Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

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ISSN: 0175-7598 (Print) 

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7661 - 7670 Medicinal properties of Hericium erinaceus and its potential to formulate novel mushroom-based pharmaceuticals
Jiang SJ, Wang SH, Sun YJ, Zhang Q
7671 - 7698 Overexpression of membrane proteins from higher eukaryotes in yeasts
Emmerstorfer A, Wriessnegger T, Hirz M, Pichler H
7699 - 7706 Biotechnological production of chiral organic sulfoxides: current state and perspectives
Matsui T, Dekishima Y, Ueda M
7707 - 7717 Biotechnological production of caffeic acid derivatives from cell and organ cultures of Echinacea species
Murthy HN, Kim YS, Park SY, Paek KY
7719 - 7733 A comparison of genes involved in sphingan biosynthesis brought up to date
Schmid J, Sperl N, Sieber V
7735 - 7746 Roles of type II thioesterases and their application for secondary metabolite yield improvement
Kotowska M, Pawlik K
7747 - 7759 Recent advances in biochemistry and biotechnological synthesis of avermectins and their derivatives
Thuan NH, Pandey RP, Sohng JK
7761 - 7772 Metabolic engineering of Propionibacterium freudenreichii: effect of expressing phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase on propionic acid production
Ammar EM, Jin Y, Wang ZQ, Yang ST
7773 - 7780 The rolC gene increases caffeoylquinic acid production in transformed artichoke cells
Vereshchagina YV, Bulgakov VP, Grigorchuk VP, Rybin VG, Veremeichik GN, Tchernoded GK, Gorpenchenko TY, Koren OG, Phan NHT, Minh NT, Chau LT, Zhuravlev YN
7781 - 7791 A combined fermentative-chemical approach for the scalable production of pure E-coli monophosphoryl lipid A
Pieretti G, Cipolletti M, D'Alonzo D, Alfano A, Cimini D, Cammarota M, Palumbo G, Giuliano M, De Rosa M, Schiraldi C, Parrilli M, Bedini E, Corsaro MM
7793 - 7802 Combination of algae and yeast fermentation for an integrated process to produce single cell oils
Dillschneider R, Schulze I, Neumann A, Posten C, Syldatk C
7803 - 7813 Study of the role of anaerobic metabolism in succinate production by Enterobacter aerogenes
Tajima Y, Kaida K, Hayakawa A, Fukui K, Nishio Y, Hashiguchi K, Fudou R, Matsui K, Usuda Y, Sode K
7815 - 7823 Structural and functional studies on a thermostable polyethylene terephthalate degrading hydrolase from Thermobifida fusca
Roth C, Wei R, Oeser T, Then J, Follner C, Zimmermann W, Strater N
7825 - 7836 An intermolecular disulfide bond is required for thermostability and thermoactivity of beta-glycosidase from Thermococcus kodakarensis KOD1
Hwa KY, Subramani B, Shen ST, Lee YM
7837 - 7844 Expression, purification, and biological activity of the recombinant pramlintide precursor
Hu H, Xiang Q, Liu H, Qu HY, Tang X, Xiao X, Zhang QH, Su ZJ, Huang YD
7845 - 7853 Highly thermostable and surfactant-activated chitinase from a subseafloor bacterium, Laceyella putida
Shibasaki H, Uchimura K, Miura T, Kobayashi T, Usami R, Horikoshi K
7855 - 7867 Phosphoketolases from Lactococcus lactis, Leuconostoc mesenteroides and Pseudomonas aeruginosa: dissimilar sequences, similar substrates but distinct enzymatic characteristics
Petrareanu G, Balasu MC, Vacaru AM, Munteanu CVA, Ionescu AE, Matei I, Szedlacsek SE
7869 - 7877 Improved PCR assay for the specific detection and quantitation of Escherichia coli serotype O157 in water
Cho MS, Joh K, Ahn TY, Park DS
7879 - 7892 The first set of expressed sequence tags (EST) from the medicinal mushroom Agaricus subrufescens delivers resource for gene discovery and marker development
Foulongne-Oriol M, Lapalu N, Ferandon C, Spataro C, Ferrer N, Amselem J, Savoie JM
7893 - 7900 Heterologous production of horseradish peroxidase C1a by the basidiomycete yeast Cryptococcus sp S-2 using codon and signal optimizations
Utashima Y, Matsumoto H, Masaki K, Iefuji H
7901 - 7909 Screening of cry-type promoters with strong activity and application in Cry protein encapsulation in a sigK mutant
Zhou CM, Zheng QY, Peng Q, Du LX, Shu CL, Zhang J, Song FP
7911 - 7922 Enhanced production of validamycin A in Streptomyces hygroscopicus 5008 by engineering validamycin biosynthetic gene cluster
Zhou TC, Kim BG, Zhong JJ
7923 - 7933 Expression of liver-targeting peptide modified recombinant human endostatin and preliminary study of its biological activities
Ma Y, Jin XB, Chu FJ, Bao DM, Zhu JY
7935 - 7948 GlnR-mediated regulation of nitrogen metabolism in the actinomycete Saccharopolyspora erythraea
Yao LL, Liao CH, Huang G, Zhou Y, Rigali S, Zhang BC, Ye BC
7949 - 7958 Cell death in a harmful algal bloom causing species Alexandrium tamarense upon an algicidal bacterium induction
Zhang HJ, Lv JL, Peng Y, Zhang S, An XL, Xu H, Zhang J, Tian Y, Zheng W, Zheng TL
7959 - 7969 The production of succinic acid by yeast Yarrowia lipolytica through a two-step process
Kamzolova SV, Vinokurova NG, Shemshura ON, Bekmakhanova NE, Lunina JN, Samoilenko VA, Morgunov IG
7971 - 7982 Salinity-dominated change in community structure and ecological function of Archaea from the lower Pearl River to coastal South China Sea
Xie W, Zhang CL, Zhou XD, Wang P
7983 - 7991 Cultivation of nitrite-dependent anaerobic methane-oxidizing bacteria: impact of reactor configuration
Hu BL, He ZF, Geng S, Cai C, Lou LP, Zheng P, Xu XH
7993 - 8004 Bacteria dominate the ammonia-oxidizing community in a hydrothermal vent site at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge of the South Atlantic Ocean
Xu W, Li M, Ding JF, Gu JD, Luo ZH
8005 - 8015 Copper tolerance in Frankia sp strain EuI1c involves surface binding and copper transport
Rehan M, Furnholm T, Finethy RH, Chu FX, El-Fadly G, Tisa LS
8017 - 8029 Souring in low-temperature surface facilities of two high-temperature Argentinian oil fields
Agrawal A, An DS, Cavallaro A, Voordouw G