Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.179, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Synthesis and characterization of nanoscaled and nanostructured carbon containing materials produced by thermal plasma technology
Klotz HD, Mach R, Oleszak F, Maneck HE, Goering H, Brzezinka KW
8 - 12 Evaluation of AFM tips using nanometer-sized structures induced by ion sputtering
Frost F, Hirsch D, Schindler A
13 - 19 Structural characterisation of hardening of Ti-Al-V alloys after nitridation by plasma immersion ion implantation
Berberich F, Matz W, Kreissig U, Richter E, Schell N, Moller W
20 - 24 Improved sputter depth resolution in Auger thin film analysis using in situ low angle cross-sections
Scheithauer U
25 - 29 AES depth profiling multilayers of 3d transition metals
Baunack S, Menzel S, Bruckner W, Elefant D
30 - 37 Depth profiling of electrically non-conductive layered samples by RF-GDOES and HFM plasma SNMS
Hodoroaba VD, Unger WES, Jenett H, Hoffmann V, Hagenhoff B, Kayser S, Wetzig K
38 - 44 Kossel and pseudo Kossel CCD pattern in comparison with electron backscattering diffraction diagrams
Dabritz S, Langer E, Hauffe W
45 - 48 Lattice constant determination from Kossel patterns observed by CCD camera
Langer E, Dabritz S, Schurig C, Hauffe W
49 - 54 Carbon-induced reconstructions on Si(111) investigated by RHEED and molecular dynamics
Koitzsch C, Conrad D, Scheerschmidt K, Scharmann F, Maslarski P, Pezoldt J
55 - 60 Deposition and characterization of Ge-Sb-Te layers for applications in optical data storage
Kyrsta S, Cremer R, Neuschutz D, Laurenzis M, Bolivar PH, Kurz H
61 - 67 Analysis of nanoscale multilayers by EDXS and EELS in the STEM
Thomas J, Fliervoet T, Wetzig K
68 - 72 Optical studies on thin copper films on Si(111)
Masten A, Wissmann P
73 - 78 Composition and morphology studies of ultrathin CaF2 epitaxial films on silicon
Bohne W, Rohrich J, Schmidt M, Schopke A, Selle B, Wurz R
79 - 87 Chemical structure and morphology of ultrathin combustion CVD layers on zinc coated steel
Schinkinger B, Petzold R, Tiller HJ, Grundmeier G
88 - 94 Characterization of sputter deposited cBN-films by low energy electron loss spectroscopy LEELS
Oechsner H, Westermeyr S, Ye J
95 - 101 Evolution of surface topography of fused silica by ion beam sputtering
Flamm D, Frost F, Hirsch D
XI - XII 11th Conference on Applied Surface Analysis - AOFA 11 - Leipzig, 24-28 September, 2000
Boehlig H, Streubel P, Szargan R
102 - 108 Angle-resolved XPS measurements on copper phthalocyanine thin films
Adolphi B, Berger O, Fischer WJ
109 - 112 Standard operating procedure (SOP) for the quantitative determination of organic silicon compounds at the surface of elastomeric sealants
Gross T, Treu D, Unger W
113 - 117 Raman spectroscopy: a powerful tool for characterisation of Ag/3,4,9,10-perylene-tetracarboxylic-dianhydride/GaAs heterostructures
Salvan G, Tenne DA, Kampen TU, Scholz R, Jungnickel G, Frauenheim T, Zahn DRT
118 - 121 Application of temperature-programmed oxidation, multinuclear MAS NMR and DRIFT spectroscopy to the surface characterization of modified silica nanoparticles
Bauer F, Freyer A, Ernst H, Glasel HJ, Mehnert R
122 - 128 Investigation of the structure and properties of a-C : H coatings with metal and silicon containing interlayers
Nothe M, Breuer U, Koch F, Penkalla HJ, Rehbach WP, Bolt H
129 - 132 Auger spectroscopy study of MgLi melt affected carbon/pyrocarbon fibres
Kudela S, John A, Baunack S, Kudela S, Wetzig K
133 - 137 SIMS investigation of chemical solution-deposited SrTiO3/LaNiO3
Pollak C, Reichmann K, Hutter H
138 - 142 Reaction paths in the system Al2O3-hBN-Y
Reichert K, Oreshina O, Cremer R, Neuschutz D
143 - 149 Analytical TEM for the investigation of thin functional layers
Wetzig K, Thomas J, Bauer HD
150 - 155 Influence of BN fiber coatings on the interfacial structure of sapphire fiber reinforced NiAl composites
Reichert K, Wen K, Cremer R, Hu W, Neuschutz D, Gottstein G
156 - 160 Macroscopic and microstructural properties of CSixNy thin films deposited by RF nitrogen-plasma-assisted pulsed laser deposition
Tharigen T, Lorenz A
161 - 166 Visualization of 3D-SIMS measurements
Hutter H, Nowikow K, Gammer K
167 - 180 Applied surface analysis in magnetic storage technology
Windeln J, Bram C, Eckes HL, Hammel D, Huth J, Marien J, Rohl H, Schug C, Wahl M, Wienss A
181 - 190 Characterization of ITO- and TiOxNy films by spectroscopic ellipsometry, spectraphotometry and XPS
Bartella J, Schroeder J, Witting K
191 - 195 Structure and luminescence of GaN layers
Barfels T, Fitting HJ, Jansons J, Tale I, Veispals A, von Czarnowski A, Wulff H
196 - 202 In situ characterization of the nitridation of AIII-BV semiconductor surfaces by means of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Hecht JD, Frost F, Chasse T, Hirsch D, Neumann H, Schindler A, Bigl F
203 - 208 Conductivity type conversion of p-type CuInSe2 due to hydrogenation
Otte K, Lippold G, Hirsch D, Gebhardt RK, Chasse T
209 - 212 Time-resolved photoluminescence characterisation of thin PTCDA films on Si(100)
Kobitski AY, Salvan G, Wagner HP, Zahn DRT
213 - 221 Auger depth profile analysis and EFTEM analysis of annealed Ti/Al-contacts on Si-doped GaN
Pidun M, Karduck P, Mayer J, Heime K, Schineller B, Walther T
222 - 229 Surface states and reactivity of pyrite and marcasite
Uhlig I, Szargan R, Nesbitt HW, Laajalehto K
230 - 233 Raman spectroscopy on Psaronius sp.: a contribution to the understanding of the permineralization process
Dietrich D, Witke K, Rossler R, Marx G
234 - 239 In situ FT-IR study on the reaction path of skeletal isomerization of n-butene over different zeolites
Ivanov P, Papp H
240 - 244 Characterization of the 3D-distribution of the components in Al-alloyed high speed steels with SIMS
Gammer K, Musser S, Hutter H
245 - 250 AES analysis of failures in Cu based electromigration test samples
Baunack S, Kotter TG, Wendrock H, Wetzig K
251 - 256 Activation of nickel-anodes for alkaline fuel cells
Schulze M, Gulzow E, Steinhilber G
257 - 262 Black spots on carbon steel after contact to lubricating oil with extreme pressure additives: an XPS study
Mayer T
263 - 268 SIMS depth profile analysis of wear resistant coatings on cutting tools and technical components
Willich P, Steinberg C
269 - 274 SIMS investigation of MoS2 based sputtercoatings
Heinisch C, Piplits K, Kubel F, Schintlmeister A, Pfluger E, Hutter H
275 - 280 Characterisation of Cr intermediate layers in Cu-C-system with SIMS method
Mayerhofer KE, Neubauer E, Eisenmenger-Sittner C, Hutter H
281 - 291 Activation of galvanized steel surfaces before zinc phosphating - XPS and GDOES investigations
Wolpers M, Angeli J
292 - 300 The influence of surface effects on the hydrogen absorption investigated on the V-H model system
Muller KH, Paulus H, Kiss G
301 - 306 XPS investigations of surface segregation of doping elements in SnO2
Szczuko D, Werner J, Oswald S, Behr G, Wetzig K
307 - 315 Binding state information from XPS depth profiling: capabilities and limits
Oswald S, Reiche R
316 - 323 XPS and factor analysis for investigation of sputter-cleaned surfaces of metal (Re, Ir, Cr)-silicon thin films
Reiche R, Oswald S, Wetzig K