Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.191, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

In this Issue (47 articles)

1 - 4 Influence of lattice misfit on diffusion coefficients in thin films polycrystalline Pd-Ag and Pd-Au systems
Vasilyeva AD, Bekrenev AN
5 - 10 Photoluminescence excitation spectroscopy obtained for spark-processed Si
Chang SS
11 - 19 The role of ambient ageing on porous silicon photoluminescence: evidence of phonon contribution
Elhouichet H, Oueslati M
20 - 25 Anomalous field emission from Al2O3 coated Si tips
Zhirnov VV, Alimova AN, Hren JJ
26 - 43 Surface chemistry of water atomised aluminium alloy powders
Krajnikova AV, Gastel M, Ortner HM, Likutin VV
44 - 51 Interaction of Sc and O on W
Shih A, Yater JE, Hor C, Abrams R
52 - 60 Electron transmission studies of diamond films
Yater JE, Shih A, Butler JE, Pehrsson PE
61 - 66 Planar waveguides in BiB3O6 and Nd : YVO4 crystals by ion implantation
Chen F, Wang XL, Wang KM, Lu QM, Teng B, Shen DY
67 - 73 Corrosion study at Cu-Al interface in microelectronics packaging
Tan CW, Daud AR, Yarmo MA
74 - 84 Evaluation of the wettability of metal surfaces by micro-pure water by means of atomic force microscopy
Wang RG, Cong L, Kido M
85 - 93 Optical properties and structural changes of thermally co-evaporated CuInSe films
Moharram AH, Al-Mekkawy IM, Salem A
94 - 105 A comparison of fractal dimensions determined from atomic force microscopy and impedance spectroscopy of anodic oxides on Zr-2.5Nb
McRae GA, Maguire MA, Jeffrey CA, Guzonas DA, Brown CA
106 - 117 Characterising the quality of chemical tin coatings on copper by electrochemical current noise method
Huttunen-Saarivirta E, Tiainen T
118 - 122 Scaling behavior of (001) and (111) Cu surfaces
Lukaszew RA, Clarke R
123 - 127 Multifractal spectra of atomic force microscope images of amorphous electroless Ni-Cu-P alloy
Yu HS, Sun X, Luo SF, Wang YR, Wu ZQ
128 - 137 An X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic study of electrochemically deposited Fe-P thin films on copper substrate
Aravinda CL, Bera P, Jayaram V, Mayanna SM
138 - 147 Structural, optical and electrical properties of In2Se3 thin films formed by annealing chemically deposited Se and vacuum evaporated In stack layers
Bindu K, Kartha CS, Vijayakumar KP, Abe T, Kashiwaba Y
148 - 152 AFM surface imaging of thermally oxidized hydrogenated crystalline silicon
Szekeres A, Lytvyn P, Alexandrova S
153 - 165 Surface analysis of thermionic dispenser cathodes
Cortenraad R, van der Gon AWD, Brongersma HH, Gartner G, Manenschijn A
166 - 170 Thermodynamic characterization of a regenerated activated carbon surface
Gonzalez-Martin ML, Gonzalez-Garcia CM, Gonzalez JF, Ramiro A, Sabio E, Bruque JM, Encinar JM
171 - 175 High-vacuum electron-beam co-evaporation of Si nanocrystals embedded in Al2O3 matrix
Wan Q, Zhang NL, Xie XY, Wang TH, Lin CL
176 - 180 Valence reduction process from sol-gel V2O5 to VO2 thin films
Yuan NY, Li JH, Lin CL
181 - 187 Annealing and doping effects on structure and optical properties of sol-gel derived ZrO2 thin films
Liu WC, Wu D, Li AD, Ling HQ, Tang YF, Ming NB
188 - 195 The effects of the time-dependent and exposure time to air on Au/n-GaAs schottky barrier diodes
Ozdemir AF, Kokce A, Turut A
196 - 204 Growth and characterisation of InAs/InGaAs quantum dots like structure on GaAs/Si substrate by AP-MOCVD
Thilakan P, Kazi ZI, Egawa T
205 - 210 Organizing nanoclusters on functionalized surfaces
Bardotti L, Prevel B, Jensen P, Treilleux M, Melinon P, Perez A, Gierak J, Faini G, Mailly D
211 - 217 A photoemission study: the influence of heating process and Au buffer layers on the Fe/GaAs(100) structure
Zhang T, Spangenberg M, Takahashi N, Shen TH, Greig D, Matthew JAD, Seddon EA
218 - 222 Transport properties in iron-passivated porous silicon
Zhu DL, Chen QW, Zhang YH
223 - 239 Optimization of the chemical vapor deposition process for carbon nanotubes fabrication
Grujicic M, Cao G, Gersten B
240 - 246 The combining analysis of height and phase images in tapping-mode atomic force microscopy: a new route for the characterization of thiol-coated gold nanoparticle film on solid substrate
Jiang P, Xie SS, Pang SJ, Gao HJ
247 - 253 Molecular interaction of ozone with silicon nanocrystallites: a new method to excite visible luminescence
Kuznetsov SN, Saren AA, Pikulev VB, Gardin YE, Gurtov VA
254 - 260 Investigation of surface composition of electrodeposited black chrome coatings by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Anandan C, Grips VKW, Rajam KS, Jayaram V, Bera P
261 - 265 Atomic and electronic structures of barium oxide on Si(001) studied by metastable impact electron spectroscopy (MIES) and coaxial impact collision ion scattering spectroscopy (CAICISS)
Ikeuchi T, Souda R, Yamamoto S
266 - 272 Electron beam induced oxidation of Al-Mg alloy surfaces
Palasantzas G, van Agterveld DTL, De Hosson JTM
273 - 279 Influence of substrate dc bias on chemical bonding, adhesion and roughness of carbon nitride films
Li JJ, Zheng WT, Jin ZS, Lu XY, Gu GR, Mei XX, Dong C
280 - 285 Properties of Ag doped ZnTe thin films by an ion exchange process
Aqili AKS, Maqsood A, Ali Z
286 - 299 Structural and energetic heterogeneities of hybrid carbon-mineral adsorbents
Gun'ko VM, Leboda R, Turov VV, Charmas B, Skubiszewska-Zieba J
300 - 312 The characterisation of non-evaporable getters by Auger electron spectroscopy: analytical potential and artefacts
Prodromides AE, Scheuerlein C, Taborelli M
313 - 318 Thickness dependence of properties of SnO2 : Sb films deposited on flexible substrates
Ma HL, Hao XT, Ma J, Yang YG, Huang J, Zhang DH, Xu XG
319 - 327 Light assisted formation of porous silicon investigated by X-ray diffraction and reflectivity
Chamard V, Setzu S, Romestain R
328 - 333 Ultrafast intense laser "explosion" of hardwood
Theberge F, Petit S, Iwasaki A, Kasaai MR, Chin SL
334 - 337 Feed gas dependence of the surface nanophase on HFCVD grown diamond films studied by surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Roy M, George VC, Dua AK, Raj P, Schulze S, Tenne DA, Salvan G, Zahn DRT
338 - 343 Relief of the internal stress in ternary boron carbonitride thin films
He DY, Cheng WJ, Qin J, Yue JS, Xie EQ, Chen GH
344 - 351 Surface diffusion and electron stimulated desorption of chlorine from InP(110) and GaAs(110)
Jacka M, Kale A
352 - 361 Attempt to apply the fractal geometry for characterisation of dealuminated ZSM-5 zeolite
Rozwadowski M, Kornatowski J, Wloch J, Erdmann K, Golembiewski R
362 - 367 Characterisation of polysilicon gate microstructures for 0.5 mu m CMOS devices using transmission electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy images
Ahmad I, Omar A, Hussain A, Mikdad A
368 - 374 Analysis of the pore structure of the MCM-41 materials
Wloch J, Rozwadowski M, Lezanska M, Erdmann K