico L, Moloy KC
6 - 12 On the structural and optical characteristics of CdSe thin films
Baban C, Rusu GI
13 - 23 On the interfacial composition and microstructure of vapor deposited bi-layer thin film of Sn-Cu on glass substrate
Dhabal S, Ghosh TB
24 - 30 Surface and interface analysis for copper phthalocyanine (CuPc) and indium-tin-oxide (ITO) using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)
Zheng DS, Gao ZY, He XY, Zhang FJ, Liu LM
31 - 47 Thermal desorption and laser induced desorption of NO from adlayers of NO on diamond C(111)
Yamada T, Chuang TJ
48 - 56 Modified chemical deposition and physico-chemical properties of copper(I) selenide thin films
Pathan HM, Lokhande CD, Amalnerkar DP, Seth T
57 - 67 Passivation process for superfine aluminum powders obtained by electrical explosion of wires
Kwon YS, Gromov AA, Ilyin AP, Rim GH
68 - 75 Structuring of poly ether ether ketone by ArF excimer laser radiation in different atmospheres
Feng Y, Gottmann J, Kreutz EW
76 - 81 Surface properties of CuCl2/AC catalysts with various Cu contents: XRD, SEM, TG/DSC and CO-TPD analyses
Han MS, Lee BG, Ahn BS, Moon DJ, Hong SI
82 - 88 Nano-localized desorption and time-of-flight mass analysis using solely optical enhancement in the proximity of a scanning tunneling microscope tip
Ding Y, Micheletto R, Okazaki S, Otsuka K
89 - 95 Role of magnesium during spontaneous formation of a calcium phosphate layer at the periphery of a bioactive glass coating doped with MgO
Jallot E
96 - 101 Heterogeneous recombination of neutral oxygen atoms on niobium surface
Mozetic M, Zalar A, Cvelbar U, Poberaj I
102 - 112 Effect of annealing in processing of strontium titanate thin films by ALD
Kosola A, Putkonen M, Johansson LS, Niinisto L
113 - 127 Electrochemical micromachining of titanium using laser oxide film lithography: excimer laser irradiation of anodic oxide
Chauvy PF, Hoffmann P, Landolt D
128 - 135 Spectroscopic studies of laser ablation plumes of artwork materials
Oujja M, Rebollar E, Castillejo M
136 - 145 Oxidation of thin scandium films
Shih A, Yater JE, Hor C, Abrams R
146 - 155 Optical properties of non-stoichiometric sputtered zirconium nitride films
Benia HM, Guemmaz M, Schmerber G, Mosser A, Parlebas JC
156 - 165 In situ electrical conductivity study of propylene interaction with alumina surface
Caldararu M, Postole G, Carata M, Chelu M, Hornoiu C, Ionescu NI, Juchakova T, Redey A
166 - 183 The effect of topological defects and oxygen adsorption on the electronic transport properties of single-walled carbon-nanotubes
Grujicic M, Cao G, Singh R
184 - 188 Pendant thiol groups-attached Pd(II) for initiating metal deposition
Xu LN, Liao JH, Huang L, Gu N, Zhang HQ, Liu JZ
189 - 193 Laser induced morphology change of silver colloids: formation of nano-size wires
Tsuji T, Watanabe N, Tsuji M
194 - 202 Concentration effect of the solutions for alumina template ac filling by metal arrays
Jagminas A, Lichusina S, Kurtinaitiene M, Selskis A
203 - 208 Surfactant enhanced growth of thin Si films on CaF2/Si(111)
Wang CR, Muller BH, Bugiel E, Hofmann KR
209 - 215 Reflectance anisotropy during growth of Pb nanowires on well ordered Si(335) surface
Jalochowski M, Strozak M, Zdyb R
216 - 226 Alumina-supported vanadyl phosphates catalysts for the oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane: an XPS characterisation
Casaletto MP, Mattogno G, Massucci MA
227 - 235 Spectral analysis of the low energy Auger emission from a (0001) ruthenium surface
Czyzewski JJ, Krajniak J
236 - 243 Metal-metal and metal-oxide interaction effects on thin film oxide formation: the Ti/TiO2 and TiO2/Ti cases
Mendoza SM, Vergara LI, Passeggi MCG, Ferron J
244 - 249 Preparation of metal-organic decomposition-derived strontium zirconate dielectric thin films
Chen CH, Zhu WG, Yu T, Chen XF, Yao X
250 - 258 Preoxidation of the Cu layer in direct bonding technology
Ning HL, Ma JS, Huang FX, Wang YG, Li QQ, Li XY
259 - 269 IRSE study on effect of thermal curing on the chemistry and thickness of organosilane films coated on aluminium
Franquet A, Terryn H, Vereecken J
270 - 279 Depth profile characterization of low-energy B+- and Ge+-ion-implanted Si
Karmakov I, Chakarov I, Konova A
280 - 284 Size controlled Ag nanoparticles within pores of monolithic mesoporous silica by ultrasonic irradiation
Chen W, Zhang JY, Di Y, Wang ZM, Fang Q, Cai WP
285 - 292 Radical densities in fluorocarbon/O-2 discharges - interpretation based on a simple plasma chemistry model
Kim MT
293 - 299 Corrosion resistance of duplex and gradient CrNx coated H13 steel
Zhou QG, Bai XD, Chen XW, Peng DQ, Ling YH, Wang DR
300 - 307 SIMS, RBS and glancing incidence X-ray diffraction studies of thermally annealed Ru/beta-SiC interfaces
Roy S, Jacob C, Zhang M, Wang S, Tyagi AK, Basu S
308 - 314 Surface modification of AISI 304 austenitic stainless steel by plasma nitriding
Liang W
315 - 320 Surface-modification of SiO2 nanoparticles with oleic acid
Li ZW, Zhu YF
321 - 334 Passivation model of 316 stainless steel in simulated cooling water and the effect of sulfide on the passive film
Ge HH, Zhou DD, Wu WQ
335 - 340 GaAs surface modifications under Au evaporating flux
Lioubtchenko DV, Markov IA, Briantseva TA
341 - 351 Activity of Pd/Al2O3 and Ru/Al2O3 catalysts in the hydrogenation of o-xylene - Effect of thiophene
Arcoya A, Seoane XL, Gomez-Sainero LM
352 - 359 Physical characterization of thin ALD-Al2O3 films
Jakschik S, Schroeder U, Hecht T, Krueger D, Dollinger G, Bergmaier A, Luhmann C, Bartha JW
360 - 366 Temperature dependence of current-voltage characteristics of Sn/p-GaTe Schottky diodes
Coskun C, Biber M, Efeoglu H
367 - 372 Characterization of reactions at titanium/nickel silicide interface using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and transmission electron microscopy
Zhao J, Lu JP, Xu YQ, Kuan YJR, Tsung L
373 - 378 Photoluminescence and morphological studies of porous silicon
Lee J, Chakrabarty K, Yi J
379 - 385 Microstructural analysis of carbon films obtained from C-60 fullerene ion beams
Huck H, Halac EB, Reinoso M, Dall'Asen AG, Somoza A, Deng W, Brusa RS, Karwasz GP, Zecca A
386 - 397 Surface modification of poly(ethylene terephthalate) fibers induced by radio frequency air plasma treatment
Riccardi C, Barni R, Selli E, Mazzone G, Massafra MR, Marcandalli B, Poletti G