Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

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ISSN: 0175-7598 (Print) 

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5223 - 5234 Functionalization of natural compounds by enzymatic fructosylation
Herrera-Gonzalez A, Nunez-Lopez G, Morel S, Amaya-Delgado L, Sandoval G, Gschaedler A, Remaud-Simeon M, Arrizon J
5235 - 5245 Groundwater contamination with 2,6-dichlorobenzamide (BAM) and perspectives for its microbial removal
Ellegaard-Jensen L, Horemans B, Raes B, Aamand J, Hansen LH
5247 - 5257 Ethnopharmacological uses, phytochemistry, biological activities, and biotechnological applications of Eclipta prostrata
Chung IM, Rajakumar G, Lee JH, Kim SH, Thiruvengadam M
5259 - 5266 Study on synthesis and bioactivity of biotinylated emodin
Hou XL, Wei WQ, Fan YY, Zhang JB, Zhu N, Hong HL, Wang CY
5267 - 5278 Purification of inclusion bodies using PEG precipitation under denaturing conditions to produce recombinant therapeutic proteins from Escherichia coli
Chen HH, Li NH, Xie YQ, Jiang H, Yang XY, Cagliero C, Shi SW, Zhu CC, Luo H, Chen JS, Zhang L, Zhao ML, Feng L, Lu HL, Zhu JW
5279 - 5290 Caffeic acid production by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of kraft pulp using recombinant Escherichia coli
Kawaguchi H, Katsuyama Y, Du DY, Kahar P, Nakamura-Tsuruta S, Teramura H, Wakai K, Yoshihara K, Minami H, Ogino C, Ohnishi Y, Kondo A
5291 - 5300 Engineered jadomycin analogues with altered sugar moieties revealing JadS as a substrate flexible O-glycosyltransferase
Li LY, Pan GH, Zhu XF, Fan KQ, Gao WB, Ai GM, Ren JW, Shi MX, Olano C, Salas JA, Yang KQ
5301 - 5311 Characterisation of three fungal glucuronoyl esterases on glucuronic acid ester model compounds
Huttner S, Klaubauf S, de Vries RP, Olsson L
5313 - 5324 Expression of Histophilus somni IbpA DR2 protective antigen in the diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana
Davis A, Crum LT, Corbeil LB, Hildebrand M
5325 - 5332 Rational design of substrate binding pockets in polyphosphate kinase for use in cost-effective ATP-dependent cascade reactions
Cao H, Nie KL, Li CC, Xu HJ, Wang F, Tan TW, Liu L
5333 - 5340 Evidence for the formation of ScbR/ScbR2 heterodimers and identification of one of the regulatory targets in Streptomyces coelicolor
Li X, Wang J, Shi MX, Wang WS, Corre C, Yang KQ
5341 - 5352 Enhancement of antibiotic productions by engineered nitrate utilization in actinomycetes
Meng ST, Wu H, Wang L, Zhang BC, Bai LQ
5353 - 5363 Improved antimicrobial activity of Pediococcus acidilactici against Salmonella Gallinarum by UV mutagenesis and genome shuffling
Han GG, Song AA, Kim EB, Yoon SH, Bok JD, Cho CS, Kil DY, Kang SK, Choi YJ
5365 - 5375 Biomarkers of oxidative damage in bacteria for the assessment of sanitation efficacy in lettuce wash water
Cossu A, Dou F, Young GM, Nitin N
5377 - 5390 MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for rapid differentiation of Tenacibaculum species pathogenic for fish
Fernandez-Alvarez C, Torres-Corral Y, Saltos-Rosero N, Santos Y
5391 - 5403 Smokeless tobacco products harbor diverse bacterial microbiota that differ across products and brands
Smyth EM, Kulkarni P, Claye E, Stanfill S, Tyx R, Maddox C, Mongodin EF, Sapkota AR
5405 - 5414 Effects of genome duplication on phenotypes and industrial applications of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains
Zhang K, Fang YH, Gao KH, Sui Y, Zheng DQ, Wu XC
5415 - 5426 Progressive response of large intestinal bacterial community and fermentation to the stepwise decrease of dietary crude protein level in growing pigs
Peng Y, Yu KF, Mu CL, Hang SQ, Che LQ, Zhu WY
5427 - 5437 Fermentation of protopanaxadiol type ginsenosides (PD) with probiotic Bifidobacterium lactis and Lactobacillus rhamnosus
Tan JSH, Yeo CR, Popovich DG
5439 - 5451 Development and application of anticancer fluorescent CdS nanoparticles enriched Lactobacillus bacteria as therapeutic microbots for human breast carcinoma
Raj R, Das S
5453 - 5467 Metabolic engineering of Gluconobacter oxydans 621H for increased biomass yield
Kiefler I, Bringer S, Bott M
5469 - 5479 Transmission electron microscopy artifacts in characterization of the nanomaterial-cell interactions
Leung YH, Guo MY, Ma APY, Ng AMC, Djurisic AB, Degger N, Leung FCC
5481 - 5492 Microbial reductive dehalogenation of trihalomethanes by a Dehalobacter-containing co-culture
Zhao SY, Rogers MJ, He JZ
5493 - 5503 Binding of Hg by bacterial extracellular polysaccharide: a possible role in Hg tolerance
Cruz K, Guezennec J, Barkay T
5505 - 5517 Performance and microbial community variations of anaerobic digesters under increasing tetracycline concentrations
Xiong YH, Harb M, Hong PY
5519 - 5529 Host species shapes the co-occurrence patterns rather than diversity of stomach bacterial communities in pikas
Li H, Li TT, Tu B, Kou YP, Li XZ
5531 - 5541 Comparison of microbial community shifts in two parallel multi-step drinking water treatment processes
Xu JJ, Tang W, Ma J, Wang H
5543 - 5556 Implications from distinct sulfate-reducing bacteria populations between cattle manure and digestate in the elucidation of H2S production during anaerobic digestion of animal slurry
St-Pierre B, Wright ADG
5557 - 5567 RDX degradation in bioaugmented model aquifer columns under aerobic and low oxygen conditions
Fuller ME, Hatzinger PB, Condee CW, Andaya C, Rezes R, Michalsen MM, Crocker FH, Indest KJ, Jung CM, Blakeney G, Istok JD, Hammett SA
5569 - 5580 Rubisco mutants of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii display divergent photosynthetic parameters and lipid allocation
Esquivel MG, Matos AR, Silva JM