Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, Vol.105, No.11 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0175-7598 (Print) 

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4343 - 4356 Hop bitter acids: resources, biosynthesis, and applications
Zhang GQ, Zhang N, Yang AR, Huang JL, Ren XN, Xian M, Zou HB
4357 - 4367 Impacts of type II toxin-antitoxin systems on cell physiology and environmental behavior in acetic acid bacteria
Xia K, Ma JW, Liang XL
4369 - 4381 Current insights into the microbial degradation for butachlor: strains, metabolic pathways, and molecular mechanisms
Lin ZQ, Pang SM, Zhou Z, Wu XZ, Bhatt P, Chen SH
4383 - 4395 Ethyl carbamate in Chinese liquor (Baijiu): presence, analysis, formation, and control
Wang CA, Wang M, Zhang MP
4397 - 4414 Engineering of the unfolded protein response pathway in Pichia pastoris: enhancing production of secreted recombinant proteins
Raschmanova H, Weninger A, Knejzlik Z, Melzoch K, Kovar K
4415 - 4425 Research progress on gut microbiota in patients with gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, and small intestine cancer
Chen CC, Chen LJ, Lin LJ, Jin DZ, Du YQ, Lyu JX
4427 - 4451 Biotechnological interventions and genetic diversity assessment in Swertia sp.: a myriad source of valuable secondary metabolites
Kaur P, Pandey DK, Gupta RC, Kumar V, Dwivedi P, Sanyal R, Dey A
4453 - 4466 Marine microbial L-glutaminase: from pharmaceutical to food industry
Barzkar N, Sohail M, Jahromi ST, Nahavandi R, Khodadadi M
4467 - 4486 From the culture broth to the erythritol crystals: an opportunity for circular economy
Daza-Serna L, Serna-Loaiza S, Masi A, Mach RL, Mach-Aigner AR, Friedl A
4487 - 4500 Biotechnological utilization: the role of Zea mays rhizospheric bacteria in ecosystem sustainability
Imade EE, Babalola OO
4501 - 4513 Endophytes: the novel sources for plant terpenoid biosynthesis
Chen YC, Hu B, Xing JM, Li C
4515 - 4534 L-asparaginase production review: bioprocess design and biochemical characteristics
Castro D, Marques ASC, Almeida MR, de Paiva GB, Bento HBS, Pedrolli DB, Freire MG, Tavares APM, Santos-Ebinuma VC
4535 - 4550 Microbial debromination of hexabromocyclododecanes
Yu F, Li YY, Wang H, Peng T, Wu YR, Hu Z
4551 - 4560 Synergistic biodegradation of poly(ethylene terephthalate) using Microbacterium oleivorans and Thermobifida fusca cutinase
Yan ZF, Wang L, Xia W, Liu ZZ, Gu LT, Wu J
4561 - 4576 Significantly improving the thermostability of a hyperthermophilic GH10 family xylanase XynAF1 by semi-rational design
Li GQ, Zhou X, Li ZH, Liu YP, Liu DY, Miao YZ, Wan Q, Zhang RF
4577 - 4588 Optimisation of xylanases production by two Cellulomonas strains and their use for biomass deconstruction
Ontanon OM, Bedo S, Ghio S, Garrido MM, Topalian J, Jahola D, Feher A, Valacco MP, Campos E, Feher C
4589 - 4598 Efficient biological pretreatment and bioconversion of corn cob by the sequential application of a Bacillus firmus K-1 cellulase-free xylanolytic enzyme and commercial cellulases
Fatmawati NV, Ketbot P, Phitsuwan P, Waeonukul R, Tachaapaikoon C, Kosugi A, Ratanakhanokchai K, Pason P
4599 - 4607 Directed evolution of glycosyltransferase for enhanced efficiency of avermectin glucosylation
Choi HY, Lim HS, Park KH, Kim J, Kim WG
4609 - 4620 Enhancing extracellular production of recombinant proteins in Escherichia coli by co-expressing with a haloarchaeal protein containing a putative LolA-like domain
Wang J, Hao C, Cao L, Yao YT, Ding YD, Yang Y, Tang XF, Tang B
4621 - 4634 Enzymatic characterization of a novel recombinant 1,3-alpha-3,6-anhydro-L-galactosidase specific for neoagarobiose hydrolysis into monosaccharides
Jang WY, Kwon MJ, Kim KY, Kim YH
4635 - 4648 Impact of glycerol feeding profiles on STEAP1 biosynthesis by Komagataella pastoris using a methanol-inducible promoter
Duarte DR, Barroca-Ferreira J, Goncalves AM, Santos FM, Rocha SM, Pedro AQ, Maia CJ, Passarinha LA
4649 - 4662 A screened PirB antagonist peptide antagonizes A beta(42)-mediated inhibition of neurite outgrowth in vitro
Zhang Z, Wang ZJ, Ling ZP, Li Y, Pan JP, Gao Q, Zhang JC, Yan L, Zhang ZD, Li JL, Xiao F
4663 - 4673 Development and characterization of mouse monoclonal antibodies targeting to distinct epitopes of Zika virus envelope protein for specific detection of Zika virus
Li CJ, Huang PH, Chen HW, Chang SC
4675 - 4691 G protein gamma subunit modulates expression of plant-biomass-degrading enzyme genes and mycelial-development-related genes in Penicillium oxalicum
Pang XM, Tian D, Zhang T, Liao LS, Li CX, Luo XM, Feng JX, Zhao S
4693 - 4707 New insights into the function of the proteins IsiC and IsiD from Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 under iron limitation
Cheng YR, Zhang TY, Cao YR, Wang L, Chen WL
4709 - 4718 Antimicrobial and anti-biofilm activity of thymoquinone against Shigella flexneri
Fan QX, Yuan YH, Jia H, Zeng XJ, Wang ZL, Hu ZQ, Gao ZP, Yue TL
4719 - 4730 Temporal dynamics of gut microbiota in caged laying hens: a field observation from hatching to end of lay
Joat N, Van TTH, Stanley D, Moore RJ, Chousalkar K
4731 - 4741 Activation and discovery of tsukubarubicin from Streptomyces tsukubaensis through overexpressing SARPs
Wu QB, Chen XA, Lv ZY, Zhang XY, Liu Y, Li YQ
4743 - 4749 Fast, inexpensive, and reliable HPLC method to determine monomer fractions in poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate)
Duvigneau S, Kettner A, Carius L, Griehl C, Findeisen R, Kienle A
4751 - 4759 Application of an AlphaLISA method for rapid sensitive detection of African swine fever virus in porcine serum
Chen DJ, Wang D, Wang CX, Wei F, Zhao HY, Lin XM, Wu SQ
4761 - 4773 Amplicon-sequencing of raw milk microbiota: impact of DNA extraction and library-PCR
Siebert A, Hofmann K, Staib L, Doll EV, Scherer S, Wenning M
4775 - 4789 Sex-dependent changes in the microbiota profile, serum metabolism, and hormone levels of growing pigs after dietary supplementation with Lactobacillus
Zhang DY, Liu H, Wang SX, Zhang W, Wang SQ, Wang YM, Ji HF
4791 - 4803 The profile of the soil microbiota in the Cerrado is influenced by land use
de Souza LC, Procopio L