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ISSN: 0175-7598 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Polysialic acid biosynthesis and production in Escherichia coli: current state and perspectives
Lin BX, Qiao Y, Shi B, Tao Y
9 - 16 AA9 and AA10: from enigmatic to essential enzymes
Correa TLR, dos Santos LV, Pereira GAG
17 - 29 Mycoremediation with mycotoxin producers: a critical perspective
Chanda A, Gummadidala PM, Gomaa OM
31 - 43 Transposon sequencing: methods and expanding applications
Kwon YM, Ricke SC, Mandal RK
45 - 60 Regulons of global transcription factors in Corynebacterium glutamicum
Toyoda K, Inui M
61 - 78 Biotechnological production and application of the antibiotic pimaricin: biosynthesis and its regulation
Aparicio JF, Barreales EG, Payero T, Vicente CM, de Pedro A, Santos-Aberturas J
79 - 90 Transcription factor-based biosensors in biotechnology: current state and future prospects
Mahr R, Frunzke J
91 - 111 Entomotoxic and nematotoxic lectins and protease inhibitors from fungal fruiting bodies
Sabotic J, Ohm RA, Kunzler M
113 - 124 The influence of bisphenol A on mammalian cell cultivation
Stiefel F, Paul AJ, Jacopo T, Sgueglia A, Stutzle M, Herold EM, Hesse F
125 - 133 Tests in mice of a dengue vaccine candidate made of chimeric Junin virus-like particles and conserved dengue virus envelope sequences
Mareze VA, Borio CS, Bilen MF, Fleith R, Mirazo S, Mansur DS, Arbiza J, Lozano ME, Bruna-Romero O
135 - 145 Production of protocatechuic acid by Corynebacterium glutamicum expressing chorismate-pyruvate lyase from Escherichia coli
Okai N, Miyoshi T, Takeshima Y, Kuwahara H, Ogino C, Kondo A
147 - 159 Modeling the continuous lactic acid production process from wheat flour
Gonzalez K, Tebbani S, Lopes F, Thorigne A, Givry S, Dumur D, Pareau D
161 - 172 Polyhydroxyalkanoate-based 3-hydroxyoctanoic acid and its derivatives as a platform of bioactive compounds
Radivojevic J, Skaro S, Senerovic L, Vasiljevic B, Guzik M, Kenny ST, Maslak V, Nikodinovic-Runic J, O'Connor KE
173 - 180 Magnetic immobilization of Bacillus subtilis natto cells for menaquinone-7 fermentation
Ebrahiminezhad A, Varma V, Yang SY, Berenjian A
181 - 192 Characterization of monoclonal antibodies that recognize the amino- and carboxy-terminal epitopes of the pseudorabies virus UL42 protein
Du WJ, Wang YP, Huang LP, Wei YW, Chen DJ, Sun JH, Wu HL, Feng L, Liu CM
193 - 201 Stereoselective reduction of aromatic ketones by a new ketoreductase from Pichia glucozyma
Contente ML, Serra I, Brambilla M, Eberini I, Gianazza E, De Vitis V, Molinari F, Zambelli P, Romano D
203 - 214 Biochemical and genetic characterization of beta-1,3 glucanase from a deep subseafloor Laceyella putida
Kobayashi T, Uchimura K, Kubota T, Nunoura T, Deguchi S
215 - 225 Construction of a linker library with widely controllable flexibility for fusion protein design
Li G, Huang ZL, Zhang C, Dong BJ, Guo RH, Yue HW, Yan LT, Xing XH
227 - 242 Iterative key-residues interrogation of a phytase with thermostability increasing substitutions identified in directed evolution
Shivange AV, Roccatano D, Schwaneberg U
243 - 253 Development of a multi-enzymatic cascade reaction for the synthesis of trans-3-hydroxy-L-proline from L-arginine
Hara R, Kitatsuji S, Yamagata K, Kino K
255 - 262 Engineering versatile protein expression systems mediated by inteins in Escherichia coli
Kwong KWY, Ng AKL, Wong WKR
263 - 277 Targeting c-kit receptor in neuroblastomas and colorectal cancers using stem cell factor (SCF)-based recombinant bacterial toxins
Choudhary S, Pardo A, Rosinke R, Batra JK, Barth S, Verma RS
279 - 288 Enhanced D-lactic acid production from renewable resources using engineered Lactobacillus plantarum
Zhang YX, Vadlani PV, Kumar A, Hardwidge PR, Govind R, Tanaka T, Kondo A
289 - 298 Investigation of halogenation during the biosynthesis of ramoplanin in Actinoplanes sp ATCC33076
Chen JS, Su M, Shao L, Wang YX, Lin HM, Chen DJ
299 - 310 Metagenomic analysis of microbial community in uranium-contaminated soil
Yan X, Luo XG, Zhao M
311 - 322 Transcriptome analysis of Cronobacter sakazakii ATCC BAA-894 after interaction with human intestinal epithelial cell line HCT-8
Jing CE, Du XJ, Li P, Wang S
323 - 335 Anacardic acid induces apoptosis-like cell death in the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae
Muzaffar S, Bose C, Banerji A, Nair BG, Chattoo BB
337 - 346 Cystathionine-gamma-lyase gene silencing with siRNA in monocytes/macrophages protects mice against acute pancreatitis
Badiei A, Chambers ST, Gaddam RR, Fraser R, Bhatia M
347 - 360 Trophic regulation of autoaggregation in Pseudomonas taiwanensis VLB120
Schmutzler K, Kracht O, Schmid A, Buehler K
361 - 370 Responses of photosystems I and II of Acutodesmus obliquus to chemical stress caused by the use of recycled nutrients
Patzelt DJ, Hindersin S, Kerner M, Hanelt D
371 - 383 Increased chitin biosynthesis contributes to the resistance of Penicillium polonicum against the antifungal protein PgAFP
Delgado J, Owens RA, Doyle S, Asensio MA, Nunez F
385 - 396 Identification of novel anti-inflammatory probiotic strains isolated from pulque
Torres-Maravilla E, Lenoir M, Mayorga-Reyes L, Allain T, Sokol H, Langella P, Sanchez-Pardo ME, Bermudez-Humaran LG
397 - 408 Continuous colorimetric screening assays for the detection of specific l- or d-alpha-amino acid transaminases in enzyme libraries
Heuson E, Petit JL, Debard A, Job A, Charmantray F, de Berardinis V, Gefflaut T
409 - 418 Multi-parameter flow cytometry as a process analytical technology (PAT) approach for the assessment of bacterial ghost production
Langemann T, Mayr UB, Meitz A, Lubitz W, Herwig C
419 - 430 Distinctive non-methanogen archaeal populations in anaerobic digestion
Chen S, He Q
431 - 437 Extractive biodegradation and bioavailability assessment of phenanthrene in the cloud point system by Sphingomonas polyaromaticivorans
Pan T, Deng T, Zeng XY, Dong W, Yu SJ
439 - 446 Environmental evaluation of coexistence of denitrifying anaerobic methane-oxidizing archaea and bacteria in a paddy field
Ding J, Fu L, Ding ZW, Lu YZ, Cheng SH, Zeng RJ
447 - 460 Microbial dynamics and properties of aerobic granules developed in a laboratory-scale sequencing batch reactor with an intermediate filamentous bulking stage
Aqeel H, Basuvaraj M, Hall M, Neufeld JD, Liss SN
461 - 468 Involvement of phosphoesterases in tributyl phosphate degradation in Sphingobium sp strain RSMS
Rangu SS, Basu B, Muralidharan B, Tripathi SC, Apte SK
469 - 477 Effects of hydraulic retention time on aerobic granulation and granule growth kinetics at steady state with a fast start-up strategy
Liu YQ, Zhang X, Zhang R, Liu WT, Tay JH
479 - 491 Metabolic and microbial community dynamics during the anaerobic digestion of maize silage in a two-phase process
Strauber H, Lucas R, Kleinsteuber S
493 - 504 Inoculum pre-treatment affects the fermentative activity of hydrogen-producing communities in the presence of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural
Bellucci M, Botticella G, Francavilla M, Beneduce L
505 - 518 Overexpression of native Saccharomyces cerevisiae ER-to-Golgi SNARE genes increased heterologous cellulase secretion
Van Zyl J, Den Haan R, Van Zyl W
519 - 519 Genome sequence and genome mining of a marine-derived antifungal bacterium Streptomyces sp. M10 (Retraction of vol 99, pg 2763, 2015)