Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.207, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Cu cluster adhesion enhancement on the modified Dow Cyclotene surface through low energy N-2(+) beam irradiation at grazing angles
Yang DQ, Sacher E
6 - 12 Photocurrent and photothermal current of polypyrrole (PPy) film
Zhao CJ, Wang HH, Jiang ZY
13 - 19 Ultra-thin titanium oxide film with a rutile-type structure
Hiratani M, Kadoshima M, Hirano T, Shimamoto Y, Matsui Y, Nabatame T, Torii K, Kimura S
20 - 25 Photoluminescence of ZnO films excited with light of different wavelength
Zhang DH, Wang QP, Xue ZY
26 - 32 Role of excess cadmium in the electrical properties of devices made of chemically deposited nano-CdS
Jinesh KB, Kartha CS, Vijayakumar KP
33 - 39 Surface morphology of Hg0.8U0.2Te epilayers grown by LPE using horizontal slider
Radhakrishnan JK, Sitharaman S, Gupta SC
40 - 50 Adsorption of BTSE and gamma-APS organosilanes on different microstructural regions of 2024-T3 aluminum alloy
Susac D, Sun X, Mitchell KAR
51 - 62 Surface wettability and platelet adhesion studies on Langmuir-Blodgett films
Lee YL, Chen CY
63 - 68 Electrical properties of(Pb0.76Ca0.24)TiO3 thin films on LaNiO3 coated Si and fused quartz substrates prepared by a sol-get process
Tang XG, Chan HLW, Ding AL
69 - 85 The influence of carbon steel microstructure on corrosion layers - An XPS and SEM characterization
Lopez DA, Schreiner WH, de Sanchez SR, Simison SN
86 - 99 Cleaning graffitis on urban buildings by use of second and third harmonic wavelength of a Nd : YAG laser: a comparative study
Costela A, Garcia-Moreno I, Gomez C, Caballero O, Sastre R
100 - 114 Electron-accepting surface properties of ceria-(praseodymia)-zirconia solids modified by Y3+ or La3+ studied by paramagnetic probe method
Ikryannikova LN, Markaryan GL, Kharlanov AN, Lunina EV
115 - 120 Investigation of the adsorption and decomposition of Fe(CO)(5) on fcc and bcc iron films by infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy
Tanabe T, Kubo K, Ishibashi T, Wadayama T, Hatta A
121 - 127 A simple method to grow textured (111) diamond thin films in a hot-filament CVD system
Zhang GF, Buck V
128 - 134 Quantification of AES depth profiles by the MRI model
Kovac J, Zalar A, Pracek B
135 - 138 Microstructural features of pulsed-laser deposited V2O5 thin films
Ramana C, Hussain OM, Pinto R, Julien CM
139 - 143 Mechanism about improvement of NiSi thermal stability for Ni/Pt/Si(111) bi-layered system
Wang RN, Feng JY, Huang Y
144 - 157 The influence of ablation carrier gasses Ar, He and Ne on the particle size distribution and transport efficiencies of laser ablation-induced aerosols: implications for LA-ICP-MS
Horn I, Gunther D
158 - 168 Thermodynamic equilibrium calculation of CU(s)-Cl-2(g) reaction
Kwon MS, Lee JY
169 - 175 The influence of C-60 as intermediate on the diamond nucleation on copper substrate in HFCVD
Li C, Feng KC, Fei YJ, Yuan HT, Xiong Y, Feng K
176 - 182 In situ ellipsometric investigation of stainless steel corrosion behavior in buffered solutions with amino acids
Vinnichenko MV, Pham MT, Chevolleau T, Poperenko L, Maitz MF
183 - 189 Surface energy for electroluminescent polymers and indium-fin-oxide
Zhong ZY, Yin S, Liu C, Zhong YX, Zhang WX, Shi DF, Wang C
190 - 199 The energy distribution of the interface state density of Pb/p-Si Schottky contacts exposed to clean room air
Cetinkara HA, Turut A, Zengin DM, Erel S
200 - 207 Nature effect of the gas during high temperature treatments of 4H-SiC substrates
Younes G, Ferro G, Jacquier C, Dazord J, Monteil Y
208 - 218 The application of NIAS approach to describe enthalpic effects accompanying mixed-gas adsorption
Nieszporek K
219 - 226 Modified Poole-Frenkel mechanisms in Ge25BixSb15-xS60 thin films
El-Samanoudy MM
227 - 235 Study of the plasma produced from laser ablation of a KTP crystal
Ying M, Xia YY, Sun YM, Lu QM, Zhao MW, Liu XD
236 - 245 Surface modification during Nd : YAG (1064 nm) pulsed laser cleaning of organic fibrous materials
Strlic M, Kolar J, Selih VS, Marincek M
246 - 254 Oxidation behaviour of Kanthal A1 and Kanthal AF at 1173 K: effect of yttriurn alloying addition
Cueff R, Buscail H, Caudron E, Issartel C, Riffard F
255 - 275 Effect of silicon on the oxidation resistance of 9% Cr steels
Huntz AM, Bague V, Beauple G, Haut C, Severac C, Lecour P, Longaygue X, Ropital F
276 - 286 Modification of the micro- and nanotopography of several polymers by plasma treatments
Coen MC, Lehmann R, Groening P, Schlapbach L
287 - 294 Element sensitive atom beam etching based on projectile mass
Watanabe Y, Tanamura M
295 - 299 Synthesis and properties of ZnO films with (100) orientation by SS-CVD
Lu JG, Ye ZZ, Huang JY, Wang L, Zhao BH
300 - 305 Spectroscopic ellipsometric characterization of approximant thin films of Al-Cr-Fe
Johann L, Naciri AE, Broch L, Demange V, Ghambaja J, Machizaud F, Dubois JM
306 - 313 Silicon dioxide thin film removal using high-power nanosecond lasers
Magyar J, Sklyarov A, Mikaylichenko K, Yakovlev V
314 - 317 Lattice deformation in laser-irradiated silicon crystal studied by picosecond X-ray diffraction
Kishimura H, Yazaki A, Hironaka Y, Nakamura KG, Kondo K
318 - 326 Adsorption on transition aluminas from in situ capacitance measurements
Caldararu M, Postole G, Carata M, Hornoiu C, Ionescu NI, Ioujakova T, Redey A
327 - 333 Surface heterogeneity and ionization of Cs promoter in carbon-based ruthenium catalyst for ammonia synthesis
Kotarba A, Dmytrzyk J, Rarog-Pilecka W, Kowalczyk Z
334 - 340 Ion beam induced formation of metastable alloy phases in Cu-Mo system during ion beam assisted deposition
Zhao B, Li DM, Zeng F, Pan F
341 - 350 Studies on ZnO : Al thin films deposited by in-line reactive mid-frequency magnetron sputtering
Hong RJ, Jiang X, Szyszka B, Sittinger V, Pflug A
351 - 358 H+, Na+, and K+ ion sensing properties of sodium and aluminum coimplanted LPCVD silicon oxynitride thin films
Shin PK, Mikolajick T
359 - 364 Effects of ZnO buffer layer thickness on properties of ZnO thin films deposited by radio-frequency magnetron sputtering
Bang KH, Hwang DH, Myoung JM
365 - 371 Selective surface texturing using femtosecond pulsed laser induced forward transfer
Tan B, Venkatakrishnan K, Tok KG
372 - 377 Transmission electron microscopy study of plasma nitriding of electroplated chromium coating
Wang L, Nam KS, Kwon SC
378 - 383 Polyaniline on surface modification of diatomite: a novel way to obtain conducting diatomite fillers
Li XW, Bian CQ, Chen W, He JB, Wang ZQ, Xu N, Xue G