Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, Vol.104, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0175-7598 (Print) 

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907 - 914 Specific heavy metal/metalloid sensors: current state and perspectives
Kim H, Jang G, Yoon Y
915 - 924 Beyond natural laccases: extension of their potential applications by protein engineering
Stanzione I, Pezzella C, Giardina P, Sannia G, Piscitelli A
925 - 933 An overview of microbial indigo-forming enzymes
Fabara AN, Fraaije MW
935 - 951 Metabolic engineering for the production of fat-soluble vitamins: advances and perspectives
Yuan PH, Cui SX, Liu YF, Li JH, Du GC, Liu L
953 - 965 Principle and potential applications of the non-classical protein secretory pathway in bacteria
Kang Q, Zhang DW
967 - 979 Calanus oil in the treatment of obesity-related low-grade inflammation, insulin resistance, and atherosclerosis
Gasmi A, Mujawdiya PK, Shanaida M, Ongenae A, Lysiuk R, Dosa MD, Tsal O, Piscopo S, Chirumbolo S, Bjorklund G
981 - 987 Modulation effect of tea consumption on gut microbiota
Liu YC, Li XY, Shen L
989 - 999 Fungal P-450 monooxygenases - the diversity in catalysis and their promising roles in biocontrol activity
Hussain R, Ahmed M, Khan TA, Akhter Y
1001 - 1012 Advances in acrylamide bioproduction catalyzed with Rhodococcus cells harboring nitrile hydratase
Jiao S, Li FL, Yu HM, Shen ZY
1013 - 1034 Antimicrobial secondary metabolites from agriculturally important bacteria as next-generation pesticides
Keswani C, Singh HB, Garcia-Estrada C, Caradus J, He YW, Mezaache-Aichour S, Glare TR, Borriss R, Sansinenea E
1035 - 1053 Oil reservoir simulating bioreactors: tools for understanding petroleum microbiology
Rellegadla S, Jain S, Agrawal A
1055 - 1062 Chemoenzymatic synthesis of the pH responsive surfactant octyl beta-D-glucopyranoside uronic acid
Ngo NTN, Grey C, Adlercreutz P
1063 - 1076 Production and characterisation of a marine Halomonas surface-active exopolymer
Gutierrez T, Morris G, Ellis D, Mulloy B, Aitken MD
1077 - 1095 Biokinetics of fed-batch production of poly (3-hydroxybutyrate) using microbial co-culture
Subramanian AM, Nanjan SE, Prakash H, Santharam L, Ramachandran A, Sathyaseelan V, Ravi DP, Mahadevan S
1097 - 1108 Zinc supplementation improves the harvest purity of beta-glucuronidase from CHO cell culture by suppressing apoptosis
Graham RJ, Ketcham S, Mohammad A, Bandaranayake BMB, Cao T, Ghosh B, Weaver J, Yoon S, Faustino PJ, Ashraf M, Cruz CN, Madhavarao CN
1109 - 1123 Genome mining integrating semi-rational protein engineering and nanoreactor design: roadmap for a robust biocatalyst for industrial resolution of Vince lactam
Li HX, Gao SH, Qiu Y, Liang CQ, Zhu SZ, Zheng GJ
1125 - 1134 Enzymatic characterization and regulation of gene expression of PhoK alkaline phosphatase in Sphingobium sp. strain TCM1
Takahashi S, Morooka Y, Kumakura T, Abe K, Kera Y
1135 - 1148 Characterization of three GH35 beta-galactosidases, enzymes able to shave galactosyl residues linked to rhamnogalacturonan in pectin, from Penicillium chrysogenum 31B
Kondo T, Nishimura Y, Matsuyama K, Ishimaru M, Nakazawa M, Ueda M, Sakamoto T
1149 - 1161 Cell permeability, beta-lactamase activity, and transport contribute to high level of resistance to ampicillin in Lysobacter enzymogenes
Yu MH, Zhao YF
1163 - 1174 A plasmid-based genomic screening system for transcriptional regulators of non-adjacent xenobiotic catabolism genes
Cheng MG, Xing ZY, Lu LY, Chen F, He J, Huang X
1175 - 1186 Diversity of volatile organic compound production from leucine and citrate in Enterococcus faecium
D'Angelo M, Martino GP, Blancato VS, Espariz M, Hartke A, Sauvageot N, Benachour A, Alarcon SH, Magni C
1187 - 1199 Engineered bacterial biofloc formation enhancing phenol removal and cell tolerance
Jia X, Zhang S, Li JW, Xia J, Yao RL, Zhao XQ, Wu B, Bai FW, Xiao Y
1201 - 1209 Efficient affinity-tagging of M13 phage capsid protein IX for immobilization of protein III-displayed oligopeptide probes on abiotic platforms
Tong Z, Silo-Suh LA, Kalalah A, Dawson P, Chin BA, Suh SJ
1211 - 1226 Quantitative multi-omics analysis of the effects of mitochondrial dysfunction on lipid metabolism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Guo XP, Zhang MM, Gao Y, Cao GZ, Lu D, Li WJ
1227 - 1242 Sulfur-containing amino acid supplementation to gilts from late pregnancy to lactation altered offspring's intestinal microbiota and plasma metabolites
Azad MAK, Liu G, Bin P, Ding SJ, Kong XF, Guan GP, Yin YL
1243 - 1257 Effects of a probiotic intervention on Escherichia coli and high-fat diet-induced intestinal microbiota imbalance
Sun QS, Zhang S, Liu XY, Huo YT, Su B, Li XL
1259 - 1271 OxyR-controlled surface polysaccharide production and biofilm formation in Acinetobacter oleivorans DR1
Shin B, Park C, Park W
1273 - 1281 Evaluation of the protective immunity of Riemerella anatipestifer OmpA
Xu XX, Xu YH, Miao S, Jiang P, Cui JS, Gong YS, Tan PP, Du XL, Islam N, Hu QH
1283 - 1290 New approach for determination of antimicrobial susceptibility to antibiotics by an acoustic sensor
Guliy OI, Zaitsev BD, Borodina IA
1291 - 1305 Characterization of an 17 beta-estradiol-degrading bacterium Stenotrophomonas maltophilia SJTL3 tolerant to adverse environmental factors
Xiong WL, Yin C, Peng WL, Deng ZX, Lin SJ, Liang RB
1307 - 1317 Utilization of kitchen waste for production of pullulan to develop biodegradable plastic
Rishi V, Sandhu AK, Kaur A, Kaur J, Sharma S, Soni SK
1319 - 1330 Use of phage phi 6 to inactivate Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae in kiwifruit plants: in vitro and ex vivo experiments
Pinheiro LAM, Pereira C, Barreal ME, Gallego PP, Balcao VM, Almeida A
1331 - 1346 Population dynamics of methanogens and methanotrophs along the salinity gradient in Pearl River Estuary: implications for methane metabolism
Chen SZ, Wang P, Liu HD, Xie W, Wan XS, Kao SJ, Phelps TJ, Zhang CL
1347 - 1355 Novel strategy to improve the colonizing ability of Irpex lacteus in non-sterile wheat straw for enhanced rumen and enzymatic digestibility
Niu DZ, Zuo SS, Ren JJ, Huhetaoli, Zheng ML, Jiang D, Xu CC