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Applied Surface Science, Vol.168, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 4 Fast selective metal deposition on polymers by using IR and excimer VUV photons
Esrom H
5 - 8 Local laser-assisted chemical vapor deposition of diamond
Toth Z, Mechler A, Heszler P
9 - 12 High power diode laser surface treatment of mullite crucible material
Schmidt MJJ, Li L
13 - 16 Photo-induced preparation of (Ta2O5)(1-x)(TiO2)(x) dielectric thin films using sol-gel processing with xenon excimer lamps
Kaliwoh N, Zhang JY, Boyd IW
17 - 20 Diode laser ablation machining of 316L stainless steel powder/polymer composite material - Effect of powder geometry
Slocombe A, Taufik A, Li L
21 - 24 The effect of pigment addition in diode laser ablation machining of ceramic/polymer composite material
Slocombe A, Clarke J, Li L
25 - 28 The influence of shield gases on the surface condition of laser treated concrete
Lawrence J, Li L
29 - 36 High-intensity sources of incoherent UV and VUV excimer radiation for low-temperature materials processing
Kogelschatz U, Esrom H, Zhang JY, Boyd IW
37 - 40 Silica film preparation by chemical vapor deposition using vacuum ultraviolet excimer lamps
Kurosawa K, Takezoe N, Yanagida H, Miyano J, Motoyama Y, Toshikawa K, Kawasaki Y, Yokotani A
41 - 43 Description of the coherent and incoherent processes in two-photon photoemission on Cu(111) surface
Dappe YJ, Villaeys AA, Lohner FP
44 - 47 Structural and vibrational characterization of hydrogenated carbon nitride thin films obtained by laser-induced CVD
Crunteanu A, Charbonnier M, Romand M, Mugnier J, Alexandrescu R, Negoita F, Pantelica D
48 - 51 Optical and morphological propel-ties of laser photo-deposited hydrogenated CNx thin films
Crunteanu A, Charbonnier M, Romand M, Mugnier J, Sandu C
52 - 56 Photo-induced deposition and characterization of variable bandgap a-SiN : H alloy films
Banerji N, Serra J, Chiussi S, Leon B, Perez-Amor M
57 - 60 Photo-assisted MOCVD of copper using Cu(hfa)(COD) as precursor
Vidal S, Maury F, Gleizes A, Mijoule C
61 - 65 Crystallinity of titania thin films deposited by light induced chemical vapor deposition
Halary E, Haro-Poniatowski E, Benvenuti G, Hoffmann P
66 - 70 Palladium thin film deposition from liquid precursors on polymers by projected excimer beams
Kordas K, Nanai L, Bali K, Stepan K, Vajtai R, George TF, Leppavuori S
71 - 74 Determination of the absorption length of CO2 and high power diode laser radiation for a high volume alumina-based refractory material
Lawrence J, Li L
75 - 78 Modelling of high-aspect ratio microdrilling of polymers with UV laser ablation
Tokarev VN, Lopez J, Lazare S
79 - 84 Photoemission characteristics of diamond films
Vouagner D, Show Y, Kiraly B, Champagnon B, Girardeau-Montaut JP
85 - 88 Tailoring nanoparticles of aromatic and dye molecules by excimer laser irradiation
Tamaki Y, Asahi T, Masuhara H
89 - 91 Fabrication of microlenses by direct
Croutxe-Barghorn C, Soppera O, Lougnot DJ
92 - 95 Various structural changes in SiO2 introduced by one-photon excitation with undulator and two-photon excitation with excimer laser
Awazu K
96 - 99 Influence of atomic collisions in vapour phase on pulsed laser ablation
Gusarov AV, Smurov I
100 - 103 Charged species analysis in YNi2B2C laser ablation by time-of-flight mass spectrometry
Wang X, Amoruso S, Armenante M, Bruzzese R, Spinelli N, Velotta R
104 - 107 Laser-induced evaporation, reactivity and deposition of ZrO2, CeO2, V2O5 and mixed Ce-V oxides
Flamini C, Ciccioli A, Traverso P, Gnecco F, Guidoni AG, Mele A
108 - 113 Sr-ferrite thin films grown on sapphire by pulsed laser deposition
Koleva ME, Zotova S, Atanasov PA, Tomov RI, Ristoscu C, Nelea V, Chiritescu C, Gyorgy E, Ghica C, Mihailescu IN
114 - 117 Laser ablation induced formation of nanoparticles and nanocrystal networks
Paszti Z, Peto G, Horvath ZE, Karacs A
118 - 122 Room temperature growth of indium tin oxide thin films by ultraviolet-assisted pulsed laser deposition
Craciun V, Craciun D, Chen Z, Hwang J, Singh RK
123 - 126 Low-temperature growth of high-k thin films by ultraviolet-assisted pulsed laser deposition
Craciun V, Howard JM, Bassim ND, Singh RK
127 - 131 Pulsed laser deposition of hydroxyapatite thin films on Ti-5A1-2.5Fe substrates with and without buffer layers
Nelea V, Ristoscu C, Chiritescu C, Ghica C, Mihailescu IN, Pelletier H, Mille P, Cornet A
132 - 135 Modelling of growth of thin solid films obtained by pulsed laser deposition
Kuzma M, Bester M, Pyziak L, Stefaniuk I, Virt I
136 - 140 Analysis of the plume expansion from laser ablated SmBaCuO target
Di Trolio A, Morone A, Orlando S, Paladini A
141 - 145 Electrical and optical characterization of multilayered thin film based on pulsed laser deposition of metal oxides
Marotta V, Orlando S, Parisi GP, Giardini A, Perna G, Santoro AM, Capozzi V
146 - 149 Experimental study on droplet generation during excimer laser ablation of polyethylene glycol 1000
Smausz T, Hopp B, Vass C, Toth Z
150 - 153 Comparative study of the expansion dynamics of Ga+ ions in the laser ablation of Ga and GaN using time-resolved extreme UV absorption spectroscopy
Mah KW, Castro J, Costello JT, Kennedy ET, Lunney JG, McGlynn E, van Kampen P, Mosnier JP
154 - 157 Surface phenomena during ArF laser heating of graphite model calculations, fast photographic and electron microscopic imaging
Marton Z, Hopp B, Kantor Z, Safran G, Radnoczi G, Geszti O, Heszler P
158 - 161 The angle dependence of structure formation on excimer laser ablated ramps in stretched poly(ethylene terephthalate)
Wagner F, Hoffmann P
162 - 165 Excimer laser structuring of bulk polyimide material
Danev G, Spassova E, Assa J, Ihlemann J, Schumacher D
166 - 169 Non-selective photoionization for isotope ratio measurements by time of flight mass spectrometry with laser ablation
Vors E, Semerok A, Wagner JF, Fomichev SV
170 - 174 Spectroscopic characteristics of the plume generated during laser ablation of a ceramic-polymer composite
Low DKY, Schmidt MJJ, Li L
175 - 177 VUV laser ablation of polymers Photochemical aspect
Castex MC, Bityurin N, Olivero C, Muraviov S, Bronnikova N, Riedel D
178 - 181 Combination of contour and half-tone masks used in laser ablation
Braun A, Zimmer K, Bigl F
182 - 185 Application of near infrared pyrometry for continuous Nd : YAG laser welding of stainless steel
Bertrand P, Smurov I, Grevey D
186 - 193 Materials modification by electronic excitation
Stoneham AM, Itoh N
194 - 197 Photo-induced ultrathin electropolishing layers on silicon: formation, composition and structural properties
Jungblut H, Lewerenz HJ
198 - 203 Rapid photothermal processing as a semiconductor manufacturing technology for the 21st century
Singh R, Fakhruddin M, Poole KF
204 - 207 Local laser induced rapid thermal oxidation of SOI substrates
Huber M, Deutschmann RA, Neumann R, Brunner K, Abstreiter G
208 - 214 Superconducting and electro-optical thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition technique
Schubert J, Siegert M, Fardmanesh M, Zander W, Prompers M, Buchal C, Lisoni J, Lei CH
215 - 218 Precursor of copper nitride films: laser photoionization of Cu(NH3)n clusters in a supersonic beam
Satta M, Di Palma TM, Paladini A, Guidoni AG
219 - 222 Pulsed laser deposition of epitaxial PbZrxTi1-xO3 ferroelectric capacitors with LaNiO3 and SrRuO3 electrodes
Guerrero C, Sanchez F, Ferrater C, Roldan J, Garcia-Cuenca MV, Varela M
223 - 226 Imposed layer-by-layer growth with pulsed laser interval deposition
Rijnders G, Koster G, Leca V, Blank DHA, Rogalla H
227 - 233 Pulsed laser deposition and characterization of perovskite thin films on various substrates
Biegel W, Klarmann R, Stritzker B, Schey B, Kuhn M
234 - 238 Thin tantalum and tantalum oxide films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Zhang JY, Boyd IW
239 - 243 Ultraviolet-assisted pulsed laser deposition of thin oxide films
Craciun V, Singh RK
244 - 247 Laser deposition of thin SiO2 and ITO films
Acquaviva S, De Giorgi ML, Elia L, Fernandez M, Leggieri G, Luches A, Martino M, Zocco A
248 - 250 Dependence of nitrogen content and deposition rate on nitrogen pressure and laser parameters in ArF excimer laser deposition of carbon nitride films
Szorenyi T, Antoni F, Fogarassy E, Bertoti I
251 - 257 Surface micro-structuring of silicon by excimer-laser irradiation in reactive atmospheres
Pedraza AJ, Fowlkes JD, Jesse S, Mao C, Lowndes DH
258 - 262 Explosive vaporization in fused silica initiated by a tunable infrared laser
Haglund RF, Ermer DR
263 - 266 Ultra short laser pulse induced charged particle emission from wide bandgap crystals
Henyk M, Wolfframm D, Reif J
267 - 269 Pulsed laser ablation of Al-Cu-Fe quasicrystals
Teghil R, D'Alessio L, Simone MA, Zaccagnino M, Ferro D, Sordelet DJ
270 - 272 Polymers designed for laser microstructuring
Lippert T, Wei J, Wokaun A, Hoogen N, Nuyken O
273 - 275 Effect of added Co on the laser ablation of 3,4,9,10-perylene tetracarboxylic dianhydride
Sato H, Nishio S
276 - 279 Picosecond pulsed laser ablation of silicon: a molecular-dynamics study
Lorazo P, Lewis LJ, Meunier M
280 - 283 A multifunctional laser linking and cutting structure for microelectronic circuits
Mende O, Niggemeyer D
284 - 287 Zirconium carbide thin films deposited by pulsed laser ablation
D'Alessio L, Santagata A, Teghil R, Zaccagnino M, Zaccardo I, Marotta V, Ferro D, De Maria G
288 - 291 Ultrathin silicon dioxide films grown by photo-oxidation of silicon using 172 nm excimer lamps
Kaliwoh N, Zhang JY, Boyd IW
292 - 295 Production of low cost contacts and joins for large area devices by electrodeposition of Cu and Sn
Ferreira J, Seiroco H, Fernandes FB, Martins R, Fortunato E, Marvao AP, Martins JI
296 - 299 Lifetime investigation of excimer UV sources
Zhang JY, Boyd IW
300 - 303 Excimer laser treatment of PET before plasma metallization
Petit S, Laurens P, Amouroux J, Arefi-Khonsari F
304 - 306 Surface charge analysis characterisation of ultraviolet-induced damage in silicon nitride dielectrics
Korowicz DH, Kelly PV, Mongey KF, Crean GM
307 - 311 Photo-deposition of tantalum pentoxide film using 222 nm excimer lamps
Zhang JY, Hopp B, Geretovszky Z, Boyd IW
312 - 315 Formation of silicon dioxide layers during UV annealing of tantalum pentoxide film
Zhang JY, Boyd IW
316 - 319 Fabrication of novel 22 GHz hairpin type HTS microstrip filter using laser ablated thin films
Kim CS, Song SC, Lee SY
320 - 323 Excimer-laser induced chemical etching of transition metals
O'Driscoll C, Winfield R, Khalfi K, Kelly PV, Crean GM
324 - 327 Defects at the interface of ultra-thin VUV-grown oxide on Si studied by electron spin resonance
Stesmans A, Afanas'ev VV
328 - 331 Effects of deposition and post-fabrication conditions on photoluminescent properties of nanostructured Si/SiOx films prepared by laser ablation
Kabashin AV, Charbonneau-Lefort M, Meunier M, Leonelli R
332 - 334 Comparison of the optical properties of ZnO thin films grown on various substrates by pulsed laser deposition
Bae SH, Lee SY, Kim HY, Im S
335 - 339 F-2 laser etching of GaN
Akane T, Sugioka K, Nomura S, Hammura K, Aoki N, Toyoda K, Aoyagi Y, Midorikawa K
340 - 344 Influence of PZT template layer on pulsed laser deposited Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O-3 thin films
Verardi P, Dinescu M, Craciun F, Dinu R, Vrejoiu I
345 - 352 Direct writing of conformal mesoscopic electronic devices by MAPLE DW
Chrisey DB, Pique A, Modi R, Wu HD, Auyeung RCY, Young HD
XIII - XIII Photon-induced material processing - Preface
Slaoui A