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Applied Surface Science, Vol.169 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Surface chemistry: from vibrational spectroscopy to photoemission spectromicroscopy
Chuang TJ, Chan YL, Chuang P, Klauser R, Ko CH, Wei DH
11 - 15 Theoretical study of hydrogenation process of formate on clean and Zn deposited Cu(111) surfaces
Morikawa Y, Iwata K, Terakura K
16 - 19 A first-principles study on initial processes of a Ni adatom on the H-terminated Si(001)-(2 x 1) surface
Higai S, Ohno T, Sasaki T
20 - 24 Strain effect on surface melting of Si(111)
Natori A, Harada H, Wu NJ, Yasunaga H
25 - 29 Adsorbate dynamics induced by STM
Hasegawa K, Kasai H, Dino AW, Okiji A
30 - 35 Effects of surface corrugation on the molecular rotational dependence of H-2 dissociative adsorption dynamics on Cu(100)
Miura Y, Kasai H, Dina WG, Okiji A
36 - 41 Dissociative adsorption dynamics of H-2 at the atop-Pt, atop-Cu, and Cu-Pt bridge sites of an ordered Cu3Pt(111) - orientational effects
Dino WA, Kasai H, Okiji A
42 - 47 Orientation dependence in the dissociative scattering of hydrogen molecules from metal surfaces
Fukui A, Kasai H, Nakanishi H, Okiji A
48 - 50 Ground-state properties of jellium metals with low electron densities
Okazaki K, Teraoka Y
51 - 56 Elementary excitations at doped polar semiconductor surfaces with carrier-depletion layers
Inaoka T
57 - 62 Theory of dynamics of electron wave packets in time-resolved two-photon photoemission via image states
Sakai T, Sakaue M, Kasai H, Okiji A
63 - 67 Transition to fixed final states in two-photon photoemission from adsorbate-metal systems
Ueba H, Mii T
68 - 72 Theory of time-resolved two-photon photoemission from Cu(111): effect of Coulomb interactions among electrons
Sakaue M, Kasai H, Okiji A
73 - 77 Effects of the intra-site Coulomb interaction on electron transport in an atom bridge
Nakanishi H, Kasai H, Okiji A
78 - 81 Analysis of the spin polarization of secondary electrons emitted from Au/Fe
Yasuda M, Tamura K, Kawata H, Murata K, Furukawa T, Koike K
82 - 87 Quantum size effect in low energy electron diffraction of thin films
Altman MS, Chung WF, He ZQ, Poon HC, Tong SY
88 - 92 Metal induced step arrangement on Si(111) surface observed by LEED
Urano T, Watanabe K, Hongo S
93 - 99 STM study of structural changes on Si(100)2 x 1-Sb surface induced by atomic hydrogen
Kubo O, Ryu JT, Tani H, Harada T, Kobayashi T, Katayama M, Oura K
100 - 103 Structural evolution of dibutyldisulfide adsorbed on Au(111)
Hayashi T, Kodama C, Nozoye H
104 - 108 Structural study of Al deposited surface on Si(111)root 3 x root 3-Al
Horio Y
109 - 112 EXAFS characterization of ferric oxyhydroxides
Suzuki S, Suzuki T, Kimura M, Takagi Y, Shinoda K, Tohji K, Waseda Y
113 - 116 Observation of hydrogen adsorption on 6H-SiC(0001) surface
Fujino T, Fuse T, Ryu JT, Inudzuka K, Yamazaki Y, Katayama M, Oura K
117 - 121 Thermal stability of Li-related 1D defects in ZnSe : Li/GaAs grown by MBE
Yoneta M, Ohishi M, Saito H
122 - 126 Molecular beam studies on inelastic collision processes of methane molecules at a Pt(111) surface
Yagyu S, Kino Y, Hiraoka T, Sasaki M, Yamamoto S
127 - 133 Geometric and magnetic propel-ties of Co/Pd system
Oh SJ, Kim W, Kim W, Choi BH, Kim JY, Koh H, Kim HJ, Park JH
134 - 141 Focused microprobes of high energy ions - versatile analytical probes for surfaces, interfaces and devices
Jamieson DN, Bettiol A, Yang CY
142 - 146 Electron-energy-loss spectroscopy of C-60 monolayer films on active and inactive surfaces
Iizumi K, Ueno K, Saiki K, Koma A
147 - 152 HREELS study of C-70 molecules adsorbed on a Si(111)-(7 x 7) surface
Wakita T, Sakamoto K, Suto S
153 - 159 Adsorption of azomethane on Cu(110) and Cu(111) surfaces
Chuang P, Chan YL, Chuang CH, Chien SH, Chuang TJ
160 - 163 Experimentally derived Auger transition probabilities in X-ray excited Auger electron spectroscopy (XAES)
Tanaka A, Nakamura T, Hirokawa K
164 - 167 Angle-resolved photoemission study for double Ag nanofilm structures
Takahashi K, Tanaka A, Sasaki H, Gondo W, Suzuki S, Sato S
168 - 171 Growth and photoemission studies of Ag nanofilms on pseudomorphic fcc Fe(100)
Tanaka A, Sasaki H, Takahaski K, Gondo W, Suzuki S, Sato S
172 - 175 Adsorbed states of cyclopentene, cyclohexene, and 1,4-cyclohexadiene on Si(100)(2 x 1): towards the fabrication of novel organic films/Si hybrid structures
Yamashita Y, Hamaguchi K, Machida S, Mukai K, Yoshinobu J, Tanaka S, Kamada M
176 - 179 Electronic structures of magnetic ultrathin films Co/Au(111) studied by spin-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy
Sawada M, Hayashi K, Kakizaki A
180 - 183 Initial oxidation process of Mg films characterized by AES, EELS, and UPS
Nishita K, Saiki K, Koma A
184 - 187 Electron-energy-loss spectroscopy of KxC60 and K-halides: comparison in the K-3p excitation region
Ueno K, Uchino Y, Iizumi K, Saiki K, Koma A
188 - 192 STM light emission from Si(111)-(7 x 7) surface using a silver tip
Iwami M, Uehara Y, Ushioda S
193 - 197 Spatially resolved STM light emission spectra of cleaved (110) AlGaAs/GaAs heterostructures
Tsuruoka T, Ohizumi Y, Tanimoto R, Ushioda S
198 - 201 Time-resolved STM light emission from an evaporated Au film
Uehara Y, Yagami A, Ito KJ, Ushioda S
202 - 205 Barrier-height imaging of Cs-adsorbed Si(111)
Yoshikawa J, Kurokawa S, Sakai A
206 - 211 Electronic structures of Si(111) in the 7 x 7 <-> "1 x 1" phase transition studied by surface second-harmonic generation
Suzuki T, Venkataramanan V, Aono M
212 - 216 Chlorine adsorption on Si(111) studied by optical methods
Tanaka M, Shirao T, Yamauchi D, Ota K
217 - 222 Wide wavelength-range optical studies of hydrogenated amorphous carbon films: from 700 nm to 10 mu m
Choi S, Lee KR, Oh SG, Lee S
223 - 226 Effect of VI/II ratio upon photoluminescence properties of aluminum-doped ZnTe layers grown by MOVPE
Nishio M, Hayashida K, Guo QX, Ogawa H
227 - 230 Growth rate characteristics and photoluminescence properties of ZnTe in MOVPE system
Nishio M, Hayashida K, Guo QX, Ogawa H
231 - 235 Enhanced magneto-optical effect due to interface alloy formation in Co-Pt (111) ultrathin films upon thermal annealing
Lin MT, Kuo CC, Ho JW, Wu YE, Her HY, Shern CS, Huang HL
236 - 240 Spin-polarized metastable deexcitation spectroscopy study of iron films
Yamauchi Y, Kurahashi M
241 - 245 Metastable helium atom scattering from Ni(110) surface
Kurahashi M, Yamauchi Y
246 - 252 An isotope effect in electrolytic hydrogen absorption of some transition metals studied by ERDA and SIMS techniques
Oya Y, Suzuki T, Iinuma K, Morita K, Horikawa T, Abe K
253 - 258 Surface properties of mesoporous catalytic supports
Chuah GK, Jaenicke S, Liu SH, Hu XC
259 - 263 Acoustic wave effects on catalysis, design of surfaces with artificially controllable functions for chemical reactions
Saito N, Nishiyama H, Inoue Y
264 - 267 Decomposition of alkanethiols adsorbed on Au (111) at low temperature
Kodama C, Hayashi T, Nozoye H
268 - 272 Velocity distribution of desorbing CO2 in CO oxidation on Pd(110) under steady-state conditions
Moula MG, Wako S, Cao GY, Kobal I, Ohno Y, Matsushima T
273 - 276 Desorption dynamics in N2O decomposition on Pd(110)
Ohno Y, Kobal I, Horino H, Rzeznicka I, Matsushima T
277 - 281 Desorption of O-2 from a stepped platinum(113) surface during 308 nm laser irradiation
Yamanaka T, Kitayama E, Matsushima T
282 - 286 Inner shell excitation and dissociation of condensed formamide
Ikeura-Sekiguchi H, Sekiguchi T, Kitajima Y, Baba Y
287 - 291 Orientation-selective excitation and dissociation in multilayer benzene
Sekiguchi T, Baba Y, Sekiguchi HI, Imamura M, Matsubayashi N, Shimada H
292 - 295 Adsorption and decomposition of NO on Pt (112)
Sugisawa T, Shiraishi J, Machihara D, Irokawa K, Miki H, Kodama C, Kuriyama T, Kubo T, Nozoye H
296 - 299 Ion beam induced reaction of carbon films on Si(100)
Hishita S, Aizawa T, Suehara S, Haneda H
300 - 304 AFM study of a SiC film grown on Si(100) surface using a C2H4 beam
Takami T, Igari Y, Abe I, Ishidzuka S, Kusunoki I
305 - 309 Formation of binary clusters by molecular ion irradiation
Yamamoto H, Asaoka H
310 - 314 Epitaxial growth of high quality beta-FeSi2 layers on Si(111) under the presence of an Sb flux
Koga T, Tatsuoka H, Kuwabara H
315 - 319 Growth and characterization of CoSi2 films on Si (100) substrates
Takahashi F, Irie T, Shi J, Hashimoto M
320 - 324 Structure and electrical property of platinum film biased dc-sputter-deposited on silicon
Kojima D, Makihara K, Shi J, Hashimoto M
325 - 330 Structural properties of zinc-blende MnTe layers grown by hot-wall epitaxy
Matsumoto T, Souno Y, Tatsuoka H, Nakanishi Y, Kuwabara H
331 - 334 Study of YBa2Cu3O7-delta ceramics/Al interface
Han X, Yamamukai K, Oka K, Yamada N, Iri T
335 - 339 Effects of growth rate and buffer-layer on Bi2Sr2CaCu2Oy thin film fabrication
Qi Y, Sakai K, Murakami H, Ito T
340 - 344 Growth of InN films on (111)GaAs substrates by reactive magnetron sputtering
Guo QX, Murata K, Nishio M, Ogawa H
345 - 348 Effect of the substrate pretreatment on the epitaxial growth of indium nitride
Guo QX, Okada A, Nishio M, Ogawa H
349 - 352 Electrical and optical properties of InN films prepared by reactive sputtering
Saito N, Igasaki Y
353 - 357 Growth mechanism of sputter deposited Ta and Ta-N thin films induced by an underlying titanium layer and varying nitrogen flow rates
Chen GS, Chen ST, Huang SC, Lee HY
358 - 361 Thermal decomposition of copper nitride thin films and dots formation by electron beam writing
Nosaka T, Yoshitake M, Okamoto A, Ogawa S, Nakayama Y
362 - 365 Effect of dc bias on the compositional ratio of WNX thin films prepared by rf-dc coupled magnetron sputtering
Migita T, Kamei R, Tanaka T, Kawabata K
366 - 370 The growth of Ag films on a TiO2(110)-(1 x 1) surface
Su C, Yeh JC, Lin JL, Lin JC
371 - 374 Growth of Nb thin films on SiO2
Li BQ, Kojima I
375 - 379 Growth of Fe films on Rh(001): a photoemission study
Hayashi K, Sawada M, Harasawa A, Kimura A, Kakizaki A
380 - 386 Cluster generation by laser ablation
Saito N, Koyama K, Tanimoto M
387 - 391 Investigations on the sulphur incorporation in sputtered Cu, In multilayer precursors
Reddy KTR, Forbes I, Miles RW
392 - 395 Various properties of sputter-deposited Ta-Ru thin films
Wuu DS, Horng RH, Chang CC, Wu YY
396 - 400 The initial growth structure of Ni1-xFex (x=0.6-0.8) films dc-biased plasma-sputter-deposited on Ni/MgO(001), and on Fe/MgO(001)
Zhou R, Yang JP, Amatatsu Y, Hashimoto M
401 - 404 Growth mode of Pt1-xNix films biased dc-sputter-deposited on MgO(001)
Amatatsu Y, Makihara K, Shi J, Yang JP, Hashimoto M
405 - 409 Computer simulation of gas rarefaction effects and film deposition characteristics in a magnetron sputtering apparatus
Kobayashi T
410 - 414 Thin film properties by facing targets sputtering system
Kim KH, Son IH, Song KB, Kong SH, Keum MJ, Nakagawa S, Naoe M
415 - 419 Hexagonal boron nitride film substrate for fabrication of nanostructures
Lee KS, Kim YS, Tosa M, Kasahara A, Yosihara K
420 - 424 Mechanical properties of hexagonal boron nitride synthesized from film of Cu/BN mixture by surface segregation
Lee KS, Kim YS, Tosa M, Kasahara A, Yosihara K
425 - 427 Influence of UV light irradiation on film thickness distribution of tin oxide films by photochemical vapour deposition
Tamura S, Ishida T, Magara H, Mihara T, Mochizuki S, Tatsuta T
428 - 432 Optical property modification of PMMA by ion-beam implantation
Hong W, Woo HJ, Choi HW, Kim YS, Kim GD
433 - 437 Structural modification of poly(methyl methacrylate) by proton irradiation
Choi HW, Woo HJ, Hong W, Kim JK, Lee SK, Eum CH
438 - 446 Investigations on chemically capped CdS, ZnS and ZnCdS nanoparticles
Kulkarni SK, Winkler U, Deshmukh N, Borse PH, Fink R, Umbach E
447 - 451 New organic bistable films for ultrafast electric memories
Hua ZY, Chen GR, Xu W, Chen DY
452 - 456 Aging effect of SiO2 xerogel film on its microstructure and dielectric properties
Kim JH, Kim HR, Park HH, Hyun SH
457 - 462 The effects of surface terminal bonds and microstructure of SiO2 aerogel films on dry etching
Wang SJ, Park HH, Yeom GY, Hyun SH
463 - 467 Optical and electrical properties of Ge-implanted SiO2 layers on n-Si and p-Si
Lee WS, Jeong JY, Kim HB, Chae KH, Whang CN, Im S, Song JH
468 - 471 Optical, electrical and structural properties of amorphous SiCN : H films prepared by rf glow-discharge decomposition
Nakaaki I, Saito N
472 - 475 Properties of amorphous ternary alloy films a-SixCyGez : H prepared by magnetron co-sputtering
Saito N, Nakaaki I, Nakamura S, Yoshioka S, Yamaguchi T
476 - 479 Structural and optical properties of CdS thin films
Senthil K, Mangalaraj D, Narayandass SK
480 - 484 Surface electromigration of In on vicinal Si(001)
Sakamoto K, Wu NJ, Natori A, Yasunaga H
485 - 488 Surface electromigration of Au ultrathin film on MoS2
Wu NJ, Shimizu S, Hermie MT, Sakamoto K, Natori A, Yasunaga H
489 - 492 Bias-dependence of the conductance of Au nanocontacts at 4 K
Yuki K, Enomoto A, Sakai A
493 - 495 Copper film prepared with ArF excimer laser
Yoshida A, Sato H, Uchida M, Wakahara A, Hoshino A, Machida H
496 - 499 Electronic coupling of quantized states in Ag nanofilm with fcc Fe(100) substrate
Sasaki H, Tanaka A, Takahashi K, Gondo W, Suzuki S, Sato S
500 - 503 Effect of rare-earth-doping on the magnetoresistive properties of sputtered Co-Ag alloy thin films
Tonooka K, Nishimura O
504 - 507 Group III impurity doped ZnO films prepared by atmospheric pressure chemical-vapor deposition using zinc acetylacetonate and oxygen
Haga K, Wijesena PS, Watanabe H
508 - 511 Argon gas pressure dependence of the properties of transparent conducting ZnO : Al films deposited on glass substrates
Igasaki Y, Kanma H
512 - 516 The effects of deposition conditions on the structural properties of ZnO sputtered films on sapphire substrates
Igasaki Y, Naito T, Murakami K, Tomoda W
517 - 520 ZnO thin films deposited on various LiNbO3 substrates by RF-sputtering
Yamamoto H, Saiga N, Nishimori K
521 - 524 Relationship between photoluminescence and electrical properties of ZnO thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Jin BJ, Woo HS, Im S, Bae SH, Lee SY
525 - 528 Growth and characterization of ZnO thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Bae SH, Lee SY, Jin BJ, Im S
529 - 534 Studies on dc magnetron sputtered cadmium oxide films
Subramanyam TK, Naidu BS, Uthanna S
535 - 538 Photocatalytic TiO2 thin-films deposited by a pulsed laser deposition technique
Terashima M, Inoue N, Kashiwabara S, Fujimoto R
539 - 543 Development of PZT sputtering method for mass-production
Masuda T, Miyaguchi Y, Tanimura M, Nishioka Y, Suu K, Tani N
544 - 548 Effect of grain size of Pb(Zr0.3Ti0.6)O-3 sol-gel derived thin films on the ferroelectric properties
Yang JK, Kim WS, Park HR
549 - 552 Influence of preferred orientation of lead zirconate titanate thin film on the ferroelectric properties
Kim WS, Yang JK, Park HH
553 - 556 Growth of a textured Pb(Zr0.4Ti0.6)O-3 thin film on LaNiO3/Si(001) using pulsed laser deposition
Kim SS, Il Kim B, Park YB, Kang TS, Je JH
557 - 559 Crystal structure and deposition rate of PbTiO3 films prepared on glass and platinum substrate by rf sputtering
Mochizuki S, Mihara T, Tamura S, Ishida T
560 - 563 Epitaxial growth of LiNbO3 thin films using pulsed laser deposition
Kakehi Y, Okamato A, Sakurai Y, Nishikawa Y, Yotsuya T, Ogawa S
564 - 569 The growth of LiNbO3 (006) on MgO (001) and LiTaO3 (012) substrates by sol-gel procedure
Kim RH, Park HH, Joo GT
570 - 574 Cation diffusion characteristics in MgO-doped LiNbO3 during Ti diffusion
Kim RH, Park HH, Joo GT
575 - 580 Characterization of the surface of shock-compacted YB2C3Oy particles
Kezuka H, Kikuchi M, Syono Y
581 - 586 MOCVD of MgAl2O4 thin films using new single molecular precursors: application of beta-hydrogen elimination to the growth of heterometallic oxide films
Boo JH, Lee SB, Ku SJ, Koh W, Kim C, Yu KS, Kim Y
587 - 592 Relationship between microstructure and electrochemical characteristics in steel corrosion
Rha CY, Kim WS, Kim JW, Park HH
593 - 598 Characteristics of time modulated surface wave argon plasma
Ohgushi T, Okamoto T, Watanabe S, Okamoto Y
599 - 602 Microwave-induced non-equilibrium plasmas by insertion of substrate at low and atmospheric pressures
Kiyokawa K, Sugiyama K, Tomimatsu M, Kurokawa H, Miura H
603 - 606 Large-hole anode-type fast atom beam (LA-FAB) source and its application to high-aspect-ratio GaAs etching
Watanabe K, Hatakeyama M, Ichiki K, Satake T, Kato T, Nagai K
607 - 611 Metallic multilayers by new pulsed vacuum arc
Chun SY, Chayahara A, Horino Y
612 - 616 Effect of mixing of hydrogen into nitrogen plasma
Hirohata Y, Tsuchiya N, Hino T
617 - 621 Injected particle behavior in a thermal plasma
Ramasamy R, Selvarajan V
622 - 625 Measurement on helium atom temperature in the vicinity of substrate in low temperature plasma
Hino T, Yakita S, Hirohata Y
626 - 630 Bubble formation on silicon by helium ion bombardment
Yamauchi Y, Hirohata Y, Hino T, Nishikawa M
631 - 637 Effects of the modified materials on plasma in surface modification by plasma
Katoh M, Miyazaki H, Miyashita K, Ohi S, Tajima K, Ohte T, Kojima A, Ohtani S
638 - 643 Etching of platinum thin films in an inductively coupled plasma
Wuu DS, Kuo NH, Liao FC, Horng RH, Lee MK
644 - 648 Investigation of micro-adhesion by atomic force microscopy
Ouyang Q, Ishida K, Okada K
649 - 653 Studying layer uniformity of sputter coatings by intensity distribution of plasma spectrum
Jaing CC, Cheng MH, Chen JS, Tsai CH, Yeh PS, Kao JS, Hsiao HY
654 - 657 Making parabolic mirrors by electron-beam gun evaporation method with ion-assisted deposition
Jaing CC, Lee CC, Hsu JC, Tien CL
658 - 661 Work function of binary alloys
Ishii R, Matsumura K, Sakai A, Sakata T
662 - 665 Electron emission properties of carbon nanotubes
Hirakawa N, Sonoda S, Tanaka C, Murakami H, Yamakawa H
666 - 670 Tailoring of work function by surface segregation
Yoshitake M, Aparna Y, Yoshihara K
671 - 674 Effect of constituent halogens upon the thermal alkali ion production from alkali halides on tungsten
Kawano H, Ohgami K, Matsui S
675 - 678 A new method to determine the work function of powdery samples
Kawano H, Zhu Y, Tanaka A, Sugimoto S
679 - 684 Water adsorption-desorption on aluminum surface
Chen JR, Hsiung GY, Hsu YJ, Chang SH, Chen CH, Lee WS, Ku JY, Chan CK, Joung LW, Chou WT
685 - 688 Modeling of outgassing or pumping functions of the constituent elements such as chamber walls and high-vacuum pumps
Yoshimura N
689 - 694 Surface cleanness of substrate transported by XHV integrated process
Tosa M, Lee KS, Kim YS, Kasahara A, Yoshihara K
695 - 699 Electrical breakdown characteristics of ozonized water treated oxygen-free copper electrodes in a vacuum and their surface conditions
Sekikawa K, Kobayashi S, Ohira K, Asano K, Saito Y
700 - 705 Electron stimulated gas desorption from copper material and its surface analysis
Nishiwaki M, Kato S
706 - 710 Simulation of photodesorption at the Photon Factory
Sukenobu S, Hori Y
711 - 714 Study of photon stimulated desorption on aluminum alloy with synchrotron light
Hsu YJ, Chang SH, Chuang LW, Ueng TS, Chen JR
715 - 719 KEKB vacuum system
Kanazawa K, Kato S, Suetsugu Y, Hisamatsu H, Shimamoto M, Sato M, Shirai M
720 - 723 Construction of KEKB vacuum system: installation of vacuum chambers
Kanazawa K, Kato S, Suetsugu Y, Hisamatsu H, Shimamoto M, Sato M, Shirai M
724 - 727 Operation of the PF ring vacuum system without an in situ bake-out
Hori Y
728 - 731 Improvement of the PF ring vacuum system
Hori Y
732 - 737 Control of KEKB vacuum system
Kato S, Kanazawa K, Suetsugu Y, Hisamatsu H, Shimamoto M, Sato M, Shirai M, Takagi N
738 - 741 Commissioning of surface chemistry end-station in BL23SU of SPring-8
Teraoka Y, Yoshigoe A
742 - 746 RF-windows used at the KEKB linac
Michizono S, Saito Y, Matsumoto T, Fukuda S, Anami S
747 - 751 Computer simulation of electron trajectories with the space charge in cascade static lens gauge
Mitsui T, Urano T, Tanaka M, Kanaji T
752 - 756 Development of the quadruple mass spectrometer with bessel-box type energy analyzer for the accurate measurement of partial pressures
Takahashi N, Yanagishita K, Hayashi T, Akimichi H, Tuzi Y
757 - 762 Studies on reactive sputtering process of TiN films using small mass analyzers
Banno T, Michizono S, Saito Y
763 - 767 Formation of negative electromotive force and degradation of insulation resistance in ionization vacuum gauges
Kokubun K, Hirata M
768 - 771 Study on the performance prediction of screw vacuum pump
Ohbayashi T, Sawada T, Hamaguchi M, Miyamura H
772 - 776 Direct simulation of pumping characteristics in a fully 3D model of a single-stage turbomolecular pump
Chang YW, Jou RY
777 - 780 The performance of the dry roots pump "DRYMAC" in LP-CVD silicon nitride process
Kanke Y, Tanaka T, Aikawa J, Yuyama J
781 - 786 Computer simulation of the pressure distribution for cyclotron's vacuum chamber and ion beam guide line
El-Shazly MN, Gulbekian GG, Tikhomirov AV
787 - 791 Effects of surface roughness on gas flow conductance in channels estimated by conical roughness model
Sugiyamar W, Sawada T, Yabuki M, Chiba Y
792 - 798 Estimation of minimum power consumption and pumps cost for the differential pumping system
Itou Y, Hirai E, Shimakawa T
799 - 802 Taper-seal type metal sealing system and available applications
Kurokouchi S, Okabe M, Morita S
XVII - XVII Special issue: Proceedings of the First Vacuum and Surface Science Conference of Asia and Australia, Tokyo, Japan, September 8-10, 1999 -Preface
Nakayama K, Yoshimori A, Murata Y