Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, Vol.105, No.12 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0175-7598 (Print) 

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4805 - 4818 Integrated signaling system under endoplasmic reticulum stress in eukaryotic microorganisms
Cao T, Peng BF, Zhou XP, Cai JL, Tang Y, Luo J, Xie HT, Zhang J, Liu SQ
4819 - 4832 Antimicrobial properties of L-amino acid oxidase: biochemical features and biomedical applications
Kasai K, Nakano M, Ohishi M, Nakamura T, Miura T
4833 - 4841 The interaction of Akkermansia muciniphila with host-derived substances, bacteria and diets
Hagi T, Belzer C
4843 - 4853 Microbiology of the American Smokeless Tobacco
Rivera AJ, Tyx RE
4855 - 4878 Contribution of yeast models to virus research
Glingston RS, Yadav J, Rajpoot J, Joshi N, Nagotu S
4879 - 4897 Yeasts of the Blastobotrys genus are promising platform for lipid-based fuels and oleochemicals production
Sanya DRA, Onesime D, Passoth V, Maiti MK, Chattopadhyay A, Khot MB
4899 - 4918 Stress modulation as a means to improve yeasts for lignocellulose bioconversion
Brandt BA, Jansen T, Volschenk H, Gorgens JF, Van Zyl WH, Den Haan R
4919 - 4930 Strategies for enhancing terpenoids accumulation in microalgae
Huang PW, Wang LR, Geng SS, Ye C, Sun XM, Huang H
4931 - 4941 Plague vaccines: new developments in an ongoing search
Rosenzweig JA, Hendrix EK, Chopra AK
4943 - 4955 Purified lactases versus whole-cell lactases-the winner takes it all
Dorau R, Jensen PR, Solem C
4957 - 4973 A broadly cross-reactive monoclonal antibody against hepatitis E virus capsid antigen
Kubickova B, Schenk JA, Ramm F, Markuskiene K, Reetz J, Dremsek P, Tamosiunas PL, Cepulyte L, Trinh HA, Scholz J, Memczak H, Hovestaedt M, Ryll R, Petraityte-Burneikiene R, Corman VM, Andersson A, Becher D, Groschup MH, Kubick S, Sellrie F, Johne R, Ulrich RG
4975 - 4986 Antibacterial polyene-polyol macrolides and cyclic peptides from the marine-derived Streptomyces sp. MS110128
Jiang L, Huang P, Ren BA, Song ZJ, Zhu GL, He WN, Zhang JY, Oyeleye A, Dai HQ, Zhang LX, Liu XT
4987 - 5000 Efficient production of long double-stranded RNAs applicable to agricultural pest control by Corynebacterium glutamicum equipped with coliphage T7-expression system
Hashiro S, Chikami Y, Kawaguchi H, Krylov AA, Niimi T, Yasueda H
5001 - 5012 Inorganic pellets containing microsclerotia of Metarhizium anisopliae: a new technological platform for the biological control of the cattle tick Rhipicephalus microplus
Santos TR, da Paixao FRS, Catao AML, Muniz ER, Ribeiro-Silva CS, Taveira SF, Luz C, Mascarin GM, Fernandes EKK, Marreto RN
5013 - 5022 Stochastic processes shape the bacterial community assembly in shrimp cultural pond sediments
Hou DW, Zhou RJ, Zeng SZ, Wei DD, Deng XS, Xing CG, Weng SP, He JG, Huang ZJ
5023 - 5037 Genome mining Streptomyces sp. KCTC 0041BP as a producer of dihydrochalcomycin
Nguyen CT, Bridget AF, Pham VTT, Nguyen HT, Kim TS, Sohng JK
5039 - 5051 Heat stress promotes the conversion of putrescine to spermidine and plays an important role in regulating ganoderic acid biosynthesis in Ganoderma lucidum
Tao YX, Han XF, Ren A, Li J, Song HB, Xie BG, Zhao MW
5053 - 5066 QTL mapping: an innovative method for investigating the genetic determinism of yeast-bacteria interactions in wine
Bartle L, Peltier E, Sundstrom JF, Sumby K, Mitchell JG, Jiranek V, Philippe
5067 - 5075 Identification of phage recombinase function unit in genus Corynebacterium
Chang YZ, Wang Q, Su TY, Qi QS
5077 - 5086 Synthetic counter-selection markers and their application in genetic modification of Synechococcus elongatus UTEX2973
Chen LY, Liu H, Wang L, Tan XM, Yang SH
5087 - 5101 Distinct bacterial communities in the environmental water, sediment and intestine between two crayfish-plant coculture ecosystems
Wei DD, Xing CG, Hou DW, Zeng SZ, Zhou RJ, Yu LF, Wang H, Deng ZX, Weng SP, He JG, Huang ZJ
5103 - 5112 Investigating the role of the transcriptional regulator Ure2 on the metabolism of Saccharomyces cerevisiae: a multi-omics approach
Liu JJ, Woodruff W, Deewan A, Jagtap SS, Yun EJ, Walukiewicz HE, Jin YS, Rao CV
5113 - 5121 Genetic origin of homopyrones, a rare type of hybrid phenylpropanoid- and polyketide-derived yellow pigments from Aspergillus homomorphus
Futyma ME, Guo YJ, Hoeck C, Hoof JB, Gotfredsen CH, Mortensen UH, Larsen TO
5123 - 5134 Gene expression profile analysis and target gene discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis biofilm
Ma FX, Zhou H, Yang ZQ, Wang C, An YA, Ni LH, Liu MY, Wang Y, Yu L
5135 - 5145 Identification and evaluation of a panel of strong constitutive promoters in Listeria monocytogenes for improving the expression of foreign antigens
Ma JF, Ji QY, Wang SY, Qiu JX, Liu Q
5147 - 5158 o-Vanillin, a promising antifungal agent, inhibits Aspergillus flavus by disrupting the integrity of cell walls and cell membranes
Li Q, Zhu XM, Xie YL, Zhong Y
5159 - 5171 Hyphal growth of Penicillium rubens in changing relative humidity
Ruijten P, Huinink HP, Adan OCG
5173 - 5187 Dynamic control of the distribution of carbon flux between cell growth and butyrate biosynthesis in Escherichia coli
Guo L, Lu JX, Gao C, Zhang LP, Liu LM, Chen XL
5189 - 5200 Comparison of various approaches to detect algal culture contamination: a case study of Chlorella sp. contamination in a Phaeodactylum tricornutum culture
Grivalsky T, Strizek A, Pribyl P, Lukavsky J, Cegan R, Hobza R, Hrouzek P
5201 - 5212 Modeling and optimizing callus growth and development in Cannabis sativa using random forest and support vector machine in combination with a genetic algorithm
Hesami M, Jones AMP
5213 - 5227 Acetotrophic sulfate-reducing consortia develop active biofilms on zeolite and glass beads in batch cultures at initial pH 3
Campos-Quevedo N, Moreno-Perlin T, Razo-Flores E, Stams AJM, Celis LB, Sanchez-Andrea I
5229 - 5239 Towards rare earth element recovery from wastewaters: biosorption using phototrophic organisms
Heilmann M, Breiter R, Becker AM
5241 - 5256 Nationality and body location alter human skin microbiome
Wang YJ, Yu QL, Zhou R, Feng TS, Hilal MG, Li H
5257 - 5257 The limiting factors of oncolytic virus immunotherapy and the approaches to overcome them (vol 104, pg 8231, 2020)
Hu PY, Fan XM, Zhang YN, Wang SB, Wan WJ, Pan HY, Mou XZ