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Journal of Crystal Growth, Vol.506 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0022-0248 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Measurement and evaluation of the defects in Cd1-xZnxTe materials by observing their etch pits in real time
Yu HX, Yang JR, Zhang JJ, Xu C, Sun SW, Zhou CH
8 - 13 Influence of Si doping of GaN layers surrounding InGaN quantum wells on structure photoluminescence properties
Zikova M, Hospodkova A, Pangrac J, Hubacek T, Oswald J, Kuldova K, Hajek F, Ledoux G, Dujardin C
14 - 18 Study of a new type nominal "washboard-like" triangular defects in 4H-SiC 4 degrees off-axis (0001) Si-face homoepitaxial layers
Hu JC, Jia RX, Niu YX, Zang Y, Pu HB
19 - 23 Growth mechanism of polycrystalline CsI(Tl) films on glass and single crystal Si substrates
Guo LN, Liu S, Wang TY, Tan XC, Lu RG, Zhang SJ, Liu Y, Zhong ZY, Falco CM
24 - 29 Structure optimization of 266 nm Al0.53GaN/Al0.75GaN SQW DUV-LD
Niass MI, Zang JW, Lu ZQ, Du ZQ, Chen X, Qu YP, Wang F, Liu YH
30 - 35 Homo-epitaxial growth of high crystal quality GaN thin films by plasma assisted-molecular beam epitaxy
Wu YZ, Bin L, Li ZH, Tao T, Xie ZL, Xiu XQ, Chen P, Chen DJ, Lu H, Shi Y, Zhang R, Zheng YD
36 - 39 Vanishing biexciton binding energy from stacked, MOVPE grown, site-controlled pyramidal quantum dots for twin photon generation
Moroni ST, Varo S, Juska G, Chung TH, Gocalinska A, Pelucchi E
40 - 44 Microstructure variation in thick AlInN films grown on c-plane GaN on sapphire by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Miyoshi M, Yamanaka M, Egawa T, Takeuchi T
45 - 54 Growth of foreign-catalyst-free vertical InAs/InSb heterostructure nanowires on Si (111) substrate by MOCVD
Anandan D, Kakkerla RK, Yu HW, Ko HL, Nagarajan V, Singh SK, Lee CT, Chang EY
55 - 60 Dynamic instability of the steady state of a planar front during non-equilibrium solidification of binary alloys
Reuther K, Galenko PK, Rettenmayr M
61 - 70 Single- and dual-variant atomic ordering in GaAsP compositionally graded buffers on GaP and Si substrates
France RM, Feifel M, Belz J, Beyer A, Volz K, Ohlmann J, Lackner D, Dimroth F
71 - 78 Impact of bacteria on aggregation of crystalline and amorphous components of infectious urinary stones
Prywer J, Torzewska A
79 - 82 Growth, structural, optical, thermal and dielectric properties of (L)-glutamic acid hydrochloride crystal for optoelectronic device applications
Aarthi J, Dhanasekaran P
83 - 90 3D numerical design of the thermal field before seeding in an edge-defined film-fed growth system for beta-Ga(2)O(3 )ribbon crystals
Le CC, Li ZY, Mu WX, Jia ZT, Liu LJ
91 - 96 Estimation of gamma/gamma ' interfacial energy in Ni-Co base superalloy TMW-4M3
Hara T, Kobayashi S, Ueno T, Oikawa K
97 - 101 Specifically designed concentration profiles created by sudden velocity changes during directional solidification
Engelhardt H, Mey D, Lippmann S, Liu DM, Kiefer S, Rettenmayr M
102 - 107 Nucleation and morphology of sodium molybdate dihydrate from NaOH solution
Liu Y, Zou XW, Duan DP, Luo LJ, Chen SM, Zhong L
108 - 113 Reduction of morphological defects in 4H-SiC epitaxial layers
Li Y, Zhao ZF, Yu L, Wang Y, Zhou P, Niu YX, Li ZH, Chen YF, Han P
114 - 116 Heteroepitaxial 3C-SiC on Si (100) with flow-modulated carbonization process conditions
Li Y, Zhao ZF, Yu L, Wang Y, Yin ZJ, Li ZH, Han P
117 - 121 Growth and characterization of gamma-glycine single crystals for photonics and optoelectronic device applications
Vijayalakshmi V, Dhanasekaran P
122 - 126 Growth and Characterization of L-Alanine Potassium Nitrate Single Crystals for Nonlinear Optical Applications
Sundaram MS, Vijayalakshmi V, Dhanasekaran P, Balasundaram ON, Palaniswamy S
127 - 130 Periodically changing rod distance in unidirectional solidified Al-Al3Ni eutectic
Veres Z, Ronafoldi A, Kovacs J, Roosz A
131 - 134 MOCVD growth of beta-FeSi2 film on modified Si surface by silver and enhancement of luminescence
Akiyama K, Nojima S, Takahashi R, Matsumoto Y, Funakubo H
135 - 139 Growth and characterization of GaAs nanowires on Ge(111) substrates by selective-area MOVPE
Minami Y, Yoshida A, Motohisa J, Tomioka K
140 - 146 In situ reconstruction of crystal shape grown in an axisymmetric Kyropoulos system
Sen G, Jia WQ, Malier Y, Braescu L, Duffar T
147 - 155 Close-spaced vapor transport reactor for III-V growth using HCI as the transport agent
Funch CJ, Greenaway AL, Boucher JW, Weiss R, Welsh A, Aloni S, Boettcher SW
156 - 159 Measurement of the capillary length for the dendritic growth of ammonium chloride
Dougherty AJ
160 - 164 Single phase c-oriented epsilon-Fe2 similar to 3N film on Al(2)O(3 )grown by magnetron sputtering
Tao ZK, Fang HA, Chen LW, Chen JW, Xiu XQ, Zhang R
165 - 170 Dynamics of Er3+ :YAG thermal radiation spectra near solid-melt interface at single crystal fiber growth process
Bufetova GA, Rusanov SY, Seregin VF, Pyrkov YN, Tsvetkov VB
171 - 177 Formation of thicker silicon wires on a sufficiently cooled substrate during the gas phase zinc reduction reaction of SiCl4
Shirane N, Inasawa S
178 - 184 Long range, non-destructive characterization of GaN substrates for power devices
Gallagher JC, Anderson TJ, Luna LE, Koehler AD, Hite JK, Mahadik NA, Hobart KD, Kub FJ
185 - 189 Dependence of surface morphology at initial growth of CdTe on the II/VI on (211) Si substrates by vapor phase epitaxy using metallic Cd source
Iso K, Gokudan Y, Shiraishi M, Nishikado M, Murakami H, Koukitu A
190 - 200 Early history of MOVPE reactor development
Wang CA
201 - 205 Computer simulation for formation of critical spaces in II-VI solid solutions
Kazakov AI, Shapovalov GV, Moskvin PP