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1 - 1 Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on the Formation of Semiconductor Interfaces, Sapporo, Japan, June 10-15, 2001 - Preface
Okumura T, Fukui T, Hasegawa H
2 - 10 Band structures and band offsets of high K dielectrics on Si
Robertson J
11 - 15 Effect of patterning on thermal agglomeration of ultrathin silicon-on-insulator layer
Ishikawa Y, Kumezawa M, Nuryadi R, Tabe M
16 - 19 Evolution of step-terrace structure at Si-SiO2 interface in SIMOX substrate during annealing
Ishiyama T, Nagase M, Omura Y
20 - 25 Time evolution of interface roughness during thermal oxidation on Si(001)
Takakuwa Y, Ishida F, Kawawa T
26 - 29 Competing thermal relaxation processes in response to intrinsic defects produced by exposing SiO2 to synchrotron radiation
Akazawa H
30 - 34 Monte Carlo study of interfacial silicon suboxide layers and oxidation kinetics
da Silva EF, de Vasconcelos EA, Stosic BD
35 - 38 The role of multiple damaged layers at the Si/SiO2 interface on the dielectric breakdown of MOS capacitors
Sombra SS, Costa UMS, Freire VN, de Vasconcelos EA, da Silva EF
39 - 42 Compositional depth profiling of ultrathin oxynitride/Si interface using XPS
Kato H, Nishizaki K, Takahashi K, Nohira H, Tamura N, Hikazutani K, Sano S, Hattori T
43 - 47 Fixed charge and interface traps at heterovalent interfaces between Si(100) and non-crystalline Al2O3-Ta2O5 alloys
Johnson RS, Lucovsky G, Hong JG
48 - 55 A molecular orbital model for the electronic structure of transition metal atoms in silcate and aluminate alloys
Lucovsky G, Whitten JL, Zhang Y
56 - 59 Penetration of electronic states from silicon substrate into silicon oxide
Takahasi K, Seman MB, Hirose K, Hattori T
60 - 65 Real time observation of oxygen chemisorption states on Si (001)-2 x 1 during supersonic oxygen molecular beam irradiation
Yoshigoe A, Teraoka Y
66 - 74 Characterization of high-k gate dielectric/silicon interfaces
Miyazaki S
75 - 79 Si 2p and O 1s photoemission from oxidized Si(001) surfaces depending on translational kinetic energy of incident O-2 molecules
Teraoka Y, Yoshigoe A
80 - 87 Observation of triangular terraces and triangular craters of CaF2 film on Si(111) substrate
Horio Y, Satoh S
88 - 95 Structural and electrical properties of crystalline (1-x)Ta2O5-xTiO(2) thin films fabricated by metalorganic decomposition
Salam KMA, Konishi H, Mizuno M, Fukuda H, Nomura S
96 - 102 In-phase step wandering on vicinal Si(111) surfaces
Natori A, Suga N
103 - 107 Semiconductor-metal-semiconductor transition: valence band photoemission study of Ag/Si(111) surfaces
Zhang HM, Sakamoto K, Uhrberg RIG
108 - 112 Changes of phase and intensity of optical SHG with Ag deposition on Si (111)-7 x 7 surfaces
Hirayama H, Komizo T, Kawata T, Takayanagi K
113 - 120 Strain due to nickel diffusion into hydrogen-terminated Si(111) surface
Emoto T, Akimoto K, Ichimiya A, Hirose K
121 - 128 Core-level photoemission of the Si(111)-root 21 x root 21-Ag surface using synchrotron radiation
Tong X, Ohuchi S, Tanikawa T, Harasawa A, Okuda T, Aoyagi Y, Kinoshita T, Hasegawa S
129 - 133 Theoretical investigation on the electronic states localized at grain boundaries in semiconductors
Uchida K, Tsuneyuki S
134 - 138 Surface structure evolution during Sb adsorption on Si(111)-In(4 x 1) reconstruction
Gruznev DV, Rao BV, Tambo T, Tatsuyama C
139 - 143 Influence of interface structures on Sn thin film growth on Si(111) surface
Ryu JT, Fujino T, Katayama M, Kim YB, Oura K
144 - 150 Single-electron devices formed by pattern-dependent oxidation: microscopic structural evaluation
Nagase A, Horiguchi S, Fujiwara A, Ono Y, Yamazaki K, Namatsu H, Takahashi Y
151 - 156 Structural, chemical and optical features of nanocrystalline Si films prepared by PECVD techniques
Park MB, Cho NH
157 - 160 STM and LEED observations of erbium silicide nanostructures grown on Si(100) surface: atomic-scale understandings
Cai Q, Yang JS, Fu Y, Wang YY, Wang XD
161 - 165 Nanoparticle-induced multi-functionalization of silicon: A plug and play approach
Prabhakaran K, Shafi KVPM, Yamauchi Y, Tsubaki K, Ulman A, Homma Y, Ogino T
166 - 170 The influence of graded interfaces in the electronic spectrum of nanometer silicon dots
de Sousa JS, Caetano EWS, Goncalves JR, Farias GA, Freire VN, da Silva EF
171 - 175 Nanostructural and photoluminescence features of nanoporous silicon prepared by anodic etching
Lee JS, Cho NH
176 - 183 III-V quantum devices and circuits based on nanoscale Schottky gate control of hexagonal quantum wire networks
Kasai S, Hasegawa H
184 - 190 Formation of nanoscale heterointerfaces by selective area metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxy and their applications
Motohisa J, Nakajima F, Fukui T
191 - 194 Interface-related effects on confined excitons in GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs single quantum wells
Ferreira EC, da Costa JAP, Freire JAK, Farias GA, Freire VN
195 - 199 Acoustic phonons localized at an interface between superlattice and liquid
Mizuno S
200 - 204 Anomalous delay of phonons reflected from the surface of a superlattice
Mizuno S, Tamura S
205 - 211 Photoluminescence of charged magneto-excitons in InAs single quantum dots
Natori A, Ohnuma S, Quang NH
212 - 217 Size-shrinkage effect of InAs quantum dots during a GaAs capping growth
Yamaguchi K, Saito Y, Ohtsubo R
218 - 221 Annealing effect on InAs islands on GaAs(001) substrates studied by scanning tunneling microscopy
Suekane O, Hasegawa S, Tanaka M, Okui T, Nakasima H
222 - 225 Current instabilities in GaAs/InAs self-aggregated quantum dot structures
Horvath ZJ, Frigeri P, Franchi S, Van Tuyen V, Gombia E, Mosca R, Dozsa L
226 - 230 Molecular beam epitaxy growth and characterization of self-assembled InAs quantum dots on (100) InAlAs/InP substrates
Koo BH, Park YG, Makino H, Chang JH, Hanada T, Shindo D, Yao T
231 - 235 Formation of high-density hexagonal networks of InGaAs ridge quantum wires by atomic hydrogen-assisted selective molecular beam epitaxy
Ito A, Muranaka T, Jiang C, Hasegawa H
236 - 241 Formation of AlxGa1-xAs periodic array of micro-hexagonal pillars and air holes by selective area MOVPE
Takeda J, Akabori M, Motohisa J, Fukui T
242 - 246 Gate control characteristics in GaAs nanometer-scale Schottky wrap gate structures
Yumoto M, Kasai S, Hasegawa H
247 - 251 Exciton energy broadening due to interface fluctuations in ZnSe/ZnSxSe1-x strained quantum wells
Maia FF, Freire JAK, Farias GA, Freire VN, da Silva EF
252 - 257 Thin layers of GaInP, GaP and GaAsP in metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy-grown resonant tunnelling diodes
Wernersson LE, Gustafson B, Gustafsson A, Borgstrom M, Pietzonka I, Sass T, Seifert W, Samuelson L
258 - 263 Determination of the outward relaxation of cleaved strained InAs structures by scanning tunneling microscopy
Bruls DM, Koenraad PM, Hopkinson M, Wolter JH, Salemink HWM
264 - 268 GaAs(001) surface reconstructions: geometries, chemical bonding and optical properties
Schmidt WG, Bechstedt F, Bernholc J
269 - 274 Scanned-probe topological and spectroscopic study of surface states on clean and Si-deposited GaAs (001)-c(4 x 4) surfaces
Negoro N, Kasai S, Hasegawa H
275 - 278 Diffusion process of electrons injected from STM tip into AlGaAs/GaAs quantum wells
Tsuruoka T, Ohizumi Y, Tanimoto R, Arafune R, Ushioda S
279 - 283 Decomposition mechanism of triethylindium (TEI) on a GaP(001)-(2 x 1) surface studied by LEED, AES, TPD and HREELS
Fukuda Y, Kobayashi T, Yoshida H, Sekizawa T, Sanada N
284 - 287 An investigation of multi-quantum barriers for band offset engineering in AlGaInP/GaInP lasers
Teng KS, Brown M, Kestle A, Smowton P, Blood P, Pinches S, Mawby PA, Wilks SP
288 - 293 A study of estimation method for conduction band offset in semiconductor heterostructure by using triple-barrier resonant tunneling diodes
Ohki S, Funato H, Suhara M, Okumura T, Wernersson LE, Seifert W
294 - 297 Valuing of the critical layer thickness from the deading time constant of RHEED oscillation in the case of InxGa1-xAs/GaAs heterojunction
Nemcsics A
298 - 301 Gated photoluminescence study of oxide-free InP MIS structure having an ultrathin silicon interface control layer
Fu ZW, Kasai S, Hasegawa H
302 - 306 Acceptor- and donor-like interfacial states at ZnSe/GaAs heterovalent interfaces
Lu F, Zhu ZQ, Kimura K, Yao T
307 - 310 Reflectance difference spectroscopy during CdTe/ZnTe interface formation
Balderas-Navarro RE, Hingerl K, Stifter D, Bonanni A, Sitter H
311 - 317 Surface and interface electronic properties of group III-nitride heterostructures
Rizzi A
318 - 321 ICTS measurements for p-GaN Schottky contacts
Shiojima K, Sugitani S, Sakai S
322 - 325 Mechanism of current leakage through metal/n-GaN interfaces
Oyama S, Hashizume T, Hasegawa H
326 - 329 Characterization of metal/GaN Schottky interfaces based on I-V-T characteristics
Sawada T, Ito Y, Kimura N, Imai K, Suzuki K, Sakai S
330 - 338 Localized exciton dynamics in InGaN quantum well structures
Chichibu SF, Azuhata T, Okumura H, Tackeuchi A, Sota T, Mukai T
339 - 342 Low-temperature activation of mg-doped GaN with thin Co and Pt films
Waki I, Fujioka H, Oshima M, Miki H, Okuyama M
343 - 347 Photoluminescence and capacitance-voltage characterization of GaAs surface passivated by an ultrathin GaN interface control layer
Anantathanasarn S, Hasegawa H
348 - 351 Electrical characteristics of Mg-doped GaN activated with Ni catalysts
Kamii Y, Waki I, Fujioka H, Oshima M, Miki H, Okuyama M
352 - 355 Characterization of hetero-interfaces between group III nitrides formed by PLD and various substrates
Ohta J, Fujioka H, Takahashi H, Oshima M
356 - 360 Photoemission study of samarium on GaN (0001) and CdTe(100)
Guziewicz E, Orlowski BA, Kowalski BJ, Grzegory I, Porowski S
361 - 365 Effects of nitrogen addition on methane-based ECR plasma etching of gallium nitride
Jin Z, Hashizume T, Hasegawa H
366 - 370 Soft X-ray emission study of thermally treated Ni(film)/4H-SiC(substrate) interface
Ohi A, Labis J, Morikawa Y, Fujiki T, Hirai M, Kusaka A, Iwami M
371 - 375 Surface-enhanced Raman scattering study of silver deposition on thin Alq(3) layers
Salvan G, Sakurai Y, Kobitski AY, Scholz R, Astilean S, Kampen TU, Zahn DRT, Ishii H, Seki K
376 - 381 Interaction of metals with an organic semiconductor: Ag and In on PTCDA
Park S, Kampen TU, Kachel T, Bressler P, Braun W, Zahn DRT
382 - 385 Vibration spectroscopic study of the interaction of tris-(8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum (Alq(3)) with potassium
Sakurai Y, Salvan G, Hosoi Y, Ishii H, Ouchi Y, Seki K, Kampen TU, Zahn DRT
386 - 389 Raman spectroscopy of the PTCDA-inorganic semiconductor interface: evidence for charge transfer
Kobitski AY, Salvan G, Scholz R, Tenne D, Kampen TU, Wagner HP, Zahn DRT
390 - 394 Fabrication of high quality silicon-polyaniline heterojunctions
Laranjeira JMG, Khoury HJ, de Azevedo WM, da Silva EF, de Vasconcelos EA
395 - 402 Spin injection into semiconductors using dilute magnetic semiconductors
Gould C, Schmidt G, Richter G, Fiederling R, Grabs P, Molenkamp LW
403 - 407 Electrical peculiarities in Al/Si/Ge/... /Ge/Si and Al/SiGe/Si structures
Horvath ZJ, Jarrendahl K, Adam M, Szabo I, Van Tuyen V, Czigany Z
408 - 415 X-ray diffraction characterization of MBE grown Pr1-xSrxMnO3 thin films on NGO(110)
Liu G, Wang H, Makino H, Ko HJ, Hanada T, Yao T
416 - 421 Phase transition and dielectric characteristics of nano-grained BaTiO3 ceramics synthesized from surface-coated nano-powders
Park MB, Kim CD, Lee SK, Cho NH
422 - 427 Evolution of stress and strain relaxation of Ge and SiGe alloy films on Si(001)
Koch R, Wedler G, Wassermann B
428 - 436 Surface/interface issues in THz electronics
Hartnagel HL, Ichizli V, Rodriguez-Girones M
437 - 440 Solid-phase epitaxy of CaSi2 on Si(111) and the Schottky-barrier height of CaSi2/Si(111)
Wurz R, Schmidt M, Schopke A, Fuhs W
441 - 444 Modification of Al/Si interface and Schottky barrier height with chemical treatment
Horvath ZJ, Adam M, Szabo I, Serenyi M, Van Tuyen V
445 - 449 Identity of defect causing nonideality in nearly ideal Au/n-Si Schottky barriers
Maeda K
450 - 454 High performance of thin nano-crystalline ZrN diffusion barriers in Cu/Si contact systems
Takeyama MB, Itoi T, Aoyagi E, Noya A
455 - 460 Morphology and interfacial properties of microrelief metal-semiconductor interface
Dmitruk NL, Borkovskaya OY, Dmitruk IN, Mamykin SV, Horvath ZJ, Mamontova IB
461 - 466 Barrier height engineering of Ag/GaAs(100) Schottky contacts by a thin organic interlayer
Kampen TU, Park S, Zahn DRT
467 - 474 The passivation of atomic scale defects present on III-V semiconductor laser facets: an STM/STS investigation
Wilks SP, Teng KS, Dunstan PR, Williams RH
475 - 479 Metallization and Schottky-barrier formation for Se-passivated GaAs(100) interfaces
Biel B, Benito I, Gonzalez C, Blanco JM, Ortega J, Perez R, Flores F
480 - 484 Molecular-beam epitaxy on shallow mesa gratings patterned on GaAs(311)A and (100) substrates
Gong Q, Notzel R, Schonherr HP, Ploog KH
485 - 490 Highly stable passivation of a Si(111) surface using bilayer-GaSe
Ueno K, Shirota H, Kawamura T, Shimada T, Saiki K, Koma A
491 - 497 Control of polarity of heteroepitaxial ZnO films by interface engineering
Hong SK, Hanada T, Chen YF, Ko HJ, Yao T, Imai D, Araki K, Shinohara M
498 - 507 Low-energy electron-excited nanoluminescence studies of GaN and related materials
Brillson LJ, Bradley ST, Goss SH, Sun X, Murphy MJ, Schaff WJ, Eastman LF, Look DC, Molnar RJ, Ponce FA, Ikeo N, Sakai Y
508 - 512 Depth-resolved cathodoluminescence characterization of buried InGaP/GaAs heterointerfaces
Ishikawa F, Hasegawa H
513 - 516 Carrier dynamics around nano-scale Schottky contacts: a femtosecond near-field study
Achermann M, Siegner U, Wernersson LE, Keller U
517 - 520 Monte Carlo simulation for temperature dependence of Ga diffusion length on GaAs(001)
Kangawa Y, Ito T, Taguchi A, Shiraishi K, Irisawa T, Ohachi T
521 - 526 Surface and interface of Ti(film)/SiC (substrate) system: a soft X-ray emission and photoemission electron microscopy study
Labis J, Ohi A, Kamezawa C, Yoshida K, Hirai M, Kusaka M, Iwami M