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1 - 11 Photoemission studies of barrier heights in metal-semiconductor interfaces and heterojunctions
Horn K
12 - 16 Photoemission investigation of MBE-grown HgSe/CdSe heterostructures
Eich D, Hubner D, Ortner K, Kilian L, Becker R, Landwehr G, Fink R, Umbach E
17 - 22 Tracing the valence band maximum during epitaxial growth of HfS2 on WSe2
Kreis C, Traving M, Adelung R, Kipp L, Skibowski M
23 - 29 Polarization fields in nitride nanostructures: 10 points to think about
Bernardini F, Fiorentini V
30 - 34 Electric field effects in ZnSe/BeTe superlattices
Wagner V, Becker M, Weber M, Korn M, Keim M, Waag A, Geurts J
35 - 39 Absorption and emission spectra of InAs/Ga1-xInxSb/AlSb nanostructures for infrared applications
Kitchin MR, Shaw MJ, Corbin E, Hagon JP, Jaros M
40 - 44 Spin-polarized electron transport and emission from strained superlattices
Ambrajei AN, Clendenin JE, Egorov AY, Mamaev YA, Maruyama T, Mulhollan GA, Subashiev AV, Yashin YP, Ustinov VM, Zhukov AE
45 - 50 Electron correlation effects at semiconductor interfaces: a comparison of the Si(111)-3 X 3 and the Sn/Ge(111)-3 X 3 reconstructions
Perez R, Ortega J, Flores F
51 - 56 Si-TiO2 interface evolution at prolonged annealing in low vacuum or N2O ambient
Erkov VG, Devyatova SF, Molodstova EL, Malsteva TV, Yanovskii UA
57 - 60 Stress relaxation by generation of L-shape misfit dislocations in (001) heterostructures with diamond and sphalerite lattices
Kolesnikov AV, Vasilenko AP, Trukhanov EM, Gutakovsky AK
61 - 66 Low-energy argon ion beam treatment of a-Si : H/Si structure
Pincik E, Jergel M, Gmucova K, Gleskova H, Kucera M, Mullerova J, Brunel M, Mikula M
67 - 71 On light-related electrical properties of porous silicon/crystalline silicon structure
Pincik E, Bartos J, Jergel M, Falcony C, Bartos P
72 - 76 Influence of the plasma pretreatment of GaAs(100) and Si(100) surfaces on the optical and structural properties of Si3N4/GaAs and a-SiGe/Si interfaces
Pincik E, Jergel M, Kucera M, van Swaaij RACMM, Ivanco J, Senderak R, Zeman M, Mullerova J, Brunel M
77 - 81 Optical properties of as grown and ion implanted (Ar+,N-2(+),alpha) GaAs nipi doping superlattices
Kunert HW, Malherbe JB, Brink DJ, Odendaal RQ, Prinsloo LC, Camassel J, Allegre J, Zeaiter K, Llinares C
82 - 86 Investigation of the atomic crystal plane relief by X-ray epitaxial film interferometer
Kolesnikov AV, Vasilenko AP, Trukhanov EM, Sokolov LV, Fedorov AA, Pchelyakov OP, Romanov SI
87 - 91 Hexagonal InN/sapphire heterostructures: interplay of interface and layer properties
Mamutin VV, Shubina TV, Vekshin VA, Ratnikov VV, Toropov AA, Ivanov SV, Karlsteen M, Sodervall U, Willander M
92 - 96 Unpinning of Fermi level in nanometer-sized Schottky contacts on GaAs and InP
Hasegawa H, Sato T, Kasai S
97 - 102 Formation, geometric and electronic properties of microrelief Au-GaAs interfaces
Dmitruk NL, Mamykin SV, Rengevych OV
103 - 107 Electronic surface structure of CoSi2(111)/Si(111): implications for ballistic electron-emission microscopy currents
Reuter K, de Andres PL, Garcia-Vidal FJ, Flores F, Heinz K
108 - 112 Ballistic-electron emission microscopy and internal photoemission in Au/Si-structures - a comparison
Blauarmel A, Brauer M, Hoffmann V, Schmidt M
113 - 118 Electronic structure, conductivity and carrier mobility in very thin epitaxial CrSi(111) layers with Si(111) root 3 X root 3/30 LEED pattern
Galkin NG, Konchenko AV, Goroshko DL, Maslov AM, Vavanova SV, Kosikov SI
119 - 124 Interfacial reaction of erbium on homoepitaxial diamond (100) films
Saby C, Tan TAN, Pruvost F, Muret P
125 - 129 Formation of the Co/Si(111)7 X 7 interface: AES- and EELS-study
Plusnin NI, Milenin AP, Prihod'ko DP
130 - 136 Relaxation processes in Au-TiB2/GaAs structures under short-term thermal annealing
Kryshtab TG, Lytvyn OS, Lytvyn PM, Prokopenko IV
137 - 142 Structure of Fe layers grown on InAs(100)
Teodorescu CM, Chevrier F, Richter C, Ilakovac V, Heckmann O, Lechevalier L, Brochier R, Johnson RL, Hricovini K
143 - 148 Study of Fe deposition upon a layered compound: GaSe
Zerrouki M, Lacharme JP, Ghamnia M, Sebenne CA, Eddrief M, Abidri B
149 - 153 Initial processes of a Ni adatom on the Si(001) surface: a first-principles study
Higai S, Ohno T
154 - 159 Structure and magnetic properties of electrodeposited Co films onto Si(100)
Cerisier M, Attenborough K, Celis JP, Van Haesendonck C
160 - 164 Thin Ag film formation onto Si/SiO2 substrate
Iida S, Okui T, Tai T, Akao S
165 - 172 Reconstructions of GaN and InGaN surfaces
Feenstra RM, Chen HJ, Ramachandran V, Smith AR, Greve DW
173 - 178 The morphology of high-index GaAs surfaces
Jacobi K, Geelhaar L, Marquez J, Platen J, Setzer C
179 - 184 (001) Surfaces of GaP and InP: structural motifs, electronic states and optical signatures
Schmidt WG, Bernholc J, Bechstedt F
185 - 189 Raman spectroscopy of surface phonons on Sb-terminated Si(001)
Hinrichs K, Power JR, Esser N, Richter W
190 - 195 Atomic structure and composition of the P-rich InP(001) surfaces
Vogt P, Frisch AM, Hannappel T, Visbeck S, Willig F, Jung C, Follath R, Braun W, Richter W, Esser N
196 - 200 X-ray standing wave study of wet-etch sulphur-treated InP(100) surfaces
McGovern IT, Koebbel A, Leslie A, Dudzik E, Mitchell CEJ, McLean AB, Patchett A, Zahn DRT, Evans DA, Woodruff DP, Cowie BCC
201 - 208 Atomic and electronic structure of epitaxial PbS on InP(110) and InP(001)
Preobrajenski AB, Chasse T
209 - 213 Surface structure and local bonding on the Si(111)-Ce surface
Rad MG, Gothelid M, Hirschauer B, Karlsson UO
214 - 219 Temperature effect on the reconstruction of Sb/Si(001) interface studied by high resolution core level spectroscopy and RHEED analysis
De Padova P, Larciprete R, Quaresima C, Reginelli A, Perfetti P
220 - 223 Scanning tunneling microscopy evidence of background contamination-induced 2 X 1 ordering of the beta-SiC(100) c(4 X 2) surface
Douillard L, Fauchoux O, Aristov V, Soukiassian P
224 - 230 Angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy of the InP(001) surface
Frisch AM, Vogt P, Visbeck S, Hannappel T, Willig F, Braun W, Richter W, Bernholc J, Schmidt WG, Esser N
231 - 236 Photoemission study of Gd atoms on CdTe(100) surface
Guziewicz E, Szamota-Sadowska K, Kowalski BJ, Orlowski BA, Ghijsen J, Johnson RL
237 - 241 Oxide formation on the CdTe(111) A (1 X 1) surface
Kowalski BJ, Orlowski BA, Ghijsen J
242 - 246 Surface morphologies of III-V based magnetic semiconductor (Ga,Mn) As grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Yang JR, Yasuda H, Wang SL, Matsukura F, Ohno Y, Ohno H
247 - 252 Surface morphology of MnAs overlayers grown by MBE on GaAs(111)B substrates
Sadowski J, Kanski J, Ilver L, Johansson J
253 - 258 Atomic hydrogen cleaning, nitriding and annealing InSb (100)
Haworth L, Lu J, Westwood DI, MacDonald JE
259 - 262 Characterisation of surface morphological defects in MBE-grown GaN0.1As0.9 layers on GaAs
Zsebok O, Thordson JV, Ilver L, Sodervall U, Andersson TG
263 - 267 Photoemission measurements of quantum states in accumulation layers at narrow band gap III-V semiconductor surfaces
Aristov VY, Zhilin VM, Grupp C, Taleb-Ibrahimi A, Kim HJ, Mangat PS, Soukiassian P, Le Lay G
268 - 272 Si surface band-gap shift on top of buried Ge quantum dots
Klemenc M, Meyer T, von Kanel H
273 - 277 Simulation of excitonic spectra in electric field to characterize the quality of low dimensional structures
Lazarenkova OL, Pikhtin AN
278 - 283 Excitons as a probe of interface morphology in Cd(Zn) Se/ZnSe heterostructures
Toropov AA, Shubina TV, Sorokin SV, Kyutt RN, Ivanov SV, Pozina GR, Bergman JP, Monemar B, Karlsteen M, Willander M
284 - 289 Characterization of surface nanostructures by STM light emission: individual GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells
Ushioda S, Tsuruoka T, Ohizumi Y
290 - 294 Strain mapping of V-groove InGaAs/GaAs strained quantum wires using cross-sectional Atomic Force Microscopy
Lelarge F, Priester C, Constantin C, Rudra A, Leifer K, Kapon E
295 - 299 STM study of the charged defects on the Ge(111)-c(2 x 8) surface and the effect of density of states on defect-induced perturbation
Lee G, Mai H, Chizhov I, Willis RF
300 - 303 Misfit dislocations and radiative efficiency of InxGa1-xN/GaN quantum wells
Rebane YT, Shreter YG, Wang WN
304 - 308 Raman and photoluminescence spectroscopy from as grown and 147 keV Ar+-ion implanted AlxGa1-xAs/GaAs quantum wells
Kunert HW
309 - 312 Direct observation of interface effects of thin AlAs(100) layers buried in GaAs
Agui A, Sathe C, Guo JH, Nordgren J, Mankefors S, Nilsson PO, Kanski J, Andersson TG, Karlsson K
313 - 316 Electronic structure of ultrathin AlAs(100) layers buried in GaAs
Mankefors S
317 - 321 Nanocrystals at MBE-grown GaN/GaAs(001) interfaces
Zsebok O, Thordson JV, Ilver L, Andersson TG
322 - 325 Formation of self-organized CdSe quantum dots on ZnSe(100) surfaces by molecular beam epitaxy
Maehashi K, Yasui N, Murase Y, Shikimi A, Nakashima H
326 - 331 Strained InAs nanostructures self-organised on high-index InP(113)B
Brault J, Gendry M, Grenet G, Solere A, Phaner-Goutorbe M, Robach Y, Porte L, Hollinger G
332 - 335 Formation and stability of II-VI self-assembled quantum dots revealed by in situ atomic force microscopy
Kratzert PR, Rabe M, Henneberger F
336 - 340 Smooth interface effects on the confinement properties of GaSb/AlxGa1-xSb quantum wells
Adib AB, de Sousa JS, Farias GA, Freire VN
341 - 345 Spatial distribution of Cd in CdSe/ZnSe superlattices studied by X-ray diffraction
Kyutt RN, Toropov AA, Shubina TV, Sorokin SV, Ivanov SV, Karlsteen M, Willander M
346 - 348 The peculiarity of ultra cold neutrons scattering on the superlattice of non-equilibrium magnetization in ferromagnetic semiconductors
Semchuk OY
349 - 353 Effect of adsorption and desorption processes on photoluminescence excitation spectra of porous silicon
Korsunskaya NE, Kaganovich EB, Khomenkova LY, Bulakh BM, Dzhumaev BR, Beketov GV, Manoilov EG
354 - 362 Organic semiconductor interfaces: electronic structure and transport properties
Hill IG, Milliron D, Schwartz J, Kahn A
363 - 369 Substrate influence on the ordering of organic submonolayers: a comparative study of PTCDA on Ag(110) and Ag(111) using HREELS
Tautz FS, Sloboshanin S, Shklover V, Scholz R, Sokolowski M, Schaefer JA, Umbach E
370 - 375 First-principle analysis of the dissociative adsorption of formic acid on rutile TiO2(110)
Kackell P, Terakura K
376 - 379 The interface formation of PTCDA on Se-modified GaAs(100) surfaces
Park S, Querner T, Kampen TU, Braun W, Zahn DRT
380 - 386 An experimental study of poly(9,9-dioctyl-fluorene) and its interface with Li and LiF.
Greczynski G, Fahlman M, Salaneck WR
387 - 391 Optical characterisation of PTCDA films grown on passivated semiconductor substrates
Kampen TU, Salvan G, Friedrich M, Tenne DA, Park S, Zahn DRT
392 - 398 The status and promise of compliant substrate technology
Brown AS, Doolittle WA
399 - 405 Initial stage of the Bi surfactant-mediated growth of Ge on Si(111): a structural study
Schmidt T, Falta J, Materlik G
406 - 412 Patterned growth on high-index GaAs (311) A substrates
Notzel R, Ploog KH
413 - 417 Arsenic flux dependence of InAs nanostructure formation on GaAs (211) B surface
Yasuda H, Matsukura F, Ohno Y, Ohno H
418 - 422 Investigation into the influence of buffer and nitrided layers on the initial stages of GaN growth on InSb (100)
Haworth L, Lu J, Westwood DI, Macdonald JE
423 - 427 Influence of N/Ga-flux ratio on optical properties and surface morphology of GaN grown on sapphire(0001) by MBE
Zsebok O, Thordson JV, Zhao QX, Andersson TG
428 - 432 Surface crystallization of ion-implantation damaged Si95Ge5 on Si(100)
Peto G, Horvath ZE, Kanski J
433 - 436 Diffusion of Ga on the GaAs (113) surface in the [1(1)over-bar-0] direction during MOVPE growth
Pristovsek M, Menhal H, Zettler JT, Richter W
437 - 441 Van der Waals-xenotaxy: growth of GaSe(0001) on low index silicon surfaces
Rudolph R, Pettenkofer C, Klein A, Jaegermann W
442 - 445 Surface morphology and strain relaxation of InAlAs buffer layers grown lattice mismatched on GaAs with inverse steps
Cordier Y, Ferre D, Chauveau JM, Dipersio J
446 - 450 Strained layer growth of Ga1-xInxP on GaAs (100) and GaP (100) substrates
Wallart X, Mollot F
451 - 454 Formation energy of threefold coordinated oxygen in SiO2 systems
Pasquarello A
455 - 459 Atomic structure of SiO2 at SiO2/Si interfaces
Hirose K, Nohira H, Sakano K, Hattori T
460 - 464 Detection of interface states correlated with SiO2/Si(111) interface structures
Watanabe N, Teramoto Y, Omura A, Nohira H, Hattori T
465 - 468 The growth chemistry and interfacial properties of silicon oxynitride and metal oxide ultrathin films on silicon
Lu HC, Gusev E, Yasuda N, Green M, Alers G, Garfunkel E, Gustafsson T
469 - 474 Strong exciton energy blue shift in annealed Si/SiO2 single quantum wells
de Sousa JS, Wang H, Farias GA, Freire VN, da Silva EF
475 - 479 Defect structure relaxation process in the Si-SiO2 system
Kropman D, Abru U, Karner T
480 - 484 The Auger transistor based on the Al-SiO2-n-Si heterostructure
Ostroumova EV, Rogachev AA
485 - 491 Barrier layer model determined by XPS data for tunneling current reductions at monolayer nitrided Si-SiO2 interfaces
Niimi H, Yang HY, Lucovsky G, Keister JW, Rowe JE
492 - 496 Influence of tetraethylammonium bromide on phase inhomogeneity of disperse vanadium dioxide particles in matrix of polyethylene glycol
Turov VV, Gorbik PP, Ogenko VM, Chulga OV, Semchuk OY, Chuiko AA, Karlsteen M
497 - 503 Limitations for aggressively scaled CMOS Si devices due to bond coordination constraints and reduced band offset energies at Si-high-k dielectric interfaces
Lucovsky G, Phillips JC
504 - 507 Characterisation of the BaTiO3/p-Si interface and applications
Evangelou EK, Konofaos N, Craven MR, Cranton WM, Thomas CB
508 - 512 Fermi level-dependent defect formation at Cu(In,Ga) Se-2 interfaces
Klein A, Fritsche J, Jaegermann W, Schon JH, Kloc C, Bucher E
513 - 519 Charge redistribution at GaN-Ga2O3 interfaces: a microscopic mechanism for low defect density interfaces in remote-plasma-processed MOS devices prepared on polar GaN faces
Therrien R, Lucovsky G, Davis R
520 - 525 On the nature of transition layer and heat tolerance of TiBx/GaAs-based contacts
Dmitruk NL, Ermolovich IB, Konakova RV, Lytvyn OS, Lytvyn PM, Milenin VV, Prokopenko IV, Venger EF, Voitsikhovskyi DI, Boltovets NS, Ivanov VN
526 - 531 In situ UHV contactless C-V and XPS characterization of surface passivation process for InP using a partially nitrided Si interface control layer
Takahashi H, Hasegawa H
532 - 537 p-n junction formed in structures with macro-porous silicon
Grigoras K, Jasutis V, Pacebutas V, Sabataityte J, Simkiene I
XIII - XIII Special issue: Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on the Formation of Semiconductor Interfaces, Goteborg, Sweden, June 21-25, 1999 - Preface
Kanski J, Nilsson PO