Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, Vol.104, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0175-7598 (Print) 

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455 - 473 Emerging technologies for the pretreatment of lignocellulosic materials for bio-based products
Ali N, Zhang Q, Liu ZY, Li FL, Lu M, Fang XC
475 - 488 Integration of comprehensive data and biotechnological tools for industrial applications of Kluyveromyces marxianus
Nurcholis M, Lertwattanasakul N, Rodrussamee N, Kosaka T, Murata M, Yamada M
489 - 508 Biotechnological utilization of animal gut microbiota for valorization of lignocellulosic biomass
Ozbayram EG, Kleinsteuber S, Nikolausz M
509 - 514 Moulds on cementitious building materials-problems, prevention and future perspectives
Campana R, Sabatini L, Frangipani E
515 - 525 Microbiologically influenced corrosion of marine steels within the interaction between steel and biofilms: a brief view
Ma Y, Zhang YM, Zhang RY, Guan F, Hou BR, Duan JZ
527 - 543 Biocatalytic production of 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid: recent advances and future perspectives
Yuan HB, Liu HL, Du JK, Liu KQ, Wang TF, Liu L
545 - 554 Multiplexed DIVA tests for rapid detection of FMDV infection/circulation in endemic countries
Tewari A, Jain B, Bhatia AK
555 - 574 D-amino acids in foods
Marcone GL, Rosini E, Crespi E, Pollegioni L
575 - 587 Targeting PI3K/AKT/mTOR-mediated autophagy for tumor therapy
Xu ZR, Han X, Ou DM, Liu T, Li ZX, Jiang GM, Liu J, Zhang J
589 - 601 Modulation of microbially derived short-chain fatty acids on intestinal homeostasis, metabolism, and neuropsychiatric disorder
Xiao SW, Jiang S, Qian DW, Duan JA
603 - 613 Unique processes yielding pure azaphilones in Talaromyces atroroseus
Tolborg G, Odum ASR, Isbrandt T, Larsen TO, Workman M
615 - 622 Atrorosins: a new subgroup of Monascus pigments from Talaromyces atroroseus
Isbrandt T, Tolborg G, Odum A, Workman M, Larsen TO
623 - 631 Extracellular production of active-form Streptomyces mobaraensis transglutaminase in Bacillus subtilis
Fu LH, Wang Y, Ju JS, Cheng L, Xu YQ, Yu B, Wang LM
633 - 641 Crystal structure of a neoagarobiose-producing GH16 family beta-agarase from Persicobacter sp. CCB-QB2
Teh AH, Fazli NH, Furusawa G
643 - 652 Purification and immobilization of alpha-amylase in one step by gram-positive enhancer matrix (GEM) particles from the soluble protein and the inclusion body
Zhao FK, Song QZ, Wang BB, Han Y, Zhou ZJ
653 - 660 Characterization of protein interaction surface on fatty acyl selectivity of starter condensation domain in lipopeptide biosynthesis
Fan WJ, Liu H, Liu PP, Deng X, Chen HF, Liu Q, Feng Y
661 - 673 Converting a beta-N-acetylhexosaminidase into two trans-beta-N-acetylhexosaminidases by domain-targeted mutagenesis
Chen XD, Jin L, Jiang XK, Guo LC, Gu GF, Xu L, Lu LL, Wang FS, Xiao M
675 - 686 The phosphite oxidoreductase gene, ptxD as a bio-contained chloroplast marker and crop-protection tool for algal biotechnology using Chlamydomonas
Changko S, Rajakumar PD, Young REB, Purton S
687 - 699 Induced heterologous expression of the arginine deiminase pathway promotes growth advantages in the strict anaerobe Acetobacterium woodii
Beck MH, Flaiz M, Bengelsdorf FR, Durre P
701 - 711 Three transcriptional regulators positively regulate the biosynthesis of polycyclic tetramate macrolactams in Streptomyces xiamenensis 318
Bu XL, Weng JY, Yu HL, Xu MJ, Xu J
713 - 724 Exploration of cryptic organic photosensitive compound as Zincphyrin IV in Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 15439
Nguyen HT, Pham VTT, Nguyen CT, Pokhrel AR, Kim TS, Kim D, Na K, Yamaguchi T, Sohng JK
725 - 739 Towards a biotechnological platform for the production of human pro-angiogenic growth factors in the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Jarqu?n-Cordero M, Ch?vez MN, Centeno-Cerdas C, Bohne AV, Hopfner U, Machens HG, Ega?a JT, Nickelsen J
741 - 750 Production of distinct labdane-type diterpenoids using a novel cryptic labdane-like cluster from Streptomyces thermocarboxydus K155
Guzman-Trampe SM, Ikeda H, Vinuesa P, Macias-Rubalcava ML, Esquivel B, Centeno-Leija S, Tapia-Cabrera SM, Mora-Herrera SI, Ruiz-Villafan B, Rodriguez-Sanoja R, Sanchez S
751 - 763 An exploration of smokeless tobacco product nucleic acids: a combined metagenome and metatranscriptome analysis
Tyx RE, Rivera AJ, Keong LM, Stanfill SB
765 - 774 Efficient biotransformation of vitamin D-3 to 25-hydroxyvitamin D-3 by a newly isolated Bacillus cereus strain
Tang DD, Liu W, Huang L, Cheng LM, Xu ZN
775 - 783 The intestinal bacterial community of healthy and diseased animals and its association with the aquaculture environment
Sun FL, Wang CZ, Chen LJ, Weng GZ, Zheng ZP
785 - 797 Induced root-secreted D-galactose functions as a chemoattractant and enhances the biofilm formation of Bacillus velezensis SQR9 in an McpA-dependent manner
Liu YP, Feng HC, Fu RX, Zhang N, Du WB, Shen QR, Zhang RF
799 - 816 Streptomycin mediated biofilm inhibition and suppression of virulence properties in Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1
Khan F, Lee JW, Pham DTN, Lee JH, Kim HW, Kim YK, Kim YM
817 - 831 Genome mining and homologous comparison strategy for digging exporters contributing self-resistance in natamycin-producing Streptomyces strains
Shan YM, Guo D, Gu QS, Li YD, Li YQ, Chen YH, Guan WJ
833 - 852 RNA sequencing reveals small RNAs in Bacillus pumilus under different growth phases of the protease fermentation process
Xu YF, Zhao XX, He TT, Huang Y, Li X, Qin J, Song T, Wang HY
853 - 859 Development and application of a novel ELISA for detecting antibodies against group I fowl adenoviruses
Pan Q, Wang J, Gao YL, Cui HY, Liu CJ, Qi XL, Zhang YP, Wang YQ, Li K, Gao L, Wang XM
861 - 871 Conjugative transfer of Megaplasmids pND6-1 and pND6-2 enhancing naphthalene degradation in aqueous environment: characterization and bioaugmentation prospects
Wang S, Li SS, Du D, Wang D, Yan W
873 - 891 Bryophytes and the symbiotic microorganisms, the pioneers of vegetation restoration in karst rocky desertification areas in southwestern China
Cao W, Xiong YX, Zhao DG, Tan HY, Qu JJ
893 - 905 The effect of the microalgae-bacteria microbiome on wastewater treatment and biomass production
Paddock MB, Fern?ndez-Bayo JD, VanderGheynst JS