Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.186, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Laser processing and chemistry: recent developments
Bauerle D
7 - 13 Surface treatment of screw shaped titanium dental implants by high intensity laser pulses
Peto G, Karacs A, Paszti Z, Guczi L, Divinyi T, Joob A
14 - 23 Novel applications for laser ablation of photopolymers
Lippert T, David C, Hauer M, Masubuchi T, Masuhara H, Nomura K, Nuyken O, Phipps C, Robert J, Tada T, Tomita K, Wokaun A
24 - 28 Microfabrication of crosslinked polytetrafluoroethylene using synchrotron radiation direct photo-etching
Katoh T, Yamaguchi D, Satoh Y, Ikeda S, Aoki Y, Washio M, Tabata Y
29 - 33 Micro structuring of polymers using a light-controlled molecular migration processes
Hubert C, Malcor E, Maurin I, Nunzi JM, Raimond P, Fiorini C
34 - 39 UV-laser-assisted synthesis of iodine-doped electrical conductive polythiophene
Wochnowski C, Metev S
40 - 44 Structural and electrical properties of tantalum oxide films grown by photo-assisted pulsed laser deposition
Zhang JY, Boyd IW
45 - 51 Ultra-shallow, super-doped and box-like junctions realized by laser-induced doping
Kerrien G, Boulmer J, Debarre D, Bouchier D, Grouillet A, Lenoble D
52 - 56 A novel laser trimming technique for microelectronics
Meunier M, Gagnon Y, Savaria Y, Lacourse A, Cadotte M
57 - 63 UV annealing of ultrathin tantalum oxide films
Yu JJ, Zhang JY, Boyd IW
64 - 68 Rapid photo-oxidation of silicon at room temperature using 126 nm vacuum ultraviolet radiation
Zhang JY, Boyd IW
69 - 74 Laser-induced removal of plate-like particles from solid surfaces
Song WD, Hong MH, Koh HL, Wang WJ, Zheng Y, Lu YF, Chong TC
75 - 79 Surface modification of OPC-based cement using a frequency doubled Nd : YAG laser system
Schmidt MJJ, Li L
80 - 84 Comparative tensile strength study of the adhesion improvement of PTFE by UV photon assisted surface processing
Hopp B, Geretovszky Z, Bertoti I, Boyd IW
85 - 90 Photodegradation of polycarbonate under narrow band irradiation at 172 nm
Geretovszky Z, Hopp B, Bertoti I, Boyd IW
91 - 94 Design of photoinduced relief optical devices with hybrid sol-gel materials
Soppera O, Croutxe-Barghorn C, Carre C, Blanc D
95 - 99 Viscosity of transient melt layer on polymer surface under conditions of KrF laser ablation
Weisbuch F, Tokarev VN, Lazare S, Debarre D
100 - 104 Laser nitriding of iron and aluminum
Carpene E, Schaaf P
105 - 110 Excimer laser induced plasma for aluminum alloys surface carburizing
Fariaut F, Boulmer-Leborgne C, Le Mann E, Sauvage T, Andreazza-Vignolle C, Andreazza P, Langlade C
111 - 116 Laser reactivity of NH3 on silicon: a laser multiphoton-ionisation mass spectrometry study
Gonthiez T, Le Menn E, Gibert T, Brault P
117 - 123 Laser treatment for corrosion prevention of electrical contact gold coating
Georges C, Sanchez H, Semmar N, Boulmer-Leborgne C, Perrin C, Simon D
124 - 129 Transformation of (Mg,Fe)(2)SiO4 olivine under excimer laser irradiation
Dupas-Bruzek C, Laude LD, Dicara C
130 - 134 Surface nitridation of titanium by pulsed Nd : YAG laser irradiation
Gyorgy E, del Pino AP, Serra P, Morenza JL
135 - 139 Crack-free surface sealing of plasma sprayed ceramic coatings using an excimer laser
Liu Z
140 - 144 Surface treatment of alumina-based ceramics using combined laser sources
Triantafyllidis D, Li L, Stott FH
145 - 149 Characterization of titanium oxide films with Magneli structure elaborated by a sol-gel route
Langlade C, Vannes B, Sarnet T, Autric M
150 - 155 The early stage of the laser-induced oxidation of titanium substrates
Lavisse L, Grevey D, Langlade C, Vannes B
156 - 161 Formation of beta-FeSi2 by excimer laser irradiation of Fe-57/Si bilayers
Wagner S, Carpene E, Schaaf P, Weisheit M
162 - 165 Determination of the absorption length of CO2, Nd : YAG and high power diode laser radiation a selected grouting material
Lawrence J, Minami K, Li L, Edwards RE, Gale AW
166 - 172 Laser crystallisation of poly-SiGe for microbolometers
Chiussi S, Serra C, Serra J, Gonzalez P, Leon B, Urban S, Andra G, Bergmann J, Falk F, Fabbri F, Fornarini L, Martelli S, Rinaldi F
173 - 178 Low temperature growth of metal oxide thin films by metallorganic laser photolysis
Tsuchiya T, Watanabe A, Niino H, Yabe A, Yamaguchi I, Manabe T, Kumagai T, Mizuta S
179 - 183 Laser-assisted growth of molybdenum rods
Bjorklund KL, Heszler P, Boman M
184 - 189 Laser-induced local CVD and simultaneous etching of tungsten
Toth Z, Piglmayer K
190 - 194 Formation of stable zirconium oxide on silicon by photo-assisted sol-gel processing
Yu JJ, Zhang JY, Boyd IW
195 - 199 Reactive surface processing by irradiation with excimer laser, Nd : YAG laser, free electron laser and Ti : sapphire laser in nitrogen atmosphere
Carpene E, Schaaf P, Han M, Lieb KP, Shinn M
200 - 205 Diffractive gray scale masks for excimer laser ablation
Braun A, Zimmer K
206 - 210 High current photoelectric effects with VUVF2 laser irradiated metals
Dyer PE, Monk P, Snelling HV, Walton CD
211 - 215 Morphological changes induced on aluminum surfaces by excimer laser irradiation
Bonelli M, Miotello A, Mosaner P
216 - 220 Pulsed laser deposition of praseodymium-doped chalcogenide thin films
De Sario M, Leggieri G, Luches A, Martino M, Prudenzano F, Rizzo A
221 - 226 Experimental investigation of laser induced forward transfer process of metal thin films
Sano T, Yamada H, Nakayama T, Miyamoto I
227 - 231 Laser-assisted deposition of Pd-doped diamond-like films from liquid hydrocarbons and their use for glass metallization
Simakin AV, Loubnin EN, Shafeev GA, Doppelt P
232 - 236 Nickel deposition on porous silicon utilizing lasers
Kordas K, Leppavuori S, Bekesi J, Nanai L, Remes J, Vajtai R, Szatmari S
237 - 240 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy investigations of ultrathin layers grown by ultraviolet-assisted oxidation of SiGe
Craciun V, Lambers ES, Singh RK, Boyd IW
241 - 245 Characterisation of TiO2 deposited by photo-induced chemical vapour deposition
Kaliwoh N, Zhang JY, Boyd IW
246 - 250 (Ta2O5)(1-x)(TiO2)(x) deposited by photo-induced CVD using 222 nm excimer lamps
Kaliwoh N, Zhang JY, Boyd IW
251 - 255 Correlation between photoluminescence in the gas phase and growth kinetics during laser induced chemical vapor deposition of silicon nitride thin films
Tamir S, Berger S, Shakour N, Speiser S
256 - 263 Comparison of CO2Nd : YAG and high power diode lasers for the ablation of tile grout
Minami K, Lawrence J, Li L, Edwards RE, Gale AW
264 - 270 Effect of processing gas in high power diode laser ablation of tile grout
Minami K, Lawrence J, Li L, Edwards RE, Gale AW
271 - 275 Laser ablation of a B4C-polysiloxane composite
Schmidt MJJ, Low DKY, Li L
276 - 281 Backside etching of UV-transparent materials at the interface to liquids
Bohme R, Braun A, Zimmer K
282 - 287 Laser ablation mass spectrometry: a tool to investigate matter transfer processes during pulsed-laser deposition experiments
Aubriet F, Chaoui N, Chety R, Maunit B, Millon E, Muller JF
288 - 292 Laser-induced explosive boiling during nanosecond laser ablation of silicon
Craciun V, Bassim N, Singh RK, Craciun D, Hermann J, Boulmer-Leborgne C
293 - 297 Evolution of the plasma parameters in the expanding laser ablation plume of silver
Toftmann B, Schou J, Hansen TN, Lunney JG
298 - 302 Spatial separation of fast and slow components of pulsed laser plumes
Hopp B, Kresz N, Vass C, Toth Z, Smausz T, Ignacz F
303 - 308 Analysis of charged fragments emitted during excimer laser ablation of YNi2B2C borocarbide targets by time-of-flight mass spectrometry
Wang X, Amoruso S, Tortora A, Armenante M, Bruzzese R, Velotta R, Spinelli N
309 - 314 Laser ablation of Al2O3-TiC: a spectroscopic investigation
Oliveira V, Orlianges JC, Catherinot A, Conde O, Vilar R
315 - 321 Laser ablation and static secondary ion mass spectrometry capabilities in the characterization of inorganic materials
Aubriet F, Poleunis C, Chaoui N, Maunit B, Millon E, Muller JF, Bertrand P
322 - 328 Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometric study of laser sputtering from the surface of an Al-Cu-Fe alloy and quasicrystal
Mele A, Liu HC, Russo RE, Mao XL, Giardini A, Satta M
329 - 334 Study of kinetics of atomic carbon during laser ablation of graphite in nitrogen by time- and space-resolved emission spectroscopy
Acquaviva S, De Giorgi ML
335 - 338 Pulsed laser ablation of MoSi2: gas phase analysis
Teghil R, D'Alessio L, Santagata A, Zaccagnino M, Ferro D
339 - 344 Femtosecond time-resolved photo-stimulated desorption from ionic crystals
Joly AG, Hess WP, Beck KM, Dickinson JT
345 - 351 High aspect-ratio micromachining of polymers with an ultrafast laser
Zhang Y, Lowe RM, Harvey E, Hannaford P, Endo A
352 - 357 Modification of dielectric surfaces with ultra-short laser pulses
Costache F, Henyk M, Reif J
358 - 363 Double-peak distribution of electron and ion emission profile during femtosecond laser ablation of metals
Amoruso S, Wang X, Altucci C, de Lisio C, Armenante M, Bruzzese R, Spinelli N, Velotta R
364 - 368 Femtosecond laser ablation of transparent dielectrics: measurement and modelisation of crater profiles
Guizard S, Semerok A, Gaudin J, Hashida A, Martin P, Quere F
369 - 373 Laser ablation of Ni by ultrashort pulses: molecular dynamics simulation
Atanasov PA, Nedialkov NN, Imamova SE, Ruf A, Hugel H, Dausinger F, Berger P
374 - 380 Femtosecond pulse laser ablation of anodic oxide coatings on aluminium alloys with on-line acoustic observation
Kruger J, Meja P, Autric M, Kautek W
381 - 384 Femtosecond laser ablation from sodium chloride and barium fluoride
Henyk M, Costache F, Reif J
385 - 390 In situ monitoring of optical characteristics of pulsed picosecond laser-irradiated diamond-like carbon thin films using an optical parametric generator and amplifier
Vouagner D, Carrion L, Gaillard F, Girardeau-Montaut JP
391 - 396 Evidence of intergrowth in SrBi2Nb2O9 (SBN) thin films grown by PLD on (100)SrTiO3 in relation with the composition
Duclere JR, Guilloux-Viry M, Perrin A, Laval JY, Dubon A
397 - 402 Pulsed laser deposition of epitaxial buffer layers on LiNbO3
Sanchez F, Domingo N, Garcia-Cuenca MV, Guerrero C, Ferrater C, Varela M
403 - 407 Growth of Er : Y2O3 thin films by pulsed laser ablation from metallic targets
Lecoeur P, Korzenski MB, Ambrosini A, Mercey B, Camy P, Doualan JL
408 - 415 Processing of functional polymers and organic thin films by the matrix-assisted pulsed laser evaporation (MAPLE) technique
Pique A, Wu P, Ringeisen BR, Bubb DM, Melinger JS, McGill RA, Chrisey DB
416 - 422 Influence of the growth conditions of AlN and GaN films by reactive laser ablation
Basillais A, Boulmer-Leborgne C, Mathias J, Perriere J
423 - 428 Amorphous carbon deposited by pulsed laser ablation as material for cold cathode flat emitters
Angelucci R, Rizzoli R, Salvatori S, Nicoletti S, Migliori A, Brugnoli E
429 - 434 Laser-induced reactive epitaxy of binary and ternary group III nitride heterostructures
Rupp T, Henn G, Schroder H
435 - 440 Pulsed laser deposition of small molecules for organic electroluminescence
Farrar SR, Contoret AEA, O'Neill M, Nicholls JE, Eastwood AJ, Richards GJ, Vlachos P, Kelly SM
441 - 447 RF-plasma assisted pulsed laser deposition of carbon films from graphite target
Cappelli E, Orlando S, Mattei G, Pinzari F, Zoffoli S
448 - 452 Transport of ablated material through a water vapor atmosphere in pulsed laser deposition of hydroxylapatite
Arias JL, Mayor MB, Pou J, Leon B, Perez-Amor M
453 - 457 Exploring the deposition of oxides on silicon for photovoltaic cells by pulsed laser deposition
Doeswijk LM, de Moor HHC, Rogalla H, Blank DHA
458 - 462 Transport properties of pulsed laser deposited La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 thin films
Terzzoli MC, Rubi D, Duhalde S, Villafuerte M, Sirena M, Steren L
463 - 468 Simultaneous laser-magnetic field treatment of SrFe12O19 thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Koleva ME, Tomov RI, Atanasov PA, Ghelev CG, Vankov OI, Mihailov NI, Lancok J, Jelinek M
469 - 473 Composition and optical properties of thin films prepared by laser ablation of Nd : KGW
Atanasov PA, de Castro MJ, Perea A, Perriere J, Gonzalo J, Afonso CN
474 - 476 Effect of the variation of film thickness on the structural and optical properties of ZnO thin films deposited on sapphire substrate using PLD
Shim ES, Kang HS, Kang JS, Kim JH, Lee SY
477 - 482 Pulsed laser deposition of Y2O3 thin films on MgO
Gaboriaud RJ, Pailloux F, Perriere J
483 - 489 Mechanical properties improvement of pulsed laser-deposited hydroxyapatite thin films by high energy ion-beam implantation
Nelea V, Pelletier H, Muller D, Broll N, Mille P, Ristoscu C, Mihailescu IN
490 - 495 Pulsed Laser-Deposited nickel oxide thin films as electrochromic anodic materials
Bouessay I, Rougier A, Beaudoin B, Leriche JB
496 - 501 Excimer laser reactive deposition of vanadium nitride thin films
D'Anna E, Di Cristoforo A, Fernandez M, Leggieri G, Luches A, Majni G, Mengucci P, Nanai L
502 - 506 Morphology and composition of ArF excimer laser deposited carbon nitride films as determined by analytical TEM
Geszti O, Radnoczi G, Bertoti I, Szorenyi T, Antoni F, Fogarassy E
507 - 512 Optical and thermal characterization of AlN thin films deposited by pulsed laser deposition
Jacquot A, Lenoir B, Dauscher A, Verardi P, Craciun F, Stolzer M, Gartner M, Dinescu M
513 - 520 Temperature dependent growth of pulsed laser deposited Bi films on BaF2(111)
Dauscher A, Jacquot A, Lenoir B
521 - 526 Structural and optical properties of pulsed laser-deposited ZnSe films
Perna G, Capozzi V, Plantamura MC, Minafra A, Biagi PF, Orlando S, Marotta V, Giardini A
527 - 532 Structural disorder in CdSxSe1-x films probed by microdiffraction experiments
Pagliara S, Sangaletti L, Depero LE, Capozzi V, Perna G
533 - 537 Plasma-assisted pulsed laser deposition for the improvement of the film growth process
De Giacomo A, Shakhatov VA, Senesi GS, De Pascale O, Prudenzano F
538 - 545 Emission spectroscopy and size distribution of gas phase nanoparticles generated by laser-based methods
Heszler P
546 - 551 Nanoparticles produced by laser ablation of solids in liquid environment
Dolgaev SI, Simakin AV, Voronov VV, Shafeev GA, Bozon-Verduraz F
552 - 555 Microetching of fused silica by laser ablation of organic solution with XeCl excimer laser
Yasui Y, Niino H, Kawaguchi Y, Yabe A
556 - 561 Laser microfabrication of transparent hard materials and signal diagnostics
Hong MH, Sugioka K, Lu YF, Midorikawa K, Chong TC
562 - 567 Synthesis of Fe-Si nanoparticles by cw CO2 laser assisted pyrolysis from gaseous precursors
Martelli S, Bomati-Miguel O, de Dominicis L, Giorgi R, Rinaldi F, Veintemillas-Verdaguer S
568 - 572 UV curing of optical fibre coatings using excimer lamps
Zhang JY, Windall G, Boyd IW
573 - 577 Emission spectroscopy of carbon-covered iron nanoparticles in different gas atmospheres
Elihn K, Landstrom L, Heszler P
578 - 582 Fabrication of photoluminescent Si-based layers by air optical breakdown near the silicon surface
Kabashin AV, Meunier M
583 - 587 Pulsed 157 nm VUV induced refractive index modification of optical fibres and planar fused silica
Dyer PE, Johnson AM, Snelling HV, Walton CD
588 - 593 Photo-lithography for 2D optical microstructures in porous silicon: application to nucleation of macropores
Setzu S, Ferrand P, Lerondel G, Romestain R
594 - 598 Controllable periodic structures on silicon wafer by CO2 laser irradiation
Wang WJ, Lu YF, An CW, Hong MH, Chong TC
599 - 603 Fabrication of photonic structures by means of interference lithography and reactive ion etching
Mikulskas I, Mickevicius J, Vaitkus J, Tomasiunas R, Grigaliunas V, Kopustinskas V, Meskinis S
604 - 610 A comparative study of ultrasound emission characteristics in laser processing
Li L
611 - 616 Modelling of temperature evolution on metals during laser hardening process
Yanez A, Alvarez JC, Lopez AJ, Nicolas G, Perez JA, Ramil A, Saavedra E