Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, Vol.97, No.24 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0175-7598 (Print) 

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10243 - 10254 Overview of thermostable DNA polymerases for classical PCR applications: from molecular and biochemical fundamentals to commercial systems
Terpe K
10255 - 10262 omega 3 fatty acid desaturases from microorganisms: structure, function, evolution, and biotechnological use
Wang MX, Chen HQ, Gu ZN, Zhang H, Chen W, Chen YQ
10263 - 10273 Fungal microsomes in a biotransformation perspective: protein nature of membrane-associated reactions
Svobodova K, Mikeskova H, Petrackova D
10275 - 10291 Microbial degradation of the herbicide molinate by defined cultures and in the environment
Nunes OC, Lopes AR, Manaia CM
10293 - 10308 Humus-reducing microorganisms and their valuable contribution in environmental processes
Martinez CM, Alvarez LH, Celis LB, Cervantes FJ
10309 - 10320 A novel and efficient polymerization of lignosulfonates by horseradish peroxidase/H2O2 incubation
Zhou HF, Yang DJ, Qiu XQ, Wu XL, Li Y
10321 - 10328 Nisin-activated hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces: assessment of peptide adsorption and antibacterial activity against some food pathogens
Karam L, Jama C, Mamede AS, Boukla S, Dhulster P, Chihib NE
10329 - 10337 Highly enantioselective oxidation of phenyl methyl sulfide and its derivatives into optically pure (S)-sulfoxides with Rhodococcus sp CCZU10-1 in an n-octane-water biphasic system
He YC, Ma CL, Yang ZX, Zhou M, Xing Z, Ma JT, Yu HL
10339 - 10348 Engineered short branched-chain acyl-CoA synthesis in E-coli and acylation of chloramphenicol to branched-chain derivatives
Bi HP, Bai YF, Cai T, Zhuang YB, Liang XM, Zhang XL, Liu T, Ma YH
10349 - 10358 Codon optimization, expression, purification, and functional characterization of recombinant human IL-25 in Pichia pastoris
Liu YS, Wu CS, Wang JY, Mo W, Yu M
10359 - 10371 Growth of Kluyveromyces marxianus and formation of ethyl acetate depending on temperature
Urit T, Li M, Bley T, Loser C
10373 - 10380 Interaction between DAHP synthase and chorismate mutase endows new regulation on DAHP synthase activity in Corynebacterium glutamicum
Li PP, Li DF, Liu D, Liu YM, Liu C, Liu SJ
10381 - 10390 Purification and characterization of a novel antifungal protein secreted by Penicillium chrysogenum from an Arctic sediment
Chen ZT, Ao JQ, Yang WC, Jiao LP, Zheng TL, Chen XH
10391 - 10398 Enzymatic preparation of silybin phase II metabolites: sulfation using aryl sulfotransferase from rat liver
Purchartova K, Engels L, Marhol P, Sulc M, Kuzma M, Slamova K, Elling L, Kren V
10399 - 10411 The key role of a non-active-site residue Met148 on the catalytic efficiency of meta-cleavage product hydrolase BphD
Zhou H, Qu YY, Kong CL, Shen E, Wang JW, Zhang XW, Ma Q, Zhou JT
10413 - 10421 Acetophenone reductase with extreme stability against a high concentration of organic compounds or an elevated temperature
Yamamoto T, Nakata Y, Cao C, Sugiyama Y, Asanuma Y, Kanamaru S, Matsuda T
10423 - 10433 Effect of temperature and sorbitol in improving the solubility of carboxylesterases protein CpCE-1 from Cydia pomonella and biochemical characterization
Yang XQ, Zhang YL
10435 - 10444 Establishment of a soaking RNA interference and Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus (BmNPV)-hypersensitive cell line using Bme21 cell
Xu J, Mon H, Kusakabe T, Li ZQ, Zhu L, Iiyama K, Masuda A, Mitsudome T, Lee JM
10445 - 10452 Virus-like particles produced in Saccharomyces cerevisiae elicit protective immunity against Coxsackievirus A16 in mice
Zhao H, Li HY, Han JF, Deng YQ, Li YX, Zhu SY, He YL, Qin ED, Chen R, Qin CF
10453 - 10467 Penicillium decumbens BrlA extensively regulates secondary metabolism and functionally associates with the expression of cellulase genes
Qin YQ, Bao LF, Gao MR, Chen M, Lei YF, Liu GD, Qu YB
10469 - 10477 Combined gene cluster engineering and precursor feeding to improve gougerotin production in Streptomyces graminearus
Jiang LJ, Wei JH, Li L, Niu GQ, Tan HR
10479 - 10488 Cellodextrin transporters play important roles in cellulase induction in the cellulolytic fungus Penicillium oxalicum
Li J, Liu GD, Chen M, Li ZH, Qin YQ, Qu YB
10489 - 10498 Biosafety and colonization of Burkholderia multivorans WS-FJ9 and its growth-promoting effects on poplars
Li GX, Wu XQ, Ye JR
10499 - 10509 Alteration of the exopolysaccharide production and the transcriptional profile of free-living Frankia strain CcI3 under nitrogen-fixing conditions
Lee HI, Donati AJ, Hahn D, Tisa LS, Chang WS
10511 - 10519 The synthesis of elemental selenium particles by Synechococcus leopoliensis
Hnain A, Brooks J, Lefebvre DD
10521 - 10529 A comparison of two 16S rRNA gene-based PCR primer sets in unraveling anammox bacteria from different environmental samples
Han P, Huang YT, Lin JG, Gu JD
10531 - 10539 Ethyl tert-butyl ether (ETBE) biodegradation by a syntrophic association of Rhodococcus sp IFP 2042 and Bradyrhizobium sp IFP 2049 isolated from a polluted aquifer
Le Digabel Y, Demaneche S, Benoit Y, Vogel TM, Fayolle-Guichard F
10541 - 10554 Critical tests for determination of microbiological quality and biological activity in commercial vermicompost samples of different origins
Grantina-Ievina L, Andersone U, Berkolde-Pire D, Nikolajeva V, Ievinsh G
10555 - 10561 UV photolysis for accelerated quinoline biodegradation and mineralization
Yan N, Chang L, Gan L, Zhang YM, Liu R, Rittmann BE
10563 - 10574 Effective anaerobic treatment of fresh leachate from MSW incineration plant and dynamic characteristics of microbial community in granular sludge
Dang Y, Ye JX, Mu YJ, Qiu B, Sun DZ
10575 - 10583 Anaerobic digestion of swine manure under natural zeolite addition: VFA evolution, cation variation, and related microbial diversity
Lin L, Wan CL, Liu X, Lei ZF, Lee DJ, Zhang Y, Tay JH, Zhang ZY