Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, Vol.102, No.7 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0175-7598 (Print) 

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2941 - 2948 Microbiota in fermented feed and swine gut
Wang C, Shi CY, Zhang Y, Song DG, Lu ZQ, Wang YZ
2949 - 2963 (Some) current concepts in antibacterial drug discovery
van Geelen L, Meier D, Rehberg N, Kalscheuer R
2965 - 2976 Biotechnical production of trehalose through the trehalose synthase pathway: current status and future prospects
Cai X, Seitl I, Mu WM, Zhang T, Stressler T, Fischer L, Jiang B
2977 - 2996 Dengue viruses and promising envelope protein domain III-based vaccines
Fahimi H, Mohammadipour M, Kashani HH, Parvini F, Sadeghizadeh M
2997 - 3006 The filamentous fungal pellet-relationship between morphology and productivity
Veiter L, Rajamanickam V, Herwig C
3007 - 3015 Recent advances on biological production of difructose dianhydride III
Zhu YY, Yu SH, Zhang WL, Zhang T, Guang CI, Mu WM
3017 - 3026 Enzyme and microbial technology for synthesis of bioactive oligosaccharides: an update
Chen R
3027 - 3035 Biosynthesis of nervonic acid and perspectives for its production by microalgae and other microorganisms
Fan Y, Meng HM, Hu GR, Li FL
3037 - 3048 Mercury bioremediation by mercury resistance transposon-mediated in situ molecular breeding
Matsui K, Endo G
3049 - 3058 Two or three domains: a new view of tree of life in the genomics era
Zhou ZC, Liu Y, Li M, Gu JD
3059 - 3070 Current challenges and future directions for bacterial self-healing concrete
Lee YS, Park W
3071 - 3080 Biological conversion of methane to chemicals and fuels: technical challenges and issues
Hwang IY, Nguyen AD, Nguyen TT, Nguyen LT, Lee OK, Lee EY
3081 - 3094 The impact of Torulaspora delbrueckii yeast in winemaking
Benito S
3095 - 3104 Methanogens in humans: potentially beneficial or harmful for health
Chaudhary PP, Conway PL, Schlundt J
3105 - 3120 Xylo- and arabinoxylooligosaccharides from wheat bran by endoxylanases, utilisation by probiotic bacteria, and structural studies of the enzymes
Mathew S, Aronsson A, Karlsson EN, Adlercreutz P
3121 - 3132 Biochemical process of ureolysis-based microbial CaCO3 precipitation and its application in self-healing concrete
Xu J, Wang XZ, Wang BB
3133 - 3143 Selecting optimal feast-to-famine ratio for a new polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) production system fed by valerate-dominant sludge hydrolysate
Hao JX, Wang H, Wang XJ
3145 - 3158 Heterologous expression of rTsHyal-1: the first recombinant hyaluronidase of scorpion venom produced in Pichia pastoris system
Amorim FG, Boldrini-Franca J, Bordon KD, Cardoso IA, De Pauw E, Quinton L, Kashima S, Arantes EC
3159 - 3171 Aldopentoses as new substrates for the membrane-bound, pyrroloquinoline quinone-dependent glycerol (polyol) dehydrogenase of Gluconobacter sp.
Yakushi T, Terada Y, Ozaki S, Kataoka N, Akakabe Y, Adachi O, Matsutani M, Matsushita K
3173 - 3182 Tuning of acyl-ACP thioesterase activity directed for tailored fatty acid synthesis
Feng YB, Zhang YX, Wang YY, Liu J, Liu YH, Cao XP, Xue S
3183 - 3191 Exploring the sequence diversity in glycoside hydrolase family 13_18 reveals a novel glucosylglycerol phosphorylase
Franceus J, Decuyper L, D'hooghe M, Desmet T
3193 - 3201 A novel Aspergillus oryzae diglycosidase that hydrolyzes 6-O-alpha-L-rhamnosyl-beta-D-glucoside from flavonoids
Ishikawa M, Kawasaki M, Shiono Y, Koseki T
3203 - 3215 Engineering a thermostable highly active glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase and its application to hydrogen production in vitro
Huang R, Chen H, Zhou W, Ma CL, Zhang YHP
3217 - 3228 Rational designed mutagenesis of levansucrase from Bacillus licheniformis 8-37-0-1 for product specificity study
He CJ, Yang YR, Zhao RF, Qu JY, Jin L, Lu LL, Xu L, Xiao M
3229 - 3241 Development and optimization of a tumor targeting system based on microbial synthesized PHA biopolymers and PhaP mediated functional modification
Fan F, Wang LL, Ouyang ZL, Wen YR, Lu XY
3243 - 3253 Transcriptome analysis of wild-type and afsS deletion mutant strains identifies synergistic transcriptional regulator of afsS for a high antibiotic-producing strain of Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2)
Kim MW, Lee BR, You S, Kim EJ, Kim JN, Song E, Yang YH, Hwang D, Kim BG
3255 - 3266 Inactivation of the indole-diterpene biosynthetic gene cluster of Claviceps paspali by Agrobacterium-mediated gene replacement
Kozak L, Szilagyi Z, Vago B, Kakuk A, Toth L, Molnar I, Pocsi I
3267 - 3285 Detection and discrimination of five E-coli pathotypes using a combinatory SYBRA (R) Green qPCR screening system
Barbau-Piednoir E, Denayer S, Botteldoorn N, Dierick K, De Keersmaecker SCJ, Roosens NH
3287 - 3300 Combining evolutionary and metabolic engineering in Rhodosporidium toruloides for lipid production with non-detoxified wheat straw hydrolysates
Diaz T, Fillet S, Campoy S, Vazquez R, Vina J, Murillo J, Adrio JL
3301 - 3314 Nematicidal protease genes screened from a soil metagenomic library to control Radopholus similis mediated by Pseudomonas fluorescens pf36
Chen DQ, Wang DW, Xu CL, Chen C, Li JY, Wu WJ, Huang X, Xie H
3315 - 3326 Quantitative prediction of shrimp disease incidence via the profiles of gut eukaryotic microbiota
Xiong JB, Yu WN, Dai WF, Zhang JJ, Qiu QF, Ou CR
3327 - 3336 Influence of membrane fatty acid composition and fluidity on airborne survival of Escherichia coli
Ng TW, Chan WL, Lai KM
3337 - 3347 Furfural-tolerant Zymomonas mobilis derived from error-prone PCR-based whole genome shuffling and their tolerant mechanism
Huang SZ, Xue TL, Wang ZQ, Ma YY, He XT, Hong JF, Zou SL, Song H, Zhang MH
3349 - 3362 A lab-scale model system for cocoa bean fermentation
Romanens E, Naf R, Lobmaier T, Pedan V, Leischtfeld SF, Meile L, Schwenninger SM
3363 - 3374 Screening for single-chain variable fragment antibodies against multiple Cry1 toxins from an immunized mouse phage display antibody library
Dong S, Bo ZY, Zhang CZ, Feng JG, Liu XJ
3375 - 3386 Detection and cell sorting of Pseudonocardia species by fluorescence in situ hybridization and flow cytometry using 16S rRNA-targeted oligonucleotide probes
Li MY, Yang Y, He Y, Mathieu J, Yu C, Li QL, Alvarez PJJ
3387 - 3397 Anaerobic degradation of a mixture of MtBE, EtBE, TBA, and benzene under different redox conditions
van der Waals MJ, Pijls C, Sinke AJC, Langenhoff AAM, Smidt H, Gerritse J
3399 - 3410 Dominant role of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in nitrification due to ammonia accumulation in sediments of Danjiangkou reservoir, China
Dang CY, Liu W, Lin YX, Zheng MS, Jiang H, Chen Q, Ni JR
3411 - 3424 The role of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in stabilizing emulsions of hexadecane in aqueous media
Meirelles AAD, da Cunha RL, Gombert AK
3425 - 3438 Bioenergy production from sweet sorghum stalks via a biorefinery perspective
Nozari B, Mirmohamadsadeghi S, Karimi K