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1535 - 1544 Biosynthesis and production of sabinene: current state and perspectives
Cao YJ, Zhang HB, Liu H, Liu W, Zhang RB, Xian M, Liu HZ
1545 - 1556 Genetic engineering modification and fermentation optimization for extracellular production of recombinant proteins using Escherichia coli
Zhou YL, Lu ZH, Wang X, Selvaraj JN, Zhang GM
1557 - 1565 Analeptic agent from microbes upon cyanide degradation
Murugesan T, Durairaj N, Ramasamy M, Jayaraman K, Palaniswamy M, Jayaraman A
1567 - 1574 Repeat-induced point (RIP) mutation in the industrial workhorse fungus Trichoderma reesei
Li WC, Chen CL, Wang TF
1575 - 1585 Production of plant-derived polyphenols in microorganisms: current state and perspectives
Milke L, Aschenbrenner J, Marienhagen J, Kallscheuer N
1587 - 1598 Towards a better production of bacterial exopolysaccharides by controlling genetic as well as physico-chemical parameters
Sengupta D, Datta S, Biswas D
1599 - 1615 Bio-prospectus of cadmium bioadsorption by lactic acid bacteria to mitigate health and environmental impacts
Kumar N, Kumari V, Ram C, Thakur K, Tomar SK
1617 - 1628 Methods for enhancing cyanobacterial stress tolerance to enable improved production of biofuels and industrially relevant chemicals
Kitchener RL, Grunden AM
1629 - 1637 Function, distribution, and annotation of characterized cellulases, xylanases, and chitinases from CAZy
Nguyen STC, Freund HL, Kasanjian J, Berlemont R
1639 - 1650 Compost bacteria and fungi that influence growth and development of Agaricus bisporus and other commercial mushrooms
Kertesz MA, Thai M
1651 - 1661 Strain improvement by combined UV mutagenesis and ribosome engineering and subsequent fermentation optimization for enhanced 6 '-deoxy-bleomycin Z production
Zhu XC, Kong JQ, Yang H, Huang R, Huang Y, Yang D, Shen B, Duan YW
1663 - 1672 Production of alpha-keto carboxylic acid dimers in yeast by overexpression of NRPS-like genes from Aspergillus terreus
Huhner E, Backhaus K, Kraut R, Li SM
1673 - 1685 Development of cyclic AMP receptor protein-based artificial transcription factor for intensifying gene expression
Zhao P, Wang WJ, Tian PF
1687 - 1697 Biotic elicitation of ginsenoside metabolism of mutant adventitious root culture in Panax ginseng
Le KC, Im WT, Paek KY, Park SY
1699 - 1710 Production of 5-ketofructose from fructose or sucrose using genetically modified Gluconobacter oxydans strains
Siemen A, Kosciow K, Schweiger P, Deppenmeier U
1711 - 1723 A novel galactolipase from a green microalga Chlorella kessleri: purification, characterization, molecular cloning, and heterologous expression
Hashiro S, Fujiuchi K, Sugimori D, Yasueda H
1725 - 1736 Action of different types of endoxylanases on eucalyptus xylan in situ
Puchart V, Franova L, Krogh KBRM, Hoff T, Biely P
1737 - 1747 Trp residue at subsite-5 plays a critical role in the substrate binding of two protistan GH26 beta-mannanases from a termite hindgut
Hsu YH, Koizumi H, Otagiri M, Moriya S, Arioka M
1749 - 1758 Efficient synthesis of beta-lactam antibiotics with very low product hydrolysis by a mutant Providencia rettgeri penicillin G acylase
Pan X, Wang L, Ye JJ, Qin S, He BF
1759 - 1767 Biosynthesis of mono-acylated mannosylerythritol lipid in an acyltransferase gene-disrupted mutant of Pseudozyma tsukubaensis
Saika A, Utashima Y, Koike H, Yamamoto S, Kishimoto T, Fukuoka T, Morita T
1769 - 1782 14-3-3 proteins are involved in growth, hyphal branching, ganoderic acid biosynthesis, and response to abiotic stress in Ganoderma lucidum
Zhang TJ, Shi L, Chen DD, Liu R, Shi DK, Wu CG, Sun ZH, Ren A, Zhao MW
1783 - 1795 Genetic engineering to alter carbon flux for various higher alcohol productions by Saccharomyces cerevisiae for Chinese Baijiu fermentation
Li W, Chen SJ, Wang JH, Zhang CY, Shi Y, Guo XW, Chen YF, Xiao DG
1797 - 1807 Forward genetics screen coupled with whole-genome resequencing identifies novel gene targets for improving heterologous enzyme production in Aspergillus niger
Reilly MC, Kim J, Lynn J, Simmons BA, Gladden JM, Magnuson JK, Baker SE
1809 - 1822 Identification of tarsal-less peptides from the silkworm Bombyx mori
Cao GL, Gong YC, Hu XL, Zhu M, Liang Z, Huang LX, Yu L, Xu J, Li K, Zar MS, Xue RY, Gong CL
1823 - 1836 Effective removal of a range of Ti/Ri plasmids using a pBBR1-type vector having a repABC operon and a lux reporter system
Yamamoto S, Sakai A, Agustina V, Moriguchi K, Suzuki K
1837 - 1846 The specific effect of gallic acid on Escherichia coli biofilm formation by regulating pgaABCD genes expression
Kang JM, Li QQ, Liu L, Jin WY, Wang JF, Sun YY
1847 - 1858 Characteristics of ARG-carrying plasmidome in the cultivable microbial community from wastewater treatment system under high oxytetracycline concentration
Shi YH, Zhang H, Tian Z, Yang M, Zhang Y
1859 - 1867 Contrasting growth properties of Nocardioides JS614 on threedifferent vinyl halides
Taylor AE, Bottomley PJ, Semprini L
1869 - 1887 Pervasiveness of UVC254-resistant Geobacillus strains in extreme environments
Carlson C, Singh NK, Bibra M, Sani RK, Venkateswaran K
1889 - 1901 Bis-guanylhydrazones as efficient anti-Candida compounds through DNA interaction
Lazic J, Ajdacic V, Vojnovic S, Zlatovic M, Pekmezovic M, Mogavero S, Opsenica I, Nikodinovic-Runic J
1903 - 1910 A new method for the in vitro determination of the bile tolerance of potentially probiotic lactobacilli
Hu PL, Yuan YH, Yue TL, Guo CF
1911 - 1922 Ganoderma lucidum phosphoglucomutase is required for hyphal growth, polysaccharide production, and cell wall integrity
Hu YR, Li MJ, Wang SL, Yue SN, Shi L, Ren A, Zhao MW
1923 - 1931 Light scattering on PHA granules protects bacterial cells against the harmful effects of UV radiation
Slaninova E, Sedlacek P, Mravec F, Mullerova L, Samek O, Koller M, Hesko O, Kucera D, Marova I, Obruca S
1933 - 1943 Retrofitting baculoviral vector with Sleeping Beauty transposon system: competent for long-term reporter gene imaging in vivo
Pan Y, Lv J, Pan DH, Yang M, Ju HJ, Zhou JX, Zhu LY, Zhang YF
1945 - 1954 Effect of different CO2 concentrations on biomass, pigment content, and lipid production of the marine diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana
Sabia A, Clavero E, Pancaldi S, Rovira JS
1955 - 1967 Thymoquinone inhibits biofilm formation and has selective antibacterial activity due to ROS generation
Goel S, Mishra P
1969 - 1982 Increased microbial functional diversity under long-term organic and integrated fertilization in a paddy soil
Ding LJ, Su JQ, Sun GX, Wu JS, Wei WX
1983 - 1995 Chromium removal from solution by five photosynthetic bacteria isolates
Su YQ, Zhao YJ, Wu N, Chen YE, Zhang WJ, Qiao DR, Cao Y
1997 - 2006 Microbial degradation of triclosan by a novel strain of Dyella sp.
Wang SZ, Yin YA, Wang JL
2007 - 2017 Succession of microbial communities and changes of incremental oil in a post-polymer flooded reservoir with nutrient stimulation
Gao PK, Li GQ, Le JJ, Liu XB, Liu F, Ma T
2019 - 2030 Auto-aggregation properties of a novel aerobic denitrifier Enterobacter sp strain FL
Wang X, An Q, Zhao B, Guo JS, Huang YS, Tian M
2031 - 2040 Formulation and stabilization of an Arthrobacter strain with good storage stability and 4-chlorophenol-degradation activity for bioremediation
Bjerketorp J, Roling WFM, Feng XM, Garcia AH, Heipieper HJ, Hakansson S