Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.206, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 1 Size and time dependences of the valence states of Sn ions in amphoteric tin oxide nanoparticles (vol 201, pg 69, 2002)
Tsunekawa S, Kang J, Asami K, Kawazoe Y, Kasuya A
2 - 7 Scanning tunneling microscopy study of GaAs(100) surface prepared by HCl-isopropanol treatment
Laukkanen P, Kuzmin A, Perala RE, Vaara RL, Vayrynen IJ
8 - 11 Ti3SiC2 formed in annealed Al/Ti contacts to p-type SiC
Pecz B, Toth L, di Forte-Poisson MA, Vacas J
12 - 19 Surface segregation of lanthanum and cerium ions in ceria/lanthana solid solutions: comparison between experimental results and a statistical-mechanical model
Wilkes MF, Hayden P, Bhattacharya AK
20 - 28 Adsorption properties for urokinase on local diatomite surface
Yang YX, Zhang JB, Yang WM, Wu JD, Chen RS
29 - 36 Ultra thin Al2O3 films grown on Ni3Al(100)
Podgursky V, Costina I, Franchy R
37 - 45 Anodisation-related structural variations of porous silicon nanostructures investigated by photoluminescence and Raman spectroscopy
Ben Younes O, Oueslati M, Bessais B
46 - 52 Continuous wave ultraviolet radiation induced frustration of etching in lithium niobate single crystals
Mailis S, Riziotis C, Smith PGR, Scott JG, Eason RW
53 - 59 Effect of plasma density on the distribution of incident ions and depth profile in-plasma-based ion implanted layers
Sun Q, Xia LF, Ma XX, Sun MR
60 - 66 Electron conduction mechanism of Si(100)/Ag and Si(100)/H/Ag
Iida S, Hiraoka A, Noritake H, Tanaka R, Yukawa M
67 - 77 The comparative characterization of structural heterogeneity of mesoporous activated carbon fibers (ACFs)
Kowalczyk P, Gun'ko VM, Terzyk AP, Gauden PA, Rong HQ, Ryu ZY, Do DD
78 - 89 The influence of gas phase composition on the process of Au-Hg amalgam formation
Kobiela T, Nowakowski B, Dus R
90 - 101 Substrate temperature dependent structural, optical and electrical properties of spray deposited iridium oxide thin films
Kawar RK, Chigare PS, Patil PS
102 - 109 Copper oxide reduction through vacuum annealing
Lee SY, Mettlach N, Nguyen N, Sun YM, White JM
110 - 118 Nanotribology of MoSx coatings investigated by oscillating lateral force microscopy
Zhang XL, Celis JP
119 - 128 Changes in chemical behavior of thin film lead zirconate titanate during Ar+-ion bombardment using XPS
Kim JN, Shin KS, Kim DH, Park BO, Kim NK, Cho SH
129 - 136 The influence of some Arylazobenzoyl acetonitrile derivatives on the behaviour of carbon steel in acidic media
Abd El-Maksoud SA
137 - 148 Phase transformation in room temperature pulsed laser deposited TiO2 thin films
Sharma AK, Thareja RK, Willer U, Schade W
149 - 158 Study of stress effects in the oxidation of phosphated alpha-iron: in situ measurement by diffraction of synchrotron radiation
Panicaud B, Grosseau-Poussard JL, Renault PO, Dinhut JF, Thiaudiere D, Gailhanou A
159 - 166 Titanium disilicide formation by rf plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition and film properties
Fouad OA, Yamazato M, Ichinose H, Nagano M
167 - 177 Enhancement of field emission in carbon nanotubes through adsorption of polar molecules
Grujicic M, Cao G, Gersten B
178 - 186 High energy ion irradiation induced surface roughening in Ag and Cu films
Crespo-Sosa A, Munoz M, Cheang-Wong JC, Oliver A, Saniger JM, Banuelos JG
187 - 195 Emission of CsM+ clusters
Kudriavtsev Y, Villegas A, Godines A, Asomoza R
196 - 208 Influence of the working atmosphere on the excimer laser ablation of Al2O3-TiC ceramics
Mendes M, Vilar R
209 - 217 Angle-resolved X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of the oxides on Nb surfaces for superconducting r.f. cavity applications
Ma Q, Rosenberg RA
218 - 229 Ultrathin poly(ethylene glycol) films for silicon-based microdevices
Sharma S, Johnson RW, Desai TA
230 - 236 XPS study on double glow plasma corrosion-resisting surface alloying layer
Ai JH, Xu J, He F, Xie XS, Xu Z
237 - 249 Characterisation of pitting corrosion in sealed anodic films formed in sulphuric, sulphuric/molybdate and chromic media
Moutarlier V, Gigandet MP, Pagetti J
250 - 261 Investigations on the chemical states of sintered barium titanate by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Kumar S, Raju VS, Kutty TRN
262 - 270 Surface chemical modification of silica aerogels using various alkyl-alkoxy/chloro silanes
Rao AV, Kulkarni MM, Amalnerkar DP, Seth T
271 - 293 Surface viscoelasticity studies of Gd2O3, SiO2 optical thin films and multilayers using force modulation and force-distance scanning probe microscopy
Sahoo N, Thakur S, Senthilkumar M, Das NC
294 - 299 Electronic behaviour and field emission of metal-semiconductor-insulator-metal (MSIM) heterostructures based on a-C : H films
Foulani A
300 - 313 Full potential calculations on the electron bandstructures of Sphalerite, Pyrite and Chalcopyrite
Edelbro R, Sandstrom A, Paul J
314 - 320 Preparation of nano-size particles of silver with femtosecond laser ablation in water
Tsuji T, Kakita T, Tsuji M
321 - 330 Chemical bonding of magnetron-sputtered copper on PECVD amorphous SiCOF film
Ding SJ, Zhang DW, Wang JT, Lee WW
331 - 335 Formation of monoatomic chains of metallic elements
Jiang Q, Zhao M, Li JC
336 - 344 Dynamical thermal model for thin metallic film-substrate system with resistive heating
Aviles F, Oliva AI, Aznarez JA
345 - 354 Factors influencing phase compositions and structure of plasma sprayed hydroxyapatite coatings during heat treatment
Lu YP, Song YZ, Zhu RF, Li MS, Lei TQ
355 - 364 Removal efficiency of organic contaminants on Si wafer by dry cleaning using UV/O-3 and ECR plasma
Choi K, Ghosh S, Lim J, Lee CM