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1 - 2 Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Laser Ablation, EPOCHAL Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan, October 1-5, 2001 - Preface
Murakami K, Yabe A, Horwitz JS, Fotakis C, Dickinson JT
3 - 10 Ultra-low, threshold laser ablation investigated by time-resolved microscopy
Dlott DD
11 - 16 Infrared laser ablation and ionization of water clusters and biomolecules from ice
Baltz-Knorr ML, Schriver KE, Haglund RF
17 - 20 Dynamics of laser-shocked condensed matter probed by nanosecond Raman spectroscopy
Nakamura KG, Wakabayashi K, Matsuda A, Kondo K
21 - 26 Temporal and spatial analysis of plasmas during graphite laser ablation in low-pressure N-2
Acquaviva S, De Giorgi ML
27 - 34 Multiscale simulation of laser ablation of organic solids: evolution of the plume
Zeifman MI, Garrison BJ, Zhigilei LV
35 - 40 Wavelength dependence of UV laser induced emission of neutral and ionic species from single crystal NaNO3
Cramer LP, Langford SC, Hess WP, Dickinson JT
41 - 44 Phase explosion under ultrashort pulsed laser ablation: modeling with analysis of metastable state of melt
Bulgakova NM, Bourakov IM
45 - 49 Study on UV and IR laser interaction with metal and dielectrics
Fedenev AV, Goncharenko IM, Koval' NN, Orlovskii VM, Tarasenko VF, Panchenko AN, Lipatov EI
50 - 55 The onset of optical breakdown in KrF-laser-irradiated silica glass surfaces
Kawaguchi Y, Narazaki A, Sato T, Niino H, Yabe A, Langford SC, Dickinson JT
56 - 60 Observation of the light emitting region produced by pulsed laser irradiation to a solid-liquid interface
Saito K, Takatani K, Sakka T, Ogata YH
61 - 66 Phase explosion and its time lag in nanosecond laser ablation
67 - 71 Laser ablation and photo-dissociation of solid-nitrogen film by UV ps-laser irradiation
Niino H, Sato T, Narazaki A, Kawaguchi Y, Yabe A
72 - 76 A computational model for selected emission transitions in a laser produced lithium ablation plume
Stapleton MW, Mosnier JP
77 - 82 Examination for "deuterium effect" in UV ablation of molecular solids: a comparative examination of CH3I and CD3I solids
Koubenakis A, Venturini J, Georgiou S
83 - 89 The effect of water vapor and bulk temperature on positive ion emission from wide bandgap single crystals during exposure to 248 nm excimer laser radiation
Nwe KH, Longford SC, Dickinson JT
90 - 95 Ultra short laser pulse ablation from sodium chloride - the role of laser induced color centers
Henyk M, Costache F, Reif J
96 - 99 Pulsed laser ablation of solids and critical phenomena
Bulgakova NM, Bulgakov AV, Bourakov IM, Bulgakova NA
100 - 106 On the white light luminescence induced by irradiation of sodium nitrate single crystals by 1064 nm laser light
Bandis, Cramer L, Holt TE, Langford SC, Dickinson JT
107 - 113 Theoretical description of the ultrafast ablation of diamond and graphite: dependence of thresholds on pulse duration
Jeschke HO, Garcia ME
114 - 117 Simulation on femto-second laser ablation
Furukawa H, Hashida M
118 - 123 In situ photography of picosecond laser ablation of nickel
Willis DA, Xu X
124 - 129 Generation of the A-centres at the surface of CdTe(Cl) by YAG : Nd laser radiation
Medvid' A, Hatanaka Y, Korbutjak D, Fedorenko L, Krilyuk S, Snitka V
130 - 137 Atmospheric pressure matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization as a plume diagnostic tool in laser evaporation methods
Callahan JH, Galicia MC, Vertes A
138 - 144 X-ray generation from fs laser heated Xe clusters
Kondo K, Mori M, Shiraishi T
145 - 155 Ultrashort laser ablation of metals: pump-probe experiments, the role of ballistic electrons and the two-temperature model
Schmidt V, Husinsky W, Betz G
156 - 163 The application of LIBS for the analysis of archaeological ceramic and metal artifacts
Melessanaki K, Mateo M, Ferrence SC, Betancourt PP, Anglos D
164 - 168 Time-resolved EUV spectroscopy in the early stage of laser ablation of carbon
Loiseleur P, Hansen TN, Larour J, Lunney JG
169 - 174 Large area PLD of nanometer-multilayers
Dietsch R, Holz T, Weissbach D, Scholz R
175 - 180 Ion dynamics in laser ablation plumes from selected metals at 355 nm
Thestrup B, Toftmann B, Schou J, Doggett B, Lunney JG
181 - 187 Plume and jetting regimes in a laser based forward transfer process as observed by time-resolved optical microscopy
Young D, Auyeung RCY, Pique A, Chrisey DB, Dlott DD
188 - 191 Measurement of the degree of polarization of the spectra from laser-produced Al plasma
Kim J, Kim DE
192 - 196 Characterization of rear- and front-side laser ablation plasmas for thin-film deposition
Escobar-Alarcon L, Camps E, Haro-Poniatowski E, Villagran M, Sanchez C
197 - 201 Observation of continuum optical emission from laser-ablation carbon plumes
Sasaki K, Wakasaki T, Kadota K
202 - 206 Translational motion of SiO+ produced by laser ablation
Mogi T, Fukuyama Y, Kobayashi T, Tanihata I, Uehara K, Matsuo Y
207 - 212 Investigation of the mechanisms involved in formation and decay of laser-produced plasmas
Colao F, Pershin S, Lazic V, Fantoni R
213 - 216 Picosecond infrared matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry of organic molecules on sodium nitrate crystallites
Papantonakis MR, Ermer DR, Haglund RF
217 - 223 Application of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy to the analysis of the composition of thin films produced by pulsed laser deposition
Aragon C, Madurga V, Aguilera JA
224 - 228 Debris from tape-target irradiated with pulsed YAG laser
Azuma H, Nishimura Y, Sakata A, Takeuchi A
229 - 238 Plume expansion of a laser-induced plasma studied with the particle-in-cell method
Ellegaard O, Nedelea T, Schou J, Urbassek HM
239 - 245 Spectroscopic studies of two perpendicularly interacting carbon plasmas generated by laser ablation
Camps E, Escobar-Alarcon L, Haro-Poniatowski E, Fernandez-Guasti M
246 - 250 Emission spectra of the species ablated from a solid target submerged in liquid: vibrational temperature of C-2 molecules in water-confined geometry
Sakka T, Saito K, Ogata YH
251 - 256 Detailed studies of the plume deflection effect during long laser irradiation of solid targets
Perrone A, Zocco A, Cultrera L, Guido D
257 - 262 Electron and excited particle densities in a carbon ablation plume
Bratescu MA, Sakai Y, Yamaoka D, Suda Y, Sugawara H
263 - 267 Laser-induced optical emission of carbon plume by excimer and Nd : YAG laser irradiation
Shinozaki T, Ooie T, Yano T, Zhao JP, Chen ZY, Yoneda M
268 - 272 Plume dynamics in ZnO under ArF laser radiation
Kawaguchi Y, Narazaki A, Sato T, Niino H, Yabe A
273 - 280 Temperature and electron density distributions of laser-induced plasmas generated with an iron sample at different ambient gas pressures
Aguilera JA, Aragon C
281 - 284 X-ray and fast ion generation from metal targets by femtosecond laser irradiation
Okano Y, Kishimura H, Hironaka Y, Nakamura KG, Kondo K
285 - 288 Optical method of measuring nanosecond pressure pulse in water
Terada M, Hatano S, Mori Y, Nagayama K
289 - 293 Picosecond X-ray diffraction from laser-irradiated crystals
Hironaka Y, Yazaki A, Kishimura H, Nakamura KG, Kondo K
294 - 303 Development of prominent PLD (Aurora method) suitable for high-quality and low-temperature film growth
Kobayashi T, Akiyoshi H, Tachiki M
304 - 311 Gas-phase mechanisms in the growth of ZrCyN1-y thin films by pulsed reactive crossed-beam laser ablation
Spillmann H, Clerc C, Dobeli M, Willmott PR
312 - 315 Quick optimization of Y-type magnetoplumbite thin films growth by combinatorial pulsed laser deposition technique
Ohkubo I, Matsumoto Y, Itaka K, Hasegawa T, Ueno K, Ohtani M, Kawasaki M, Koinuma H
316 - 320 Influence of the nitrogen content on the field emission properties of a-CNx films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Fogarassy E, Szorenyi T, Antoni F, Stoquert JP, Pirio G, Olivier J, Legagneux P, Boher P, Pons-Y-Moll O
321 - 324 Critical issues in enhancing brightness in thin film phosphors for flat-panel display applications
Singh RK, Chen Z, Kumar D, Cho K, Ollinger M
325 - 330 Study of expansion of laser ablation plumes of Ga and GaN in various N-2 atmospheres using stigmatic emission spectroscopy
McKiernan AP, Mosnier JP
331 - 337 Pulsed laser deposition of adherent hexagonal/cubic boron nitride layer systems at high growth rates
Weissmantel S, Reisse G
338 - 342 Thin films deposition in RF generated plasma by reactive pulsed laser ablation
Giardini A, Marotta V, Morone A, Orlando S, Parisi GP
343 - 347 Characterization of Hastelloy thin films deposited by pulsed laser ablation
Vignolo MF, Avram I, Duhalde S, Morales C, Perez T, Cultrera L, Perrone A, Zocco A
348 - 351 Laser deposition of thin films with varying substrate temperature during film growth
Song WD, Hong MH, Lu Y, Wang WJ, Huang SM, Pang SI, Xu Y, Goh Y, Liu XH, Chong TC
352 - 356 Consideration of growth process of diamond thin films in ambient oxygen by pulsed laser ablation of graphite
Yoshitake T, Nishiyama T, Hara T, Nagayama K
357 - 361 Laser ablation of a thin carbon layer deposited on a polymer substrate by Nd : YAG laser
Noguchi T, Suizu K, Nagayama K
362 - 367 Effect of deposition conditions on optical and electrical properties of ZnO films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Zeng JN, Low JK, Ren ZM, Liew T, Lu YF
368 - 370 Deposition of ZnO film by pulsed laser deposition at room temperature
Nakata Y, Okada T, Maeda M
371 - 375 Nickel- and iron-based intermetallics deposited using KrF laser
Mroz W, Prokopiuk A, Mularczyk-Oliwa M, Jelinek M, Major B, Przetakiewicz W, Bojar Z, Jozwiak S, Zasada D, Kasuya K
376 - 378 Preparation of SiNx film by pulsed laser ablation in nitrogen gas ambient
Umezu I, Yamaguchi T, Kohno K, Inada M, Sugimura A
379 - 383 Elimination of droplets using a vane velocity filter for pulsed laser ablation of FeSi2
Yoshitake T, Shiraishi G, Nagayama K
384 - 386 Growth of GaN on nearly lattice matched MnO substrates by pulsed laser deposition
Ito S, Ohta J, Fujioka H, Oshima M
387 - 392 Synthesis of C3N4+ by the combination of laser ablation of graphite and N-2 molecular beam
Zergioti I, Alexandrou I, Sfounis A, Amaratunga GAJ, Fotakis C, Velegrakis M
393 - 397 TiO2 thin films prepared by PLD for photocatalytic applications
Inoue N, Yuasa H, Okoshi M
398 - 401 Preparation of epitaxial Pb(Zr,Ti)O-3 thin films using coating photolysis process
Miyamoto Y, Tsuchiya T, Yamaguchi I, Manabe T, Niino H, Yabe A, Kumagai T, Tsuchiya T, Mizuta S
402 - 405 Combinatorial fabrication and cathodoluminescence properties of composition spread MHfO3 : Tm3+ (M = Ca, Sr and Ba) films
Arai N, Kim TW, Kubota H, Matsumoto Y, Koinuma H
406 - 410 Re-evaporation effect on the surface morphology of GdxY1-xCa4O(BO3)(3) films grown by combinatorial laser molecular-beam epitaxy
Kim TW, Arai N, Kubota H, Koinuma H, Matsumoto Y, Yoshimura M, Furuya H, Nakao H, Mori Y, Sasaki T
411 - 415 Optimization of laser-induced forward transfer process of metal thin films
Yamada H, Sano T, Nakayama T, Miyamoto I
416 - 420 Deposition of Er : YAG (YAP) layers by subpicosecond and nanosecond KrF excimer laser ablation
Jelinek M, Klini A, Grivas C, Lancok J, Studnicka V, Chval J, Mackova A, Fotakis C
421 - 425 Pulsed-laser deposition of NiMnSb thin films at moderate temperatures
Giapintzakis J, Grigorescu C, Klini A, Manousaki A, Zorba V, Androulakis J, Viskadourakis Z, Fotakis C
426 - 431 Physical and structural properties of carbon thin films deposited in two inert gases ambient by pulsed laser ablation using camphoric carbon target
Rusop M, Soga T, Jimbo T, Umeno M
432 - 437 Materials by design - exploiting the unique properties of pulsed laser deposition for the synthesis of novel and hard materials structures
Willmott PR, Spillmann H
438 - 441 Pulsed laser deposition of semiconductor-ITO composite films on electric-field-applied substrates
Narazaki A, Sato T, Kawaguchi Y, Niino H, Yabe A, Sasaki T, Koshizaki N
442 - 447 Rapid synthesis and characterization of (Ca1-xBax)(3)Co4O9 thin films using combinatorial methods
Minami H, Itaka K, Kawaji H, Wang QJ, Koinuma H, Lippmaa M
448 - 451 The great improvement of surface smoothness of CaF2 in pulsed laser deposition even under the two-photon absorption process
Maki T, Okamoto K, Sugiura M, Hosomi T, Kobayashi T
452 - 457 SEM and Raman investigation of RF plasma assisted pulsed laser deposited carbon films
Cappelli E, Orlando S, Mattei G, Zoffoli S, Ascarelli P
458 - 462 Pulsed laser deposition of materials for optoelectronic applications
Caricato AP, De Sario M, Fernandez M, Leggieri G, Luches A, Martino M, Prudenzano F
463 - 466 Fabrication of Bi-doped YIG optical thin film for electric current sensor by pulsed laser deposition
Hayashi H, Iwasa S, Vas NJ, Yoshitake T, Ueda K, Yokoyama S, Higuchi S, Takeshita H, Nakahara M
467 - 471 Pure and Sn-doped ZnO films produced by pulsed laser deposition
Holmelund E, Schou J, Tougaard S, Larsen NB
472 - 474 PLD growth of ZnO film free from deep level emission using (La,Sr)TiO3 substrate
Sugiura M, Nakashima Y, Nakasaka T, Kobayashi T
475 - 480 Formation of unusual intermetallic phases by vacuum PLD
Gorbunov A, Levin AA, Mensch A, Meyer DC, Tselev A, Paufler P, Pompe W, Eckert D
481 - 485 Laser-deposited As2S3 chalcogenide films for waveguide applications
Rode AV, Zakery A, Samoc M, Charters RB, Gamaly EG, Luther-Davies B
486 - 489 Growth of epitaxial AlN films on (Mn,Zn)Fe2O4 substrates by pulsed laser deposition
Ohta J, Fujioka H, Takahashi H, Oshima M
490 - 493 Brilliant photoluminescence from GaN film grown by PLD under particle-energy-manipulation
Mizuno K, Masuyama Y, Kiso M, Suzuki J, Kobayashi T
494 - 498 Magnetic field assisted increase of growth rate and reduction of particulate incorporation in pulsed laser deposited boron nitride films
Weissmantel S, Rost D, Reisse G
499 - 504 Deposition of BN thin films onto Si(100) substrate by PLD with nanosecond and femtosecond pulses in nitrogen gas background
Luculescu CR, Miyake H, Sato S
505 - 511 Pulsed laser deposition of electrochemically active perovskite films
Montenegro MJ, Lippert J, Muller S, Weidenkaff A, Willmott PR, Wokaun A
512 - 515 Characterization of tin-doped indium oxide films prepared by coating photolysis process
Tsuchiya T, Niino H, Yabe A, Yamaguchi I, Manabe T, Kumagai T, Mizuta S
516 - 521 Microstructural and electrochemical properties of lithium manganese oxide thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Singh D, Kim WS, Craciun V, Hofmann H, Singh RK
522 - 526 Structural and electrical properties of lanthanum oxide thin films deposited by laser ablation
Vignolo MF, Duhalde S, Bormioli M, Quintana G, Cervera M, Tocho J
527 - 531 PLD growth of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 tilted nanocolumn boundaries on constricted step-edged GaAs substrates and MR properties
Satoh I, Oniduka M, Kobayashi T
532 - 535 Combinatorial optimization oxide films by the carrousel of atomically controlled growth for type laser molecular beam epitaxy
Takahashi R, Matsumoto Y, Koinuma H, Lippmaa M, Kawasaki M
536 - 541 Correlation between structural and transport properties of La0.5Ca0.5MnO3 thin films grown by PLD
Rubi D, Duhalde S, Terzzoli MC, Villafuerte M
542 - 546 Nitrogen doping and structural properties of amorphous carbon films deposited by pulsed laser ablation
Rusop M, Mominuzzaman SM, Tian XM, Soga T, Jimbo T, Umeno M
547 - 551 NOx gas sensing properties of tungsten oxide thin films synthesized by pulsed laser deposition method
Kawasaki H, Namba J, Iwatsuji K, Suda Y, Wada K, Ebihara K, Ohshima T
552 - 562 Time-resolved diagnostics of single wall carbon nanotube synthesis by laser vaporization
Puretzky AA, Geohegan DB, Schittenhelm H, Fan XD, Guillorn MA
563 - 567 Role of the catalyst particle size in the synthesis of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Gorbunov A, Jost O, Pompe W, Graff W
568 - 573 Vertically aligned carbon nanotube growth by pulsed laser deposition and thermal chemical vapor deposition methods
Sohn JI, Nam C, Lee S
574 - 576 Hydrogenation dynamics of Si nanoparticles with green photoluminescence
Mizuta T, Takeuchi D, Kawaguchi Y, Makimura T, Murakami K
577 - 580 The atomic processes of ultraviolet laser-induced etching of chlorinated silicon (111) surface
Amasuga H, Nakamura M, Mera Y, Maeda K
581 - 586 Transient center photodecomposition in potassium bromide
Beck KM, Joly AG, Hess WP, Gerrity DP, Dupuis NF, Sushko PV, Shluger AL
587 - 593 Gold nanoparticles and films produced by a laser ablation/gas deposition (LAGD) method
Kawakami Y, Seto T, Yoshida T, Ozawa E
594 - 597 Electroluminescence of monodispersed silicon nanocrystallites synthesized by pulsed laser ablation in inert background gas
Makino T, Yamada Y, Suzuki N, Yoshida T, Onari S
598 - 602 Synthesis efficiency of heavy carbon clusters from ETFE ablated by different numbers of laser pulse in vacuum
Shibagaki K, Takada N, Sasaki K, Kadota K
603 - 606 Preparation of double layer film of boron and carbon by pulsed laser deposition
Suda Y, Suganuma Y, Sakai Y, Suzuki K, Tsujino J, Homma N
607 - 609 Fabrication of Er-doped Si nanocrystallites without thermal quenching of 1.5 mu m photoluminescence
Li CQ, Kondo K, Makimura T, Murakami K
610 - 614 Laser based synthesis of nanofunctionalized particulates for pulmonary based controlled drug delivery applications
Singh RK, Kim WS, Ollinger M, Craciun V, Coowantwong I, Hochhaus G, Koshizaki N
615 - 618 Raman spectroscopic studies on bismuth nanoparticles prepared by laser ablation technique
Onari S, Miura M, Matsuishi K
619 - 623 Preparation of Pt/TiO2 nanocomposite films by 2-beam pulsed laser deposition
Sasaki T, Beck KM, Koshizakai N
624 - 627 Preparation of nanocrystalline titania films by pulsed laser deposition at room temperature
Koshizaki N, Narazaki A, Sasaki T
628 - 634 Formation of silver nanoparticles by laser ablation of a silver target in NaCl solution
Bae CH, Nam SH, Park SM
635 - 638 Photoluminescence decay-dynamics of Si nanoparticles prepared by pulsed laser ablation
Watanabe K, Sawada K, Koshiba M, Fujii M, Hayashi S
639 - 643 Engineering of a magnetic anisotropy using particles embedded in nano-multilayer structures
Jeon IJ, Kang DW, Kim DE, Kim DH, Choe SB, Shin SC
644 - 649 Electronic and magnetic properties of carbon nanofoam produced by high-repetition-rate laser ablation
Rode AV, Elliman RG, Gamaly EG, Veinger AI, Christy AG, Hyde ST, Luther-Davies B
650 - 655 Growth dynamics of single-wall carbon nanotubes and nanohorn aggregates by CO2 laser vaporization at room temperature
Kokai F, Takahashi K, Kasuya D, Yudasaka M, Iijima S
656 - 660 Cluster ion control by simultaneous irradiations of femtosecond laser and nanosecond laser pulses
Kamada H, Hiratani Y, Toyoda K
661 - 665 Synthesis of size-selected TiOx nanoparticles
Hirasawa M, Seto T, Orii T, Aya N, Shimura H
666 - 669 Effects of hydrogen on Si nanoparticles formed by pulsed laser ablation
Inada M, Nakagawa H, Umeza I, Sugimura A
670 - 673 Phosphorus-doped Si nanocrystallites embedded in SiO2 films
Makimura T, Yamamoto Y, Mitani S, Mizuta T, Li CQ, Takeuchi D, Murakami K
674 - 678 Deposition dynamics of droplet-free Si nanoparticles in Ar gas using laser ablation
Takeuchi D, Mizuta T, Makimura T, Yoshida S, Fujita M, Hata K, Shigekawa H, Murakami K
679 - 683 Fabrication of nanoparticles of anatase TiO2 by oxygen-supplied pulsed laser deposition
Okubo N, Nakazawa T, Katano Y, Yoshizawa I
684 - 687 Photoelectrochemical behavior of Pt/TiO2 nanocomposite thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Yoon JW, Sasaki T, Koshizaki N
688 - 698 Encoding of holographic grating and periodic nano-structure by femtosecond laser pulse
Hirano M, Kawamura K, Hosono H
699 - 704 Electrostatic mechanism of ablation by femtosecond lasers
Gamaly EG, Rode AV, Tikhonchuk VT, Luther-Davies B
705 - 709 Application of femtosecond laser pulses for microfabrication of transparent media
Juodkazis S, Matsuo S, Misawa H, Mizeikis V, Marcinkevicius A, Sun HB, Tokuda Y, Takahashi M, Yoko T, Nishii J
710 - 714 Dephasing of coherent THz phonons in bismuth studied by femtosecond pump-probe technique
Hase M, Ishioka K, Kitajima M, Hishita S, Ushida K
715 - 719 Simultaneous atomization and ionization of large organic molecules using femtosecond laser ablation
Kurata-Nishimura M, Tokanai F, Matsuo Y, Kobayashi T, Kawai J, Kumagai H, Midorikawa K, Tanihata I, Hayashizaki Y
720 - 725 Femtosecond laser induced ablation of crystalline silicon upon double beam irradiation
Choi TY, Hwang DJ, Grigoropoulos CP
726 - 729 Phonon dynamics in ion-irradiated graphite and GaAs
Ishioka K, Hase M, Ushida K, Kitajima M
730 - 736 Transient reflectivity of gallium films induced by femtosecond laser
Gamaly EG, Rode AV, Uteza O, Samoc M, Luther-Davies B
737 - 740 Femtosecond lasers as novel tool in dental surgery
Serbin J, Bauer T, Fallnich C, Kasenbacher A, Arnold WH
741 - 745 Heat effects of metals ablated with femtosecond laser pulses
Hirayama Y, Obara M
746 - 756 Polymers designed for laser ablation-influence of photochemical properties
Lippert T, Dickinson JT, Hauer M, Kopitkovas G, Langford SC, Masuhara H, Nuyken O, Robert J, Salmio H, Tada T, Tomita K, Wokaun A
757 - 763 Examination of chemical and structural modifications in the UV ablation of polymers
Athanassiou A, Andreou E, Bonarou A, Tornari V, Anglos D, Georgiou S, Fotakis C
764 - 767 Remarkable enhancement on elimination reaction of side groups in excimer laser ablation of mixture targets of perylene derivatives with metal powder
Nishio S, Tamura K, Tsujine Y, Fukao T, Nakano M, Matsuzaki A, Sato H
768 - 771 Hydroxyapatite coatings deposited by laser-assisted laser ablation method
Katto M, Nakamura M, Tanaka T, Nakayama T
772 - 776 Thin-film deposition by laser ablation of dimethylpolysiloxane
Okoshi M, Kuramatsu M, Inoue N
777 - 781 Femtosecond laser ablation transfer and phase transition of phthalocyanine solids
Asahi T, Yoshikawa HY, Yashiro M, Masuhara H
782 - 785 Characterization of materials ejected by excimer laser ablation of hydrated collagen gel
Tsunoda K, Kumaki D, Takahashi T, Yajima H, Ishii T, Itoh H
786 - 790 Incubation and ablation behavior of poly(dimethylsiloxane) for 266 nm irradiation
Graubner VM, Jordan R, Nuyken O, Lippert T, Hauer M, Schnyder B, Wokaun A
791 - 795 Influence of the irradiation wavelength on the ablation process of designed polymers
Hauer M, Dickinson T, Langford S, Lippert T, Wokaun A
796 - 799 Laser-induced nanometer expansion and contraction dynamics of polystyrene films depending on its molecular weight
Mito T, Masuhara H
800 - 804 Investigation of excimer laser ablation threshold of polymers using a microphone
Kruger J, Niino H, Yabe A
805 - 807 Is the VUV laser ablation of polymers a pure photochemical process?
Castex MC, Bityurin N
808 - 813 Uniform laser ablation via photovoltaic effect of phthalocyanine/perylene derivative
Nagai K, Yoshida H, Norimatsu T, Miyanaga N, Izawa Y, Yamanaka T
814 - 821 Multiwavelength excitation processing using F-2 and KrF excimer lasers for precision microfabrication of hard materials
Sugioka K, Akane T, Obata K, Toyoda K, Midorikawa K
822 - 825 Polycarbazoles microcavities: towards plastic blue lasers
Castex MC, Olivero C, Fischer A, Mousel S, Michelon J, Ades D, Siove A
826 - 830 Radioactive oxide removal by XeCl laser
Delaporte P, Gastaud M, Marine W, Sentis M, Uteza O, Thouvenot P, Alcaraz JL, Le Samedy JM, Blin D
831 - 838 Laser crystallisation during pulsed laser deposition of barium titanate thin films at low temperatures
Gottmann J, Vosseler B, Kreutz EW
839 - 844 Laser ablation thresholds of silicon for different pulse durations: theory and experiment
Jeschke HO, Garcia ME, Lenzner M, Bonse J, Kruger J, Kautek W
845 - 850 XeCl laser treatment of steel surface
Pereira A, Cros A, Delaporte P, Marine W, Sentis M
851 - 855 Growth of surface structures on titanium through pulsed Nd : YAG laser irradiation in vacuum
Gyorgy E, del Pino AP, Serra P, Morenza JL
856 - 861 Fabrication of diffractive phase elements for the UV-range by laser ablation patterning of dielectric layers
Ihlemann J, Schafer D
862 - 867 Ablation threshold dependence on pulse duration for copper
Hashida M, Semerok AF, Gobert O, Petite G, Izawa Y, Wagner JF
868 - 872 Laser microprinting of InOx active optical structures and time resolved imaging of the transfer process
Zergioti I, Papazoglou DG, Karaiskou A, Vainos NA, Fotakis C
873 - 876 New drilling technique for multilayered materials by single shot laser irradiation
Wakabayashi N, Ide T, Aoki Y
877 - 882 Thermogradient mechanism of p-n junction formation by laser radiation in semiconductors
Medvid A, Fedorenko L
883 - 886 Laser ablation of iron oxide in various ambient gases
Zbroniec L, Sasaki T, Koshizaki N
887 - 890 Oxidation of titanium through Nd : YAG laser irradiation
del Pino AP, Serra P, Morenza JL
891 - 895 Ripples revisited: non-classical morphology at the bottom of femtosecond laser ablation craters in transparent dielectrics
Reif J, Costache F, Henyk M, Pandelov SV
896 - 903 Influence of laser parameters on the nitriding of low carbon steel
Copola CJ, Avram I, Terzzoli MC, Duhalde S, Morales C, Perez T, Audebert F, Delaporte P, Sentis M
904 - 910 Resonance and steep fronts effects in nanosecond dry laser cleaning
Arnold N
911 - 914 Steam-assisted laser ablation and its signal diagnostics
Hong MH, Koh ML, Zhu S, Lu YF, Chong TC