Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.161, No.1-2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

In this Issue (39 articles)

1 - 8 Analysis of the emission performance of field emitter with Laplace interpolation method
Lei W, Wang BP, Li GH, Yin HC, Tu Y
9 - 13 Light emission characteristics and negative resistance phenomenon of Si-based metal/insulator/semiconductor tunnel junction
Wang MX, Yu JH, Sun CX
14 - 19 Influence of free surface and interfaces on diffusion coefficients in Pd-Ag and Pd-Au polycrystalline thin films systems
Vasilyev AD, Bekrenev AN
20 - 26 Investigation of beta-In2S3 growth on different transparent conductive oxides
Barreau N, Marsillac S, Bernede JC, Barreau A
27 - 34 Influence of post-thermal annealing on the properties of sprayed cadmium-zinc oxide thin films
Vigil O, Cruz F, Santana G, Vaillant L, Morales-Acevedo A, Contreras-Puente G
35 - 46 Surface segregation on Fe-25 %Cr-2 %Ni-0.14%Sb-N,S (100) single crystal surfaces
Clauberg E, Janovec J, Uebing C, Viefhaus H, Grabke HJ
47 - 53 The fractal dimension of stone pore surface as weathering descriptor
Bernal JLP, Lopez MAB
54 - 60 Optically thin palladium films on silicon-based substrates and nanostructure formation: effects of hydrogen
Othonos A, Kalli K, Tsai DP
61 - 73 XPS and HRTEM characterization of cobalt-nickel silicide thin films
Garcia-Mendez M, Castillon FF, Hirata GA, Farias MH, Beamson G
74 - 77 Growth and microstructure of MgO thin films on Si(100) substrates by metal-organic molecular beam epitaxy
Niu F, Hoerman BH, Wessels BW
78 - 85 Acetonitrile sensing characteristics and infrared study of SnO2-based gas sensors
Sohn JR, Park HD, Lee DD
86 - 93 Preparation and adsorption properties of Mo2N model catalyst
Zhu JF, Guo JC, Zhai RS, Bao X, Zhang XY, Zhuang S
94 - 104 XPS and SEM characterization of electrodeposited transition metals on zirconia
Ikonomov J, Stoychev D, Marinova T
105 - 108 Potassium surface stability and electronic promotion in K-NbN0.9O0.1 catalysts
Kotarba A, Adamski G, Sojka Z, Djega-Mariadassou G
109 - 114 Atomic force and magnetic force microscopics applied to duplex stainless steels
Dias A, Andrade MS
115 - 122 Interfacial silicon oxide formation during synthesis of ZrO2 on Si(100)
Sun YM, Lozano J, Ho H, Park HJ, Veldman S, White JM
123 - 130 Zn-vapor diffused Er : Yb : LiNbO3 channel waveguides fabricated by means of SiO2 electron cyclotron resonance plasma deposition
Pernas PL, Hernandez MJ, Ruiz E, Cantelar E, Nevado R, Morant C, Lifante G, Cusso F
131 - 138 Neural networks in studies on oxidation behavior of laser surface engineered composite boride coatings
Godavarty A, Agarwal A, Dahotre NB
139 - 148 Determination of total primary zero loss intensities in measured electron emission spectra of bare and oxidised metals - Application to aluminium oxide films on aluminium substrates
Jeurgens LPH, Sloof WG, Borsboom CG, Tichelaar FD, Mittemeijer EJ
149 - 154 Incubation time for chemical vapor deposition of copper from hexafluoroacetylacetonate-copper(I)-vinyltrimethoxysilane
Hong LS, Jeng MG
155 - 162 Study of laser induced damage threshold and effect of inclusions in some nonlinear crystals
Bhar GC, Chaudhary AK, Kumbhakar P
163 - 169 Influences of SO2 and O-3 on the ageing of paper investigated by in situ diffuse reflectance FTIR and time-resolved trace gas analysis
Johansson A, Lennholm H
170 - 177 Effect of the substrate state on the microstructure and tribological properties of sulphide layer on 1045 steel
Zhang N, Zhuang DM, Liu JJ, Fang XD, Guan MX
178 - 186 Multifunctional molecular materials combining photoelectric conversion and second-order optical nonlinearities in LB monolayer films
Li FY, Zheng J, Huang CH, Jin LP, Huang YY, Guo JQ, Liu TT, Zhao XS
187 - 193 Self-affine nature of thin film surface
Li JM, Lu L, Su Y, Lai MO
194 - 202 Inhibition of acidic corrosion of mild steel by 3,5-diphenyl-4H-1,2,4-triazole
Bentiss F, Traisnel M, Gengembre L, Lagrenee M
203 - 208 Characteristics of La-Ba-Mn-O thin films grown by metal-organic decomposition
Zhu XR, Shen HL, Zou SC, Tsukamoto K, Yanagisawa T, Okutomi M, Higuchi N
209 - 218 Characterization of mixed Ti/Al oxide thin films prepared by ion-beam-induced CVD
Capitan MJ, Stabel A, Sanchez-Lopez JC, Justo A, Gonzalez-Elipe AR, Lefebvre S, Fernandez A
219 - 226 Thermomechanical strains in small-size Au-GaAs thin film structures
Briantseva TA, Lioubtchenko DV, Lyubchenko VE, Rostovtseva SA
227 - 239 Study of adsorption on radiation-damaged CaF2(111) surfaces
Bermudez VM
240 - 248 CrSi2 films synthesized by high current Cr ion implantation and their physical properties
Zhu HN, Liu BX
249 - 256 Excellently guarded materials against UV and oxygen in the surfactant molecular complex crystal matrix
Ichikawa H, Iimura N, Hirata H
257 - 262 Effects of thermal annealing on the optical properties of Er-ion-implanted AlxGa1-xAs layers grown on GaAs substrates
Choy SE, Kang TW, Kim DY, Kim TW
263 - 267 Fabrication and characterization of metal/GaN contacts
Pal S, Sugino T
268 - 275 Photoemission spectroscopy of the evolution of ultra-thin Co films on Si(111) substrates upon annealing temperature
Kim K, Kang TH, Kim K, Shin H, Kim B
276 - 278 Dissolution of Au nanoparticles in hydrochloric acid solution as studied by optical absorption
Shi HZ, Bi HJ, Yao BD, Zhang LD
279 - 285 ITO films deposited on water-cooled flexible substrate by bias RF Magnetron Sputtering
Yang ZW, Han SH, Yang TL, Ye LN, Ma HL, Cheng CF
286 - 290 Energy barrier for the growth transition step-flow/step-bunching during epitaxy of InP/InP
Dumont H, Monteil Y, Bouix J
291 - 299 Desorption kinetics at atmospheric pressure: alkali interactions with rhodium and steel surfaces
Hagstrom M, Jaglid U, Pettersson JBC