Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.208 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 1 Untitled - Preface
Meunier M
2 - 14 Synergistic effects of exposure of surfaces of ionic crystals to radiation and water
Dickinson JT, Nwe KH, Hess WP, Langford SC
15 - 22 Theoretical description of dry laser cleaning
Arnold N
23 - 26 Photoluminescence quenching in InP : Yb with a free-electron laser
Klik MAJ, Wells JPR, Gregorkiewicz T
27 - 32 Combined continuous - microscopic modeling of laser plume expansion
Itina TE, Hermann J, Delaporte P, Sentis M
33 - 38 A comparison of the laser plume from Cu and YBCO studied with ion probes
Thestrup B, Toftmann B, Schou J, Doggett B, Lunney JG
39 - 44 Pressure effects during excimer laser ablation of magnesium diboride targets
Amoruso S, Armenante M, Bruzzese R, Spinelli N, Velotta R, Vitiello M, Wang X
45 - 51 Analysis of the plasma produced by pulsed reactive crossed-beam laser ablation of La0.6Ca0.4CoO3
Montenegro MJ, Clerc C, Lippert T, Muller S, Willmott PR, Weidenkaff A, Wokaun A
52 - 56 Plume dynamics of iron disilicide studied by time-of-flight mass spectroscopy
Narazaki A, Sato T, Kawaguchi Y, Niino H
57 - 60 Laser ablation rate of hydroxylapatite in different atmospheres
Arias JL, Mayor MB, Pou J, Leon B, Perez-Amor M
61 - 70 Theoretical approach to the laser-induced melting of graphite under different pressure conditions
Garcia ME, Jeschke HO
71 - 76 Negative ion emission from ionic crystals upon ultra short laser pulse irradiation
Henyk M, Reif J
77 - 84 Mid-infrared laser ablation of a hard biocomposite material: mechanistic studies of pulse duration and interface effects
Ivanov B, Hakimian AM, Peavy GM, Haglund RF
85 - 89 Non-equilibrium conditions during a laser induced plasma expansion
Casavola A, Colonna G, Capitelli M
90 - 95 Emission characteristics of the plasma plume generated during KrF laser ablation of a Cr2O3 target in vacuum
Dinescu G, Oliveira MN, Conde O
96 - 100 Optical characterization of magnesium diboride plasma plume induced by pulsed laser ablation
D'Amico G, Di Trolio A, Morone A, Orlando S, Santagata A
101 - 106 Emission spectroscopy of aluminum nitride plasma plume induced by ultra-short pulsed laser ablation
Santagata A, Marotta V, Orlando S, Teghil R, Zaccagnino M, Giardini A
107 - 112 Laser ablation of polymers studied by ns-interferometry and ns-shadowgraphy measurements
Hauer M, Funk DJ, Lippert T, Wokaun A
113 - 118 Plume dynamics in TiC laser ablation
D'Alessio L, Galasso A, Santagata A, Teghil R, Villani AR, Villani P, Zaccagnino M
119 - 124 Pulsed laser ablation of Nd and Pr carbides
Teghil R, D'Alessio L, Santagata A, Ferro D, De Maria G
125 - 136 Industrial applications of high power diode lasers in materials processing
Bachmann F
137 - 141 Laser-assisted synthesis of ultra small metal nanoparticles
Narayan A, Landstrom L, Boman M
142 - 147 Prediction of melt geometry in laser cutting
Tani G, Tomesani L, Campana G
148 - 152 Self-organization of silicon nanocone array induced by pulsed CO2 laser irradiation
Wang WJ, Lu YF, An CW, Hong MH, Song WD, Chong TC
153 - 158 Two-photon photopolymerization as a tool for making micro-devices
Kawata S, Sun HB
159 - 164 Flexible fabrication of microlenses in polymer layers with excimer laser ablation
Naessens K, Ottevaere H, Van Daele P, Baets R
165 - 170 Applications of laser lithography on oxide film to titanium micromachining
Chauvy PF, Hoffmann P, Landolt D
171 - 176 Excimer laser microvia-technology in multichip modules
Manirambona B, De Baets J, Vervaet A
177 - 180 A comparative schlieren imaging study between ns and sub-ps laser forward transfer of Cr
Zergioti I, Papazoglou DG, Karaiskou A, Fotakis C, Gamaly E, Rode A
181 - 188 Metallographical analysis of steel and hard metal substrates after deep-drilling with feratosecond laser pulses
Dumitru G, Romano V, Weber HP, Sentis M, Hermann J, Bruneau S, Marine W, Haefke H, Gerbig Y
189 - 193 Interference microscopy for nanometric surface microstructure analysis in excimer laser processing of silicon for flat panel displays
Benatmane A, Montgomery PC, Fogarassy E, Zahorski D
194 - 198 Fatigue behaviour of laser machined 2024 T3 aeronautic aluminium alloy
Carpio FJ, Araujo D, Pacheco FJ, Mendez D, Garcia A, Villar MP, Garcia R, Jimenez D, Rubio L
199 - 204 Etching of fused silica and glass with excimer laser at 351 nm
Zimmer K, Braun A, Bohme R
205 - 209 Laser-induced etching of tungsten and fused silica in WF6
Toth Z, Bereznai A, Piglmayeir K
210 - 217 Microstructural study of CO2 laser machined heat affected zone of 2024 aluminum alloy
Araujo D, Carpio FJ, Mendez D, Garcia AJ, Villar MP, Garcia R, Jimenez D, Rubio L
218 - 225 Excimer laser induced patterning of polymeric surfaces
Callewaert K, Martele Y, Breban L, Naessens K, Vandaele P, Baets R, Geuskens G, Schacht E
226 - 232 Diffractive optical elements written by photodeposition
Baal-Zedaka I, Hava S, Mirchin N, Margolin R, Zagon M, Lapsker I, Azoulay J, Peled A
233 - 237 Single- and multi-pulse femtosecond laser ablation of optical filter materials
Kruger J, Lenzner M, Martin S, Lenner M, Spielman C, Fiedler A, Kautek W
238 - 244 Excimer laser ablation lithography applied to the fabrication of reflective diffractive optics
Flury M, Benatmane A, Gerard P, Montgomery PC, Fontaine J, Engel T, Schunck JP, Fogarassy E
245 - 249 Microfabrication of biomaterials by the sub-ps laser-induced forward transfer process
Karaiskou A, Zergioti I, Fotakis C, Kapsetaki M, Kafetzopoulos D
250 - 262 A new era of crystallization: advances in polysilicon crystallization and crystal engineering
Voutsas AT
263 - 266 Hydrodynamic effects on the molten surface of a laser-irradiated aluminum sample
Mosaner P, Bonelli M, Miotello A
267 - 271 A simple analytical method for the characterization of the melt region of a semiconductor under focused laser irradiation
Degorce JY, Saucier A, Meunier M
272 - 276 Lowering of the laser crystallization threshold of a-Si : H due to the presence of Si clusters at the surface
Hadjadj A, Bubendorff JL, Boufendi L, Beorchia A
277 - 284 Optical characterization of laser processed ultra-shallow junctions
Kerrien G, Hernandez M, Laviron C, Sarnet T, Debarre D, Noguchi T, Zahorski D, Venturini J, Semeria MN, Boulmer J
285 - 291 Physical chemistry of the femtosecond and nanosecond laser-material interaction with SiC and a SiC-TiC-TiB2 composite ceramic compound
Rudolph P, Brzezinka KW, Wasche R, Kautek W
292 - 297 Long-pulse duration excimer laser annealing of Al+ ion implanted 4H-SiC for pn junction formation
Dutto C, Fogarassy E, Mathiot D, Muller D, Kern P, Ballutaud D
298 - 305 Dry excimer laser cleaning applied to nuclear decontamination
Delaporte P, Gastaud M, Marine W, Sentis M, Uteza O, Thouvenot P, Alcaraz JL, Le Samedy JM, Blin D
306 - 310 Real-time monitoring of laser cleaning by an airborne particle counter
Song WD, Hong MH, Lee SH, Lu Y, Chong TC
311 - 316 Removing foxing stains from old paper at 157 nm
Sarantopoulou E, Samardzija Z, Kobe S, Kollia Z, Cefalas AC
317 - 321 Periodical micro-nano-structuring of metallic surfaces by interfering laser beams
Daniel C, Mucklich F, Liu Z
322 - 326 Comparative study on methods to structure sapphire
Crunteanu A, Hoffmann P, Pollnau M, Buchal C
327 - 332 Microscopy with femtosecond laser pulses: applications in engineering, physics and biomedicine
Rudolph W, Dorn P, Liu X, Vretenar N, Stock R
333 - 339 Femtosecond laser interaction with protection materials
Martin S, Kruger J, Hertwig A, Fiedler A, Kautek W
340 - 344 Increasing the conductivity of photorefractive BaTiO3 single crystals by doping Ru
Lin CH, Huang CY, Chang JY
345 - 351 Laser thermal processing for ultra shallow junction formation: numerical simulation and comparison with experiments
Hernandez M, Venturini J, Zahorski D, Boulmer J, Debarre D, Kerrien G, Sarnet T, Laviron C, Semeria MN, Camel D, Santailler JL
352 - 357 UV picosecond laser-induced changes on chemical vapor deposited diamond surface investigated by photoelectric charge measurements and surface analysis
Vouagner D, Champagnon B, Le Brusq J, Show Y, Girardeau-Montaut JP
358 - 363 Influence of laser fluence in ArF-excimer laser assisted crystallisation of a-SiGe : H films
Chiussi S, Lopez E, Serra J, Gonzalez P, Serra C, Leon B, Fabbri F, Fornarini L, Martelli S
364 - 368 Visible photoluminescence from nanocrystalline Ge grown at room temperature by photo-oxidation of SiGe using a 126 nm lamp
Zhang JY, Fang Q, Kenyon AJ, Boyd IW
369 - 373 Rapid oxidation of silicon using 126 nm excimer radiation at low pressure
Fang Q, Zhang JY, Boyd IW
374 - 377 X-ray diffraction and electrical characterization of photo-CVD zirconium oxide layers
Yu JJ, Boyd IW
378 - 381 CO2 laser-induced structure changes in lead zirconate titanate Pb(Zr0.58Ti0.42)O-3 sol-gel films
Knite M, Mezinskis G, Shebanovs L, Pedaja I, Sternbergs A
382 - 387 Densification and crystallization of SnO2 : Sb sol-gel films using excimer laser annealing
Sandu CS, Teodorescu VS, Ghica C, Canut B, Blanchin MG, Roger JA, Brioude A, Bret T, Hoffmann P, Garapon C
388 - 393 Characterization of the laser gas nitrided surface of NiTi shape memory alloy
Cui ZD, Man HC, Yang XJ
394 - 398 Intermixing at interfaces of KrF laser irradiated Co/W multilayers
Majkova E, Luby S, Jergel M, Chushkin Y, D'Anna E, Luches A, Martino M, Mengucci P, Majni G, Kuwasawa Y, Okayasu S
399 - 404 Large area laser surface treatment of aluminium alloys for pitting corrosion protection
Chong PH, Liu Z, Skeldon P, Thompson GE
405 - 410 An investigation of the effect of pulse frequency in laser multiple-layer cladding of stainless steel
Pinkerton AJ, Li L
411 - 416 The effect of laser pulse width on multiple-layer 316L steel clad microstructure and surface finish
Pinkerton AJ, Li L
417 - 423 Characterisation of a steel surface after XeCl laser irradiation
Pereira A, Cros A, Delaporte P, Marine W, Sentis M
424 - 431 A comparison of tool-repair methods using CO2 laser surfacing and arc surfacing
Grum J, Slabe JM
432 - 436 An analytical model for laser tube bending
Hao N, Li L
437 - 441 Finite element analysis of laser tube bending process
Hao N, Li L
442 - 446 Phase explosion in laser-pulsed metal films
Domer H, Bostanjoglo O
447 - 452 Porosity/bubble formation mechanism in laser surface enamelling
Akhter R, Li L, Edwards RE, Gale AW
453 - 457 Rapid laser surface enamelling by powder feeding technique
Akhter R, Li L, Edwards RE, Gale AW
458 - 462 Mechanisms of porosity formation along the solid/liquid interface during laser melting of ceramics
Triantafyllidis D, Li L, Stott FH
463 - 467 Laser cleaning of printed circuit boards
Song WD, Hong MH, Lu YF, Chong TC
468 - 473 "Verso" laser cleaning of mechanically thin films
Barone A, Bloisi F, Vicari L
474 - 480 Attenuated total reflection measurements on poly-carbonate surfaces structured by laser illumination
Csete M, Eberle R, Pietralla M, Marti O, Bor Z
481 - 485 Modeling of bleaching wave regime of UV laser polymerization of acrylates without initiators
Bityurin N, Pikulin A, Alexandrov A
486 - 491 Surface patterning on insulators upon femtosecond laser ablation
Costache F, Henyk M, Reif J
492 - 501 Critical density effects in femtosecond ablation plasmas and consequences for high intensity pulsed laser deposition
Pronko PP, Zhang Z, VanRompay PA
502 - 506 On the growth mechanism of pulsed laser deposited carbon nitride films
Szorenyi T, Fogarassy E
507 - 511 Oxygen trapping during pulsed laser deposition of oxide films
Craciun V, Howard JM, Craciun D, Singh RK
512 - 517 Pulsed laser deposition of SrTiO3 on InP and integration of ferro-piezo-electric Pb0.775La0.15TiO3
Vasco E, Polop C, Coya C, Kling A, Zaldo C
518 - 521 Laser deposition of shape-memory alloy for MEMS applications
Camposeo A, Puccini N, Fuso F, Allegrini M, Arimondo E, Tuissi A
522 - 526 UV pulsed laser deposition from Al2O3-TiC ceramic composites
Conde O, Champeaux C, Parames ML, Catherinot A, Vilar R
527 - 533 Visualization modeling of thin film growth in photodeposition processes
Mirchin N, Sidi M, Muchnik Y, Peled A
534 - 539 Laser production of metal clusters in a supersonic beam and studies of their reactivity towards biological and inorganic systems
Guidoni AG, Catone D, Paladini A, Scuderi D, Satta M, Piccirillo S, Speranza M
540 - 546 Scanning nuclear microprobe analysis of pulsed laser deposited thin films and particulates: experiments and numerical modeling
Kantor Z, Simon A, Kovacs M
547 - 552 Structure and composition of carbon-nitride films grown by sub-ps PLD
Geretovszky Z, Kantor Z, Szorenyi T
553 - 560 Study of plasma expansion induced by femtosecond pulsed laser ablation and deposition of diamond-like carbon films
Loir AS, Garrelie F, Subtil JL, Goutaland F, Belin M, Le Harzic R, Donnet C, Ouerdane Y, Rogemond F, Laporte P
561 - 565 Pulsed laser deposition of diamond-like carbon films: reducing internal stress by thermal annealing
Mosaner P, Bonelli M, Miotello A
566 - 574 Morphological study of PLD grown carbon films
Geretovszky Z, Haraszti T, Szorenyi T, Antoni F, Fogarassy E
575 - 581 Boron nitride thin films deposited by RF plasma reactive pulsed laser ablation
Marotta V, Orlando S, Parisi GP, Santagata A
582 - 588 Structural and optical properties of ZnSe films deposited on crystalline Al2O3 substrate by laser ablation technique
Perna G, Capozzi V, Plantamura MC, Minafra A, Biagi PF, Pallara M, Orlando S, Marotta V, Giardini A
589 - 593 Pulsed laser deposition of ZnO and Mn-doped ZnO thin films
de Posada E, Tobin G, McGlynn E, Lunney JG
594 - 598 Defects of crystal structure of Hg1-xCdxTe thin layers growing by pulsed laser deposition
Virt IS, Rudyj IO, Frugynskiji MS, Kurilo IV, Sagan P, Zawislak J, Kuzma M
599 - 603 Near-field microscopy investigation of laser-deposited coated conductors
Cantoro M, Coppede N, Camposeo A, Andreoni E, Labardi M, Pardi L, Fuso F, Allegrini M, Arimondo E
604 - 610 Properties of ferroelectric films based on Nb-modified PZT produced by PLD technique
Boerasu I, Pereira M, Vasilevskiy M, Gomes MJM, Watts B, Leccabue F, Vilarinho PM
611 - 614 Synthesis of In2O3-Sc2O3 transparent conducting oxide films
Qadri SB, Kim H, Yousuf M, Khan HR
615 - 619 Pulsed excimer laser ablation deposition of YSZ and TiN/YSZ thin films on Si substrates
Caricato AP, Di Cristoforo A, Fernandez M, Leggieri G, Luches A, Majni G, Martino M, Mengucci P
620 - 625 Stoichiometric analyses of Cd1-xMnxTe film deposition by pulsed laser ablation
Acquaviva S, De Giorgi ML
626 - 631 Pulsed laser deposition of superconducting REBa2Cu3O7-x thin films
Di Trolio A, Morone A
632 - 637 Chalcogenide glass thin film waveguides deposited by excimer laser ablation
Caricato AP, De Sario M, Fernandez M, Ferrari M, Leggieri G, Luches A, Martino M, Montagna M, Prudenzano F, Jha A
638 - 644 Growth of calcium phosphate thin films by in situ assisted ultraviolet pulsed laser deposition
Nelea V, Craciun V, Iliescu M, Mihailescu IN, Pelletier H, Mille P, Werckmann J
645 - 650 New results in pulsed laser deposition of poly-methyl-methacrylate thin films
Cristescu R, Socol G, Mihailescu IN, Popescu M, Sava F, Ion E, Morosanu CO, Stamatin I
651 - 657 Wettability analysis of laser deposited Ti : Sapphire
Schmidt MJJ, Li L
658 - 662 Pulsed laser deposition of bovine serum albumin protein thin films
Hernandez-Perez MA, Garapon C, Champeaux C, Shahgaldian P, Coleman A, Mugnier J
663 - 668 Light-induced chemical vapour deposition painting with titanium dioxide
Halary-Wagner E, Bret T, Hoffmann P
669 - 675 High quality Hastelloy films deposited by XeCl pulsed laser ablation
Zocco A, Perrone A, Vignolo MF, Duhalde S, Avram I, Morales C, Perez T
676 - 681 Hafnium oxide layers derived by photo-assisted sol-gel processing
Yu JJ, Fang Q, Zhang JY, Wang ZM, Boyd IW
682 - 687 ArF-excimer laser induced chemical vapour deposition of amorphous hydrogenated SiGeC films
Lopez E, Chiussi S, Serra C, Serra J, Gonzalez P, Leon B, Perez-Amor M