Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, Vol.105, No.14-15 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0175-7598 (Print) 

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5701 - 5717 Relevance of peroxiredoxins in pathogenic microorganisms
de Oliveira MA, Tairum CA, Netto LES, de Oliveira ALP, Aleixo-Silva RL, Cabrera VIM, Breyer CA, dos Santos MC
5719 - 5737 The "beauty in the beast"-the multiple uses of Priestia megaterium in biotechnology
Biedendieck R, Knuuti T, Moore SJ, Jahn D
5739 - 5749 Microbial application of thermophilic Thermoanaerobacterium species in lignocellulosic biorefinery
Wu MD, Jiang YJ, Liu YS, Mou L, Zhang WM, Xin FX, Jiang M
5751 - 5767 Metabolic engineering of non-pathogenic microorganisms for 2,3-butanediol production
Lee JW, Lee YG, Jin YS, Rao CV
5769 - 5783 The impact of bZIP Atf1ortholog global regulators in fungi
Leiter E, Emri T, Pakozdi K, Hornok L, Pocsi I
5785 - 5794 The potential of Akkermansia muciniphila in inflammatory bowel disease
Zhang T, Ji XH, Lu GC, Zhang FM
5795 - 5807 D-Galacturonic acid reduction by S. cerevisiae for L-galactonate production from extracted sugar beet press pulp hydrolysate
Wagner J, Schafer D, Eichen NV, Haimerl C, Harth S, Oreb M, Benz JP, Weuster-Botz D
5809 - 5819 Metabolic engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for enhanced production of caffeic acid
Zhou PP, Yue CL, Shen B, Du Y, Xu NN, Ye LD
5821 - 5832 Carboxylesterases for the hydrolysis of acetoacetate esters and their applications in terpenoid production using Escherichia coli
Harada H, Senda D, Shima T, Nakane C
5833 - 5844 Production of rhamnolipids by the Thermoanaerobacter sp. CM-CNRG TB177 strain isolated from an oil well in Mexico
Segovia V, Reyes A, Rivera G, Vazquez P, Velazquez G, Paz-Gonzalez A, Hernandez-Gama R
5845 - 5859 Fatty acid modified-antimicrobial peptide analogues with potent antimicrobial activity and topical therapeutic efficacy against Staphylococcus hyicus
Liu H, Yang N, Teng D, Mao RY, Hao Y, Ma XX, Wang XM, Wang JH
5861 - 5872 Capture of carbon dioxide and hydrogen by engineered Escherichia coli: hydrogen-dependent CO2 reduction to formate
Leo F, Schwarz FM, Schuchmann K, Muller V
5873 - 5882 Efficient synthesis of bepotastine and cloperastine intermediates using engineered alcohol dehydrogenase with a hydrophobic pocket
Wu K, Yan JR, Wang XJ, Yin XA, Shi GX, Yang L, Li FL, Huang JH, Shao L
5883 - 5894 Relocation of dehydroquinate dehydratase to the periplasmic space improves dehydroshikimate production with Gluconobacter oxydans strain NBRC3244
Nakamura K, Nagaki K, Matsutani M, Adachi O, Kataoka N, Ano Y, Theeragool G, Matsushita K, Yakushi T
5895 - 5904 Improving the functionality of surface-engineered yeast cells by altering the cell wall morphology of the host strain
Inokuma K, Kitada Y, Bamba T, Kobayashi Y, Yukawa T, den Haan R, van Zyl WH, Kondo A, Hasunuma T
5905 - 5914 Identification of the cognate response regulator of the orphan histidine kinase OhkA involved in both secondary metabolism and morphological differentiation in Streptomyces coelicolor
Zheng GS, Liu PP, He WY, Tao HN, Yang Z, Sun CW, Wang WF, Lu YH, Jiang WH
5915 - 5929 MoCpa1-mediated arginine biosynthesis is crucial for fungal growth, conidiation, and plant infection of Magnaporthe oryzae
Aron O, Wang M, Mabeche AW, Wajjiha B, Li MQ, Yang S, You HX, Cai Y, Zhang T, Li YX, Wang BH, Zhang DM, Wang ZH, Tang W
5931 - 5941 A non-canonical Delta 9-desaturase synthesizing palmitoleic acid identified in the thraustochytrid Aurantiochytrium sp. T66
Rau EM, Aasen IM, Ertesvag H
5943 - 5957 SigB regulates stress resistance, glucose starvation, MnSOD production, biofilm formation, and root colonization in Bacillus cereus 905
Gao TT, Li Y, Chai YR, Wang Q, Ding MZ
5959 - 5972 Revisiting the unique structure of autonomously replicating sequences in Yarrowia lipolytica and its role in pathway engineering
Lopez C, Cao MF, Yao ZY, Shao ZY
5973 - 5991 Overexpression of pEGF improved the gut protective function of Clostridium butyricum partly through STAT3 signal pathway
Ma MP, Zhao ZT, Liang QY, Shen HK, Zhao ZJ, Chen ZY, He RX, Feng SX, Cao D, Gan GH, Ye HJ, Qiu WH, Deng JB, Ming FP, Jia JH, Sun CJ, Li JY, Zhang LH
5993 - 6005 Diet-induced microbiome shifts of sympatric overwintering birds
Li C, Liu Y, Gong MH, Zheng CM, Zhang CL, Li HX, Wen WY, Wang YH, Liu G
6007 - 6018 Oral delivery of a Lactococcus lactis expressing extracellular TGF beta R2 alleviates hepatic fibrosis
Yuan SL, Dong M, Zhang HL, Xu HD, Wang Q, Yan CL, Ye RC, Jiang XX, Zhou HQ, Chen L, Cheng J, Xie W, Jin WZ
6019 - 6031 Tight junction protein claudin-2 promotes cell entry of Bombyx mori cypovirus
Zhu M, Zhang X, Pan J, Zhu HX, Zhang ZY, Liang Z, Cao GL, Hu XL, Xue RY, Gong CL
6033 - 6045 Assessment of Biolog Ecoplate(TM) method for functional metabolic diversity of aerotolerant pig fecal microbiota
Checcucci A, Luise D, Modesto M, Correa F, Bosi P, Mattarelli P, Trevisi P
6047 - 6057 Homogenous overexpression of the extracellular matrix protein Netrin-1 in a hollow fiber bioreactor
Moya-Torres A, Gupta M, Heide F, Krahn N, Legare S, Nikodemus D, Imhof T, Meier M, Koch M, Stetefeld J
6059 - 6072 Performance of QuantaMatrix Microfluidic Agarose Channel system integrated with mycobacteria growth indicator tube liquid culture
Kim H, Lee S, Jo E, Kim S, Kim H, Kim EG, Kwon S, Shin S
6073 - 6086 Anaerobic hydrolysis of complex substrates in full-scale aerobic granular sludge: enzymatic activity determined in different sludge fractions
Ortega ST, Pronk M, de Kreuk MK
6087 - 6102 Indigoidine biosynthesis triggered by the heavy metal-responsive transcription regulator: a visual whole-cell biosensor
Hui CY, Guo Y, Li LM, Liu LS, Chen YT, Yi J, Zhang NX
6103 - 6115 Biodegradation of metoprolol in oxic and anoxic hyporheic zone sediments: unexpected effects on microbial communities
Rutere C, Posselt M, Ho A, Horn MA
6117 - 6117 Biotransformation of bisphenol a analogues by the biphenyl-degrading bacterium Cupriavidus basilensis - a structure-biotransformation relationship (vol 104, pg 3569, 2020)
Zuhlke MK, Schluter R, Mikolasch A, Henning AK, Giersberg M, Lalk M, Kunze G, Schweder T, Urich T, Schauer F
6119 - 6119 Natural brominated phenoxyphenols kill persistent and biofilm-incorporated cells of MRSA and other pathogenic bacteria (vol 104, pg 5985, 2020)
van Geelen L, Kaschani F, Sazzadeh SS, Adeniyi ET, Meier D, Proksch P, Pfeffer K, Kaiser M, Ioerger TR, Kalscheuer R
6121 - 6121 Wood-water relationships and their role for wood susceptibility to fungal decay (vol 104, pg 3781, 2020)
Brischke C, Alfredsen G