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ISSN: 0175-7598 (Print) 

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1315 - 1331 Development overview of Raman-activated cell sorting devoted to bacterial detection at single-cell level
Yan SS, Qiu JX, Guo L, Li DZ, Xu DP, Liu Q
1333 - 1343 Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of COVID-19: the never-ending story
Gasmi A, Peana M, Noor S, Lysiuk R, Menzel A, Benahmed AG, Bjorklund G
1345 - 1363 Bacterial valorization of pulp and paper industry process streams and waste
Brown DM, Pawlak J, Grunden AM
1365 - 1377 Cyclophilin A: a key player for etiological agent infection
Liao YT, Luo D, Peng KL, Zeng YH
1379 - 1394 Harmful effects of metal(loid) oxide nanoparticles
Soares EV, Soares HMVM
1395 - 1405 Cancer trigger or remedy: two faces of the human microbiome
Grenda A, Krawczyk P
1407 - 1419 The microbiome of bat guano: for what is this knowledge important?
Dimkic I, Fira D, Janakiev T, Kabic J, Stupar M, Nenadic M, Unkovic N, Grbic ML
1421 - 1434 High cell density perfusion process for high yield of influenza A virus production using MDCK suspension cells
Wu YX, Bissinger T, Genzel Y, Liu XP, Reichl U, Tan WS
1435 - 1446 Bio-based production of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) with modulated monomeric fraction in Escherichia coli
Miscevic D, Mao JY, Mozell B, Srirangan K, Abedi D, Moo-Young M, Chou CP
1447 - 1460 A single nucleotide mutation drastically increases the expression of tumor-homing NGR-TNF alpha in the E. coli M15-pQE30 system by improving gene transcription
Chen J, Yang H, Feng YR, Shi QX, Li Z, Tao Z, Fan J, Jin YM, Li SF, Cheng JQ, Lu XF
1461 - 1476 Strategic aromatic residues in the catalytic cleft of the xyloglucanase MtXgh74 modifying thermostability, mode of enzyme action, and viscosity reduction ability
Berezina OV, Rykov SV, Polyakova AK, Bozdaganyan ME, Sidochenko AV, Baudrexl M, Schwarz WH, Zverlov VV, Yarotsky SV
1477 - 1487 Generation of a novel affibody molecule targeting Chlamydia trachomatis MOMP
Li MY, Shi W, Yang J, Wang Q, Dong HY, Chen J, Zhang LF, Zhu SL
1489 - 1504 A recombinant fungal defensin-like peptide-P2 combats Streptococcus dysgalactiae and biofilms
Zhang QJ, Yang N, Mao RY, Hao Y, Ma XX, Teng D, Fan H, Wang JH
1505 - 1518 Surface display of HFBI and DewA hydrophobins on Saccharomyces cerevisiae modifies tolerance to several adverse conditions and biocatalytic performance
Andreu C, Gomez-Peinado J, Winandy L, Fischer R, li del Olmo M
1519 - 1533 Identification of a TetR family regulator and a polyketide synthase gene cluster involved in growth development and butenyl-spinosyn biosynthesis of Saccharopolyspora pogona
Rang J, Zhu ZR, Li YL, Cao L, He HC, Tang JL, Hu JJ, Chen JM, Hu SB, Huang WT, Yu ZQ, Ding XZ, Sun YJ, Xie QJ, Xia LQ
1535 - 1546 A component of the septation initiation network complex, AaSepM, is involved in multiple cellulose-responsive signaling pathways in Aspergillus aculeatus
Tsumura R, Sawada K, Kunitake E, Sumitani J, Kawaguchi T, Tani S
1547 - 1561 A bottom-up approach towards a bacterial consortium for the biotechnological conversion of chitin to L-lysine
Vortmann M, Stumpf AK, Sgobba E, Dirks-Hofmeister ME, Krehenbrink M, Wendisch VF, Philipp B, Moerschbacher BM
1563 - 1573 Targeting effect of berberine on type I fimbriae of Salmonella Typhimurium and its effective inhibition of biofilm
Xu CR, Wang FY, Huang FF, Yang M, He DG, Deng L
1575 - 1584 Primers for specific detection and identification of Pseudomonas syringae pv. maculicola and P. cannabina pv. alisalensis
Inoue Y, Takikawa Y
1585 - 1600 Comparative proteomic analyses reveal the metabolic aspects and biotechnological potential of nitrate assimilation in the yeast Dekkera bruxellensis
Pena-Moreno IC, Parente DC, da Silva KM, Pena EPN, Silva FAC, Calsa T, Pita WD, de Morais MA
1601 - 1614 Global transcriptomic analysis of functional oligosaccharide metabolism in Pediococcus pentosaceus
Han D, Shi R, Yan QJ, Shi YQ, Ma JW, Jiang ZQ
1615 - 1627 Complete genome sequence of lovastatin producer Aspergillus terreus ATCC 20542 and evaluation of genomic diversity among A. terreus strains
Ryngajllo M, Boruta T, Bizukojc M
1629 - 1645 Modulation of the immune response and metabolism in germ-free rats colonized by the probiotic Lactobacillus salivarius LI01
Xia JF, Jiang SM, Lv LX, Wu WR, Wang QQ, Xu QM, Ye JZ, Fang DQ, Li YT, Wu JJ, Bian XY, Yang LY, Jiang HY, Wang KC, Yan R, Li LJ
1647 - 1656 Antibiofilm peptides as a promising strategy: comparative research
Li J, Chen DR, Lin HC
1657 - 1668 Pediococcus pentosaceus ZJUAF-4 relieves oxidative stress and restores the gut microbiota in diquat-induced intestinal injury
Hao LH, Cheng YZ, Su WF, Wang C, Lu ZQ, Jin ML, Wang FQ, Wang YZ
1669 - 1681 The effect of different combinations of antibiotic cocktails on mice and selection of animal models for further microbiota research
Xu J, Xu HM, Peng Y, Zhao C, Zhao HL, Huang WQ, Huang HL, He J, Du YL, Zhou YJ, Zhou YL, Nie YQ
1683 - 1692 The recombinant protein combined vaccine based on the fragment C of tetanus toxin and the cross-reacting material 197
Chai PD, Pu XY, Ge J, Ren SL, Xia XY, Luo AA, Wang SW, Wang XD, Li JQ
1693 - 1708 Simultaneous quantification of the most common and proteolytic Pseudomonas species in raw milk by multiplex qPCR
Maier C, Hofmann K, Huptas C, Scherer S, Wenning M, Lucking G
1709 - 1720 Metabolic engineering of Zymomonas moblis for ethylene production from straw hydrolysate
He Y, Wu B, Xia W, Zhao KY, Qin Y, Tan Q, Yu QH, Liu PT, Hu GQ, He MX
1721 - 1729 Role of live cell colonization in the biofilm formation process in membrane bioreactors treating actual sewage under low organic loading rate conditions
Miwa T, Takimoto Y, Hatamoto M, Kuratate D, Watari T, Yamaguchi T
1731 - 1744 Isolation and characterization of arsenic-binding siderophores from Rhodococcus erythropolis S43: role of heterobactin B and other heterobactin variants
Retamal-Morales G, Senges CHR, Stapf M, Olguin A, Modak B, Bandow JE, Tischler D, Schlomann M, Levican G
1745 - 1758 Adaptive laboratory evolution of Yarrowia lipolytica improves ferulic acid tolerance
Wang ZD, Zhou LL, Lu MR, Zhang YW, Perveen S, Zhou HR, Wen ZQ, Xu ZX, Jin MJ