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1 - 2 SECONDARY ION MASS SPECTROMETRY SIMS XIII - Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Conference on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry and Related Topics Nara-Ken New Public Hall, Nara, Japan, November 11-16, 2001 - Foreword
Benninghoven A
3 - 4 Secondary ion mass spectrometry SIMS XIII - Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Conference on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry and Related Topics Nara-Ken New Public Hall, Nara, Japan, November 11-16, 2001 - Preface
Nihei Y
5 - 12 Depth profiling using ultra-low-energy secondary ion mass spectrometry
Dowsett MG
13 - 19 Prospects or imaging TOF-SIMS: from fundamentals to biotechnology
Winograd N
20 - 26 Apparent and real transient effects in SIMS depth profiling using oxygen bombardment
Wittmaack K
27 - 29 The dose dependence of Si sputtering with low energy ions in shallow depth profiling
Moon DW, Lee HI
30 - 34 On the correlation between Si+ yields and surface oxygen concentration using in situ SIMS-LEIS
Janssens T, Huyghebaert C, Vandervorst W, Gildenpfennig A, Brongersma HH
35 - 38 Oxygen-ion-induced ripple formation on silicon: evidence for phase separation and tentative model
Homma Y, Takano A, Higashi Y
39 - 42 Doubly versus singly positively charged oxygen ions back-scattered from a silicon surface under dynamic O-2(+) bombardment
Franzreb K, Williams P, Lorincik J, Sroubek Z
43 - 47 Surface roughening of silicon under ultra-low-energy cesium bombardment
Kataoka Y, Yamazaki K, Shigeno M, Tada Y, Wittmaack K
48 - 51 Ionization probability of atoms and molecules sputtered from a cesium covered silver surface
Meyer S, Staudt C, Wucher A
52 - 55 Quantitative depth profiling at silicon/silicon oxide interfaces by means of Cs+ sputtering in negative mode by ToF-SIMS: a full spectrum approach
Ferrari S, Perego A, Fanciulli A
56 - 61 Transient sputter yields, build-up of the altered layer and Ge-segregation as a function of the O-2(+) ion-fluence in SiGe
Huyghebaert C, Brijs B, Janssens T, Vandervorst W
62 - 68 Simulation of oxide sputtering and SIMS depth profiling of delta-doped layer
Yamamura Y, Ishida M
69 - 71 Big molecule ejection - SIMS vs. MALDI
Garrison BJ, Delcorte A, Zhigilei L, Itina TE, Krantzman KD, Yingling YG, McQuaw CM, Smiley EJ, Winograd N
72 - 77 Investigation of the depth range through ultra-thin carbon films on magnetic layers by time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry
Tadokoro N, Yuki M, Osakabe K
78 - 81 Ionization probability of sputtered cluster anions: C-n(-) and Si-n(-)
Gnaser H
82 - 85 Dynamic behavior of sputtering of implanted projectiles and target atoms under high fluence gallium ion bombardment
Ohya K
86 - 89 Electron transfer in ion interactions with chlorine covered silver surfaces
Staicu-Casagrande EM, Guillemot L, Lacombe S, Esaulov VA
90 - 93 Towards a model for the formation of positive Si+ ions
Janssens T, Huyghebaert C, Vandervorst W
94 - 97 Work function change caused by alkali ion sputtering
Villegas A, Kudriavtsev Y, Godines A, Asomoza R
98 - 101 Mass-resolved low-energy back-scattering of alkali ions
Franzreb K, Williams P
102 - 105 Mechanism of metal cationization in organic SIMS
Wojciechowski I, Delcorte A, Gonze X, Bertrand P
106 - 109 The formation of singly and doubly cationized oligomers in SIMS
Delcorte A, Wojciechowski I, Gonze X, Garrison BJ, Bertrand P
110 - 113 Nanocrystals depth profiling by means of Cs+ in negative polarity with dual beam ToF-SIMS
Perego A, Ferrari S, Spiga S, Fanciulli A
114 - 117 Investigation of the cluster ion formation process for inorganic compounds in static SIMS
Aubriet F, Poleunis C, Bertrand P
118 - 121 The unimolecular decay of Al-n(+/-) and Si-n(+/-) sputtered clusters
Dzhemilev NK, Bekkerman AD, Maksimov SE, Tugushev VI
122 - 125 Features of non-additive sputtering for various "molecular projectile-solid" systems
Belykh SF, Kovarsky AP, Palitsin VV, Adriaens A, Adams F
126 - 129 Effect of the projectile parameters on the charge state formation process in solid sputtering
Belykh SF, Palitsin VV, Adriaens A, Adams F
130 - 133 The energy spectra of secondary ions sputtered from Si and SiGe by ultra-low-energy primary ions
Bellingham J, Dowsett MG
134 - 138 Ionization probability changes of the Si+ ions during the transient for 3 keV O-2(+) bombardment of Si
Huyghebaert C, Janssens T, Brijs B, Vandervorst W
139 - 142 Simulation of SiO2 build-up in silicon under oxygen bombardment
Guzman B, Serrano JJ, Blanco JM, Aguilar M, Arneziane O
143 - 147 MD simulation of cluster ejection due to sputtering by polyatomic projectiles
Muramoto T, Yamamura Y
148 - 151 Enhancement of cluster yield under gold dimer oblique bombardment of the silicon surface
Medvedeva A, Wojciechowski I, Garrison BJ
152 - 155 Observation of ripple formation on O-2(+)-irradiated GaN surfaces using atomic force microscopy
Kanazawa A, Takano A, Higashi Y, Suzuki M, Homma Y
156 - 159 Transient effects induced through ripple topography growth during Cs+ depth profile analysis of Si at high incidence angles
van der Heide PAW, Lima MS, Perry SS, Bennett J
160 - 165 Molecular SIMS for organic layers: new insights
Bertrand P, Delcorte A, Garrison BJ
166 - 169 A microscopic view of organic sample sputtering
Delcorte A, Bertrand P, Garrison BJ
170 - 174 Ion-to-neutral conversion in time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry
Szymczak W, Wittmaack K
175 - 179 ToF-SIMS characterization of molecular ions from Fomblin Z-DOL on Ag substrates
Abe Y, Okuhira H
180 - 183 Effects of sample preparation on ion yield in the study of inorganic salts by s-SIMS
Aubriet F, Poleunis C, Bertrand P
184 - 188 Determination of nitrogen in silicon carbide by secondary ion mass spectrometry
Ber BY, Kazantsev DY, Kovarsky AP, Yafaev RR
189 - 193 Cation Mass Spectrometer: towards an optimisation of MCsx+ cluster analysis
Wirtz T, Migeon HN, Scherrer H
194 - 197 Nanoscale SIMS analysis: the next generation in local analysis
Nojima A, Tomiyasu B, Kanda Y, Owari M, Nihei Y
198 - 200 Prospects for imaging with TOF-SIMS using gold liquid metal ion sources
Walker AV, Winograd N
201 - 204 Rapid screening of molecular arrays using imaging TOF-SIMS
Xu JY, Braun RM, Winograd N
205 - 208 Development of a chemically assisted micro-beam etching system for three-dimensional microanalysis
Tanaka Y, Karashima M, Takanashi K, Sakamoto T, Owari M, Nihei Y
209 - 213 Secondary ion mass spectrometry using cluster primary ion beams
Gillen G, Fahey A
214 - 218 Secondary ion mass spectrometry with gas cluster ion beams
Toyoda N, Matsuo J, Aoki T, Yamada I, Fenner DB
219 - 222 Development of a C-60(+) ion gun for static SIMS and chemical imaging
Wong SCC, Hill R, Blenkinsopp P, Lockyer NP, Weibel DE, Vickerman JC
223 - 227 Development and experimental application of a gold liquid metal ion source
Davies N, Weibel DE, Blenkinsopp P, Lockyer N, Hill R, Vickerman JC
228 - 234 A resonance photoionization sputtered neutral mass spectrometry instrument for submicron microarea analysis of ULSI devices
Shichi H, Osabe S, Sugaya M, Ino T, Kakibayashi H, Kanehori K, Mitsui Y
235 - 237 Trace element analysis of precious metals in minerals by time-of-flight resonance ionization mass spectrometry
Dimov SS, Chryssoulis SL
238 - 243 Nonresonant Laser-SNMS and TOF-SIMS analysis of sub-mu m structures
Kollmer F, Bourdos N, Kamischke R, Benninghoven A
244 - 247 Estimation of useful yield in surface analysis using single photon ionisation
King BV, Pellin MJ, Moore JF, Veryovkin IV, Savina MR, Tripa CE
248 - 251 Energy distributions and excitation probability of nickel atoms sputtered from Ni3Al, NiAl and Ni
Tan M, King BV
252 - 255 Steady-state surface concentration profiles of primary ion species during secondary ion mass spectrometry measurements
Yoshikawa S, Morita H, Toujou F, Matsunaga T, Tsukamoto K
256 - 259 Surface roughening effect in sub-keV SIMS depth profiling
Liu R, Ng CM, Wee ATS
260 - 263 Correction for the loss of depth resolution with accurate depth calibration when profiling with Cs+ at angles of incidence above 50 degrees to normal
Kelly JH, Dowsett MG, Augustus P, Beanland R
264 - 267 Accurate SIMS depth profiling for ultra-shallow implants using backside SIMS
Hongo C, Tomita A, Takenaka M, Murakoshi A
268 - 272 Detailed evaluation of the analytical resolution function
Wittmaack K
273 - 276 On determining accurate positions, separations, and internal profiles for delta layers
Dowsett MG, Kelly JH, Rowlands G, Ormsby TJ, Guzman B, Augustus P, Beanland R
277 - 280 Low energy dual beam depth profiling: influence of sputter and analysis beam parameters on profile performance using TOF-Sims
Grehl T, Mollers R, Niehuis E
281 - 284 D-SIMS and ToF-SIMS quantitative depth profiles comparison on ultra thin oxynitrides
Bersani M, Giubertoni D, Barozzi M, Elacob E, Vanzetti L, Anderle M, Lazzeri P, Crivelli B, Zanderigo F
285 - 289 Transient processes and structural transformations in Si(x)Gel(1-x) layers during oxygen implantation and sputtering
Kruger D, Efremov AA, Murota J, Tillack B, Kurps R, Romanova GP
290 - 293 Metal implant standards for surface analysis by TOF-SIMS and dynamic SIMS: comparison with TRIM simulation
Li-Fatou AV, Douglas M
294 - 297 Evaluation of SIMS depth resolution using delta-doped multilayers and mixing-roughness-information depth model
Takano A, Homma Y, Higashi Y, Takenaka H, Hayashi S, Goto K, Inoue M, Shimizu R
298 - 301 SIMS study of depth profiles of delta-doped boron/silicon alternating layers by low-energy ion beams
Hayashi S, Takano A, Takenaka H, Homma Y
302 - 305 Multiple As delta layered Si thin films for SIMS quantification and depth scale calibration
Cho SB, Shon HK, Kang HJ, Hong TE, Kim HK, Lee HI, Kim KJ, Moon DW
306 - 309 Transient effects noted during Cs+ depth profile analysis of Si at high incidence angles
van der Heide PAW, Bennett J
310 - 313 Using SIMS and the NIST standard reference material #2137 to calibrate standards used in the B-11 (p, alpha) Be-8 nuclear reaction analysis of B in Si
Magee CW, Jacobson DC
314 - 317 The features of using of BO2- secondary ions for SIMS depth profiling of shallow boron implantation in silicon
Simakin SG, Smirnov VK
318 - 322 Six months repeatability of D-SIMS depth profile using an ultra-low-energy probe
Li ZP, Hoshi T, Oiwa R
323 - 328 Characteristics of ultra-low-energy Cs+ ion beam bombardments
Li ZP, Hoshi T, Oiwa R
329 - 334 Surprisingly large apparent profile shifts of As and Sb markers in Si bombarded with ultra-low-energy Cs ion beams
Kataoka Y, Shigeno M, Tada Y, Wittmaack K
335 - 338 SIMS backside depth profiling of ultra shallow implants
Yeo KL, Wee ATS, See A, Liu R, Ng CM
339 - 342 Dual ion beam analysis of boron implanted SiO2/silicon interface
Hayashi S, Yanagihara K
343 - 347 A floating low energy electron gun (FLEG) for charge compensation in SIMS and other applications
Gibbons R, Dowsett MG, Kelly J, Blenkinsopp P, Hill R, Richards D, Loibl N
348 - 353 Comparison between Xe+ and O-2(+) primary ions, at low impact energy, on B delta-doping, SiGe-Si superlattice and Al/Ti multilayer structures
Laugier F, Holliger P, Dupuy JC, Baboux N
354 - 358 B4C/Mo/Si and Ta2O5/Ta nanostructures analysed by ultra-low energy argon ion beams
Konarski P, Mierzejewska A
359 - 362 SIMS depth profiling of N and In in a ZnO single crystal
Park DC, Sakaguchi I, Ohashi N, Hishita S, Haneda H
363 - 366 Determination of the variation in sputter yield in the SIMS transient region using MEIS
Dowsett MG, Ormsby TJ, Gard FS, Al-Harthi SH, Guzman B, McConville CF, Noakes TCQ, Bailey P
367 - 370 Investigating oxygen flooding at oblique 2 and 1 keV oxygen sputtering for microelectronics support applications
Jahnel F, von Criegern R
371 - 376 An (un)solvable problem in SIMS: B-interfacial profiling
Vandervorst W, Janssens T, Loo R, Caymax M, Peytier I, Lindsay R, Fruhauf J, Bergmaier A, Dollinger G
377 - 382 Estimation of ultra-shallow implants using SIMS NRA and chemical analysis
Tomita M, Suzuki M, Tachibe T, Kozuka S, Murakoshi A
383 - 386 LEXES and SIMS as complementary techniques for full quantitative characterization of nanometer structures
Hombourger C, Staub R, Schuhmacher M, Desse F, de Chambost E, Hitzman C
387 - 390 Copper drift in low dielectric constant insulator films caused by O-2(+) primary ion beam
Shibahara K, Onimatsu D, Ishikawa Y, Oda T, Kikkawa T
391 - 395 Depth scale calibration of SIMS depth profiles by means of an online crater depth measurement technique
De Chambost E, Monsallut P, Rasser B, Schuhmacher M
396 - 399 Extremely deep SIMS profiling: oxygen in FZ silicon
Barcz A, Zielinski M, Nossarzewska E, Lindstroem G
400 - 403 TOF-SIMS as a rapid diagnostic tool to monitor the growth mode of thin (high k) films
Conard T, Vandervorst W, Petry J, Zhao C, Besling W, Nohira H, Richard O
404 - 408 Application of SIMS in microelectronics
Tsukamoto K, Yoshikawa S, Toujou F, Morita H
409 - 413 SIMS depth profiling of advanced gate dielectric materials
Bennett J, Gondran C, Sparks C, Hung PY, Hou A
414 - 417 Quantitative depth profiling of SiOxNy layers on Si
van Berkum JGM, Hopstaken MJP, Snijders JHM, Tamminga Y, Cubaynes FN
418 - 422 SIMS and high-resolution RBS analysis of ultrathin SiOxNy films
Kimura K, Nakajima K, Kobayashi H, Miwa S, Satori K
423 - 426 Quantitative depth profiling of nitrogen in ultrathin oxynitride film with low energy SIMS
Shon HK, Kang HJ, Hong TE, Chang HS, Kim KJ, Kim HK, Moon DW
427 - 432 Solubility limits of dopants in 4H-SiC
Linnarsson MK, Zimmermann U, Wong-Leung J, Schoner A, Janson MS, Jagadish C, Svensson BG
433 - 436 Adventures in molecular electronics: how to attach wires to molecules
Haynie BC, Walker AV, Tighe TB, Allara DL, Winograd N
437 - 440 Gate oxide properties investigated by TOF-SIMS profiles on CMOS devices
Zanderigo F, Brazzelli D, Rocca S, Pregnolato A, Grossi A, Queirolo G
441 - 444 TOF-SIMS depth profiling of SIMON
Ge X, Gui D, Chen X, Cha LZ, Brox O, Benninghoven A
445 - 448 TOF-SIMS study of adhesive residuals on device contact pads after wafer taping and backgrinding
Lazzeri P, Franco G, Garozzo M, Gerardi C, Iacob E, Lo Faro A, Privitera A, Vanzetti L, Bersani M
449 - 452 TOF-SIMS measurement of ultra-thin SiO2 films prepared by the graded-etching method
Shibamori T, Muraji Y, Man N, Karen A
453 - 456 SIMS analysis of insulating multilayer including silicon nitride
Ueki Y, Kawashima T, Ishiwata O
457 - 460 SIMS quantification of low concentration of nitrogen doped in silicon crystals
Fujiyama N, Karen A, Sams DB, Hockett RS, Shingu K, Inoue N
461 - 464 Round robin study of chlorine, sulfur and carbon in copper films from Taiwan SIMS users
Chen CY, Ling YC, Hwang JF, Lee JH, Wen ML, Hwang MC, Lin GC, Deng RC
465 - 469 SIMS round-robin study of depth profiling of arsenic implants in silicon
Tomita M, Hasegawa T, Hashimoto S, Hayashi S, Homma Y, Kakehashi S, Kazama Y, Koezuka K, Kuroki H, Kusama K, Li Z, Miwa S, Miyaki S, Okamoto Y, Okuno K, Saito S, Sasaki S, Shichi H, Shinohara H, Toujou F, Ueki Y, Yamamoto Y
470 - 472 Evaluation of the Cu-CMP process by TOF-SIMS and XPS: time dependence of Cu surface adsorbents and oxidation states
Nishi A, Sado M, Miki T, Fukui Y
473 - 477 Surface chemical state analysis of electroplated Cu film under, Cu-CMP process by means of TOF-SIMS
Miyoshi H, Saito R, Kudo M
478 - 481 SIMS analysis of hydrogen diffusion and trapping in CVD polycrystalline diamond
Jomard F, Ballutaud D
482 - 485 Secondary ion mass spectrometry analysis of In-doped p-type GaN films
Chiou CY, Wang CC, Ling YC, Chiang CI
486 - 489 SIMS depth profiling of InGaAsN/InAlAs quantum wells on InP
Maier M, Serries D, Geppert T, Kohler K, Gullich H, Herres N
490 - 494 The effect of Se and Zn pre-deposition on thermal diffusion of elements across the ZnSe/GaAs interface studied by SIMS
Gard FS, Riley JD, Dowsett MG, Prince K
495 - 499 A correlation of TOF-SIMS and TXRF for the analysis of trace metal contamination on silicon and gallium arsenide
Mowat I, Lindley P, McCaig L
500 - 503 Charge compensation using optical conductivity enhancement and simple analytical protocols for SIMS of resistive Si1-xGex alloy layers
Dowsett MG, Morris R, Chou PF, Corcoran SF, Kheyrandish H, Cooke GA, Maul JL, Patel SB
504 - 507 SIMS study of oxygen in- and out-diffusion in SIMOX wafers during thermal annealing using O-18 implantation
Hayashi S, Sasaki T, Kawamura K, Matsumura A, Yanagihara K, Tanaka K
508 - 511 Characterization of ion-induced sodium migration in various kinds of silicon oxide films
Saito R, Nagatomo A, Makino N, Hayashi S, Kudo A
512 - 515 SIMS depth profile of copper in low-k dielectrics under electron irradiation for charge compensation
Yamada K, Fujiyama N, Sameshima J, Kamoto R, Karen A
516 - 519 Characterization of high-k gate dielectric films using SIMS
Yamamoto T, Morita N, Sugiyama N, Karen A, Okuno K
520 - 522 Direct determination of p/n junction depth by the emission of matrix complex ions
Alexandrov OV, Kazantsev DY, Kovarsky AP
523 - 526 Ion-bombardment artifact in TOF-SIMS analysis of ZrO2/SiO2/Si stacks
De Witte H, Conard T, Vandervorst W, Gijbels R
527 - 531 Imaging by time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry of plasma patterned metal and oxide thin films
Coullerez G, Baborowski J, Viornery C, Chevolot Y, Xanthopoulos N, Ledermann N, Muralt P, Setter N, Mathieu HJ
532 - 537 ToF-SIMS quantitative approaches in copolymers and polymer blends
Weng LT, Chan CM
538 - 540 Analysis of surface composition of isotopic polymer blend based on time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectroscopy
Takahara A, Kawaguchi D, Tanaka K, Tozu M, Hoshi T, Kajiyama T
541 - 546 TOF-SIMS characterization of industrial materials: from silicon wafer to polymer
Karen A, Man N, Shibamori T, Takahashi K
547 - 550 Characterization of polymer solar cells by TOF-SIMS depth profiling
Bulle-Lieuwma CWT, van Gennip WJH, van Duren JKJ, Jonkheijm P, Janssen RAJ, Niemantsverdriet JW
551 - 555 G-SIMS of crystallisable organics
Gilmore IS, Seah MP
556 - 560 Surface evolution of polycarbonate/polyethylene terephthalate blends induced by thermal treatments
Licciardello A, Auditore A, Samperi F, Puglisi C
561 - 565 The influence of primary ion bombardment conditions on the secondary ion emission behavior of polymer additives
Kersting R, Hagenhoff B, Pijpers P, Verlaek R
566 - 570 Quantitative analysis of styrene butadiene copolymers using S-SIMS and LA-FTICRMS
Ruch D, Boes C, Zimmer R, Muller JF, Migeon HN
571 - 574 Antioxidant segregation and crystallisation at polyester surfaces studied by ToF-SIMS
Medard N, Benninghoven A, Rading D, Licciardello A, Auditore A, Duc TM, Montigaud H, Vernerey F, Poleunis C, Bertrand P
575 - 579 Time-of-flight-SIMS and XPS characterization of metal doped polymers
Gross T, Retzko I, Friedrich I, Unger W
580 - 585 TOF-SIMS study of organosilane adsorption on model hydroxyl terminated surfaces
Houssiau L, Bertrand P
586 - 589 TOF-SIMS study on the adsorption behavior of mixtures of a phosphite and a friction modifier onto ferrous material
Murase A, Ohmori T
590 - 595 Characterization of lubricants for fluid dynamic bearing by TOF-SIMS
Toujou F, Tsukamoto K, Matsuoka K
596 - 599 Tribological characterisation of an organic coating by the use of ToF-SIMS
Bexell U, Carlsson P, Olsson A
600 - 604 Investigating the difficulty of eliminating flood gun damage in TOF-SIMS
Gilmore IS, Seah MP
605 - 608 Characterization of methyl methacrylate oligomers using secondary ion mass spectrometry, APCI mass spectrometry and molecular orbital theory
Takeuchi T, Iwai K, Momoji K, Miyamoto I, Saiki K, Hashimoto K
609 - 613 Elemental distribution analysis of positive electrode material for a nickel metal hydride battery
Takanashi K, Yoshida M, Sakamoto T, Ono N, Tanaka Y, Owari M, Nihei Y
614 - 619 Imaging TOF-SIMS for the surface analysis of silver halide microcrystals
Lenaerts J, Gijbels R, Van Vaeck L, Verlinden G, Geuens I
620 - 624 Insights into ToF-SIMS analysis of dendritic macromolecules: cationization and PCA to probe their molecular weight on surfaces
Coullerez G, Lundmark S, Malkoch M, Magnusson H, Malmstrom E, Hult A, Mathieu HJ
625 - 629 A study of defect structures in oxide materials by secondary ion mass spectrometry
Haneda H
630 - 633 Use of isotopic tracers and SIMS analysis for evaluating the oxidation behaviour of protective coatings on nickel based superalloys
Alibhai AA, Chater RJ, McPhail DS, Shollock BA
634 - 638 Determination of proton and oxygen movements in solid oxides by the tracer gases exchange technique and secondary ion mass spectrometry
Horita T, Yamaji K, Sakai N, Xiong YP, Kato T, Yokokawa H, Kawada T
639 - 643 Measurement of oxyg en grain boundary diffusion in mullite ceramics by SIMS depth profiling
Fielitz P, Borchardt G, Schmucker M, Schneider H, Willich P
644 - 647 Speciation of surface gold in pressure oxidized carbonaceous gold ores by TOF-SIMS and TOF-LIMS
Dimov SS, Chryssoulis SL, Sodhi RN
648 - 651 ToF-SIMS imaging of dopant diffusion in optical fibers
Hellsing M, Fokine M, Claesson A, Nilsson LE, Margulis W
652 - 655 Light element distribution in ZnO thin film deposited by electron cyclotron resonance assisted chemical vapor deposition
Sakaguchi I
656 - 659 SIMS analysis of multi-diffusion profiles of lanthanides in stabilized zirconias
Weber S, Scherrer S, Scherrer H, Kilo M, Taylor MA, Borchardt G
660 - 664 Low energy SIMS characterisation of ultra thin oxides on ferrous alloys
Rees EE, McPhail DS, Ryan MP, Kelly J, Dowsett MG
665 - 668 Hydrogen absorption of LaNi5 after LiOD treatment and surface characterization by TOF-SIMS
Izawa C, Uchida HH, Okuhira H, Nishi Y
669 - 672 Chemical characterization of combustion deposits by TOF-SIMS
Sjovall P, Lausmaa J, Tullin C, Hogberg J
673 - 678 A new shielded SIMS instrument for analysis of highly radioactive materials
Rasser B, Desgranges L, Pasquet B
679 - 683 SIMS ion microscopy as a novel, practical tool for subcellular chemical imaging in cancer research
Chandra S
684 - 688 Fine structures and ion images on fresh frozen dried ultrathin sections by transmission electron and scanning ion microscopy
Takaya K, Okabe M, Sawataishi M, Takashima H, Yoshida T
689 - 692 Genome diagnostics with TOF-SIMS
Arlinghaus HF, Ostrop M, Friedrichs O, Feldner JC
693 - 697 ToF-SIMS chemical mapping study of protein adsorption onto stainless steel surfaces immersed in saline aqueous solutions
Poleunis C, Rubio C, Compere C, Bertrand P
698 - 703 Characterization of adsorbed protein films using time-of-flight-secondary ion mass spectrometry and multivariate analysis
Wagner MS, Castner DG
704 - 709 Quantitative time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry for the characterization of multicomponent adsorbed protein films
Wagner MS, Shen M, Horbett TA, Castner DG
710 - 713 Detection of chlorinated pesticides on the surface of fungus using ToF-SIMS
Cliff B, Weibel DE, Lockyer NP, Jungnickel H, Stephens G, Vickerman JC
714 - 717 Zinc detection in the islet of Langerhans by SIMS
Okabe M, Yoshida T, Yoshii R, Sawataisi M, Takaya K
718 - 721 Detection and quantification of benzodiazepines in hair by ToF-SIMS: preliminary results
Audinot JN, Yegles M, Labarthe A, Ruch D, Wennig R, Migeon HN
722 - 725 TOF-SIMS investigation of the immobilization process of peptide nucleic acids
Feldner JC, Ostrop A, Friedrichs O, Sohn S, Lipinsky D, Gunst U, Arlinghaus HF
726 - 729 Subcellular imaging of freeze-fractured cell cultures by TOF-SIMS and Laser-SNMS
Fartmann M, Dambach S, Kriegeskotte C, Lipinsky D, Wiesmann HP, Wittig A, Sauerwein W, Arlinghaus HF
730 - 733 Development of instrumentation for routine ToF-SIMS imaging analysis of biological material
Cliff B, Lockyer NP, Corlett C, Vickerman JC
734 - 737 Time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry of fatty acids in rat retina
Gong H, Amemiya T, Takaya K, Tozu M, Ohashi Y
738 - 741 Changes of vitamins A and E in the rat retina under light and dark conditions detected with TOF-SIMS
Amemiya T, Gong H, Takaya K, Tozu M, Ohashi Y
742 - 744 Trace elements in lenses of normal Wistar Kyoto rats
Kinoshita A, Gong HQ, Amemiya T, Takaya K, Tozu M, Ohashi Y
745 - 750 Application of SIMS to the analysis of environmental samples
Seyama H
751 - 756 Surface composition of atmospheric aerosol: individual particle characterization by TOF-SIMS
Peterson RE, Tyler BJ
757 - 761 SIMS depth profiling of working environment nanoparticles
Konarski P, Iwanejko I, Mierzejewska A
762 - 766 Analysis of surface composition and internal structure of fly ash particles using an ion and electron multibeam microanalyzer
Sakamoto T, Shibata K, Takanashi K, Owari M, Nihei Y
767 - 771 ToF-SIMS and XPS characterisation of urban aerosols for pollution studies
Lazzeri R, Clauser G, Iacob E, Lui A, Tonidandel G, Anderle M
772 - 774 Analysis of condensation dusts from the heavy oil combustion using TOF-SIMS
Oishi S, Shirahase M, Sado M, Oiwa R
775 - 778 TOF-SIMS measurements for toxic air pollutants adsorbed on the surface of airborne particles
Tomiyasu B, Hoshi T, Owari M, Nihei Y
779 - 784 SIMS depth profiling analysis of electrical arc residues in fire investigation
Chen CY, Ling YC, Wang JT, Chen HY
785 - 788 TOF-SIMS characterization of planktonic foraminifera
Vering G, Crone C, Bijma J, Arlinghaus HF
789 - 792 Application of SIMS to silver tarnish at the British Museum
Hallett K, Thickett D, McPhail DS, Chater RJ
793 - 797 High precision isotope micro-imaging of materials
Yurimoto L, Nagashima K, Kunihiro T
798 - 801 Oxygen isotopic measurements on the Cameca Nanosims 50
Slodzian G, Hillion F, Stadermann FJ, Horreard F
802 - 805 Silicon isotope fractionation during FZ growth of silicon crystals
Morishita Y, Satoh H
806 - 809 Application of high precision SIMS Al-26-Mg-26 analyses to the early solar system chronology
Kita NT, Mostefaoui S, Liu YZ, Togashi S, Morishita Y
810 - 813 In situ U-Pb dating and REE analyses of phosphates in extraterrestrial materials
Terada K, Sano Y
814 - 817 Melt contribution to partitioning of trace element between plagioclase and basaltic magma of Fuji volcano, Japan
Togashi S, Kita NT, Tomiya A, Morishita Y, Imai N
818 - 824 High resolution static SIMS imaging by time of flight SIMS
Hoshi T, Kudo M
825 - 831 Interpretation of TOF-SIMS images: multivariate and univariate approaches to image de-noising, image segmentation and compound identification
Tyler B
832 - 835 Ion image enhancement using in-situ implantation of Cs+ and O-2(+) ions
Seki S, Tamura H, Saitoh W
836 - 841 Failure analysis of liquid crystal display panel by time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry
Miyaki S, Yoshida A, Yamamoto Y, Takeuchi K
842 - 846 Probing molecules on a surface by Cs+ reactive ion scattering: identification of C2Hx (x <= 4) hydrocarbons
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851 - 854 Quantitative analysis of the top 5 nm of boron ultra-shallow implants
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855 - 858 Time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (TOF-SIMS) for high-throughput characterization of biosurfaces
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859 - 862 Estimation of ToF-SIMS information depth in micro-corrosion analysis
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863 - 866 Chemical state analysis of ZnO/Ag film interface utilizing the matrix effect
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867 - 870 Oxidizing mechanism of beryllium-copper in alkaline solution
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