Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.205, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

In this Issue (44 articles)

1 - 1 Detailed studies of the plume deflection effect during long laser irradiation of solid targets (vol 197, pg 251, 2002)
Perrone A, Zocco A, Cultrera L, Guido D, Forleo A
2 - 2 Surface modification of precipitated calcium carbonate using aqueous fluosilicic acid (vol 202, pg 15, 2002)
Kim DS, Lee CK
3 - 21 On the topographic and energetic surface modifications induced by laser treatment of metallic substrates before plasma spraying
Verdier M, Costil S, Coddet C, Oltra R, Perret O
22 - 26 NO adsorption on Ge(100) studied by TPD
Davies BM, Craig JH
27 - 38 Synthesis and characterization of polyurethane/polythiophene conducting copolymer by electrochemical method
Sari B, Talu M, Yildirim F, Balci EK
39 - 43 Annealing amorphous carbon nanotubes for their application in hydrogen storage
Ci LJ, Zhu HW, Wei BQ, Xu CL, Wu DH
44 - 55 Surface modification of aluminum by n-pentanephosphonic acid: XPS and electrochemical evaluation
Forget L, Wilwers F, Delhalle J, Mekhalif Z
56 - 64 Comparison of properties of US thin films grown by two techniques
Oliva AI, Castro-Rodriguez R, Solis-Canto O, Sosa V, Quintana P, Pena JL
65 - 79 Study of the influence of annealing on the properties of CBD-CdS thin films
El Maliki H, Bernede JC, Marsillac S, Pinel J, Castel X, Pouzet J
80 - 85 Ablation of carbide materials with femtosecond pulses
Dumitru G, Romano V, Weber HP, Sentis M, Marine W
86 - 96 Simulations of switching vibrating cantilever in atomic force microscopy
Balantekin M, Atalar A
97 - 101 Strontium hafhate phases by anodic spark conversion
Schreckenbach JP, Meyer N, Marx G, Lee BT, Kriven WM
102 - 112 ELS and XPS study of Pd/PdO methane oxidation catalysts
Hoflund GB, Hagelin HAE, Weaver JF, Salaita GN
113 - 120 Systematic study of amorphous hydrogenated and fluorinated carbon films
Lamperti A, Ossi PM
121 - 127 Morphology of enriched alloy layers in an anodized Al-Cu alloy
Garcia-Vergara S, Skeldon P, Thompson GE, Bailey P, Noakes TCQ, Habazaki H, Shimizu K
128 - 136 Adhesion and interface chemical reactions of Cu/polyimide and Cu/TiN by XPS
Lee WJ, Lee YS, Rha SK, Lee YJ, Lim KY, Chung YD, Whang CN
137 - 142 Characterization of single tracks after laser surface modification of borided 41Cr4 steel
Pertek A, Kulka A
143 - 150 The influence of oxygen in the photoexpansion of GaGeS glasses
Messaddeq SH, Mastelaro VR, Li MS, Tabackniks M, Lezal D, Ramos A, Messaddeq Y
151 - 159 Study on the surface chemical properties of UV excimer laser irradiated polyamide by XPS, ToF-SIMS and CFM
Yip J, Chan K, Sin KM, Lau KS
160 - 175 Interactions of moisture and organic contaminants with SiO2 and ZrO2 gate dielectric films
Rana N, Raghu P, Shero E, Shadman F
176 - 181 C-V characteristics of Pt/PbZr0.53Ti0.47O3/LaAlO3/Si and Pt/PbZr0.53Ti0.47O3/La0.85Sr0.15CoO3/LaAlO3/Si structures for ferroelectric gate FET memory
Wang YP, Zhou L, Lu XB, Liu ZG
182 - 187 Investigation of intermixing induced by sputtering and annealing in multiple quantum well
Ying MJ, Liu PJ, Xia YY, Liu XD, Zhao MW, Xiao SQ, Sun YM, Pan JQ
188 - 195 MOCVD deposition of YSZ on stainless steels
Chevalier S, Kilo M, Borchardt G, Larpin JP
196 - 205 Study of Pd-In interaction during Pd deposition on pyrolytically prepared In2O3
Skala T, Veltruska K, Moroseac M, Matolinova I, Korotchenkov G, Matolin V
206 - 211 Surface characterization and dehydrocyclization activity of Pt/KL catalysts prepared by different methods
Arcoya A, Seoane XL, Grau JM
212 - 224 Physicochemical and morphological properties of hydrated silicas precipitated following alkoxysilane surface modification
Jesionowski T, Zurawska J, Krysztafkiewicz A, Pokora M, Waszak D, Tylus W
225 - 230 Auger electron spectroscopy study of MgB2 surface
Xu M, Takano Y, Hatano T, Kimura T, Fujita D
231 - 239 Extracting inter-diffusion parameters of TiC from AES depth profiles
Swart HC, Jonker AJ, Claassens CH, Chen R, Venter LA, Ramoshebe P, Wurth E, Terblans JJ, Roos WD
240 - 248 Excimer laser crystallization of amorphous silicon carbide produced by ion implantation
Hedler A, Urban S, Falk F, Hobert H, Wesch W
249 - 255 Oxygen active species in an Ar-O-2 magnetron discharge for titanium oxide deposition
Vancoppenolle V, Jouan PY, Ricard A, Wautelet M, Dauchot JP, Hecq M
256 - 261 Influence of surface-capping molecule exchange on the hyper-Rayleigh scattering of Cds nanoparticles
Zhang Y, Wang X, Ma M, Fu DG, Gu N, Liu JZ, Lu ZH, Ma Y, Xu L, Chen KJ
262 - 266 Lattice damage induced by Tb-implanted AlN crystalline films
Lu F, Hu H, Rizzi A
267 - 273 Effect of silicon pre-nitridation on the formation of the interfacial layer during pulsed laser deposition of thin dielectric oxide films
Bassim N, Craciun V, Howard J, Singh RK
274 - 279 Effects of substrate temperature on copper(II) phthalocyanine thin films
E JY, Kim S, Lim EJ, Lee KJ, Cha DJ, Friedman B
280 - 288 Vacancy diffusion driven surface rearrangement in the CU3Au(001) and Ni3Al(001) surfaces
Lekka CE, Evangelakis GA
289 - 296 Improvement in friction by cw Nd : YAG laser surface treatment on cast iron cylinder bore
Duffet G, Sallamand P, Vannes AB
297 - 303 Heterogeneity of active carbons in adsorption of phenol aqueous solutions
Podkoscielny P, Dabrowski A, Marijuk O
304 - 308 Observation of the nucleation kinetics of Si quantum dots on SiO2 by energy filtered transmission electron microscopy
Nicotra G, Lombardo S, Spinella C, Ammendola G, Gerardi C, Demuro C
309 - 322 Development of an ion-beam sputtering system for depositing thin films and multilayers of alloys and compounds
Gupta M, Gupta A, Phase DM, Chaudhari SM, Dasannacharya BA
323 - 328 Changeable position of SPR peak of Ag nanoparticles embedded in mesoporous SiO2 glass by annealing treatment
Pan AL, Yang ZP, Zheng HG, Liu FX, Zhu YC, Su XB, Ding ZJ
329 - 335 Growth properties and structural analysis of ZnO films and of Au clusters on ZnO
Ay A, Nefedov A, Zabel H
336 - 342 Pulsed TEA CO2 laser surface modifications of silicon
Trtica MS, Gakovic BA
343 - 352 Effect of aging on surface chemical bonds of PTFE irradiated by low energy Ti ion
Zhang JZ, Zhang XJ, Zhou HY
353 - 357 On the non-linear I-V characteristics of dc magnetron sputtered TiO2 thin films
Stamate MD