Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, Vol.104, No.13 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0175-7598 (Print) 

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5619 - 5631 alpha-L-Fucosidases and their applications for the production of fucosylated human milk oligosaccharides
Wan L, Zhu YY, Zhang WL, Mu WM
5633 - 5662 Potential anti-TB investigational compounds and drugs with repurposing potential in TB therapy: a conspectus
Adeniji AA, Knoll KE, Loots D
5663 - 5672 Recent advances in properties, production, and applications of l-ribulose
Chen JJ, Wu H, Zhang WL, Mu WM
5673 - 5688 Expression vector cassette engineering for recombinant therapeutic production in mammalian cell systems
Wang TY, Guo X
5689 - 5695 Fungal RNA editing: who, when, and why?
Teichert I
5697 - 5709 Impact of additive application on the establishment of fast and stable aerobic granulation
da Costa NPAV, Libardi N, Schambeck CM, Belli P, da Costa RHR
5711 - 5724 Phenotypic and molecular insights into heat tolerance of formulated cells as active ingredients of fungal insecticides
Tong SM, Feng MG
5725 - 5737 Microbial astaxanthin biosynthesis: recent achievements, challenges, and commercialization outlook
Zhang CQ, Chen XX, Too HP
5739 - 5748 Enzymatic removal of dags from livestock: an agricultural application of enzyme technology
Navone L, Speight R
5749 - 5757 Development of chitosan-coated agar-gelatin particles for probiotic delivery and targeted release in the gastrointestinal tract
Albadran HA, Monteagudo-Mera A, Khutoryanskiy VV, Charalampopoulos D
5759 - 5772 Riboflavin-overproducing lactobacilli for the enrichment of fermented soymilk: insights into improved nutritional and functional attributes
Zhu YY, Thakur K, Feng JY, Cai JS, Zhang JG, Hu F, Russo P, Spano G, Wei ZJ
5773 - 5785 Microaerobic fermentation alters lactose metabolism in Escherichia coli
Pandi K, Chauhan AS, Gupta JA, Rathore AS
5787 - 5800 Production and secretion dynamics of prokaryotic Penicillin G acylase in Pichia pastoris
Borcinova M, Raschmanova H, Zamora I, Looser V, Maresova H, Hirsch S, Kyslik P, Kovar K
5801 - 5812 Exploring the abundance of oleate hydratases in the genus Rhodococcus-discovery of novel enzymes with complementary substrate scope
Busch H, Tonin F, Alvarenga N, van den Broek M, Lu S, Daran JM, Hanefeld U, Hagedoorn PL
5813 - 5826 Biochemical characterization of a novel alpha-L-fucosidase from Pedobacter sp. and its application in synthesis of 3 '-fucosyllactose and 2 '-fucosyllactose
Shi R, Ma JW, Yang QJ, Yang SQ, Fan ZH, Jiang ZQ
5827 - 5844 A putative transcription factor LFC1 negatively regulates development and yield of winter mushroom
Wu TJ, Hu CC, Xie BG, Wei SL, Zhang L, Zhu ZX, Zhang ZY, Li SJ
5845 - 5859 Optimization of Yarrowia lipolytica-based consolidated biocatalyst through synthetic biology approach: transcription units and signal peptides shuffling
Celinska E, Borkowska M, Korpys-Wozniak P, Kubiak M, Nicaud JM, Kubiak P, Gorczyca M, Bialas W
5861 - 5872 Histoplasma capsulatum 100-kilodalton antigen: recombinant production, characterization, and evaluation of its possible application in the diagnosis of histoplasmosis
Toscanini MA, Maglio DG, Capece P, Posse G, Iovannitti CA, Nusblat AD, Cuestas ML
5873 - 5887 Time-course transcriptome analysis reveals the mechanisms of Burkholderia sp. adaptation to high phenol concentrations
Ma YH, Li LJ, Awasthi MK, Tian HX, Li MH, Megharaj M, Pan YL, He WX
5889 - 5898 Interleukin-22 ameliorated acetaminophen-induced kidney injury by inhibiting mitochondrial dysfunction and inflammatory responses
Shen YL, Jin X, Chen W, Gao CR, Bian Q, Fan JJ, Luan JY, Cao ZL, Guo ZY, Gu YT, Liu HR, Ju DW, Mei XB
5899 - 5914 Plasmid expression level heterogeneity monitoring via heterologous eGFP production at the single-cell level in Cupriavidus necator
Boy C, Lesage J, Alfenore S, Gorret N, Guillouet SE
5915 - 5928 Administration of Bifidobacterium bifidum CGMCC 15068 modulates gut microbiota and metabolome in azoxymethane (AOM)/dextran sulphate sodium (DSS)-induced colitis-associated colon cancer (CAC) in mice
Wang Q, Wang KC, Wu WR, Lv LX, Bian XY, Yang LY, Wang QQ, Li YT, Ye JH, Fang DQ, Wu JJ, Jiang XW, Xie JJ, Lu YM, Li LJ
5929 - 5941 Steviol glycosides profile inStevia rebaudianaBertoni hairy roots cultured under oxidative stress-inducing conditions
Libik-Konieczny M, Michalec-Warzecha Z, Dziurka M, Zastawny O, Konieczny R, Rozpadek P, Pistelli L
5943 - 5957 Smart drug delivery against Helicobacter pylori: pectin-coated, mucoadhesive liposomes with antiadhesive activity and antibiotic cargo
Gottesmann M, Goycoolea FM, Steinbacher T, Menogni T, Hensel A
5959 - 5972 Lactobacillus plantarum FRT10 alleviated high-fat diet-induced obesity in mice through regulating the PPAR alpha signal pathway and gut microbiota
Cai HY, Wen ZG, Li XM, Meng K, Yang PL
5973 - 5984 Undernutrition shifted colonic fermentation and digest-associated bacterial communities in pregnant ewes
Xue YF, Hu F, Guo CZ, Mei SJ, Xie F, Zeng HB, Mao SY
5985 - 5998 Natural brominated phenoxyphenols kill persistent and biofilm-incorporated cells of MRSA and other pathogenic bacteria
van Geelen L, Kaschani F, Sazzadeh SS, Adeniyi ET, Meier D, Proksch P, Pfeffer K, Kaiser M, Ioerger TR, Kalscheuer R
5999 - 6012 Lizhong decoction ameliorates ulcerative colitis in mice via modulating gut microbiota and its metabolites
Zou JF, Shen YM, Chen MJ, Zhang ZM, Xiao SW, Liu C, Wan Y, Yang L, Jiang S, Shang EX, Qian DW, Duan JN
6013 - 6022 A paper-based whole-cell screening assay for directed evolution-driven enzyme engineering
Gul I, Bogale TF, Chen Y, Yang X, Fang RQ, Feng J, Gao H, Tang LX
6023 - 6043 Aerobic and oxygen-limited naphthalene-amended enrichments induced the dominance of Pseudomonas spp. from a groundwater bacterial biofilm
Benedek T, Szentgyorgyi F, Szabo I, Farkas M, Duran R, Kriszt B, Tancsics A
6045 - 6056 Metabolomics-guided analysis reveals a two-step epimerization of deoxynivalenol catalyzed by the bacterial consortium IFSN-C1
Wang G, Wang YX, Man HZ, Lee YW, Shi JR, Xu JH