Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, Vol.105, No.9 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0175-7598 (Print) 

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3393 - 3410 Fungal mutualisms and pathosystems: life and death in the ambrosia beetle mycangia
Joseph R, Keyhani NO
3411 - 3421 Biocatalytic approaches for the synthesis of optically pure vic-halohydrins
Xue F, Li CF, Xu Q
3423 - 3456 On the way toward regulatable expression systems in acetic acid bacteria: target gene expression and use cases
Fricke PM, Klemm A, Bott M, Polen T
3457 - 3470 Potential "biopeptidal" therapeutics for severe respiratory syndrome coronaviruses: a review of antiviral peptides, viral mechanisms, and prospective needs
Ashaolu TJ, Nawaz A, Walayat N, Khalifa I
3471 - 3484 Biorecovery of nanogold and nanogold compounds from gold-containing ores and industrial wastes
Maluckov BS
3485 - 3494 Improving the drying of Propionibacterium freudenreichii starter cultures
Jeantet R, Jan G
3495 - 3505 Regulatory mechanisms of sub-inhibitory levels antibiotics agent in bacterial virulence
Liu BB, Zhang XJ, Ding XY, Wang Y, Zhu GQ
3507 - 3520 Peculiarities of promiscuous l-threonine transaldolases for enantioselective synthesis of beta-hydroxy-alpha-amino acids
Wang S, Deng H
3521 - 3532 Photoprotective compounds and radioresistance in pigmented and non-pigmented yeasts
Kreusch MG, Duarte RTD
3533 - 3557 Sporulation in solventogenic and acetogenic clostridia
Diallo M, Kengen SWM, Lopez-Contreras AM
3559 - 3572 Comparison of N-linked glycosylation on hemagglutinins derived from chicken embryos and MDCK cells: a case of the production of a trivalent seasonal influenza vaccine
Li JQ, Liu SX, Gao YL, Tian SS, Yang Y, Ma NN
3573 - 3586 Ile258Met mutation of Brucella melitensis 7 alpha-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase significantly enhances catalytic efficiency, cofactor affinity, and thermostability
Liu ZY, Zhang RZ, Zhang WC, Xu Y
3587 - 3599 Engineering the Cad pathway in Escherichia coli to produce glutarate from l-lysine
Wang JP, Gao C, Chen XL, Liu LM
3601 - 3610 Immobilization of beta-galactosidase from Bacillus licheniformis for application in the dairy industry
Kuribayashi LM, Ribeiro VPD, de Santana RC, Ribeiro EJ, dos Santos MG, Falleiros LNSS, Guidini CZ
3611 - 3623 Screening of compound library identifies novel inhibitors against the MurA enzyme of Escherichia coli
Raina D, Tiwari H, Sharma S, Deepika, Chinthakindi PK, Nargotra A, Sangwan PL, Eniyan K, Bajpai U, Vishwakarma RA, Khan FG, Saran S, Khan IA
3625 - 3634 Enhanced catalytic efficiency and coenzyme affinity of leucine dehydrogenase by comprehensive screening strategy for L-tert-leucine synthesis
Zhou F, Mu XQ, Nie Y, Xu Y
3635 - 3648 Effect of quorum-sensing molecule 2-phenylethanol and ARO genes on Saccharomyces cerevisiae biofilm
Zhang DL, Wang FJ, Yu Y, Ding S, Chen TP, Sun WJ, Liang C, Yu B, Ying HJ, Liu D, Chen Y
3649 - 3658 Ages of weaning influence the gut microbiota diversity and function in Chongming white goats
Liao RR, Xie XH, Lv YH, Dai JJ, Lin YX, Zhu LH
3659 - 3672 Characterization of DinJ-YafQ toxin-antitoxin module in Tetragenococcus halophilus: activity, interplay, and evolution
Luo XT, Lin JT, Yan JW, Kuang XX, Su HT, Lin WF, Luo LX
3673 - 3689 Exploring the molecular content of CHO exosomes during bioprocessing
Keysberg C, Hertel O, Schelletter L, Busche T, Sochart C, Kalinowski J, Hoffrogge R, Otte K, Noll T
3691 - 3704 Effects of CcpA against salt stress in Lactiplantibacillus plantarum as assessed by comparative transcriptional analysis
Chen C, Huang K, Li XH, Tian HX, Yu HY, Huang J, Yuan HB, Zhao SS, Shao L
3705 - 3715 The beneficial effects of ultraviolet light supplementation on bone density are associated with the intestinal flora in rats
Cui JJ, Fu YM, Yi ZH, Dong C, Liu H
3717 - 3731 Caffeine-loaded gold nanoparticles: antibiofilm and anti-persister activities against pathogenic bacteria
Khan F, Park SK, Bamunuarachchi NI, Oh D, Kim YM
3733 - 3743 3,3 '-Thiodipropionic acid (TDP), a possible precursor for the synthesis of polythioesters: identification of TDP transport proteins in Variovorax paradoxus TBEA6
Reddy MV, Steinbuchel A
3745 - 3757 Metabolomic analyses revealed multifaceted effects of hexanal on Aspergillus flavus growth
Li SF, Zhang SB, Lv YY, Zhai HC, Li N, Hu YS, Cai JP
3759 - 3770 Antifungal activity of silver nanoparticles synthesized by iturin against Candida albicans in vitro and in vivo
Zhou LF, Zhao XX, Li MX, Lu Y, Ai CY, Jiang CM, Liu YL, Pan ZL, Shi JL
3771 - 3785 Impact of a fermented soy beverage supplemented with acerola by-product on the gut microbiota from lean and obese subjects using an in vitro model of the human colon
Vieira ADS, de Souza CB, Padilha M, Zoetendal EG, Smidt H, Saad SMI, Venema K
3787 - 3798 Diluted Luria-Bertani medium vs. sewage sludge as growth media: comparison of community structure and diversity in the culturable bacteria
Yamamoto K, Toya S, Sabidi S, Hoshiko Y, Maeda T
3799 - 3810 Effects of monochloramine on culturability, viability and persistence of Pseudomonas putida and tap water mixed bacterial community
Ng WJ, Tan CT, Bae S
3811 - 3823 The physical structure of compost and C and N utilization during composting and mushroom growth in Agaricus bisporus cultivation with rice, wheat, and reed straw-based composts
Wang Q, Juan JX, Xiao TT, Zhang JJ, Chen H, Song XX, Chen MJ, Huang JC
3825 - 3842 Burkholderia thailandensis E264 as a promising safe rhamnolipids' producer towards a sustainable valorization of grape marcs and olive mill pomace
Chebbi A, Tazzari M, Rizzi C, Tovar FHG, Villa S, Sbaffoni S, Vaccari M, Franzetti A
3843 - 3857 Community dynamics in rhizosphere microorganisms at different development stages of wheat growing in confined isolation environments
Ma Z, Yi ZH, Bayar K, Fu YM, Liu H
3859 - 3871 A biorefinery concept for the production of fuel ethanol, probiotic yeast, and whey protein from a by-product of the cheese industry
Pendon MD, Madeira JV, Romanin DE, Rumbo M, Gombert AK, Garrote GL