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3 - 4 The 17th International Conference on Molecular Beam Epitaxy Preface
Akimoto K, Suemasu T, Okumura H
5 - 7 Size-dependent contact angle of Ga droplets on GaAs
Jo M, Mano T, Sakuma Y, Sakoda K
8 - 12 Correlation between adatom dynamics and electron accumulation at the epitaxial InAs(111)A surface
Kanisawa K
13 - 16 Ab initio-based approach to novel behavior of InAs wetting layer surface grown on GaAs(001)
Ito T, Hirai K, Akiyama T, Nakamura K
17 - 20 Plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy process combined with a liquid phase electroepitaxy, a novel method for the growth of GaN layers
Novikov SV, Powell REL, Kent AJ, Foxon CT
21 - 24 Ab initio-based approach to initial incorporation of Bi on vertical bar GaAs(001)-c(4 x 4)alpha surface
Murase I, Akiyama T, Nakamura K, Ito T
25 - 28 Quantitative study of microtwins in GaP/Si thin film and GaAsPN quantum wells grown on silicon substrates
Thanh TN, Robert C, Giudicelli E, Letoublon A, Cornet C, Ponchet A, Rohel T, Balocchi A, Micha JS, Perrin M, Loualiche S, Marie X, Bertru N, Durand O, Le Corre A
29 - 33 Ab initio-based approach to incorporation of N atoms on GaAs(001) surfaces
Sugitani T, Akiyama T, Nakamura K, Ito T
34 - 36 In situ three-dimensional X-ray reciprocal-space mapping of GaAs epitaxial films on Si(001)
Takahasi M, Nakata Y, Suzuki H, Ikeda K, Kozu M, Hu W, Ohshita Y
37 - 40 Direct stress measurement of Si(111) 7 x 7 reconstruction
Asaoka H, Yamazaki T, Yokoyama Y, Yamaguchi K
41 - 43 As flux dependence on RHEED transients during InAs quantum dot growth
Shimomura K, Shirasaka T, Tex DM, Kamiya I
44 - 46 In situ STM observations of step structures in a trench around an InAs QD at 300 degrees C
Toujyou T, Otsu T, Wakamatsu D, Kurisaka M, Konishi T, Tsukamoto S
47 - 49 Mechanism of selective area growth of InP on Si(001) substrates using SiO2 mask by gas-source molecular beam epitaxy
Hasegawa S, Shimoi T, Asahi H
50 - 52 Incorporation of Mn atoms into the GaAs(110) surface
Hirayama M, Tsukamoto S
53 - 56 Self-assembly of Ga droplets attached to GaAs quantum dots
Elborg M, Noda T, Mano T, Jo M, Sakuma Y, Sakoda K
57 - 60 Photocapacitance study of MBE grown GaInNAsSb thin film solar cells
Islam MM, Miyashita N, Ahsan N, Sakurai T, Akimoto K, Okada Y
61 - 64 Photoluminescence dynamics of excitons at the mini-Brillouin-zone edge in a GaAs/AlAs superlattice
Nakayama M, Yamashita T, Hasegawa T
65 - 68 Effects of growth temperature and buffer scheme on characteristics of InP-based metamorphic InGaAs photodetectors
Gu Y, Zhang YG, Wang K, Fang X, Li C, Zhou L, Li AZ, Li H
69 - 72 Optical properties of InAsSbN single quantum wells grown on InP substrates for 2-mu m-wavelength region
Shono T, Mizuta S, Kawamura Y
73 - 76 Quantitative estimation of density of Bi-induced localized states in GaAs1-xBix grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Yoshimoto M, Itoh M, Tominaga Y, Oe K
77 - 80 Problems in low-temperature grown polycrystalline InAs layers on glass and their relief by inserting GaSbAs buffer layers
Kajikawa Y, Okuzako T, Matsui Y
81 - 84 Crystalline and electrical characteristics of C-60 uniformly doped GaAs layers
Nishinaga J, Horikoshi Y
85 - 87 Molecular beam epitaxy of ErGaAs alloys on GaAs (001) substrates
Jin RG, Yagi S, Hijikata Y, Kuboya S, Onabe K, Katayama R, Yaguchi H
88 - 91 MBE growth and characterization of (100) and (631)-oriented modulation doped AlGaAs/GaAs heterostructures
Mendez-Garcia VH, Gonzalez-Fernandez JV, Espinosa-Vega LI, Diaz T, Romano R, Rosendo E, Gallardo S, Vazquez-Cortes D, Shimomura S
92 - 95 Co-doping of InxGa1-xAs with silicon and tellurium for improved ultra-low contact resistance
Law JJM, Carter AD, Lee S, Huang CY, Lu H, Rodwell MJW, Gossard AC
96 - 99 Growth of dilute BGaP alloys by molecular beam epitaxy
Urakami N, Fukami F, Sekiguchi H, Okada H, Wakahara A
100 - 104 Determination of surface electric potential by photoreflectance spectroscopy of HEMT heterostructures
Zamora-Peredo L, Cortes-Mestizo IE, Garcia-Gonzalez L, Hernandez-Torres J, Vazquez-Cortes D, Shimomura S, Cisneros-de la Rosa A, Mendez-Garcia VH
105 - 108 Polarized Raman spectroscopy of corrugated MBE grown GaAs ((6)over-bar(3)over-bar(1)over-bar) homoepitaxial films
Espinosa-Vega LI, Rodriguez AG, Cruz-Hernandez E, Martinez-Veliz I, Rojas-Ramirez J, Ramirez-Lopez M, Nieto-Navarro J, Lopez-Lopez M, Mendez-Garcia VH
109 - 112 Heterointegration by molecular beam epitaxy: (In,Ga)As/GaAs quantum wells on GaAs, Ge, Ge/Si and Ge/Si pillars
Richter M, Uccelli E, Taboada AG, Caimi D, Daix N, Sousa M, Marchiori C, Siegwart H, Falub CV, von Kanel H, Isa F, Isella G, Pezous A, Dommann A, Niedermann P, Fompeyrine J
113 - 116 Sb irradiation effect on growth of GaAs thin film on Si (111) substrate
Morohara O, Geka H, Moriyasu Y, Kuze N
117 - 120 Growth of heterostructures on InAs for high mobility device applications
Contreras-Guerrero R, Wang S, Edirisooriya M, Priyantha W, Rojas-Ramirez JS, Bhuwalka K, Doornbos G, Holland M, Oxland R, Vellianitis G, Van Dal M, Duriez B, Passlack M, Diaz CH, Droopad R
121 - 124 Type-II InAs/GaSb superlattice grown on InP substrate
Miura K, Iguchi Y, Kawamura Y
125 - 128 Semi-insulating InP:Fe for buried-heterostructure strain-compensated quantum-cascade lasers grown by gas-source molecular-beam epitaxy
Semtsiv MP, Aleksandrova A, Elagin M, Monastyrskyi G, Kischkat JF, Flores YV, Masselink WT
129 - 133 Study of Sb template for heteroepitaxial growth of GaSb thin film on Si(111) substrate
Toyota H, Okabe A, Endoh T, Jinbo Y, Uchitomi N
134 - 136 InGaAs/AlAs/InAlAs coupled double quantum wells for intersubband transition devices operating at 1550 nm
Gozu S, Mozume T, Kuwatsuka H, Ishikawa H
137 - 140 Growth and characterization of GaDyN/GaN double barrier structures
Sano M, Zhou YK, Emura S, Hasegawa S, Asahi H
141 - 144 Growth of metamorphic InGaP layers on GaAs substrates
Yan JY, Gong Q, Yue L, Liu QB, Cheng RH, Cao CF, Wang Y, Wang SM
145 - 149 A calibration method for group V fluxes and impact of V/III flux ratio on the growth of InAs/InAsSb type-II superlattices by molecular beam epitaxy
Li H, Liu S, Cellek OO, Ding D, Shen XM, Steenbergen EH, Fan J, Lin ZY, He ZY, Zhang Q, Webster PT, Johnson SR, Ouyang L, Smith DJ, Zhang YH
150 - 153 Electroluminescence of GaNAs/GaAs MQWs p-i-n junctions grown by RF-MBE using modulated nitrogen radical beam source
Ohta N, Arimoto K, Shiraga M, Ishii K, Inada M, Yanai S, Nakai Y, Akiyama H, Mochizuki T, Takahashi T, Takahashi N, Miyagawa H, Tsurumachi N, Nakanishi S, Koshiba S
154 - 157 Characteristics of CuGaSe2 layers grown on GaAs substrates
Fujita M, Kawaharazuka A, Horikoshi Y
158 - 161 Growth mechanism of CuZnInSe2 thin films grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Tseng YH, Yang CS, Wu CH, Chiu JW, De Yang M, Wu CH
162 - 164 Characterization of Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 grown by MBE by two-wavelength excited photoluminescence spectroscopy
Gupta A, Hiraoka N, Sakurai T, Yamada A, Ishizuka S, Niki S, Akimoto K
165 - 167 Electronic and transport properties of Eu-substituted infinite-layer strontium ferrite thin films
Chikamatsu A, Matsuyama T, Katayama T, Hirose Y, Kumigashira H, Oshima M, Fukumura T, Hasegawa T
168 - 171 Rock-salt Zn1-xMgxO epilayer having high Zn content grown on MgO (100) substrate by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
Lu CYJ, Yan T, Chang L, Ploog KH, Chou MMC, Chiang CM
172 - 176 Epitaxial growth of nonpolar ZnO on MgO (100) substrate by molecular beam epitaxy
Lu CYJ, Chang L, Ploog KH, Chou MMC
177 - 179 Growth and application of epitaxial heterostructures with polymorphous rare-earth oxides
Dargis R, Clark A, Arkun E, Roucka R, Smith R, Demkov AA, Lebby M
180 - 183 Optical and electrical properties of ZnSeO alloys grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
Chen CY, Yang CY, Chyi JI, Wu CH
184 - 188 Multi-source MBE with high-precision rate control system as a synthesis method sui generis for multi-cation metal oxides
Yamamoto H, Krockenberger Y, Naito M
189 - 192 Lattice and grain-boundary diffusions of impurity atoms in BaSi2 epitaxial layers grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Nakamura K, Toh K, Baba M, Khan MA, Du W, Toko K, Suemasu T
193 - 197 Formation of large-grain-sized BaSi2 epitaxial layers grown on Si(111) by molecular beam epitaxy
Baba M, Toh K, Toko K, Hara KO, Usami N, Saito N, Yoshizawa N, Suemasu T
198 - 200 Large photoresponsivity in semiconducting BaSi2 epitaxial films grown on Si(001) substrates by molecular beam epitaxy
Koike S, Toh K, Baba M, Toko K, Hara KO, Usami N, Saito N, Yoshizawa N, Suemasu T
201 - 204 Molecular beam epitaxy of boron doped p-type BaSi2 epitaxial films on Si(111) substrates for thin-film solar cells
Khan MA, Hara KO, Nakamura K, Du WJ, Baba M, Toh K, Suzuno M, Toko K, Usami N, Suemasu T
205 - 207 Rutherford backscattering studies of strain-relaxed SiGe films grown on Si substrate with compositionally graded buffer layers
Watanabe Y, Oshima R, Sakata I, Matsubara K, Sakarnoto I
208 - 211 Thermal-activated carrier transfer in ZnCdO thin film grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
Chien KF, Hsu WL, Tzou AJ, Lin YC, Chou WC, Lee L, Chia CH, Yang CS
212 - 217 Gas-source MBE growth of strain-relaxed Si1-xCx on Si(100) substrates
Arimoto K, Sakai S, Furukawa H, Yamanaka J, Nakagawa K, Usami N, Hoshi Y, Sawano K, Shiraki Y
218 - 221 Optical properties of Zn1-xMnxO thin films grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Chien KF, Yang YL, Tzou AJ, Chou WC
222 - 225 Growth evolution and magneto-optical characteristics of self-assembled ZnTe/ZnMnSe quantum dots
Lee L, Fan WC, Chien KF, Tzou AJ, Chou WC
226 - 229 High-quality SiGe films grown with compositionally graded buffer layers for solar cell applications
Oshima R, Watanabe Y, Yamanaka M, Kawanami H, Sakamoto I, Matsubara K, Sakata I
230 - 232 Change of Si(110) reconstructed structure by Ge nanocluster formation
Yokoyama Y, Yamazaki T, Asaoka H
233 - 237 Growth of II-VI ZnSe/CdSe nanowires for quantum dot luminescence
Bellet-Amalric E, Elouneg-Jamroz M, Rueda-Fonseca P, Bounouar S, Den Hertog M, Bougerol C, Andre R, Genuist Y, Poizat JP, Kheng K, Cibert J, Tatarenko S
238 - 242 Interface properties of MBE grown epitaxial oxides on GaAs
Contreras-Guerrero R, Edirisooriya M, Noriega OC, Droopad R
243 - 245 Solid phase epitaxy of EuTiO3 thin films on SrTiO3 (100) substrates with different oxygen contents
Shimamoto K, Hirose Y, Nakao S, Fukumura T, Hasegawa T
246 - 250 Effects of different substrate surface modifications on the epitaxial ZnO/Si
Wang P, Jin CL, Zhan HH, Chen XH, Xu FC, Zhou YH, Wang HQ, Kang JY
251 - 253 On the origin of the uniaxial strain induced in Si/Ge heterostructures with selective ion implantation technique
Sawano K, Hoshi Y, Nagakura S, Arimoto K, Nakagawa K, Usami N, Shiraki Y
254 - 258 Strain relaxation of thin Ge films on Si(001) grown by carbon-mediated epitaxy
Tetzlaff D, Wietler TF, Bugiel E, Osten HJ
259 - 262 Molecular beam epitaxial growth of ZnCdTeO epilayers for intermediate band solar cells
Tanaka T, Nagao Y, Mochinaga T, Saito K, Guo QX, Nishio M, Yu KM, Walukiewicz W
263 - 265 Proposal of BeZnTe/ZnSeTe superlattice quasi-quaternaries on InP substrates for yellow/green light emitting devices
Kobayashi T, Nomura I, Murakami K, Kishino K
266 - 269 MBE growth and characterization of a II-VI distributed Bragg reflector and microcavity lattice-matched to MgTe
Rousset JG, Kobak J, Slupinski T, Jakubczyk T, Stawicki P, Janik E, Tokarczyk M, Kowalski G, Nawrocki M, Pacuski W
270 - 273 On the structural properties of MgS-rich II-VI-based microcavities
Klembt S, Frank K, Qian G, Klein T, Rosenauer A, Hommel D, Kruse C
274 - 277 Ultra low density of CdTe quantum dots grown by MBE
Kobak J, Rousset JG, Rudniewski R, Janik E, Slupinski T, Kossacki P, Golnik A, Pacuski W
278 - 282 MBE fabrication of III-N-based laser diodes and its development to industrial system
Skierbiszewski C, Siekacz M, Turski H, Muziol G, Sawicka M, Perlin P, Wasilewski ZR, Porowski S
283 - 286 Origin of tensile strain in GaN grown on AlGaN/AlN stress mitigating layers on 100-mm Si (111) by ammonia molecular beam epitaxy
Agrawal M, Dharmarasu N, Radhakrishnan K, Ravikiran L
287 - 290 Cubic GaN quantum dots embedded in zinc-blende AlN microdisks
Burger M, Kemper RM, Bader CA, Ruth M, Declair S, Meier C, Forstner J, As DJ
291 - 294 Growth of cubic GaN on 3C-SiC/Si (001) nanostructures
Kemper RM, Hiller L, Stauden T, Pezoldt J, Duschik K, Niendorf T, Maier HJ, Meertens D, Tillmann K, As DJ, Lindner JKN
295 - 298 Study of the pseudo-(1 x 1) surface by RHEED and XPS for InGaN/GaN (0001)/Al2O3 heterostructures grown by PA-MBE
Cruz-Hernandez E, Ramirez-Lopez M, Perez-Caro M, Mani-Gonzalez PG, Herrera-Gomez A, Gorbatchev AY, Lopez-Lopez M, Mendez-Garcia VH
299 - 302 Deep level defects in Ga- and N-polarity GaN grown by molecular beam epitaxy on si(111)
Peta KR, Lee ST, Kim MD, Oh JE, Kim SG, Kim TG
303 - 306 Coalescence of a-plane GaN stripes in low angle incidence microchannel epitaxy by ammonia-based metal-organic molecular beam epitaxy
Naritsuka S, Lin CH, Uchiyama S, Maruyama T
307 - 309 RF-MBE growth of cubic AlN on MgO (001) substrates via 2-step c-GaN buffer layer
Kakuda M, Morikawa S, Kuboya S, Katayama R, Yaguchi H, Onabe K
310 - 313 Photoluminescence properties in GaGdN grown on GaN(0001) by PA-MBE
Higashi K, Hasegawa S, Sano S, Zhou YK, Asahi H
314 - 318 Growth parameter dependence of structural, electrical and magnetic properties in GaGdN layers grown on GaN(0001)
Sano S, Hasegawa S, Mitsuno Y, Higashi K, Ishimaru M, Sakurai T, Ohta H, Asahi H
319 - 322 Control of threading dislocation density at the initial growth stage of AlN on c-sapphire in plasma-assisted MBE
Nechaev DV, Aseev PA, Jmerik VN, Brunkov PN, Kuznetsova YV, Sitnikova AA, Ratnikov VV, Ivanov SV
323 - 328 Molecular beam epitaxy growth of InSb1-xBix thin films
Song YX, Wang SM, Roy IS, Shi PX, Hallen A, Lai ZH
329 - 332 Origin of cooperative transition of antisite-Arsenic defects in Be-doped low-temperature-grown GaAs layers
Mohamed MA, Lam PT, Otsuka N
333 - 336 Graphene films grown at low substrate temperature and the growth model by using MBE technique
Lin MY, Guo WC, Wu MH, Wang PY, Lee SC, Lin SY
337 - 341 Coexistence of magnetic domains with in-plane and out-of-plane anisotropy in a single GaMnAs film
Lee S, Lee H, Yoo T, Lee S, Liu X, Furdyna JK
342 - 346 Epitaxial growth of ferromagnetic CoxFe4-xN thin films on SrTiO3 (001) and magnetic properties
Sanai T, Ito K, Toko K, Suemasu T
347 - 350 Growth of pentacene crystallinity control layers for high mobility organic field-effect transistors based on benzodithiophene-dimer films
Sakai T, Matsumoto Y, Shibamoto K, Osuga H, Uno K, Tanaka I
351 - 355 Crystal growth of magnetic dihydride GdxY1-xH2 for generation of spin current
Sakuraba T, Hirama H, Sakai M, Honda Z, Hayakawa M, Okoshi T, Kitajima A, Oshima A, Higuchi K, Hasegawa S
356 - 360 Enhancement of hydrogen uptake for Y and Gd films by thin Ni surface overlayers
Hirama H, Hayakawa M, Okoshi T, Sakai M, Higuchi K, Kitajima A, Oshima A, Hasegawa S
361 - 364 Planar Hall effect in a single GaMnAs film grown on Si substrate
Won J, Shin J, Lee S, Lee H, Yoo T, Lee S, Liu X, Furdyna JK
365 - 367 Effect of atomic-hydrogen irradiation on reduction of residual carrier concentration in beta-FeSi2 films grown on Si substrates by atomic-hydrogen-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
Funase Y, Suzuno M, Toko K, Suemasu T
368 - 371 Fabrication and characterization of DH-alpha 6T monolayer film on silicon dioxide
Ye RB, Fujinaka Y, Ohata K, Baba M
372 - 375 Growth of high-quality CuCl thin films by a technique involving electron-beam irradiation
Ichimiya M, Phuong LQ, Ashida M, Itoh T
376 - 380 Growth condition dependence of Ge-doped beta-FeSi2 epitaxial film by molecular beam epitaxy
Noda K, Terai Y, Fujiwara Y
381 - 384 Control of magnetic anisotropy in (Ga,Mn)As with etching depth of specimen boundaries
Hashimoto Y, Iye Y, Katsumoto S
385 - 387 Spin-injection into epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide
Konishi K, Cui ZX, Hiraki T, Yoh KJ
388 - 392 Influence of hydrogen incorporation on texture and grain size in YH2 films
Okoshi T, Hayakawa M, Hirama H, Sakai M, Higuchi K, Kitajima A, Oshima A, Hasegawa S
393 - 396 Dynamics of electron-spin injection in a heterovalent GaAs/AlGaAs/ZnMnSe structure with a coupled double quantum well of GaAs/AlGaAs
Kuno Y, Sasaki T, Kiba T, Kaibyshev VK, Liaci F, Toropov AA, Ivanov SV, Murayama A
397 - 399 STM observation of MnAs initial growth surface on GaAs(001)-c(4 x 4)alpha and 6 x 6 reconstructions
Hiraoka M, Kaku S, Yoshino J
400 - 403 Suppression of Andreev current due to transverse current flow in an InAs two-dimensional electrons
Takahashi Y, Hashimoto Y, Iye Y, Katsumoto S
404 - 409 Molecular beam epitaxial growth of graphene using cracked ethylene
Maeda F, Hibino H
410 - 414 Studies of zinc-blende type MnAs thin films grown on InP(001) substrates by XRD
Oomae H, Irizawa S, Jinbo Y, Toyota H, Kambayashi T, Uchitomi N
415 - 417 Effect of Ag-doped bathocuproine on the recombination properties of exciton in fullerene
Wang SH, Sakurai T, Komatsu K, Akimoto K
418 - 421 Thickness dependence of magnetic anisotropy in MnSb epitaxial layers
Nishizawa N, Munekata H
422 - 425 Wideband luminescence of high-density InAs quantum dots on GaAsSb/GaAs layers
Osaka Y, Tanabe H, Yamada K, Yamaguchi K
426 - 429 Temperature-dependent photoluminescence and carrier dynamics of standard and coupled type-II GaSb/GaAs quantum rings
Lin WH, Wang KW, Lin SY, Wu MC
430 - 434 In(Ga)As quantum dots on InGaP layers grown by solid-source molecular beam epitaxy
Sugaya T, Oshima R, Matsubara K, Niki S
435 - 438 InGaAs quantum-dot-in-ring structure by droplet epitaxy
Boonpeng P, Kiravittaya S, Thainoi S, Panyakeow S, Ratanathammaphan S
439 - 441 Optical and structural studies of highly uniform Ge quantum dots on Si (001) substrate grown by solid-source molecular beam epitaxy
Gotoh K, Oshima R, Sugaya T, Sakata I, Matsubara K, Kondo M
442 - 445 Structural properties of ultra-low density nanoholes for the generation of well-separated GaAs quantum dots
Sonnenberg D, Graf A, Paulava V, Hansen W, Heyn C
446 - 449 GaAs nanopillars by self-assembled droplet etching
Heyn C, Sonnenberg D, Bartsch T, Wetzel A, Kerbst J, Hansen W
450 - 453 Fabrication of low-density self-assembled InAs quantum dots on InP(311)B substrate by molecular beam epitaxy
Akahane K, Yamamoto N
454 - 458 RF-MBE growth of cubic InN nano-scale dots on cubic GaN
Suzuki J, Orihara M, Yagi S, Hijikata Y, Yaguchi H
459 - 462 Molecular beam epitaxial growths of high-optical-gain InAs quantum dots on GaAs for long-wavelength emission
Nishi K, Kageyama T, Yamaguchi M, Maeda Y, Takemasa K, Yamamoto T, Sugawara M, Arakawa Y
463 - 465 Observation of optical anisotropy of highly uniform InAs quantum dots
Uemura M, Ohta J, Yamaguchi R, Yamaguchi K, Tackeuchi A
466 - 469 The study of self-assembled ZnO nanorods grown on Si(111) by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
Tzou AJ, Chien KF, Lai HY, Ku JT, Lee L, Fan WC, Chou WC
470 - 474 Temperature dependence of photoluminescence for site-controlled InAs/GaAs quantum dot chains
Hakkarainen TV, Schramm A, Luna E, Tommila J, Guina M
475 - 479 Growth of GaSb quantum dots on GaAs (311)A
Kawazu T, Noda T, Mano T, Sakuma Y, Sakaki H
480 - 484 Selective area growth of InAs nanostructures on faceted GaAs microstructures by migration enhanced epitaxy
Zander M, Nishinaga J, Horikoshi Y
485 - 488 Ultrafast photocarrier relaxation processes in Er-doped InAs quantum dots embedded in strain-relaxed InGaAs barriers
Kitada T, Ueyama H, Morita K, Isu T
489 - 492 Self-organization and photoluminescence properties of Pb0.7Sn0.3Te quantum dots embedded in a CdTe matrix
Koike K, Iwamoto A, Yano M
493 - 496 Surface/interface-related optical properties in Si nanodisks fabricated by neutral-beam etching using bio-templates
Kiba T, Suzaki K, Li H, Igarashi M, Samukawa S, Murayama A
497 - 500 Effects of As pressure on the quality of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots grown on silicon by droplet epitaxy
Bietti S, Cavigli L, Minari S, Adorno S, Isella G, Vinattieri A, Gurioli M, Sanguinetti S
501 - 505 Growth of InAs/GaAs quantum dots with central emission wavelength of 1.05 mu m using In-flush technique for broadband near-infrared light source
Hino Y, Ozaki N, Ohkouchi S, Ikeda N, Sugimoto Y
506 - 510 Controlled wurtzite inclusions in self-catalyzed zinc blende III-V semiconductor nanowires
Rieger T, Lepsa MI, Schapers T, Grutzmacher D
511 - 514 Fabrication and characterization of a delta-dope InAs/InP core shell nanowire transistor
Cui ZX, Ishikura T, Jabeen F, Harmand JC, Yoh K
515 - 518 Annealing induced anisotropy in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots grown by droplet epitaxy
Adorno S, Bietti S, Sanguinetti S
519 - 523 InP1-xAsx quantum dots in InP nanowires: A route for single photon emitters
Harmand JC, Jabeen F, Liu LS, Patriarche G, Gauthron K, Senellart P, Elvira D, Beveratos A
524 - 528 Polarization anisotropy of stacked InAs quantum dots on InGaAs/GaAs cross-hatch patterns
Chokamnuai T, Rattanadon P, Thainoi S, Panyakeow S, Kanjanachuchai S
529 - 531 Fabrication of InAs nanoscale rings by droplet epitaxy
Noda T, Jo M, Mano T, Kawazu T, Sakaki H
532 - 536 Comparison of Be-doped GaAs nanowires grown by Au- and Ga-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
Dheeraj DL, Munshi AM, Christoffersen OM, Kim DC, Signorello G, Riel H, van Helvoort ATJ, Weman H, Fimland BO
537 - 541 Infrared emitting property and spherical symmetry of colloidal PbS quantum dots
Nakashima S, Kikushima K, Mukai K
542 - 545 Thiol-stabilized PbS quantum dots with stable luminescence in the infrared spectral range
Nakashima S, Hoshino A, Cai JJ, Mukai K
546 - 548 Phase coherent transport in GaAs/AlGaAs core-shell nanowires
Lucot D, Jabeen F, Ramdani MR, Patriarche G, Faini G, Mailly D, Harmand JC
549 - 552 Shape evolution of low density InAs quantum dots in the partial capping process by using As2 source
Ohkouchi S, Kumagai N, Watanabe K, Iwamoto S, Arakawa Y
553 - 557 Extending emission wavelength of InAs/GaAs quantum dots beyond 1.3 mu m by using quantum dot bi-layer for broadband light source
Ozaki N, Nakatani Y, Ohkouchi S, Ikeda N, Sugimoto Y, Asakawa K, Clarke E, Hogg RA
558 - 561 Rim formation on non-elongated InAs quantum dots grown by partial cap and annealing process at low temperature
Kumagai N, Ohkouchi S, Watanabe K, Iwamoto S, Arakawa Y
562 - 565 Non-VLS growth of GaAs nanowires on silicon by a gallium pre-deposition technique
Kwoen J, Watanabe K, Iwamoto S, Arakawa Y
566 - 570 InGaN/GaN self-organized quantum dot lasers grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Banerjee A, Frost T, Jahangir S, Stark E, Bhattacharya P
571 - 575 Long-wavelength electroluminescence of InGaAs-capped type-II GaSb/GaAs quantum-rings at room temperature
Lin WH, Wang KW, Lin SY, Wu MC
576 - 578 InGaP solar cells fabricated using solid-source molecular beam epitaxy
Sugaya T, Takeda A, Oshima R, Matsubara K, Niki S, Okano Y
579 - 582 Performance of gas source MBE grown InAlGaAs photovoltaic detectors tailored to 1.4 mu m
Zhou L, Gu Y, Zhang YG, Wang K, Fang X, Cao YY, Li AZ, Li H
583 - 586 Broadband InGaAs quantum dot-in-a-well solar cells of p-type wells
Tzeng TE, Chuang KY, Lay TS, Chang CH
587 - 590 The effects of injector doping densities on lasing properties of InP-based quantum cascade lasers at 4.3 mu m
Li YY, Li AZ, Gu Y, Zhang YG, Li HSBY, Wang K, Fang X
591 - 595 MBE grown Ga2O3 and its power device applications
Sasaki K, Higashiwaki M, Kuramata A, Masui T, Yamakoshi S
596 - 599 InAs/GaSb type-II superlattice mid-wavelength infrared focal plane array detectors grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Chen JX, Zhou Y, Xu ZC, Xu JJ, Xu QQ, Chen HL, He L
600 - 603 High-performance AlGaN/GaN High-electron-mobility transistors employing H2O annealing
Ahn W, Seok O, Song SM, Han MK, Ha MW
604 - 606 The investigation of GaInP solar cell grown by all-solid MBE
Dai P, Lu SL, Zhu YQ, Ji L, He W, Tan M, Yang H, Arimochi M, Yoshida H, Uchida S, Ikeda M
607 - 610 Highly strained photovoltaic dual-channel intersubband photodetectors grown by gas-source MBE
Elagin M, Schulz P, Elagin M, Semtsiv MP, Kirmse H, Mogilatenko A, Masselink WT
611 - 613 Uncooled InGaSb photovoltaic infrared detectors for gas sensing
Katsumata T, Nishimura R, Yamaoka K, Camargo EG, Morishita T, Ueno K, Tokuo S, Goto H, Kuze N
614 - 617 Correlation of the MBE growth temperature, material quality, and performance of quantum cascade lasers
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