Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, Vol.103, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0175-7598 (Print) 

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535 - 547 Microbial beta-mannosidases and their industrial applications
Costa DAL, Ferreira EX
549 - 566 Phenotypic antibiotic susceptibility testing of pathogenic bacteria using photonic readout methods: recent achievements and impact
Tannert A, Grohs R, Popp J, Neugebauer U
567 - 575 Clostridial whole cell and enzyme systems for hydrogen production: current state and perspectives
Latifi A, Avilan L, Brugna M
577 - 587 Insights into regulatory roles of MAPK-cascaded pathways in multiple stress responses and life cycles of insect and nematode mycopathogens
Tong SM, Feng MG
589 - 602 Biosurfactants produced by Serratia species: Classification, biosynthesis, production and application
Clements T, Ndlovu T, Khan S, Khan W
603 - 623 Bacterial tannases: classification and biochemical properties
de las Rivas B, Rodriguez H, Anguita J, Munoz R
625 - 632 Activity of gemini quaternary ammonium salts against microorganisms
Oblak E, Piecuch A, Rewak-Soroczynska J, Paluch E
633 - 641 Concept of microbial gatekeepers: Positive guys?
Dai WF, Chen J, Xiong JB
643 - 657 Bioprospecting cold-adapted plant growth promoting microorganisms from mountain environments
Pandey A, Yarzabal LA
659 - 671 Recent achievements and perspectives for large-scale recombinant production of antimicrobial peptides
Wibowo D, Zhao CX
673 - 684 Hydrothermal liquefaction of organic resources in biotechnology: how does it work and what can be achieved?
Sandquist J, Tschentscher R, Serrano GD
685 - 694 Bacteriophage production processes
Jurac K, Nabergoj D, Podgornik A
695 - 705 Conversion of wastewater-originated waste grease to polyunsaturated fatty acid-rich algae with phagotrophic capability
Xiao S, Ju LK
707 - 718 Stimulatory effects of novel glucosylated lactose derivatives GL34 on growth of selected gut bacteria
Pham HTT, Boger MCL, Dijkhuizen L, van Leeuwen SS
719 - 730 Two-hundred-liter scale fermentation, purification of recombinant human fibroblast growth factor-21, and its anti-diabetic effects on ob/ob mice
Hui Q, Huang Z, Pang SC, Yang XX, Li JH, Yu BJ, Tang L, Li XK, Wang XJ
731 - 745 Process for symbiotic culture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Chlorella vulgaris for in situ CO2 mitigation
La A, Perre P, Taidi B
747 - 760 Transcriptional analysis of the laccase-like gene from Burkholderia cepacia BNS and expression in Escherichia coli
Ma YH, Li LJ, Tian HX, Lu MH, Megharaj M, He WX
761 - 776 Regio- and enantioselective O-demethylation of tetrahydroprotoberberines by cytochrome P450 enzyme system from Streptomyces griseus ATCC 13273
Shen C, Shan TY, Zhao WL, Ou CH, Li L, Liu XF, Liu JH, Yu BY
777 - 791 Identification and characterization of GH11 xylanase and GH43 xylosidase from the chytridiomycetous fungus, Rhizophlyctis rosea
Huang YH, Zheng XL, Pilgaard B, Holck J, Muschiol J, Li SY, Lange L
793 - 806 Improving extracellular protein production in Escherichia coli by overexpressing D,D-carboxypeptidase to perturb peptidoglycan network synthesis and structure
Yang HQ, Hu JY, Lu X, Wang FX, Shen W, Hu W, Wang LL, Chen XZ, Liu L
807 - 817 Study on expression and action mode of recombinant alginate lyases based on conserved domains reconstruction
Yang M, Li NN, Yang SX, Yu Y, Han ZL, Li L, Mou HJ
819 - 832 Characterization and functional analysis of calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinases (CaMKs) in the nematode-trapping fungus Arthrobotrys oligospora
Zhen ZY, Zhang GS, Yang L, Ma N, Li Q, Ma YX, Niu XM, Zhang KQ, Yang JK
833 - 842 Efficient production of porcine circovirus virus-like particles using the nonconventional yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus
Duan JK, Yang DQ, Chen L, Yu Y, Zhou JG, Lu H
843 - 851 Ethambutol targets the glutamate racemase of Mycobacterium tuberculosisan enzyme involved in peptidoglycan biosynthesis
Pawar A, Jha P, Konwar C, Chaudhry U, Chopra M, Saluja D
853 - 868 Suhuai suckling piglet hindgut microbiome-metabolome responses to different dietary copper levels
Zhang F, Zheng WJ, Xue YQ, Yao W
869 - 880 Reverse metabolic engineering in lager yeast: impact of the NADH/NAD(+) ratio on acetaldehyde production during the brewing process
Xu X, Wang JJ, Bao M, Niu CT, Liu CF, Zheng FY, Li YX, Li Q
881 - 891 Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles from medicinal plants and evaluation of their antiviral potential against chikungunya virus
Sharma V, Kaushik S, Pandit P, Dhull D, Yadav JP, Kaushik S
893 - 902 Bile salt hydrolase activity is present in nonintestinal lactic acid bacteria at an intermediate level
Ru X, Zhang CC, Yuan YH, Yue TL, Guo CF
903 - 915 Chlorogenic acid attenuates virulence factors and pathogenicity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa by regulating quorum sensing
Wang H, Chu WH, Ye C, Gaeta B, Tao HM, Wang M, Qiu Z
917 - 927 In vitro antioxidant activities of Rhodobacter sphaeroides and protective effect on Caco-2 cell line model
An J, Yang C, Li ZM, Finn PW, Perkins DL, Sun J, Bai ZH, Gao LP, Zhang M, Ren DF
929 - 939 Triptolide modulates tumour-colonisation and anti-tumour effect of attenuated Salmonella encoding DNase I
Chen TT, Zhao XX, Ren YM, Wang YQ, Tang XY, Tian PY, Wang H, Xin HB
941 - 952 A recombinant multi-epitope peptide vaccine based on MOMP and CPSIT_p6 protein protects against Chlamydia psittaci lung infection
Li YM, Zheng K, Tan Y, Wen YT, Wang C, Chen Q, Yu J, Xu M, Tan MY, Wu YM
953 - 961 Multiplex PCR coupled with direct amplicon sequencing for simultaneous detection of numerous waterborne pathogens
Li B, Saingam P, Ishii S, Yan T
963 - 971 Selectable marker recycling in the nonconventional yeast Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous by transient expression of Cre on a genetically unstable vector
Zhang N, Li JX, Li FL, Wang SA
973 - 980 Synthesis of CdS1-XSeX quantum dots in a protozoa Tetrahymena pyriformis
Cui YH, Li LL, Tian LJ, Zhou NQ, Liu DF, Lam PKS, Yu HQ
981 - 993 Biotransformation of lanthanum by Aspergillus niger
Kang X, Csetenyi L, Gadd GM
995 - 1005 Diazotrophic microbial community and abundance in acidic subtropical natural and re-vegetated forest soils revealed by high-throughput sequencing of nifH gene
Meng H, Zhou ZC, Wu RN, Wang YF, Gu JD
1007 - 1019 Methanotrophic contribution to biodegradation of phenoxy acids in cultures enriched from a groundwater-fed rapid sand filter
Papadopoulou A, Hedegaard MJ, Dechesne A, Albrechtsen HJ, Musovic S, Smets BF
1021 - 1029 Combined antioxidant-biofuel production from coffee silverskin
Procentese A, Raganati F, Olivieri G, Russo ME, Marzocchella A
1031 - 1042 Improving ethanol yields in sugarcane molasses fermentation by engineering the high osmolarity glycerol pathway while maintaining osmotolerance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Jagtap RS, Mahajan DM, Mistry SR, Bilaiya M, Singh RK, Jain R