Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

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ISSN: 0175-7598 (Print) 

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431 - 440 Role and function of Chondrostereum purpureum in biocontrol of trees
Hamberg L, Saksa T, Hantula J
441 - 455 Detection technologies and recent developments in the diagnosis of COVID-19 infection
Rai P, Kumar BK, Deekshit VK, Karunasagar I, Karunasagar I
457 - 475 Metabolic engineering and synthetic biology for isoprenoid production in Escherichia coli and Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Navale GR, Dharne MS, Shinde SS
477 - 492 Natural bacterial isolates as an inexhaustible source of new bacteriocins
Lozo J, Topisirovic L, Kojic M
493 - 501 From the vineyard to the cellar: new insights of Starmerella bacillaris (synonym Candida zemplinina) technological properties and genomic perspective
Lemos WJF, de Oliveira VS, Guerra AF, Giacomini A, Corich V
503 - 508 Skin tests for the detection of Mycobacterial infections: achievements, current perspectives, and implications for other diseases
Duthie MS, Reed SG
509 - 523 Engineering ribose-5-phosphate isomerase B from a central carbon metabolic enzyme to a promising sugar biocatalyst
Tang HT, Ju X, Zhao J, Li LZ
525 - 538 Progress of cationic gene delivery reagents for non-viral vector
Ma K, Mi CL, Cao XX, Wang TY
539 - 549 Modeling the dynamic kinetics of microbial disinfection with dissipating chemical agents-a theoretical investigation
Peleg M
551 - 568 Streptomycetes as platform for biotechnological production processes of drugs
Ferraiuolo SB, Cammarota M, Schiraldi C, Restaino OF
569 - 585 Biotechnological strategies for the sustainable production of diosgenin from Dioscorea spp.
Nazir R, Kumar V, Gupta S, Dwivedi P, Pandey DK, Dey A
587 - 597 Interactive effects of light quality and culturing temperature on algal cell size, biomass doubling time, protein content, and carbohydrate content
Li XP, Manuel J, Slavens S, Crunkleton DW, Johannes TW
599 - 616 Immunogenic characterization and protective efficacy of recombinant CsgA, major subunit of curli fibers, against Vibrio parahaemolyticus
Karan S, Choudhury D, Dixit A
617 - 625 Characterization of BpGH16A of Bacteroides plebeius, a key enzyme initiating the depolymerization of agarose in the human gut
Park NJ, Yu S, Kim DH, Yun EJ, Kim KH
627 - 645 Development and optimization of a pepino mosaic virus-based vector for rapid expression of heterologous proteins in plants
Abrahamian P, Hammond J, Hammond RW
647 - 660 Datamining and functional environmental genomics reassess the phylogenetics and functional diversity of fungal monosaccharide transporters
Barbi F, Vallon L, Guerrero-Galan C, Zimmermann SD, Melayah D, Abrouk D, Dore J, Lemaire M, Fraissinet-Tachet L, Luis P, Marmeisse R
661 - 678 A mitogen-activated protein kinase PoxMK1 mediates regulation of the production of plant-biomass-degrading enzymes, vegetative growth, and pigment biosynthesis in Penicillium oxalicum
Ma B, Ning YN, Li CX, Tian D, Guo H, Pang XM, Luo XM, Zhao S, Feng JX
679 - 694 Involvement of phospholipase PLA(2) in production of cellulase and xylanase by Penicillium oxalicum
Li SH, Gu LS, Qu XY, Zhang T, Li CX, Mai RM, Liao LS, Zhang FF, Luo XM, Zhao S, Feng JX
695 - 706 Efflux identification and engineering for ansamitocin P-3 production in Actinosynnema pretiosum
Wang XR, Wei JH, Xiao YF, Luan SH, Ning XJ, Bai LQ
707 - 723 A highly efficient protein degradation system in Bacillus sp. CN2: a functional-degradomics study
Lai YH, Li WG, Wu XY, Wang LS
725 - 739 Toxin-antitoxin HicAB regulates the formation of persister cells responsible for the acid stress resistance in Acetobacter pasteurianus
Xia K, Han CC, Xu J, Liang XL
741 - 753 Novel mycosynthesis of Co3O4, CuO, Fe3O4, NiO, and ZnO nanoparticles by the endophytic Aspergillus terreus and evaluation of their antioxidant and antimicrobial activities
Mousa SA, El-Sayed ESR, Mohamed SS, El-Seoud MAA, Elmehlawy AA, Abdou DAM
755 - 768 Isolation and screening of stress-resistant endophytic fungus strains from wild and cultivated soybeans in cold region of China
Xiao JL, Sun JG, Pang B, Zhou X, Gong Y, Jiang LC, Zhang L, Ding XD, Yin J
769 - 787 Biosynthesis and prebiotic activity of a linear levan from a new Paenibacillus isolate
Cheng R, Cheng L, Zhao Y, Wang L, Wang SM, Zhang JF
789 - 802 Gut microbiota affect the formation of calcium oxalate renal calculi caused by high daily tea consumption
Chen F, Bao X, Liu SY, Ye K, Xiang SS, Yu LT, Xu QK, Zhang YH, Wang X, Zhu X, Ying J, Shen YB, Ji W, Si SF
803 - 814 Gut microbiome analysis as a predictive marker for the gastric cancer patients
Zhang YY, Shen J, Shi XW, Du YQ, Niu YF, Jin GL, Wang Z, Lyu JX
815 - 825 Influence of reductive soil disinfestation or biochar amendment on bacterial communities and their utilization of plant-derived carbon in the rhizosphere of tomato
Liao HK, Fan HX, Li YY, Yao HY
827 - 838 Biohybrid membranes for effective bacterial vehiculation and simultaneous removal of hexavalent chromium (CrVI) and phenol
Pereira PP, Fernandez M, Cimadoro J, Gonzalez PS, Morales GM, Goyanes S, Agostini E
839 - 852 Changes in planktonic and sediment bacterial communities under the highly regulated dam in the mid-part of the Three Gorges Reservoir
Qin Y, Tang Q, Lu LH, Wang YC, Izaguirre I, Li Z
853 - 867 Tropical and temperate wastewater treatment plants assemble different and diverse microbiomes
Song Y, Mhuantong W, Liu SY, Pisutpaisal N, Wongwilaiwalin S, Kanokratana P, Wang AJ, Jiang CY, Champreda V, Qiu DR, Liu SJ
869 - 876 Adaptive laboratory evolution of methylotrophic Escherichia coli enables synthesis of all amino acids from methanol-derived carbon
Har JRG, Agee A, Bennett RK, Papoutsakis ET, Antoniewicz MR
877 - 889 Changes in efflux pump activity of Clostridium beijerinckii throughout ABE fermentation
Branska B, Vasylkivska M, Raschmanova H, Jureckova K, Sedlar K, Provaznik I, Patakova P