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1 - 8 Physical properties of cubic SiC(001) surfaces from first-principles simulations
Galli G, Pizzagalli L, Catellani A, Gygi F, Baratoff A
9 - 18 Surface structure of hexagonal SiC surfaces: key to crystal growth and interface formation?
Heinz K, Starke U, Bernhardt J, Schardt J
19 - 24 Characterization of the 6H-SiC(0001) surface and the interface with Ti layer with the Schottky limit
Hara S
25 - 29 Initial stage of room temperature reaction at Ni/Si(111)-H interfaces
Hirose K, Hanta A, Uda M
30 - 36 Reconstruction, step edges and self-organization on the Au(111) surface
Repain V, Berroir JM, Rousset S, Lecoeur J
37 - 41 Formation and decay processes of three-dimensional silicon islands on the Si(111)7x7 surface
Hayashi K, Ichimiya A
42 - 47 Surface electronic transport on silicon: donor- and acceptor-type adsorbates on Si(111)-root 3 x root 3-Ag substrate
Hasegawa S, Tsuchie K, Toriyma K, Tong X, Nagao T
48 - 55 Dynamical fluctuation and surface phase transition at the Sn/Ge(111) root 3 x root 3R30 degrees-alpha interface
Avila J, Huttel Y, Le Lay G, Asensio MC
56 - 61 CoO(111) surface study by surface X-ray diffraction
Mocuta C, Barbier A, Renaud G
62 - 68 Atomic-scale surface morphology of ultrathin thermal oxide formed on Si(100) surface
Fujimura M, Inoue K, Nohira H, Hattori T
69 - 73 The hexagonal polar ZnO(0001)-(1 x 1) surfaces: structural features as stemming from X-ray diffraction
Jedrecy N, Sauvage-Simkin M, Pinchaux R
74 - 77 Semiconductor on metal adsorption: Ge tetramers on the Ag(001) surface
Oughaddou H, Aufray B, Le Lay G, Gay JM, Zeysing JH, Johnson RL, Barrett N, Guillot C
78 - 85 Quantum well photoemission from atomically uniform Ag films: determination of electronic band structure and quasi-particle lifetime in Ag(100)
Paggel JJ, Miller T, Luh DA, Chiang TC
86 - 93 STM-TIP induced surface diffusion of copper on copper (100)
Dulot F, Eugene J, Kierren B, Malterre D
94 - 99 Modeling of the beta-SiC(001)(3x2) surface reconstruction
Shevlin SA, Fisher AJ
100 - 110 Numerical studies of anomalous fast diffusion in metallic alloys and semiconductors
Hasnaoui A, Benmakhlouf A, Hoummada A, Naciri JK, Menai A
111 - 115 Si2H6 adsorption and hydrogen desorption on Si(100) investigated by infrared spectroscopy
Niwano M, Shinohara M, Neo Y, Yokoo K
116 - 121 Modeling of a SiO2/Si(001) structure including step and terrace configurations
Watanabe T, Ohdomari I
122 - 132 Fractal model of a porous semiconductor
Aroutiounian VM, Ghoolinian MZ, Tributsch H
133 - 138 Equilibrium shape changes of nanocrystals induced by strain
Muller P, Kern R
139 - 145 Dissociative adsorption of monomethylsilane on Si(100) as revealed by comparative temperature-programmed desorption studies on H/, C2H2/, and MMS/Si(100)
Nakazawa H, Suemitsu M
146 - 151 Isotopic shift and broadening of Si-D bending vibration on Si(111)
Watanabe S
152 - 155 Theoretical investigation of the island formation on a hydrogen-terminated Si(001) surface
Nara J, Ohno T, Kajiyama H, Hashizume T
156 - 160 Surface reaction of CH3SiH3 on Ge(100) and Si(100)
Takatsuka T, Fujiu M, Sakuraba M, Matsuura T, Murota J
161 - 167 Adsorption and decomposition of methylsilanes on Si(100)
Shinohara M, Maehama T, Niwano M
168 - 171 The role of the surface phases in surface conductivity
Tsoukanov DA, Ryzhkov SV, Gruznev DV, Lifshits VG
172 - 177 Nitridation of an InP(001) surface by nitrogen ion beams
Suzuki Y, Kumano H, Tomota W, Sanada N, Fukuda Y
178 - 183 High resolution synchrotron radiation PES study of PbPc deposited on Pt(111)
Papageorgiou N, Mossoyan JC, Mossoyan-Deneux M, Terzian G, Janin E, Gothelid M, Giovanelli L, Layet JM, Le Lay G
184 - 189 Formation of two-dimensional graphite islands on the Pt(110)(1x2) surface
Janin E, Gothelid M, Karlsson UO
190 - 197 Pt3Ti alloy formation on the Pt(111) surface
Ringler S, Janin E, Boutonnet-Kizling M, Gothelid M
198 - 207 Structural analysis of epitaxial Fe films on Ni(001)
Gazzadi GC, Luches P, D'Addato S, Marassi L, Capelli R, Pasquali L, Valeri S, Nannarone S
208 - 212 First stages in the formation of ultra thin nickel layers on Cu(111) and Ge(111) and dissolution: an AES comparative study
Girardeaux C, Tokei Z, Clugnet G, Rolland A
213 - 218 Determination of grain-boundary diffusion coefficients by Auger electron spectroscopy
Erdelyi Z, Girardeaux C, Langer GA, Daroczi L, Rolland A, Beke DL
219 - 226 Molecular dynamics simulations for the Ag/Cu (111) system: from segregated to constitutive interfacial vacancies
Meunier I, Treglia G, Legrand B, Tetot R, Aufray B, Gay JM
227 - 232 Calculation of scanning inelastic tunneling profiles of adsorbates: acetylene on Cu(100)
Mingo N, Makoshi K
233 - 238 Structure and dynamics of NiO(001) and Ni/NiO(001) surfaces by molecular dynamics simulation
Karakasidis TE, Papageorgiou DG, Evangelakis GA
239 - 244 Valence spin ordering of the superconducting multilayer below extraordinarily high temperatures
Tsukui K, Yata M, Ohdomari I, Osaka T, Yagi N, Tsukui H
245 - 249 Heterostructures of La0.67Sr0.33MnO3/SrTiO3/La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 grown by pulsed laser deposition on (001) SrTiO3
Lyonnet R, Maurice JL, Hytch MJ, Michel D, Contour JP
250 - 255 Negative electron affinity and electron emission at cesiated GaN and AlN surfaces
Wu CI, Kahn A
256 - 262 Islands as catalyst for film relaxation in Bi-mediated Ge epitaxy on Si(111)
Falta J, Schmidt T, Materlik G, Zeysing J, Falkenberg G, Johnson RL
263 - 269 Role of In(4 x 1) superstructure on the heteroepitaxy of InSb on Si(111) substrate
Rao BV, Okamoto T, Shinmura A, Gruznev D, Tambo T, Tatsuyama C
270 - 274 Epitaxy of ionic insulators on a vicinal metal substrate: KCl and RbI on Cu(211)
Folsch S, Helms A, Rieder KH
275 - 279 Near-field optical microscopy with a free-electron laser in the 1-10-mu m spectral range
Cricenti A
280 - 292 Atomic layer deposition of Al2O3 and SiO2 on BN particles using sequential surface reactions
Ferguson JD, Weimer AW, George SM
293 - 298 Transition from random to island growth mode during Si(100)-(2 x 1) dry oxidation and its description with autocatalytic reaction model
Suemitsu M, Enta Y, Miyanishi Y, Takegawa Y, Miyamoto N
299 - 303 In situ electron spin resonance of initial oxidation processes of Si surfaces
Umeda T, Yamasaki S, Nishizawa M, Yasuda T, Tanaka K
304 - 308 Elastic scattering of Si 2p photoelectrons in ultrathin silicon oxides
Nohira H, Hirose K, Takahashi K, Hattori T
309 - 318 Effects of electron irradiation on the structure and morphology of CaF2/Si(111)
Wollschlager J, Hildebrandt T, Kayser R, Viernow J, Klust A, Batjer J, Hille A, Schmidt T, Falta J
319 - 325 Real-time analysis of alternating growth on GaAs(001) by core-level photoelectron spectroscopy
Maeda F, Watanabe Y
326 - 331 Low-temperature (200 degrees C) growth of diamond on nano-seeded substrates
Hiraki A
332 - 339 Self assembling growth of triangular pyramidal ge islands on a Si(111)-root 3 x root 3-R30 degrees-B surface phase
Schulze J, Stimpel T, Baumgartner H, Eisele I
340 - 345 Combined photoelectron and X-ray diffraction from ultrathin Fe films on Cu3Au(001)
Bruno F, Cvetko D, Floreano L, Gotter R, Mannori C, Mattera L, Moroni R, Prandi S, Terreni S, Verdini A, Canepa M
346 - 353 The screening of a potential of charged centers by quasi-two-dimensional electrons in transverse electric field
Aghababyan GS, Aroutiounian VM, Mikaelyan LV, Petrosyan SG
354 - 358 Self-surfactant effect of As on a GaAs(111)A surface
Taguchi A, Shiraishi K, Ito T
359 - 367 Preparation of a 10 nm thick single-crystal silicon membrane self-supporting over a diameter of 1 mm
Utteridge SJ, Sashin VA, Canney SA, Ford MJ, Fang Z, Oliver DR, Vos M, Weigold E
368 - 374 Studies on thermal property and atomic structure of the (Bi,Sb) /Si(111) surface
Yuhara J, Matsuda K, Hattori Y, Morita K
375 - 379 Electronic structure of alpha and gamma phases of Si(111)-root 3 x root 3-Sn
Charrier A, Themlin JM, Thibaudau F, Forbeaux I, Debever JM
380 - 383 Sb-terminated Si(110), Si(100) and Si(111) surfaces studied with high resolution core-level spectroscopy
Cricenti A, Ottaviani C, Comicioli C, Crotti C, Ferrari L, Quaresima C, Perfetti P, Le Lay G
384 - 389 In-situ STM studies of the self-assembling formation of boron surface phases on Si(111)
Stimpel T, Schulze J, Hoster HE, Eisele I, Baumgartner H
390 - 394 Atomic-layer adsorption of P on Si(100) and Ge(100) by PH3 using an ultraclean low-pressure chemical vapor deposition
Shimamune Y, Sakuraba M, Matsuura T, Murota J
395 - 400 Trap creation in ultrathin SiO2 films due to electron injection studied by scanning tunneling microscopy/scanning tunneling spectroscopy
Ohmori K, Zaima S, Yasuda Y
401 - 405 Conducting atomic force microscopy studies on local electrical properties of ultrathin SiO2 films
Ando A, Hasunuma R, Maeda T, Sakamoto K, Miki K, Nishioka Y, Sakamoto T
406 - 412 Solid-state graphitization mechanisms of silicon carbide 6H-SiC polar faces
Forbeaux I, Themlin JM, Charrier A, Thibaudau F, Debever JM
413 - 418 Self-organized 1D nanostructures on the beta-SiC(100) surface: silicon atomic lines and dimer vacancy chains
Derycke V, Pham NP, Fonteneau P, Soukiassian P, Aboulet-Nze P, Monteil Y, Mayne AJ, Dujardin G, Gautier J
419 - 424 Adsorption processes of Se on the GaAs(111)A-(2x2) surface
Ohtake A, Komura T, Hanada T, Miwa S, Yasuda T, Yao T
425 - 429 Growth and optimization of InAs/GaSb and GaSb/InAs interfaces
Tahraoui A, Tomasini P, Lassabatere L, Bonnet J
430 - 434 Macrostep and mound formation during AlGaAs growth on vicinal GaAs(110) studied by scanning tunneling microscopy
Hasegawa S, Arakawa K, Oooka H, Nakashima H
435 - 439 Oxidation process of an Al micro-cluster
Hoshino T, Sekino A, Hata M, Tsuda M
440 - 444 Stable structures of Al micro-clusters and their characteristics for electric charging
Ueno J, Hoshino T, Hata M, Tsuda M
445 - 451 Changes in the dipolar vibrational fingerprint of C-60 upon adsorption and K intercalation
Silien C, Caudano Y, Peremans A, Thiry PA
452 - 456 Carbon nanotube synthesized on metallic substrates
Emmenegger C, Mauron P, Zuttel A, Nutzenadel C, Schneuwly A, Gallay R, Schlapbach L
457 - 463 Dependence of the electron affinity of homoepitaxially grown CVD diamond on the amount of surface oxygen
Yokoyama M, Ito T
464 - 468 Electron-beam-induced patterning of thin film arsenic-based chalcogenides
Mietzsch K, Fitzgerald AG
469 - 473 MBE-growth of novel MnF2-CaF2 superlattices on Si(111) and their characterization
Sokolov NS, Takeda Y, Banshchikov AG, Harada J, Inaba K, Ofuchi H, Tabuchi M, Yakovlev NL
474 - 478 Optical detection of electron transfer through interfaces in CdF2 : Eu-CdF2 SLs
Suturin SM, Basun SA, Gastev SV, Langer JM, Meltzer RS, Sokolov NS
479 - 491 Atomically controlled growth of tungsten and tungsten nitride using sequential surface reactions
Klaus JW, Ferro SJ, George SM
492 - 498 Influence of oxidation conditions on the properties of indium oxide thin films
Girtan M, Rusu GI, Rusu GG, Gurlui S
499 - 503 Flat-band voltage control of a back-gate MOSFET by single ion implantation
Shinada T, Ishikawa A, Hinoshita C, Koh M, Ohdomari I
504 - 507 Analysis of metal features produced by uv irradiation of organometallic films
Berry GJ, Cairns JA, Davidson MR, Fan YC, Fitzgerald AG, Thomson J, Shaikh W
508 - 512 The 3D unoccupied band structure of graphite by very-low-energy electron diffraction
Strocov VN, Blaha P, Starnberg HI, Claessen R, Debever JM, Themlin JM
513 - 518 A chemical and morphological study of fullerene derivatives Langmuir-Blodgett films
Giovanelli L, Le Lay G
519 - 528 Physical properties of self-assembled nanosized cobalt particles
Petit C, Pileni MP
529 - 536 Growth of self-organized nanosized Co pillars in Au(111) using an alternating deposition process
Fruchart O, Klaua M, Barthel J, Kirschner J
537 - 546 Electronic transport in ultrathin epitaxial Pb films on Si(111) surfaces
Pfennigstorf O, Lang K, Gunter HL, Henzler M
547 - 552 Analysis on electrical properties of ultrathin SiO2/Si(111) interfaces with an atomic force microscope
Hasunuma R, Ando A, Miki K, Nishioka Y
553 - 558 Local photon emission of self-assembled metal nanoparticles
Taleb A, Gusev AO, Silly F, Charra F, Pileni MP
559 - 564 1D electronic properties in temperature-induced c(4x2) to 2x1 transition on the beta-SiC(100) surface
Enriquez H, Derycke V, Aristov VY, Soukiassian P, Le Lay G, di Cioccio L, Cricenti A, Croti C, Ferrari L, Perfetti P
565 - 570 Quantum size effect in TiO2 nanoparticles: does it exist?
Monticone S, Tufeu R, Kanaev AV, Scolan E, Sanchez C
571 - 575 Thermodynamic aspects of the interaction of hydrogen with Pd clusters
Zuttel A, Nutzenadel C, Schmid G, Emmenegger C, Sudan P, Schlapbach L
576 - 583 Kinetic evolution of self-organised SiGe nanostructures
Ronda A, Abdallah M, Gay JM, Stettner J, Berbezier I
584 - 589 Staggered vertical self-organization of stacked InAs/InAlAs quantum wires on InP(001)
Brault J, Gendry M, Marty O, Pitaval M, Olivares J, Grenet G, Hollinger G
590 - 594 One-dimensional alignment of InAs dots on strain-controlled InGaAs layers by selective-area molecular-beam epitaxy
Yamaguchi K, Hiraike T, Kawaguchi K
595 - 598 Nanostructures obtained by self-organization of silicon surfaces
Rottger B, Hanbucken M, Neddermeyer H
599 - 603 Simple nanostructuring on silicon surface by means of focused beam patterning and wet etching
Koh M, Sawara S, Shinada T, Goto T, Ando Y, Ohdomari I
604 - 612 Influence of the substrate on the self-assemblies of silver sulfide nanocrystals
Motte L, Lacaze E, Maillard M, Pileni MP
613 - 619 Transmission through Peierls distorted one-dimensional atomic wires: quantum coherent electron-phonon coupling
Ness H, Fisher AJ
620 - 624 Probing the internal structure of nanowires
McLean AB, Hill IG
625 - 629 Effect of strain on the chemical bonds in InAs nanocrystals self-organized on GaAs and Se-terminated GaAs surfaces
Watanabe Y, Maeda F
630 - 637 A novel STM-based depth profiling technique for the electronic characterisation of thin film materials
Fan Y, Fitzgerald AG, Cairns JA, John P, Troupe CE, Wilson JIB
638 - 643 Co-deposition of In and Sn on the Si(100)2x1 surface: growth of a one-dimensional alloy?
Jure L, Magaud L, Mallet P, Veuillen JY
644 - 649 Cluster calculations of optical absorption spectra of 2D metal particles arrays: cluster size effects
Russier V, Pileni MP
650 - 654 Self-formed quantum nano-structures by selective area MOVPE and their application to GaAs single electron devices
Nakajima F, Motohisa J, Fukui T
655 - 661 Optical anisotropy of organized silver nanoparticles in 2D superlattice
Taleb A, Russier V, Courty A, Pileni MP
662 - 665 Nucleation and growth of Cu clusters on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite observed with an in situ electrochemical scanning tunneling microscope
Tanii T, Hara K, Ishibashi K, Ohta K, Ohdomari I
666 - 669 Charge density waves affected by Rb nanowire network formation on 1T-TaS2
Adelung R, Brandt J, Tarcak L, Kipp L, Skibowski M
670 - 678 Reactivity of metal nanoclusters: nitric oxide adsorption and CO plus NO reaction on Pd/MgO model catalysts
Piccolo L, Henry CR
679 - 684 CO adsorption on Al2O3-supported Pd clusters: XPS study
Johanek V, Stara I, Tsud N, Veltruska K, Matolin V
685 - 689 ESR studies of magnetic clusters in Li1-xNi1+xO2
Reynaud F, Ghorayeb AM, Ksari Y, Stepanov A, Delmas C
XIII - XIII ACSIN-5 - Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Atomically Controlled Surfaces, Interfaces and Nanostructures - Aix en Provence, France, July 6-9, 1999 - Preface
Bernardini J, Dallaporta H, Le Lay G, Soukiassian P