Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, Vol.101, No.9 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0175-7598 (Print) 

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3485 - 3492 Conformational dynamics play important roles upon the function of N-acetylglutamate kinase
Yang XR
3493 - 3511 Fusarium species-a promising tool box for industrial biotechnology
Pessoa MG, Paulino BN, Mano MCR, Neri-Numa IA, Molina G, Pastore GM
3513 - 3536 Implications of molecular diversity of chitin and its derivatives
Khan FI, Rahman S, Queen A, Ahamad S, Ali S, Kim J, Hassan MI
3537 - 3550 An ignored and potential source of taste and odor (T&O) issues-biofilms in drinking water distribution system (DWDS)
Zhou XY, Zhang KJ, Zhang TQ, Li C, Mao XW
3551 - 3565 Current state and prospects of the phytosynthesized colloidal gold nanoparticles and their applications in cancer theranostics
Ovais M, Raza A, Naz S, Ul Islam N, Khalil AT, Ali S, Khan MA, Shinwari ZK
3567 - 3575 Expression of a mutated SPT15 gene in Saccharomyces cerevisiae enhances both cell growth and ethanol production in microaerobic batch, fed-batch, and simultaneous saccharification and fermentations
Seong YJ, Park H, Yang J, Kim SJ, Choi W, Kim KH, Park YC
3577 - 3585 Cocoa butter-like lipid production ability of non-oleaginous and oleaginous yeasts under nitrogen-limited culture conditions
Wei YJ, Siewers V, Nielsen J
3587 - 3603 Metabolic engineering of Escherichia coli to produce gamma-aminobutyric acid using xylose
Zhao AQ, Hu XQ, Wang XY
3605 - 3615 Selection of Bacillus species for targeted in situ release of prebiotic galacto-rhamnogalacturonan from potato pulp in piglets
Jers C, Strube ML, Cantor MD, Nielsen BKK, Sorensen OB, Boye M, Meyer AS
3617 - 3626 Sequential application of waste whey as a medium component for Kluyveromyces lactis cultivation and a co-feeder for lipase immobilization by CLEA method
Veteikyte A, Siekstele R, Tvaska B, Matijosyte I
3627 - 3636 An aldonolactonase AltA from Penicillium oxalicum mitigates the inhibition of beta-glucosidase during lignocellulose biodegradation
Peng SJ, Cao Q, Qin YQ, Li XZ, Liu GD, Qu YB
3637 - 3651 Additive roles of two TPS genes in trehalose synthesis, conidiation, multiple stress responses and host infection of a fungal insect pathogen
Wang JJ, Cai Q, Qiu L, Ying SH, Feng MG
3653 - 3661 Characterization of an L-phosphinothricin resistant glutamine synthetase from Exiguobacterium sp and its improvement
Zhang SW, Han YK, Kumar A, Gao HF, Liu ZD, Hu N
3663 - 3676 Cloning, evaluation, and high-level expression of a thermo-alkaline pectate lyase from alkaliphilic Bacillus clausii with potential in ramie degumming
Zhou C, Xue YF, Ma YH
3677 - 3687 Sodium ions activated phosphofructokinase leading to enhanced D-lactic acid production by Sporolactobacillus inulinus using sodium hydroxide as a neutralizing agent
Zheng L, Liu MQ, Sun JD, Wu B, He BF
3689 - 3702 A novel inducible lentiviral system for multi-gene expression with human HSP70 promoter and tetracycline-induced promoter
Li S, Ma LK, Ou MT, Feng JG, Liao Y, Wang GX, Tang LL
3703 - 3716 Integrin beta and receptor for activated protein kinase C are involved in the cell entry of Bombyx mori cypovirus
Zhang YL, Cao GL, Zhu LY, Chen F, Zar MS, Wang SM, Hu XL, Wei YH, Xue RY, Gong CL
3717 - 3728 Bacterial community diversity associated with different levels of dietary nutrition in the rumen of sheep
Wang YY, Cao PH, Wang L, Zhao ZY, Chen YL, Yang YX
3729 - 3741 Damage resistance protein (Dap) contributes to azole resistance in a sterol-regulatory-element-binding protein SrbA-dependent way
Song JX, Zhai PF, Lu L
3743 - 3758 Biotransformation and reduction of estrogenicity of bisphenol A by the biphenyl-degrading Cupriavidus basilensis
Zuhlke MK, Schluter R, Mikolasch A, Zuhlke D, Giersberg M, Schindler H, Henning AK, Frenzel H, Hammer E, Lalk M, Bornscheuer UT, Riedel K, Kunze G, Schauer F
3759 - 3768 Characterization and mechanism of anti-Aeromonas salmonicida activity of a marine probiotic strain, Bacillus velezensis V4
Gao XY, Liu Y, Miao LL, Li EW, Sun GX, Liu Y, Liu ZP
3769 - 3780 Improved eicosapentaenoic acid production in Pythium splendens RBB-5 based on metabolic regulation analysis
Ren L, Zhou PP, Zhu YM, Zhang RJ, Yu LJ
3781 - 3800 Peroxide reduction by a metal-dependent catalase in Nostoc punctiforme (cyanobacteria)
Hudek L, Torriero AAJ, Michalczyk AA, Neilan BA, Ackland ML, Brau L
3801 - 3809 Compositional profiles of Rhodosporidium toruloides cells under nutrient limitation
Shen HW, Zhang XB, Gong ZW, Wang YA, Yu X, Yang XB, Zhao ZBK
3811 - 3820 An external substrate-free blue/white screening system in Escherichia coli
Xie ZJ, Zhang Z, Cao ZJ, Chen M, Li PW, Liu WF, Qin H, Zhao XJ, Tao Y, Chen YH
3821 - 3828 Potential coupling effects of ammonia-oxidizing and anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing bacteria on completely autotrophic nitrogen removal over nitrite biofilm formation induced by the second messenger cyclic diguanylate
Wang C, Liu ST, Xu XC, Zhao CQ, Yang FL, Wang D
3829 - 3837 Comparative investigation on a hexane-degrading strain with different cell surface hydrophobicities mediated by starch and chitosan
Chen DZ, Jiang NX, Ye JX, Cheng ZW, Zhang SH, Chen JM
3839 - 3848 Chemically modified surface functional groups of Alcaligenes sp S-XJ-1 to enhance its demulsifying capability
Zhang YY, Liu J, Huang XF, Lu LJ, Peng KM
3849 - 3859 Restoration using Azolla imbricata increases nitrogen functional bacterial groups and genes in soil
Lu XM, Lu PZ, Yang K
3861 - 3869 Quantification of Chloroflexi Eikelboom morphotype 1851 for prediction and control of bulking events in municipal activated sludge plants in Japan
Nittami T, Speirs LBM, Yamada T, Suzuki I, Fukuda J, Kurisu F, Seviour RJ
3871 - 3879 Carbon source regulation of gene expression in Methylosinus trichosporium OB3b
Farhan Ul Haque M, Gu WY, Baral BS, DiSpirito AA, Semrau JD
3881 - 3893 Isolation of a bacterial consortium able to degrade the fungicide thiabendazole: the key role of a Sphingomonas phylotype
Perruchon C, Chatzinotas A, Omirou M, Vasileiadis S, Menkissoglou-Spiroudi U, Karpouzas DG
3895 - 3906 Nitrogen source effects on the denitrifying anaerobic methane oxidation culture and anaerobic ammonium oxidation bacteria enrichment process
Fu L, Ding J, Lu YZ, Ding ZW, Zeng RJ
3907 - 3917 Comparison of six methods for the recovery of PCR-compatible microbial DNA from an agricultural biogas plant
Stagnati L, Soffritti G, Lanubile A, Busconi M
3919 - 3928 The rapid degradation of bisphenol A induced by the response of indigenous bacterial communities in sediment
Huang C, Xu P, Zeng GM, Huang DL, Lai C, Cheng M, Deng LJ, Zhang C, Wan J, Liu LS
3929 - 3939 Enhanced system performance by dosing ferroferric oxide during the anaerobic treatment of tryptone-based high-strength wastewater
Yin QD, He K, Liu AK, Wu GX