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1 - 5 Characterization of initial one monolayer growth of Ge on Si(100) and Si on Ge(100)
Ikeda K, Yanase J, Sugahara S, Uchida Y, Matsumura M
6 - 11 Role of short-period superlattice buffers for the growth of Si0.75Ge0.25 alloy layers on Si(001) substrates
Rahman MM, Matada H, Tambo T, Tatsuyama C
12 - 16 Low-temperature silicon nitride for thin-film electronics on polyimide foil substrates
Gleskova H, Wagner S, Gasparik V, Kovac P
17 - 26 Self-assembled monolayers in the context of epitaxial film growth
Doudevski I, Schwartz DK
27 - 32 Ultra-thin epitaxial Al and Cu films on CaF2/Si(111)
Shusterman YV, Yakovlev NL, Schowalter LJ
33 - 35 Decay of silicon mounds: scaling laws and description with continuum step parameters
Ichimiya A, Hayashi K, Williams ED, Einstein TL, Uwaha M, Watanabe K
36 - 42 Finite temperature simulation of ad-dimer diffusion between dimer row and trough on Si(001)
Fu CC, Weissmann M, Saul A
43 - 48 Growth kinetics and doping mechanism in phosphorus-doped Si gas-source molecular beam epitaxy
Tsukidate Y, Suemitsu M
49 - 54 Influence of the electrochemical potential on energy landscapes near step- and island-edges: Ag(100) and Ag(111)
Haftel MI, Einstein TL
55 - 61 Kinetic surface patterning in two-particle models of epitaxial growth
Pimpinelli A, Videcoq A, Vladimirova M
62 - 68 Terrace-width distributions on vicinal surfaces: generalized Wigner surmise and extraction of step-step repulsions
Einstein TL, Richards HL, Cohen SD, Pierre-Louis O, Giesen M
69 - 76 Defect controlled diffusion in the epitaxial growth of germanium on Si(100)
Berrie CL, Liu B, Leone SR
77 - 82 Formation of uniform nanoscale Ge islands on Si(111)-7 x 7 substrate
Masuda K, Shigeta Y
83 - 89 Imaging of the structure of ultra-thin cobalt silicide films by inelastically backscattered electrons
Pronin II, Valdaitsev DA, Faradzhev NS, Gomoyunova MV, Luches P, Valeri S
90 - 95 Initial growth of titanium germanosilicide on Ge/Si(111)
Yanagawa T, Nagai H, Ishii K, Matsumoto S
96 - 100 beta-FeSi2-base MIS diodes fabricated by sputtering method
Ehara T, Sasaki Y, Saito K, Nakagomi S, Kokubun Y
XV - XVI Special issue: Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference On Solid Films and Surfaces, Princeton, New Jersey, July 9-13, 2000 -Preface
Bernasek S, Kahn A
101 - 104 Photoemission spectroscopy study of the charge accumulation at the K3Sb : Cs surface
Ettema ARHF, Murtagh CF, Starnberg HI
105 - 110 Thermodynamic properties of alkali-chloride films
Kawano H, Zhu Y, Sugimoto S
111 - 116 Comparative study of low-temperature chloride atomic-layer chemical vapor deposition of TiO2 and SnO2
Tarre A, Rosental A, Sammelselg V, Uustare T
117 - 122 The preparation of the Ag, (As0.33S0.67)(100-x) amorphous films by optically-induced solid state reaction and the films properties
Wagner T, Kasap SO, Vlcek M, Frumar M, Nesladek P, Vlcek M
123 - 128 Breakdown of the bi-dimensional symmetry in bct Fe layers by epitaxy on Co(1 1 (2)over-bar-0) surface
Valeri S, Giovanardi C, Borghi A, di Bona A, Luches P
129 - 133 Electromigration of single-layer clusters
Pierre-Louis O, Einstein TL
134 - 139 Dendrimer-mediated growth of very flat ultrathin Au films
Rar A, Zhou JN, Liu WJ, Barnard JA, Bennett A, Street SC
140 - 145 Kinetic surface structuring during homoepitaxy of GaAs(110): a model study
Videcoq A, Vladimirova M, Pimpinelli A
146 - 156 Unusual growth phenomena of group III and group V elements on Si(111) and Ge(111) surfaces
Vitali L, Ramsey MG, Netzer FP
157 - 162 Initial stages of porous Si formation on Si surfaces investigated by infrared spectroscopy
Kimura Y, Kondo Y, Niwano M
163 - 168 Realization of ultrahigh-vacuum-compatible defect-free hydrogen terminated silicon surfaces with the use of a UHV contactless capacitance-voltage method
Yoshida T, Hasegawa H
169 - 174 CdSe monolayers, embedded in BeTe: analysis of interface vibrations by Raman spectroscopy
Wagner V, Wagner J, Muck T, Reuscher G, Waag A, Geurts J, Sadchikov N, Sorokin SV, Ivanov SV, Kop'ev PS
175 - 180 Evolution of interface excitations under phase transition in two-dimensional layer of Cs on GaAs(100) and (111)
Alperovich VL, Tereshchenko OE, Litvinov AN, Terekhov AS
181 - 186 Current transport and capacitance-voltage characteristics of GaAs and InP nanometer-sized Schottky contacts formed by in situ electrochemical process
Sato T, Kasai S, Hasegawa H
187 - 194 Sb adsorption on Si(111)-In(4 x 1) surface phase
Rao BV, Gruznev D, Tambo T, Tatsuyama C
195 - 200 Correlated surface bands of the prototypical interface Sn/Si(111)-alpha-root 3
Charrier A, Perez R, Thibaudau F, Debever JM, Ortega J, Flores F, Themlin JM
201 - 206 Nature of the root 3 alpha to 3 x 3 reversible phase transition at low temperature in Sn/Ge (111)
Le Lay G, Rad MG, Gothelid M, Karlsson UO, Avila J, Asensio MC
207 - 211 Electronic structure of carbolite films
Ionov AM, Danzenbacher S, Molodtsov SL, Koepernik K, Richter M, Laubschat C
212 - 217 Theory of surface electromigration on heterogeneous metal surfaces
Rous PJ
218 - 222 Adsorption and decomposition of t-butylphosphine (TBP) on a GaP(001)-(2 x 1) surface studied by LEED, HREELS, and TPD
Fukuda Y, Kobayashi T, Mochizuki S, Yoshida H, Sanada N
223 - 229 In situ hall measurements of Si(111)/Cr, Si(111)/Fe and Si(111)Mg disordered systems at submonolayer coverages
Galkin NG, Goroshko DL, Kosikov SI, Ivanov VA
230 - 236 Conductivity mechanisms in the ordered surface phases and two-dimensional monosilicides of Cr and Fe on Si(111)
Galkin NG, Goroshko DL, Krivoshchapov ST, Zakharova ES
237 - 242 Surface electronic structure of the root 3x root 3, root 39x root 39 and 6x6 surfaces of Ag/Ge(111): observation of a metal to semiconductor transition
Zhang HM, Balasubramanian T, Uhrberg RIG
243 - 248 Photoluminescence emission (1.3-1.4 mu m) from quantum dots heterostructures based on GaAs
Egorov VA, Polyakov NK, Tonkikh AA, Petrov VN, Cirlin GE, Volovik BV, Zhukov AE, Musikhin YG, Cherkashin NA, Ustinov VM
249 - 254 Photoemission study of Mg/PTCDA/Se-GaAs Schottky contacts
Park S, Kampen TU, Braun W, Zahn DRT
255 - 259 Conductance gap anomaly in scanning tunneling spectra of MBE-Grown (001) surfaces of III-V compound semiconductors
Kasai S, Negoro N, Hasegawa H
260 - 264 Surface studies of single-crystalline refractory metal low-dimensional structures
Bozhko SI, Chaika AN, Ionov AM, Chernykh AV, Malikov IV, Mikhailov GM
265 - 269 Changes in electron-phonon coupling across a bulk phase transition in copolymer films of vinylidene fluoride (70%) with trifluoroethylene (30%)
Borca CN, Adenwalla S, Choi J, Robertson L, You H, Fridkin VM, Palto SP, Petukhova N, Dowben PA
270 - 275 Optical characterization of TiN/SiO2(1000 nm)/Si system by spectroscopic ellipsometry and reflectometry
Postava K, Aoyama M, Yamaguchi T
276 - 280 Spectroellipsometric characterization of materials for multilayer coatings
Postava K, Aoyama M, Yamaguchi T, Oda H
281 - 287 Interface magnetometry in a (Fe-6A/Ni-24A)(10) multilayer
Capelli R, D'Addato S, Gazzadi GC, Pasquali L, Verucchi R, Nannarone S, Dudzik E, Mirone A, Sacchi M
288 - 293 Momentum dependence of the surface potential barrier for above-barrier electrons
Read MN
294 - 298 Characterization of hot electron transmission tunneling through the gap potential in scanning hot electron microscopy
Zhang BY, Furuya K
299 - 305 Transport, optical and thermoelectrical properties of Cr and Fe disilicides and their alloys on Si(111)
Galkin NG, Konchenko AV, Vavanova SV, Maslov AM, Talanov AO
306 - 311 LT-STM/STS observations on electrical field etched surfaces of YBa2Cu3O7-delta single crystal
Murakami H, Asaoka H, Sakai K, Ito T, Tonouchi M
312 - 318 Grain boundary diffusion in thin films under stress fields
Ostrovsky AS, Bokstein BS
319 - 325 An experimental study of poly(9,9-dioctyl-fluorene) and its interfaces with Al, LIF and CsF
Greczynski G, Salaneck WR, Fahlman M
326 - 331 Growth of organic films on passivated semiconductor surfaces: gallium arsenide versus silicon
Kampen TU, Salvan G, Tenne D, Scholz R, Zahn DRT
332 - 336 On the coexistence of different polymorphs in organic epitaxy: alpha and beta phase of PTCDA on Ag(111)
Krause B, Durr AC, Ritley KA, Schreiber F, Dosch H, Smilgies D
337 - 343 Adsorbed organic monolayers on crystalline substrate: the example of 8CB on MoS2
Lacaze E, Alba M, Goldmann M, Michel JP, Rieutord F
344 - 350 Photoenhanced current in thin organic layers
Godlewski J, Jarosz G, Signerski R
351 - 356 ToF-SIMS study of organosilane self-assembly on aluminum surfaces
Houssiau L, Bertrand P
357 - 362 XPS measurements on L-cysteine and 1-octadecanethiol self-assembled films: a comparative study
Cavalleri O, Oliveri L, Dacca A, Parodi R, Rolandi R
363 - 368 Crystallinity of PTCDA films on silicon derived via optical spectroscopic measurements
Salvan G, Himcinschi C, Kobitski AY, Friedrich M, Wagner HP, Kampen TU, Zahn DRT
369 - 373 Optical and electroemission properties of thin films of supermolecular anthracene-based rotaxanes
Gadret G, Ruani G, Cavallini M, Biscarini F, Murgia M, Zamboni R, Giro G, Cocchi M, Fattori V, Loontjens T, Thies J, Leigh DA, Morales AF, Mahrt RF
374 - 378 In-situ monitoring of the growth of copper phthalocyanine films on InSb by organic molecular beam deposition
Evans DA, Steiner HJ, Middleton R, Jones TS, Chen CH, Horn K, Park S, Kampen TU, Tenne D, Zahn DRT, Patchett A, McGovern IT
379 - 385 Experimental evidence and computational analysis of the electronic density modulation induced by gaseous molecules at Si(001) surfaces upon self-assembling organic monolayer
Bollani M, Piagge R, Charai A, Narducci D
386 - 390 Ferroelectric behavior in solvent cast poly (vinylidene fluoride/hexafluoropropylene) copolymer films
Jayasuriya AC, Scheinbeim JI
391 - 398 Contact resonance imaging - a simple approach to improve the resolution of AFM for biological and polymeric materials
Wadu-Mesthrige K, Amro NA, Garno JC, Cruchon-Dupeyrat S, Liu GY
399 - 406 TOF-SIMS study of alkanethiol adsorption and ordering on gold
Houssiau L, Bertrand P
407 - 411 Electronic structures of TPD/metal interfaces studied by photoemission and Kelvin probe method
Ito E, Oji H, Hayashi N, Ishii H, Ouchi Y, Seki K
412 - 418 Photoemission study of energy alignment at the metal/Alq(3) interfaces
Yan L, Mason MG, Tang CW, Gao YL
419 - 427 Key issues for the growth of high quality (Al,Ga)N/GaN and GaN/(In,Ga)N heterostructures on SiC(0001) by molecular beam epitaxy
Brandt O, Muralidharan R, Thamm A, Waltereit P, Ploog KH
428 - 435 The electrical properties of MIS capacitors with ALN gate dielectrics
Adam T, Kolodzey J, Swann CP, Tsao MW, Rabolt JF
436 - 441 Structure and optical properties of (001)GaAs surfaces nitrided in plasma-assisted NH3 gas
Shimaoka G, Aoki T, Nakanishi Y, Hatanaka Y, Udagawa T
442 - 449 Low energy electron-excited nano-luminescence spectroscopy of GaN surfaces and interfaces
Brillson LJ, Young AP, Jessen GH, Levin TM, Bradley ST, Goss SH, Bae J, Ponce FA, Murphy MJ, Schaff WJ, Eastman LF
450 - 455 Defect depth profiling using photoluminescence and cathodoluminescence spectroscopy: the role of oxygen on reactive ion beam etching of GaN in O-2/Ar plasmas
Hsieh JT, Hwang JM, Hwang HL, Breitschadel O, Schweizer H
456 - 461 Characterization of the density, structure and chemical states of carbon nitride films
Xu WT, Fujimoto T, Li BQ, Kojima I
462 - 467 Excimer laser doping techniques for II-VI semiconductors
Hatanaka Y, Niraula M, Nakamura A, Aoki T
468 - 473 The electrical and optical properties of thin film diamond implanted with silicon
Roe KJ, Kolodzey J, Swann CP, Tsao MW, Rabolt JF, Chen J, Brandes GR
474 - 479 Photoemission properties and surface structures of homoepitaxially grown CVD diamond(100) surfaces
Murakami H, Yokoyama M, Lee SM, Ito T
480 - 483 Photo-, cathodo-, and electroluminescence studies of sputter deposited AlN : Er thin films
Dimitrova VI, Van Patten PG, Richardson H, Kordesch ME
484 - 489 Low temperature deposition of SiC thin films on polymer surface by plasma CVD
Anma H, Yoshimoto Y, Warashina M, Hatanaka Y
490 - 494 ScN/GaN heterojunctions: fabrication and characterization
Perjeru F, Bai X, Ortiz-Libreros MI, Higgins R, Kordesch ME
495 - 498 Growth of high quality silicon carbide films on Si by triode plasma CVD using monomethylsilane
Yasui K, Asada K, Maeda T, Akahane T
499 - 504 Structure and optical properties of ScN thin films
Bai XW, Kordesch ME
505 - 511 The electrical characteristics of silicon carbide alloyed with germanium
Katulka G, Roe K, Kolodzey J, Eldridge G, Clarke RC, Swann CP, Wilson RG
512 - 516 Investigation of metal contacts on ScN
Ortiz-Libreros MI, Perjeru F, Bai X, Kordesch ME
517 - 524 Properties of thin MgO films grown on single-crystalline CVD diamond
Lee SM, Murakami H, Ito T
525 - 530 Microstructural properties of amorphous carbon nitride films synthesised by dc magnetron sputtering
Fitzgerald AG, Jiang LD, Rose MJ, Dines TJ
531 - 537 Auger electron spectroscopy, ellipsometry and photoluminescence investigations of Zn1-xBexSe alloys
Bukaluk A, Wronkowska AA, Wronkowski A, Arwin H, Firszt F, Legowski S, Meczynska H
538 - 542 Screen printed CdSxTe1-x films, structural and optical characterization
Santana-Aranda MA, Melendez-Lira M
543 - 548 Doping effects on optical properties of epitaxial ZnO layers determined by spectroscopic ellipsometry
Postava K, Sueki H, Aoyama M, Yamaguchi T, Murakami K, Igasaki Y
549 - 554 XPS analysis of p-type Cu-doped CdS thin films
Abe T, Kashiwaba Y, Baba M, Imai J, Sasaki H
555 - 561 Optical characterization of chalcogenide thin films
Franta D, Ohlidal I, Frumar M, Jedelsky J
562 - 566 Photoluminescence in cubic and hexagonal CdS films
Lozada-Morales R, Zelaya-Angel O, Torres-Delgado G
567 - 573 The depth of depletion layer and the height of energy barrier on ZnO under hydrogen
Han CS, Jun J, Kim H
574 - 578 Conductimetry and impedance spectroscopy study of low pressure metal organic chemical vapor deposition TiNxOy films as a function of the growth temperature: a percolation approach
Fabreguette F, Maglione M, Imhoff L, Domenichini B, de Lucas MCM, Sibillot P, Bourgeois S, Sacilotti M
579 - 584 Surface films on HgCdTe and CdTe etched in ferricyanide solution
Erne BH, Lefevre F, Lorans D, Ballutaud D, Debiemme-Chouvy C, Vigneron J, Etcheberry A
585 - 590 Characterization of the surface layer of GaAs nitrided by high-density plasma
Yasui K, Tsukada Y, Arayama T, Okutani S, Akahane T
591 - 596 Infrared study of carbon incorporation during chemical vapor deposition of SiC using methylsilanes
Shinohara M, Kimura Y, Shoji D, Niwano M
597 - 605 Mesoscopic phenomena in nano-porous alumina films: single nano-tunnel junctions connected to Ni-nanowires and carbon nanotubes
Haruyama J, Takesue I, Kato S, Takazawa K, Sato Y
606 - 612 Grazing incidence structural characterization of InAs quantum dots on GaAs(001)
Zhang K, Heyn C, Hansen W, Schmidt T, Falta J
613 - 618 Quantum confinement effects in Si quantum well and dot structures fabricated from ultrathin Silicon-on-insulator wafers
Tabe M, Kumezawa M, Ishikawa Y, Mizuno T
619 - 628 MBE growth of calcium and cadmium fluoride nanostructures on silicon
Sokolov NS, Suturin SM
629 - 635 Raman scattering study of Ge dot superlattices
Milekhin A, Stepina NP, Yakimov AI, Nikiforov AI, Schulze S, Zahn DRT
636 - 642 Nanofabrication using computer-assisted design and automated vector-scanning probe lithography
Cruchon-Dupeyrat S, Porthun S, Liu GY
643 - 648 Growth of CdTe islands on ZnTe by hot-wall epitaxy
Kuwabara H, Unno A, Kouga K, Watanabe T, Tomoda W, Nakanishi Y, Tatsuoka H
649 - 655 Characterization of AFM tips using nanografting
Xu S, Amro NA, Liu GY
656 - 662 UHV aluminium oxide on silicon substrates: electron spectroscopies analysis and electrical measurements
Gruzza B, Merle S, Bideux L, Robert C, Kover L, Toth J, Matolin V
663 - 669 Unoccupied states evolution with oxidation of ultrathin Mg, Zn and Cd layers on SrTiO3(100) surfaces
Moller PJ, Komolov SA, Lazneva EF, Komolov AS
670 - 673 Absolute determination of the stoichiometry of ultra-thin oxide films as a function of thickness: antimony oxide on gold
Stefanov KG, Narine SS, Slavin AJ
674 - 677 MoOx (x <= 2) ultrathin film growth from reactions between metallic molybdenum and TiO2 surfaces
Blondeau-Patissier V, Domenichini B, Steinbrunn A, Bourgeois S
678 - 684 Approaching the limit for quantitative SIMS measurement of ultra-thin nitrided SiO2 films
Novak SW, Bekos EJ, Marino JW
685 - 690 Structural and in depth characterization of newly designed conducting/insulating TiNxOy/TiO2 multilayers obtained by one step LP-MOCVD growth
Fabreguette F, Imhoff L, Heintz O, Maglione M, Domenichini B, de Lucas MCM, Sibillot P, Bourgeois S, Sacilotti M
691 - 696 Rheed in-plane rocking curve analysis of biaxially-textured polycrystalline MgO films on amorphous substrates grown by ion beam-assisted deposition
Brewer RT, Hartman JW, Groves JR, Arendt PN, Yashar PC, Atwater HA
697 - 702 Characterization of TiOx film prepared by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition using a multi-jet hollow cathode plasma source
Nakamura M, Korzec D, Aoki T, Engemann J, Hatanaka Y
703 - 708 An improved three-dimensional model for growth of oxide films induced by laser heating
Perez JLJ, Sakanaka PH, Algatti MA, Mendoza-Alvarez JG, Orea AC
709 - 714 One-dimensional analytical model for oxide thin film growth on Ti metal layers during laser heating in air
Perez JLJ, Sakanaka PH, Algatti MA, Mendoza-Alvarez JG, Orea AC
715 - 720 Silicon oxide in Si-Si bonded wafers
Himcinschi C, Milekhin A, Friedrich M, Hiller K, Wiemer M, Gessner T, Schulze S, Zahn DRT
721 - 725 Ga2O3 thin film for oxygen sensor at high temperature
Ogita M, Higo K, Nakanishi Y, Hatanaka Y
726 - 733 Ultra-thin oxides grown on silicon (100) by rapid thermal oxidation for CMOS and advanced devices
Mur P, Semeria MN, Olivier M, Papon AM, Leroux C, Reimbold G, Gentile P, Magnea N, Baron T, Clerc R, Ghibaudo G
734 - 739 Investigation of oxide growth and stability on n-GaAs and n-InP by coupling transient photocurrent and surface analysis
Gerard I, Simon N, Etcheberry A
740 - 745 Impedance spectroscopic analysis of forward biased metal oxide semiconductor tunnel diodes (MOSTD)
Matsumura M, Hirose Y
746 - 752 Development of a sub-picoampere scanning tunneling microscope for oxide surfaces
Umbach CC, Blakely JM
753 - 758 Amorphous silicon crystallization and polysilicon thin film transistors on SiO2 passivated steel foil substrates
Wu M, Wagner S
759 - 763 Composition-related effects of microstructure on the ferroelectric behavior of SBT thin films
Tejedor P, Ocal C, Barrena E, Jimenez R, Alemany C, Mendiola J
764 - 768 Combined photoelectron and metastable atom electron spectroscopy study of n-doped oligophenylene thin films
Koch N, Oji H, Ito E, Zojer E, Ishii H, Leising G, Seki K
769 - 776 On the origin of resonance features in reflectance difference data of silicon
Hingerl K, Balderas-Navarro RE, Bonanni A, Tichopadek P, Schmidt WG
777 - 782 Sum rules in surface differential reflectivity and reflectance anisotropy spectroscopies
Chiarotti G, Chiaradia P, Arciprete F, Goletti C
783 - 789 Chemical mapping of patterned polymer photoresists by near-field infrared microscopy
Dragnea B, Preusser J, Szarko JM, McDonough LA, Leone SR, Hinsberg WD
790 - 796 Auger electron spectroscopy investigations of the effect of degradation of depth resolution and its influence on the interdiffusion data in thin film Au/Ag, Cu/Ag, Pd/Au and Pd/Cu multilayer structures
Bukaluk A
797 - 801 Oxygen adsorption on a Fe/MgO(100) film: a surface magnetism investigation
Moroni R, Bisio F, Canepa M, Mattera L