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1 - 7 Self-organized growth of semiconductor nanostructures for novel light emitters
Bimberg D, Heinrichsdorff F, Ledentsov NN, Shchukin VA
8 - 13 Silicon microphotonics
Kimerling LC
14 - 18 Selectivity for O-adsorption position on dihydride Si(100) surfaces
Kageshima H, Shiraishi K, Ikeda H, Zaima S, Yasuda Y
19 - 24 First-principles structural determination of Si(001)-C2H2 chemisorbed surface
Tanida Y, Tsukada M
25 - 29 Effects of surface disorder on the surface stress of Si(100) during oxidation
Narushima T, Itakura AN, Kurashina T, Kawabe T, Kitajima M
30 - 34 Hydrogen-mediated low-temperature epitaxy of Si in plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Kitagawa T, Kondo M, Matsuda A
35 - 40 A study on initial oxidation of Si(100)-2 X 1 surfaces by coaxial impact collision ion scattering spectroscopy
Wasekura M, Higashi M, Ikeda H, Sakai A, Zaima S, Yasuda Y
41 - 44 Initial stage of adsorption for organic carbons and native oxide growth on Si wafer
Matsuo N, Kawamoto N, Aihara D, Miyoshi T
45 - 49 Electronic structures and the charge transfer of Au overlayer on Si(111) surfaces
Murayama M, Nakayama T, Natori A
50 - 61 Independent interface and bulk film contributions to reduction of tunneling currents in stacked oxide/nitride gate dielectrics with monolayer nitrided interfaces
Lucovsky G, Niimi H, Wu Y, Yang H
62 - 66 Surface stress in thin oxide layer made by plasma oxidation with applying positive bias
Itakura AN, Narushima T, Kitajima M, Teraishi K, Yamada A, Miyamoto A
67 - 71 Periodic changes in interface state distribution in accordance with layer-by-layer oxidation on Si(100)
Teramoto Y, Watanabe N, Fujimura M, Nohira H, Hattori T
72 - 74 Electrically detected magnetic resonance of near-interface defects in Si pn-junction structures with LOCOS isolation
Wimbauer T, Mochizuki Y, Ito K, Horikawa M, Kitano T
75 - 82 Influence of nitrogen incorporation in ultrathin SiO2 on the structure and electronic states of the SiO2/Si(100) interface
Miyazaki S, Tamura T, Ogasawara M, Itokawa H, Murakami H, Hirose M
83 - 88 Analysis on interface states of ultrathin-SiO2/Si(111)
Hasunuma R, Ando A, Miki A, Nishioka Y
89 - 97 Structural evolution and valence electron-state change during ultra thin silicon-oxide growth
Shimizu A, Abe S, Nakayama H, Nishino T, Iida S
98 - 103 Correlation between interface state properties and electron transport at ultrathin insulator/Si interfaces
Shiozawa T, Yoshida T, Hashizume T, Hasegawa H
104 - 110 Evaluation of buried oxide formation in low-dose SIMOX process
Ogura A, Ono H
111 - 115 Ellipsometric analysis of ultrathin oxide layers on SIMOX wafers
Motooka T, Kusano Y, Nisihira K, Kato N
116 - 120 Low-temperature solid-phase-crystallization in Si1-xGex/SiO2
Park SK, Yamaguchi S, Sugii N, Nakagawa K, Miyao M
121 - 126 Formation and ordering of self-assembled Si islands by ultrahigh vacuum annealing of ultrathin bonded silicon-on-insulator structure
Nuryadi R, Ishikawa Y, Tabe M
127 - 133 Interface characterization of high-quality SrTiO3 thin films on Si(100) substrates grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Ramdani J, Droopad R, Yu Z, Curless JA, Overgaard CD, Finder J, Eisenbeiser K, Hallmark JA, Ooms WJ, Kaushik V, Alluri P, Pietambaram S
134 - 137 Orientation dependence of ferroelectric properties of Pb(ZrxTi1-x)O-3 thin films on Pt/SiO2/Si substrates
Fujita H, Imade M, Sakashita M, Sakai A, Zaima S, Yasuda Y
138 - 142 Improvement of Y2O3/Si interface for FeRAM application
Ito D, Yoshimura T, Fujimura N, Ito T
143 - 148 In-situ monitoring of PE-CVD growth of TiO2 films with laser Raman spectroscopy
Nishida K, Morisawa K, Hiraki A, Muraishi S, Katoda T
149 - 153 Dependence of contact resistivity on impurity concentration in Co/Si systems
Nakatsuka O, Ashizawa T, Nakai K, Tobioka A, Sakai A, Zaima S, Yasuda Y
154 - 160 Defect causing nonideality in nearly ideal Au/Si Schottky barrier
Maeda K
161 - 166 Epitaxial growth of Bi2Sr2CuOx films onto Si(001) by molecular beam epitaxy
Tambo T, Arakawa T, Shimizu A, Hori S, Tatsuyama C
167 - 173 Static electronic properties on various surface orientations of Al crystal undergoing electromigration
Iguchi K, Tachibana A
174 - 178 The effect of a thin antimony layer addition on PdZn ohmic contacts for p-type InP
Asamizu H, Yamaguchi A, Iguchi Y, Saitoh T, Koide Y, Murakami M
179 - 185 Fabrication and transport properties of 50-nm-wide Au/Cr/GaInAs electrode for electron wave interference device
Miyamoto Y, Kokubo A, Oguchi H, Kurahashi M, Furuya K
186 - 190 Influence of reactive ion etching damage on the Schottky barrier height of Ti/p-Si interface
Fujimura N, Yamaguchi T, Kato H, Ito T
191 - 196 Hydrogenation of GaAs-on-Si Schottky diodes by PH3-added H-2 plasma
Wang G, Ogawa T, Soga T, Egawa T, Jimbo T, Umeno M
197 - 200 Characterization of the buried interface in a Ni (film) /3C-SiC (substrate) system using SXES
Mihara I, An ZL, Kinoshita A, Hirai M, Kusaka M, Iwami M
201 - 209 Two-dimensional hydrogen distribution on solid surfaces studied by electron-stimulated desorption microscopy and Ni-silicides on H-terminated Si(100) surfaces
Ueda K, Ishikawa K, Yoshimura M
210 - 219 Nanometer-scale characterization of lateral p-n(+) junction by scanning capacitance microscope
Tomiye H, Yao T
220 - 224 Fluorescence EXAFS study on local structures around Mn atoms in MnF2-CaF2 superlattices and double hetero-structures on Si(111)
Ofuchi H, Tabuchi M, Banshchikov AG, Sokolov NS, Yakovlev NL, Takeda Y
225 - 230 In situ UHV-TEM observation of the direct formation of Pd2Si islands on Si(111) surfaces at high temperature
Takeguchi M, Wu Y, Tanaka M, Furuya K
231 - 236 ESR characterization of the top Si layer of ion implanted SIMOX
Chowdhury EA, Seki T, Izumi T, Tanaka H, Hara T
237 - 242 Quantitative STM investigation of the phase formation in submonolayer In/Si(111) system
Zotov AV, Saranin AA, Kubo O, Harada T, Katayama M, Oura K
243 - 249 Relation between interface morphology and recombination-enhanced defect reaction phenomena in II-VI light emitting devices
Tomiya S, Okuyama H, Ishibashi A
250 - 255 X-ray CTR scattering measurement of InP/InGaAs/InP interface structures fabricated by different growth processes
Tabuchi M, Takahashi R, Araki M, Hirayama K, Futakuchi N, Shimogaki Y, Nakano Y, Takeda Y
256 - 259 Study of sublattice inversion in GaAs/Ge/GaAs(001) crystal by X-ray diffraction
Nakatani S, Kusano S, Takahashi T, Hirano K, Koh S, Kondo T, Ito R
260 - 264 Chemical trend of reflectance difference spectra of anion-rich compound semiconductor surfaces
Nakayama T, Murayama M
265 - 269 Molecular beam epitaxy of GaSb with high concentration of Mn
Matsukura F, Abe E, Ohno Y, Ohno H
270 - 276 Lateral growth in molecular beam epitaxy by low angle incidence microchannel epitaxy
Bacchin G, Umeno A, Nishinaga T
277 - 281 Carrier profiles and electron traps at a growth-interrupted layer in GaAs fabricated by a focused ion beam and molecular beam epitaxy combined system
Goto T, Hada T, Yanagisawa J, Wakaya F, Yuba Y, Gamo K
282 - 287 SeS2 assisted bonding of GaAs to Si - A new method for wafer bonding
Arokiaraj J, Soga T, Jimbo T, Umeno M
288 - 291 Low temperature growth interface for growing Boron Monophosphide on Si substrates
Nishimura S, Terashima K
292 - 300 Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy study of ultrathin Si interface control layers grown on (001) GaAs for surface passivation
Negoro N, Fujikura H, Hasegawa H
301 - 307 Possibility of a quasi-liquid layer of As on GaAs substrate grown by MBE as observed by enhancement of Ga desorption at high As pressure
Asai K, Feng JM, Vaccaro PO, Fujita K, Ohachi T
308 - 312 MBE growth and electroluminescence of ferromagnetic/non-magnetic semiconductor pn junctions based on (Ga,Mn) As
Ohno Y, Arata I, Matsukura F, Ohtani K, Wang S, Ohno H
313 - 317 Influence of interface bonds and buffer materials on optical properties of InAs/AlSb quantum wells grown on GaAs substrates
Ohtani K, Sato A, Ohno Y, Matsukura F, Ohno H
318 - 327 MOCVD of InGaAsP, InGaAs and InGaP over InP and GaAs substrates: distribution of composition and growth rate in a horizontal reactor
Feron O, Sugiyama M, Asawamethapant W, Futakuchi N, Feurprier Y, Nakano Y, Shimogaki Y
328 - 334 Effect of current flow direction on the heteroepitaxial growth of InSb films on Ge/Si(001) substrate heated by direct current
Mori M, Nizawa Y, Nishi Y, Mae K, Tambo T, Tatsuyama C
335 - 340 Growth temperature effect on the heteroepitaxy of InSb on Si(111)
Rao BV, Okamoto T, Shinmura A, Gruznev D, Mori M, Tambo T, Tatsuyama C
341 - 344 Characterization of low dielectric constant amorphous carbon nitride films
Aono M, Nitta S, Katsuno T, Itoh T, Nonomura S
345 - 349 Influence of incorporation of Na on p-type CuInS2 thin films
Yamamoto T, Fukuzaki K, Kohiki S
350 - 354 Materials design of n-type CuInS2 thin films using Zn or Cd species
Yamamoto T, Luck IV, Scheer R
355 - 359 Theory of surfaces and interfaces of group III-nitrides
Neugebauer J, Zywietz T, Scheffler M, Northrup J
360 - 367 Ab initio calculations on the dissociative reaction of As-4 molecules
Toyoda K, Hiraoka YS, Naritsuka S, Nishinaga T
368 - 373 Numerical calculation with empirical interatomic potential for formation mechanism of CuAu-I type ordered structure in InGaAs/(110)InP
Kangawa Y, Kuwano N, Oki K, Ito T
374 - 379 Quantum chemical mechanism in parasitic reaction of AlGaN alloys formation
Makino O, Nakamura K, Tachibana A, Tokunaga H, Akutsu N, Matsumoto K
380 - 386 Monte-Carlo master equation method for a simulation of epitaxial growth dynamics
Nakayama H, Morishita T, Ekaitsu T, Nishino T
387 - 391 Molecular dynamics analysis of point defects in silicon near solid-liquid interface
Kakimoto K, Umehara T, Ozoe H
392 - 397 Quantum chemical mechanism of oxidation of the hydrogen-terminated Si surface by oxygen anion
Sakata K, Sato T, Nakamura K, Osamura A, Tachibana A
398 - 404 In-situ optical monitoring of surface morphology and stoichiometry during GaN metal organic vapor phase epitaxy
Kobayashi N, Kobayashi Y
405 - 413 Realization of crack-free and high-quality thick AlxGa1-xN for UV optoelectronics using low-temperature interlayer
Iwaya M, Terao S, Hayashi N, Kashima T, Amano H, Akasaki I
414 - 420 Strain relief by In-doping and its effect on the surface and on the interface structures in (Al) GaN on sapphire grown by metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxy
Yamaguchi S, Kariya M, Nitta S, Amano H, Akasaki I
421 - 426 Mass transport and the reduction of threading dislocation in GaN
Nitta S, Kariya M, Kashima T, Yamaguchi S, Amano H, Akasaki I
427 - 431 In situ gravimetric monitoring of halogen transport atomic layer epitaxy of cubic-GaN
Kumagai Y, Mayumi M, Koukitu A, Seki H
432 - 440 Characterization of initial growth stage of GaInN multi-layered structure by X-ray CTR scattering method
Tabuchi M, Hirayama K, Takeda Y, Takeuchi T, Amano H, Akasaki I
441 - 448 Control and characterization of ZnO/GaN heterointerfaces in plasma-assisted MBE-grown ZnO films on GaN/Al2O3
Hong SK, Ko HJ, Chen YF, Hanada T, Yao T
449 - 455 Electrical properties of metal/GaN and SiO2/GaN interfaces and effects of thermal annealing
Sawada T, Ito Y, Imai K, Suzuki K, Tomozawa H, Sakai S
456 - 461 Surface passivation of GaAs by ultra-thin cubic GaN layer
Anantathanasarn S, Ootomo S, Hashizume T, Hasegawa H
462 - 467 Epitaxial growth of AlN films on Si substrates by ECR plasma assisted MOCVD under controlled plasma conditions in afterglow region
Yasui K, Hoshino S, Akahane T
468 - 471 Lattice constant of GaN grown on 6H-SiC by MOMBE
Honda T, Fujita N, Maki K, Yamamoto Y, Kawanashi H
472 - 480 Si(Ge)/oxide-based heterostructures and their applications to optoelectronics
Fukatsu S, Kishimoto Y, Ishikawa Y, Shibata N
481 - 485 Simple fabrication of high density concave nanopyramid array (NPA) on Si surface
Sawara S, Koh M, Goto T, Ando Y, Shinada T, Ohdomari I
486 - 491 Defects and their movement in Pb and Ge nanocrystals characterized by ultra-high vacuum high resolution transmission electron microscope
Wu Y, Takeguchi M, Chen Q, Furuya K
492 - 497 Nano-interface engineering of Co/Ge/Si systems: metal incorporation into Ge quantum dots and SiO2/Si structures
Prabhakaran K, Sumitomo K, Ogino T
498 - 502 Scanning tunneling microscopy and time-resolved photoluminiscence spectroscopy study of self-organized GaP/InP quantum dot structures
Mori J, Asahi H, Fudeta M, Noh JH, Watanabe D, Matsuda S, Asami K, Narukawa Y, Kawakami Y, Fujita S, Kaneko T, Gonda S
503 - 507 Self-assembled growth of InAs-quantum dots and postgrowth behavior studied by reflectance-difference spectroscopy
Kita T, Tachikawa K, Tango H, Yamashita K, Nishino T
508 - 513 Direct evaluation of atomic layer intermixing via disordering in ALE grown (GaAs)(m)(GaP)(1) system
Isshiki H, Takahashi M, Yamane N, Iizuka H, Aoyagi Y, Sugano T, Kimura T
514 - 519 Investigation of ZnO/sapphire interface and formation of ZnO nanocrystalline by laser MBE
Ohkubo I, Matsumoto Y, Ohtomo A, Ohnishi T, Tsukazaki A, Lippmaa M, Koinuma H, Kawasaki M
520 - 527 Raman scattering analysis of InGaAs/AlAsSb short-period superlattices
Georgiev N, Mozume T
528 - 531 Photoluminescence properties of In0.53Ga0.47As/GaAs0.5Sb0.5 type II quantum well structures lattice-matched to InP
Takasaki H, Kawamura Y, Katayama T, Yamamoto A, Naito H, Inoue N
532 - 539 Orientation effect on intersubband tunneling of quantum wells grown on high-index GaAs(n11)A (n <= 4) substrates
Feng JM, Asai K, Narukawa Y, Kawakami Y, Fujita S, Ohachi T
540 - 543 Self-formed In0.2Ga0.8As quantum dot-like laser grown by metal organic chemical vapor deposition on Si substrate
Kazi ZI, Egawa T, Jimbo T, Umeno M
544 - 549 The post-annealing temperature dependences of electrical properties and surface morphologies for arsenic ion-implanted 4H-SiC at high temperature
Senzaki J, Fukuda K, Imai S, Tanaka Y, Kobayashi N, Tanoue H, Okushi H, Arai K
550 - 555 Effects of ozone treatment of 4H-SiC(0001) surface
Kosugi R, Ichimura S, Kurokawa A, Koike K, Fukuda K, Suzuki S, Okushi H, Yoshida S, Arai K
556 - 560 Epitaxial growth of 3C-SiC films on Si substrates by triode plasma CVD using dimethylsilane
Yasui K, Asada K, Akahane T
561 - 566 Electron emission from amorphous and nanocluster carbon films grown by the cathodic arc process
Milne WI, Satynarayana BS, Hart A, Robertson J
567 - 571 Electrical conduction of high-conductivity layers near the surfaces in hydrogenated homoepitaxial diamond films
Yamanaka S, Takeuchi D, Watanabe H, Okushi H, Kajimura K
572 - 577 Spatial uniformity of Schottky contacts between aluminum and hydrogenated homoepitaxial diamond films
Takeuchi D, Yamanaka S, Watanabe H, Okushi H, Kajimura K
578 - 582 Control of adsorbates and conduction on CVD-grown diamond surface, using scanning probe microscope
Tachiki M, Fukuda T, Sugata K, Seo H, Umezawa H, Kawarada H
583 - 587 Electronic properties of diamond thin film for planar diamond electron emitter applications
Maki T, Kawamura H, Kato S, Liu JP, Kobayashi T
588 - 593 Characterization of GaS-deposited CVD diamond films by AES and XPS
Islam ABMO, Nishiyama Y, Tambo T, Tatsuyama C, Ito T
594 - 598 Thermal characterization of CVD diamond film by photoacoustic method
Takabatake N, Kobayashi T, Sekine D, Izumi T
599 - 602 Theory of hydrogen extraction from hydrogenated diamond surfaces
Kanai C, Watanabe K, Takakuwa Y
XIII - XIII ISCSI-3 - Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on the Control of Semiconductor Interfaces - Karuizawa, Japan, October 25-29, 1999 - Preface
Nishinaga T, Nishioka Y, Ito H, Hiraki A