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1 - 10 The physical mechanisms of short-pulse laser ablation
von der Linde D, Sokolowski-Tinten K
11 - 16 Photoablation with sub-10 fs laser pulses
Lenzner M, Krausz F, Kruger J, Kautek W
17 - 21 Ultraviolet annealing of thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Zhang JY, Boyd IW
22 - 28 Raman spectroscopic and atomic force microscopic study of graphite ablation at 193 and 248 nm
Mechler A, Heszler P, Marton Z, Kovacs M, Szorenyi T, Bor Z
29 - 34 XeCl laser ablation of Al2O3-TiC ceramics
Mendes M, Oliveira V, Vilar R, Beinhorn F, Ihlemann J, Conde O
35 - 39 Ablation study on pulsed KrF laser annealed electroluminescent ZnS : Mn/Y2O3 multilayers deposited on Si
Mastio EA, Fogarassy E, Cranton WM, Thomas CB
40 - 46 Single and multiple ultrashort laser pulse ablation threshold of Al2O3 (corundum) at different etch phases
Ashkenasi D, Stoian R, Rosenfeld A
47 - 52 Enclosed surface laser ablation of laminated aluminium foil
Stewart R, Li L, Thomas D
53 - 59 Ablation of a chlorinated rubber polymer and TiO2 ceramic mixture with a Nd : YAG laser
Schmidt MJJ, Li L, Spencer JT
60 - 65 Mathematical modelling of pulsed laser ablated flows
Itina TE, Marine W, Autric M
66 - 72 Two-dimensional gas-dynamic model of laser ablation in an ambient gas
Gusarov AV, Gnedovets AG, Smurov I
73 - 77 The influence of ambient temperature on KrF laser ablation of polyimide in air
Braun A, Zimmer K, Bigl F
78 - 82 The effect of target temperature on the deterioration of metal surfaces under pulsed laser irradiation
Kantor Z, Geretovszky Z, Szorenyi T
83 - 88 Optical characterisation of pulsed laser deposited SiC films
Schlaf M, Sands D, Key PH
89 - 94 A comparative study of the photochemical modifications effected in the UV laser ablation of doped polymer substrates
Athanassiou A, Lassithiotaki M, Anglos D, Georgiou S, Fotakis C
95 - 104 Excimer laser crystallization techniques for polysilicon TFTs
Fortunato G, Mariucci L, Carluccio R, Pecora A, Foglietti V
105 - 111 Optimization of phase-modulated excimer-laser annealing method for growing highly-packed large-grains in Si thin-films
Oh CH, Nakata M, Matsumura M
112 - 117 Numerical modeling of laser induced phase transitions in silicon
Mittiga A, Fornarini L, Carluccio R
118 - 122 Composition and phase structure in laser deposited and post-annealed Pb1-3y/2Ndy(ZrxTi1-x)O-3 thin films
Lappalainen J, Lantto V
123 - 129 Preparation of single crystalline regions in amorphous silicon layers on glass by Ar+ laser irradiation
Andra G, Bergmann J, Falk F, Ose E
130 - 134 The need of sub-nanosecond resolution to reveal new features during laser induced solidification
Siegel J, Solis J, Afonso CN
135 - 139 Polarization-dependent laser crystallization of Se-containing amorphous chalcogenide films
Lyubin V, Klebanov M, Mitkova M
140 - 145 Melt instability and crystallization in thin amorphous Ni-P films
Nink T, Mao ZL, Bostanjoglo O
146 - 151 Light induced chemical vapour deposition of titanium oxide thin films at room temperature
Halary E, Benvenuti G, Wagner F, Hoffmann P
152 - 158 Enlargement of''location controlled'' Si grains by dual-beam excimer-laser with bump structures
Burtsev A, Ishihara R
159 - 164 Epitaxial SrRuO3 thin films on LaAlO3(100) and Si(100)
Roldan J, Sanchez F, Trtik V, Guerrero C, Benitez F, Ferrater C, Varela M
165 - 171 Nitride film deposition by femtosecond and nanosecond laser ablation in low-pressure nitrogen discharge gas
Zhang Z, VanRompay PA, Nees JA, Clarke R, Pan X, Pronko PP
172 - 178 Time-resolved studies of electron-phonon relaxation in metals using a free-electron laser
Satta M, Ermer DR, Papantonakis MR, Flamini C, Haglund RF, Mele A
179 - 185 Diamond devices as characterisation tools for novel photon sources
Bergonzo P, Brambilla A, Tromson D, Mer C, Guizard B, Foulon F
186 - 191 Laser excited charge transfer processes in oxygen organic molecules mixtures: O(P-3(j)) formation
Guidoni AG, Paladini A, Veneziani M, Naaman R, Di Palma TM
192 - 195 Femtosecond laser ablation dynamics of amorphous film of a substituted Cu-phthalocyanine
Hosokawa Y, Yashiro M, Asahi T, Fukumura H, Masuhara H
196 - 200 Time-resolved plasma emission spectrum analyses at the early stage of laser ablation
Hong MH, Lu YF, Bong SK
201 - 205 Characterization of diamond-like carbon films before and after pulsed laser irradiation
Vouagner D, Beleznai C, Girardeau-Montaut JP, Templier C, Gonnord H
206 - 210 Electron-difraction investigation of HgCdTe laser deposited films
Rudyj IO, Kurilo IV, Frugynskyi MS, Kuzma M, Zawislak J, Virt IS
211 - 216 Characterization of modifications of polymer surfaces after excimer laser treatments below the ablation threshold
Laurens P, Bouali MO, Meducin F, Sadras B
217 - 228 Recent progress in thin film growth analysis by multichannel spectroscopic ellipsometry
Collins RW, Koh J, Fujiwara H, Rovira PI, Ferlauto AS, Zapien JA, Wronski CR, Messier R
229 - 237 In situ control and monitoring of doped and compositionally graded SiGe films using spectroscopic ellipsometry and second harmonic generation
Mantese L, Selinidis K, Wilson PT, Lim D, Jiang YY, Ekerdt JG, Downer MC
238 - 243 Absorption and photoluminescence analysis of CdS ablated films grown on quartz substrate
Perna G, Capozzi V, Pagliara S, Ambrico M
244 - 248 Compositional analysis of SmBa2Cu3O7-x films produced by laser ablation
Di Trolio A, Morone A, De Cesare N, Perillo E, Spadaccini G
249 - 255 Laser-induced ion emission from dielectrics
Henyk M, Mitzner R, Wolfframm D, Reif J
256 - 262 In situ and real-time ellipsometry monitoring of submicron titanium nitride/titanium silicide electronic devices
Patsalas P, Charitidis C, Logothetidis S
263 - 268 IR-RTI oscillations during laser induced epitaxial GaN film growth and the role of free carrier concentration
Huttner B, Gross M, Rupp T, Schroder H
269 - 275 Observation of species distribution in laser induced plasma
An CW, Lu YF, Goh YW, Tan E
276 - 282 Surface characterization by photocurrent measurements
Polignano ML, Caricato AP, Modelli A, Zonca R
283 - 290 Process monitoring of semiconductor thin films and interfaces by spectroellipsometry
Brenot R, Drevillon B, Bulkin P, Roca i Cabarrocas P, Vanderhaghen R
291 - 304 Consequences of combining laser irradiation with other stimuli on laser desorption and ablation from wide bandgap insulators
Dickinson JT, Langford SC, Bandis C, Dawes ML, Kawaguchi Y
305 - 313 Laser production and deposition of light-emitting silicon nanoparticles
Huisken F, Hofmeister H, Kohn B, Laguna MA, Paillard V
314 - 319 On the delay time in photoluminescence of Si-nanoclusters, produced by laser ablation
Luk'yanchuk B, Marine W
320 - 323 Excimer laser-induced copper nanocluster formation in mixed PMMA/copper acetylacetonate films
Hanus F, Kolev K, Jadin A, Laude LD
324 - 330 Simulation of thin film growth visualization in photodeposition
Peled A, Mirchin N, Zacharia Z, Peled CR
331 - 336 Simulation of nanoscale particles elaboration in laser-produced erosive flow
Gusarov AV, Gnedovets AG, Smurov I, Flamant G
337 - 344 Atomistic comparative study of VUV photodeposited silicon nitride on InP(100) by simulation and atomic force microscopy
Flicstein J, Guillonneau E, Marquez J, Chun LSHK, Maisonneuve D, David C, Wang Z, Palmier JF, Courant JL
345 - 352 Strategy of nanocluster and nanostructure synthesis by conventional pulsed laser ablation
Marine W, Patrone L, Luk'yanchuk B, Sentis M
353 - 359 Production of iron-oxide nanoparticles by laser-induced pyrolysis of gaseous precursors
Martelli S, Mancini A, Giorgi R, Alexandrescu R, Cojocaru S, Crunteanu A, Voicu I, Balu M, Morjan I
360 - 364 Nano-modification on hydrogen-passivated Si surfaces by a laser-assisted scanning tunneling microscope operating in air
Mai ZH, Lu YF, Song WD, Chim WK
365 - 368 On the reaction mechanism in laser-induced deposition of tungsten microstructures from WF6/H-2
Piglmayer K, Schieche H, Chabicovsky R
369 - 375 Carbon nitride films deposited by very high-fluence XeCl excimer-laser reactive ablation
Acquaviva S, D'Anna E, De Giorgi ML, Fernandez M, Leggieri G, Luches A, Zocco A, Majni G
376 - 381 Deposition of diamond-like carbon films by femtosecond laser ablation using frozen acetone targets
Okoshi M, Higuchi S, Hanabusa M
382 - 386 Deposition and annealing of tantalum pentoxide films using 172 nm excimer lamp
Zhang JY, Lim B, Boyd IW
387 - 392 Hyperthermal beams for the fabrication of thermoelectric thin films
Durand HA, Nishimoto K, Ito K, Kataoka I
393 - 398 UV laser photodeposition of carbon nitride thin films from gaseous precursors
Crunteanu A, Charbonnier M, Romand M, Alexandrescu R
399 - 404 Laser direct writing of copper on polyimide surfaces from solution
Kordas K, Bali K, Leppavuori S, Uusimaki A, Nanai L
405 - 410 Laser deposition of diamond-like films from liquid aromatic hydrocarbons
Simakin AV, Shafeev GA, Loubnin EN
411 - 418 Low-temperature preparation of SrxBi2+yTa2O9 ferroelectric thin film by pulsed laser deposition and its application to metal-ferroelectric-insulator-semiconductor structure
Okuyama M, Sugiyama H, Noda M
419 - 423 The interface of laser deposited Cu/Ag multilayers: evidence of the'subsurface growth mode' during pulsed laser deposition
Fahler S, Kahl S, Weisheit M, Sturm K, Krebs HU
424 - 427 Pulsed laser deposition of ZnO thin films using a femtosecond laser
Okoshi M, Higashikawa K, Hanabusa M
428 - 433 Properties of ion-assisted pulsed laser deposited H-BN/C-BN layer systems
Weissmantel S, Reisse G
434 - 438 Stoichiometric transfer in pulsed laser deposition of hydroxylapatite
Arias JL, Mayor MB, Pou J, Leon B, Perez-Amor M
439 - 443 Cubic aluminum nitride and gallium nitride thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Wang LD, Kwok HS
444 - 448 Pulsed laser deposition of strontium ferrite thin films
Canale L, Girault C, Bessaudou A, Celerier A, Cosset F, Decossas JL, Vareille JC
449 - 453 Influence of the deposition parameters on the synthesis of nanocomposite materials produced by pulsed laser deposition
Gonzalo J, Serna R, Requejo JM, Solis J, Afonso CN, Naudon A
454 - 457 Pulsed laser deposition of a-CNx : H films: the role of target-to-substrate distance and laser fluence
Gonzalez P, Soto R, Leon B, Perez-Amor M, Szorenyi T
458 - 461 Pulsed laser deposition of ZnO thin films for applications of light emission
Bae SH, Lee SY, Jin BJ, Im S
462 - 466 Pulsed laser deposition of metals in low pressure inert gas
Sturm K, Fahler S, Krebs HU
467 - 472 Ablation of transition metal oxides by different laser pulse duration and thin films deposition
Guidoni AG, Flamini C, Varsano F, Ricci M, Teghil R, Marotta V, Di Palma TM
473 - 477 Ambient gas effects during the growth of lithium niobate films by pulsed laser deposition
Chaos JA, Perea A, Gonzalo J, Dreyfus RW, Afonso CN, Perriere J
478 - 481 Superconducting bandpass filter using parallel microstrip line with narrow bandwidth centered at 14 GHz
Lee SY, Kim SM, Yoon HK, Yoon YJ
482 - 484 Fabrication and characterization of diamond-like carbon thin films by pulsed laser deposition
Shim KS, Kim SM, Bac SH, Lee SY, Jung HS, Park HH
485 - 491 Pulsed laser deposition of barium hexaferrite (BaFe12O19) thin films
Koleva M, Atanasov P, Tomov R, Vankov O, Matin C, Ristoscu C, Mihailescu I, Iorgov D, Angelova S, Ghelev C, Mihailov N
492 - 494 Fabrication and characterization of a superconducting multiplexer using laser ablated YBCO thin films
Kim CS, Kim SM, Song SC, Lee SY, Yoon HK, Yoon YJ
495 - 499 Electrical behaviour of HgCdTe/Si heterostructures
Gorbach TY, Smertenko PS, Svechnikov SV, Kuzma M, Wisz G, Ciach R
500 - 507 Pulsed laser deposition of epitaxial ferroelectric PbZrxTi1-xO3/SrTiO3 and PbZrxTi1-xO3/SrRuO3 bilayers
Guerrero C, Ferrater C, Roldan J, Trtik V, Benitez F, Sanchez F, Varela M
508 - 513 Submicron particles synthesis by laser evaporation at low power density: a numerical analysis
Gnedovets AG, Gusarov AV, Smurov I
514 - 518 Pulsed laser deposition and characterization of PZT thin films
Verardi P, Dinescu M, Craciun F
519 - 526 Future trends in high-resolution lithography
Lawes RA
527 - 535 Laser cooling and photoionization of alkali atoms
Arimondo E, Ciampini D, Fuso F, Gabbanini C
536 - 541 Amplification in light-induced reaction of Cu with Cl-2 in the VUV
Raaf H, Groen M, Schwentner N
542 - 547 Surface reaction mechanism in MOVPE growth of ZnSe revealed using radicals produced by photolysis of alkyl azide
Hayashi K, Maeda A, Fujiyama M, Kitagawa Y, Sakudo N
548 - 554 Laser effects on osteogenesis
Freitas IGF, Baranauskas V, Cruz-Hofling MA
555 - 560 Ultrashort pulse laser ablation of polycarbonate and polymethylmethacrylate
Baudach S, Bonse J, Kruger J, Kautek W
561 - 564 Laser treatment of experimentally induced chronic arthritis
Guerino MR, Baranauskas V, Guerino AC, Parizotto N
565 - 570 Femtosecond index grating in barium flouride: efficient self-diffraction and enhancement of surface SHG
Schneider T, Wolfframm D, Mitzner R, Reif J
571 - 576 Micromachining of transparent materials with super-heated liquid generated by multiphotonic absorption of organic molecule
Wang J, Niino H, Yabe A
577 - 586 Laser shaping of photonic materials: deep-ultraviolet and ultrafast lasers
Herman PR, Marjoribanks RS, Oettl A, Chen K, Konovalov I, Ness S
587 - 592 Excimer laser micro machining: fabrication and applications of dielectric masks
Ihlemann J, Rubahn K
593 - 600 New approach to laser direct writing active and passive mesoscopic circuit elements
Chrisey DB, Pique A, Fitz-Gerald J, Auyeung RCY, McGill RA, Wu HD, Duignan M
601 - 604 Combination of different processing methods for the fabrication of 3D polymer structures by excimer laser machining
Zimmer K, Braun A, Bigl F
605 - 609 Laser printing of photoluminescent porous silicon features
Baranauskas V
610 - 616 Pre-bonding technology based on excimer laser surface treatment
Rotel M, Zahavi J, Tamir S, Buchman A, Dodiuk H
617 - 621 Laser ablation machining of metal/polymer composite materials
Slocombe A, Li L
622 - 626 Excimer laser irradiation of SrRuO3 epitaxial thin films
Benitez F, Roldan J, Trtik V, Guerrero C, Ferrater C, Sanchez F, Varela M
627 - 632 Novel structure formation in poly(ethylene therephthalate) by scanning excimer laser ablation
Wagner F, Hoffmann P
633 - 639 Laser micromachining for applications in thin film technology
Pfleging W, Ludwig A, Seemann K, Preu R, Mackel H, Glunz SW
640 - 646 Sensors based on pulsed laser deposition of multilayers of metal oxides
Marotta V, Orlando S, Parisi GP, Giardini A
647 - 658 Early stages of pulsed-laser growth of silicon microcolumns and microcones in air and SF6
Lowndes DH, Fowlkes JD, Pedraza AJ
659 - 663 Femtosecond pulse laser processing of TiN on silicon
Bonse J, Rudolph P, Kruger J, Baudach S, Kautek W
664 - 669 Wettability characteristics of carbon steel modified with CO2, Nd : YAG, excimer and high power diode lasers
Lawrence J, Li L
670 - 674 Effects of rapid thermal annealing on ripple growth in excimer laser-irradiated silicon-dioxide/silicon substrates
Yu JJ, Lu YF
675 - 681 Surface modification of alumina-based refractories using a xenon arc lamp
Bradley L, Li L, Stott FH
682 - 688 Ceramic surface modifications induced by pulsed laser treatment
Cappelli E, Orlando S, Sciti D, Montozzi M, Pandolfi L
689 - 695 Effects of assist gas on the physical characteristics of spatter during laser percussion drilling of NIMONIC 263 alloy
Low DKY, Li L, Corfe AG
696 - 700 Optically induced defects in vitreous silica
Juodkazis S, Watanabe M, Sun HB, Matsuo S, Nishii J, Misawa H
701 - 705 Laser implantation of dicyanoanthracene in poly(methyl methacrylate) from a 100-nm aperture micropipette
Goto M, Kawanishi S, Fukumura H
706 - 711 UV-laser-assisted modification of the optical properties of polymethylmethacrylate
Wochnowski C, Metev S, Sepold G
712 - 715 Laser doping in Si, InP and GaAs
Pokhmurska A, Bonchik O, Kiyak S, Savitski G, Gloskovsky A
VII - VIII Proceedings of Symposium A on Photo-Excited Processes, Diagnostics and Applications of the 1999 E-MRS Spring Conference - Strasbourg, France, June 1-4, 1999 - Foreword
Boyd IW, Hanabusa M, Hess P, Peled A