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3 - 7 Amorphous silicon-carbon alloys: a promising but complex and very diversified series of materials
Solomon I
8 - 19 Silicon carbide alloys produced by hot wire, hot wire plasma-assisted and plasma-enhanced CVD techniques
Ferreira I, Costa MEV, Pereira L, Fortunato E, Martins R, Ramos AR, Silva MF
20 - 26 Silicon carbide: from amorphous to crystalline material
Foti G
27 - 36 Growth of silicon carbide: process-related defects
Yakimova R, Syvajarvi M, Iakimov T, Jacobsson H, Kakanakova-Georgieva A, Raback P, Janzen E
37 - 42 MBE growth and properties of SiC multi-quantum well structures
Fissel A, Kaiser U, Schroter B, Richter W, Bechstedt F
43 - 49 Heteroepitaxy of 3C-SiC by electron cyclotron resonance-CVD technique
Mandracci P, Chiodoni A, Cicero G, Ferrero S, Giorgis F, Pirri CF, Barucca G, Musumeci P, Reitano R
50 - 54 SiC(100) ordered film growth by C-60 decomposition on Si(100) surfaces
Moras P, Mahne N, Ferrari L, Pesci A, Capozi M, Aversa L, Jha SN, Verucchi R, Iannotta S, Pedio M
55 - 59 Surface preparation of 4H-SiC substrates for hot-wall CVD of SiC layers
Wagner G, Doerschel J, Gerlitzke A
60 - 65 Mass spectroscopy analysis during the deposition of a-SiC : H and a-C : H films produced by hot wire and hot wire plasma-assisted techniques
Ferreira I, Silva V, Aguas H, Fortunato E, Martins R
66 - 71 Growth chemistry of SiC alloys from SiF4-CH4 plasmas
Cicala G, Capezzuto P, Bruno G, Rossi MC
72 - 78 Growth of SiC epitaxial layers on porous surfaces of varying porosity
Saddow SE, Mynbaeva M, Smith MCD, Smirnov AN, Dimitriev V
79 - 83 Electrical characterization of SiC/Si heterostructures with Ge-modified interfaces
Pezoldt J, Forster C, Weih P, Masri P
84 - 89 On the preparation of semi-insulating SiC bulk crystals by the PVT technique
Bickermann M, Hofmann D, Straubinger TL, Weingartner R, Wellmann PJ, Winnacker A
90 - 95 Temperature dependence of acetylene adsorption and reaction on Si(111)-(7 x 7)
De Renzi V, Biagi R, del Pennino U
96 - 100 Formation of intermediate SiCN interlayer during deposition of CNx on a-Si : H or a-SiC : H thin films
Mitu B, Dinescu G, Budianu E, Ferrari A, Balucani M, Lamedica G, Dauscher A, Dinescu M
101 - 106 Correlation between the carbon and hydrogen contents with the gas species and the plasma impedance of silicon carbide films produced by PECVD technique
Martins R, Silva V, Aguas H, Cabrita A, Ferreira I, Fortunato E
107 - 112 Correlations between properties and applications of the CVD amorphous silicon carbide films
Kleps I, Angelescu A
113 - 117 C adsorption and diffusion at the Si(001) surface: implications for SiC growth
Cicero G, Catellani A
118 - 122 Laser CVD of cubic SiC nanocrystals
Kamlag Y, Goossens A, Colbeck I, Schoonman J
123 - 127 Crystallisation mechanism of amorphous silicon carbide
Calcagno L, Musumeci P, Roccaforte F, Bongiorno C, Foti G
128 - 134 Peculiarities of preparing a-SiC : H films from methyltrichlorosilane
Rusakov GV, Ivashchenko LA, Ivashchenko VI, Porada OK
137 - 143 Effects of short-range disorder upon electronic properties of a-SiC alloys
Ivashchenko VI, Shevchenko VI
144 - 149 Transport mechanism in high resistive silicon carbide heterostructures
Louro P, Vieira M, Vygranenko Y, Fernandes M, Schwarz R, Schubert M
150 - 155 Spectroscopic ellipsometry analysis of nanocrystalline silicon carbide obtained at low temperature
Kerdiles S, Madelon R, Rizk R
156 - 160 Ion beam processing for Si/C-rich thermally grown SiO2 layers: photoluminescence and microstructure
Rebohle L, Gebel T, Frob H, Reuther H, Skorupa W
161 - 166 Composition analysis of SiO2/SiC interfaces by electron spectroscopic measurements using slope-shaped oxide films
Hijikata Y, Yaguchi H, Yoshikawa M, Yoshida S
167 - 172 Characterization of single-crystal SiC polytypes using X-ray and Auger photoelectron spectroscopy
Wolan JT, Grayson BA, Akshoy G, Saddow SE
173 - 177 A Monte Carlo study of low field transport in Al-doped 4H-SiC
Martinez A, Lindefelt U, Hjelm M, Nilsson HE
178 - 182 Non-Rutherford backscattering studies of SiC/SIMOX structures
Chen KW, Yu YH, Lei YM, Cheng LL, Sundaraval B, Luo EZ, Wong SP, Wilson IH, Chen LZ, Ren CX, Zou SC
183 - 189 Dopant profile measurements in ion implanted 6H-SiC by scanning capacitance microscopy
Giannazzo F, Calcagno L, Roccaforte F, Musumeci P, La Via F, Raineri V
190 - 193 Particle and light-induced luminescence degradation in a-SiC : H
Reitano R, Baeri A, Musumeci P
194 - 198 Full band Monte Carlo study of bulk and surface transport properties in 4H and 6H-SiC
Hjelm M, Bertilsson K, Nilsson HE
199 - 203 Numerical study of Bloch electron dynamics in wide band-gap semiconductors
Nilsson HE, Martinez A, Sannemo U
204 - 208 Structural and optical properties of a-Si1-xCx : H grown by plasma enhanced CVD
Giorgis F, Ambrosone G, Coscia U, Ferrero S, Mandracci P, Pirri CF
209 - 213 Spreading resistance measurements on nanocrystalline SiC produced by ion beam induced crystallisation
Madhusoodanan KN, Heera V, Panknin D, Skorupa W
214 - 220 Plausible interpretation of optical absorption spectra of a-SiC : H thin films
Ivashchenko VI, Rusakov GV, Shevchenko VI, Klymenko AS, Ivashchenko LA, Popov VM
221 - 225 Characterization of crystalline-amorphous transition by heavy C doping of poly-Si (poly-Si : C)
Yamamoto Y, Fursenko O, Kopke K, Bauer J, Bugiel E, Kruger D, Zaumseil P, Tillack B
229 - 236 Vacancy-related defects in ion-beam and electron irradiated 6H-SiC
Bratus VY, Petrenko TT, von Bardeleben HJ, Kalinina EV, Hallen A
237 - 241 Electron irradiation induced defects in monocrystalline 4H-SiC and 6H-SiC: the influence of the electron energy and doping
von Bardeleben HJ, Canon JL
242 - 246 Behavior of background impurities in thick 4H-SiC epitaxial layers
Kakanakova-Georgieva A, Yakimova R, Syvajarvi M, Janzen E
247 - 251 Evolution of ion implantation-caused vacancy-type defects in 6H-SiC probed by slow positron implantation spectroscopy
Anwand W, Brauer G, Skorupa W
252 - 256 Role of the defects under porous silicon carbide formation
Savkina NS, Sorokin LM, Hutchison JL, Sloan J, Tregubova AS, Mosina GN, Shuman VB, Ratnikov VV
257 - 262 Hydrogen-boron complex formation and dissociation in 4H-silicon carbide
Janson MS, Hallen A, Linnarsson MK, Svensson BG
263 - 267 Nitrogen passivation by implantation-induced point defects in 4H-SiC epitaxial layers
Aberg D, Hallen A, Pellegrino P, Svensson BG
268 - 272 Comparative EPR study of hydrogenated and unhydrogenated amorphous silicon carbide thin films
Christidis T, Tabbal M, Isber S, El Khakani MA, Chaker M
273 - 277 Symmetry, spin state and hyperfine parameters of vacancies in cubic SiC
Petrenko TT, Petrenko TL, Bratus VY, Monge JL
278 - 283 PES and LEER study of hydrogen- and oxygen-terminated 6H-SiC(0001) and (0 0 0(1)over-bar) surfaces
Sieber N, Seyller T, Graupner R, Ley L, Mikalo R, Hoffmann P, Batchelor DR, Schmeisser D
287 - 294 Contact formation in SiC devices
Pecz B
295 - 298 Improvement of high temperature stability of nickel contacts on n-type 6H-SiC
Roccaforte F, La Via F, Raineri V, Calcagno L, Musumeci P
299 - 306 Formation of metal disilicide layers contacting ion beam-synthesized, buried 3C-SiC layers in silicon
Lindner JKN, Wenzel S, Stritzker B
307 - 316 p-type doping of SiC by high dose Al implantation - Problems and progress
Heera V, Panknin D, Skorupa W
317 - 322 A modified oxidation procedure for ion-implanted silicon carbide devices annealed at low temperatures
Capano MA
323 - 329 Influence of ion implantation on the quality of 4H-SiC CVD epitaxial layers
Kalinina E, Kholujanov G, Solov'ev V, Strel'chuk A, Kossov V, Yafaev R, Kovarskii, Shchukarev A, Obyden S, Saparin G, Ivannikov P, Hallen A, Konstantinov A
330 - 335 Investigation of Al-implanted 6H-and 4H-SiC layers after fast heating rate annealings
Ottaviani L, Lazar M, Locatelli ML, Monteil Y, Heera V, Voelskow M, Skorupa W
336 - 339 Writing cobalt FIB implantation into 6H : SiC
Bischoff L, Teichert J
340 - 345 Oxide growth on SiC(0001) surfaces
Schmeisser D, Batchelor DR, Mikalo RP, Hoffmann P, Lloyd-Spetz A
346 - 349 Preparation and characterization of SiO2/6H-SiC metal-insulator-semiconductor structure using TEOS as source material
Kamimura K, Kobayashi D, Okada S, Mizuguchi T, Ryu E, Hayashibe R, Nagaune F, Onuma Y
350 - 355 Synthesis of SiC on Si(111) at moderate temperatures by supersonic C-60 beams
Aversa L, Verucchi R, Ciullo G, Ferrari L, Moras P, Pedio M, Pesci A, Iannotta S
356 - 361 Laser crystallization of amorphous SiC thin films on glass
Urban S, Falk F
362 - 366 Numerical and experimental analysis of pulsed excimer laser processing of silicon carbide
Dutto C, Fogarassy E, Mathiot D
367 - 371 Ion beam synthesis of n-type doped SiC layers
Serre C, Panknin D, Perez-Rodriguez A, Romano-Rodriguez A, Morante JR, Kogler R, Skorupa W, Esteve J, Acero MC
372 - 376 Focused ion beam sputtering investigations on SiC
Bischoff L, Teichert J, Heera V
377 - 382 The beneficial role of flash lamp annealing on the epitaxial growth of the 3C-SiC on Si
Panknin D, Stoemenos J, Eickhoff M, Heera V, Voelskow M, Skorupa W
383 - 386 (AlN)(x)(SiC)(1-x) buried layers implanted in 6H-SiC: a theoretical study of their optimized composition
Masri P, Laridjani MR, Pezoldt J, Yankov RA, Skorupa W, Averous M
387 - 390 Chemical sputtering of amorphous silicon carbide under hydrogen bombardment
Salonen E, Nordlund K, Keinonen J, Wu CH
393 - 398 Progress towards SiC products
Harris CI, Savage S, Konstantinov A, Bakowski M, Ericsson P
399 - 403 Interface state density and channel mobility for 4H-SiC MOSFETs with nitrogen passivation
Chung GY, Williams JR, Tin CC, McDonald K, Farmer D, Chanana RK, Pantelides ST, Holland OW, Feldman LC
404 - 407 Experimental characterization of a 4H-SiC high voltage current limiting device
Nallet F, Planson D, Godignon P, Locatelli ML, Lazar M, Chante JP
408 - 412 Readout improvement in large area a-SiC : H-based image sensors
Fernandes M, Vygranenko Y, Vieira M
413 - 418 Tungsten, nickel, and molybdenum Schottky diodes with different edge termination
Weiss R, Frey L, Ryssel H
419 - 424 Electrical characteristics of p-3C-SiC/n-6H-SiC heterojunctions grown by sublimation epitaxy on 6H-SiC substrates
Lebedev AA, Strel'chuk AM, Davydov DV, Savkina NS, Tregubova AS, Kuznetsov AN, Solov'ev VA, Poletaev NK
425 - 430 High quality SiC applications in radiation dosimetry
Bruzzi M, Nava F, Pini S, Russo S
431 - 436 Radiation hardness of SiC based ions detectors for influence of the relative protons
Ivanov AM, Strokan NB, Davydov DV, Savkina NS, Lebedev AA, Mironov YT, Riabov GA, Ivanov EM
437 - 442 Silicon carbide photodiodes: Schottky and PINIP structures
Cabrita A, Pereira L, Brida D, Lopes A, Marques A, Ferreira I, Fortunato E, Martins R
443 - 447 Thin film position sensitive detectors based on pin amorphous silicon carbide structures
Cabrita A, Figueiredo J, Pereira L, Aguas H, Silva V, Brida D, Ferreira I, Fortunato E, Martins R
448 - 454 Investigation of 4H-SiC Schottky diodes by ion beam induced charge (IBIC) technique
Manfredotti C, Fizzotti F, Lo Giudice A, Paolini C, Vittone E, Nava F
455 - 459 Triode structure of ion detector based on 6H-SiC epitaxial films
Strokan NB, Ivanov AM, Davydov DV, Savkina NS, Bogdanova EV, Kuznetsov AN, Lebedev AA
460 - 465 Electrophysical and photoelectrical properties of UV-range injection structures made of silicon carbide
Asriyan HV, Gasparyan FV, Aroutiounian VM, Soukiassian P
466 - 470 Sensitivity of p-n junction based on SiC doped with deep impurity acceptor levels
Buniatyan VV, Gasparyan FV, Aroutiounian VV, Soukiassian P
471 - 476 LSP image sensors based on SiC heterostructures
Vieira M, Fernandes M, Fantoni A, Louro P, Vygranenko Y, Schwarz R, Schubert M
477 - 482 Study of 6H-SiC high voltage bipolar diodes under reverse biases
Isoird K, Lazar M, Ottaviani L, Locatelli ML, Raynaud C, Planson D, Chante JP
483 - 486 Electrical characterization of Schottky diodes fabricated on SiC epitaxial layers grown on porous SiC substrates
Kuznetsov NI, Mynbaeva MG, Melnychuk G, Dmitriev VA, Saddow SE
XII - XIII Proceedings of the European Materials Research Society 2001-Symposium F - "Amorphous and crystalline silicon carbide: Material and applications" - Preface
Calcagno L, Hallen A, Martins R, Skorupa W