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Journal of Crystal Growth, Vol.277, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0022-0248 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Fabrication of chestnut bur-like particles covered with ZnO nanowires
Lee GH, Jeon HD, Lee WJ, Shin BC, Kim IS
6 - 12 Reactor and growth process optimization for growth of thick GaN layers on sapphire substrates by HVPE
Richter E, Hennig C, Weyers M, Habel F, Tsay JD, Liu WY, Bruckner P, Scholz F, Makarov Y, Segal A, Kaeppeler J
13 - 20 > 100% output differential efficiency 1.55-mu m VCSELs using submonolayer superlattices digital-alloy multiple-active-regions grown by MBE on InP
Wang CS, Koda R, Huntington AS, Gossard AC, Coldren LA
21 - 25 Effect of the low-temperature buffer thickness on quality of InSb grown on GaAs substrate by molecular beam epitaxy
Wu SD, Guo LW, Li ZH, Shang XZ, Wang W, Huang Q, Zhou JM
26 - 31 Growth and characterization of a-axis textured ZnO thin films
Nistor LC, Ghica C, Matei D, Dinescu G, Dinescu M, Van Tendeloo G
32 - 36 Crystal growth and spectral properties of Nd3+: Sr2La0.667(VO4)(2) crystal
Zhuang NF, Lin ZB, Hu ZS, Zhang LZ, Wang GF
37 - 43 Detached growth behaviour of 2-in germanium crystals
Patzold O, Jenkner K, Scholz S, Croll A
44 - 50 High-quality and crack-free AlxGa1-xN (x similar to 0.2) grown on sapphire by a two-step growth method
Shih CF, Keh MY, Wang YN, Chen NC, Chang CA, Chang PH, Liu KS
51 - 56 Defect formation mechanism in beam-induced lateral epitaxy on (111)B GaAs substrate
Saitoh K, Suzuki T, Maruyama T, Naritsuka S
57 - 63 Growth of vanadium-doped GaN by MOVPE
Souissi M, Bchetnia A, El Jani B
64 - 71 MOCVD growth of GaN islands by multistep nucleation layer technique
Lang T, Odnoblyudov M, Bougrov V, Sopanen M
72 - 77 RHEED study of GaAs(331)B surface
Yazdanpanah VR, Wang ZM, Seydmohamadi S, Salamo GJ
78 - 84 Composition and thickness distribution of HgCdTe molecular beam epitaxy wafers by infrared microscope mapping
Chang Y, Badano G, Jiang E, Garland JW, Zhao J, Grein CH, Sivananthan S
85 - 90 Surface modifications induced by bismuth on (001)GaAs surfaces
Jiang WY, Liu JQ, So MG, Myrtle K, Kavanagh KL, Watkins SP
91 - 96 Transient wafer deflection in Si epitaxy
Wang TY
97 - 103 In-situ mask removal in selective area epitaxy using metal organic chemical vapor deposition
Birudavolu S, Luong SQ, Nuntawong N, Xin YC, Hains CP, Huffaker DL
104 - 113 Susceptor honing and contact stress in Si epitaxy
Wang TY
114 - 123 Reduced pressure-chemical vapor deposition of high Ge content Si1-xGex and high C content Si1-yCy layers for advanced metal oxide semiconductor transistors
Hartmann JM, Bogumilowicz Y, Andrieu F, Holliger P, Rolland G, Billon T
124 - 132 Detached growth of germanium by directional solidification
Palosz W, Volz M, Cobb S, Motakef S, Szofran FR
133 - 137 Absence of local-potential fluctuation effects in Si-doped InxGa1-xN epilayers studied by optical characterizations
Chung SJ, Kumar MS, Kim YK, Hong CH, Lee H, Suh EK, Jun YK
138 - 142 Investigation of the "composition-pulling or lattice-latching" effect in LPE
Rodriguez-Torres MDP, Gorbatchev AY, Mishurnyi VA, de Anda F, Mendez-Garcia VH, Asomoza R, Kudriavtsev Y, Hernandez IC
143 - 148 From Si nanotubes to nanowires: Synthesis, characterization, and self-assembly
Qiu T, Wu XL, Mei YF, Wan GJ, Chu PK, Siu GG
149 - 153 Structure and optical properties of MOVPE and HVPE GaN films grown on GaN nanocrystalline powder substrate
Nyk M, Kudrawiec R, Misiewicz J, Paszkiewicz R, Korbutowicz R, Kozlowski J, Serafinczuk J, Strek W
154 - 161 Reaction at the interface between Si melt and a Ba-doped silica crucible
Huang XM, Koh SJ, Wu KH, Chen MW, Hoshikawa T, Hoshikawa K, Uda S
162 - 169 Regrowth mechanisms in flash lamp processing of heteroepitaxial SiC on silicon substrates
Smith M, McMahon RA, Voelskow M, Skorupa W, Stoemenos J
170 - 174 BiSrCaCuO compounds rich in copper synthesized by molecular beam epitaxy structural and electric properties
Alami HE, Cavellin CD
175 - 180 Crystal growth and optical properties of Gd1.99-xYxCe.0.01SiO5 single crystals
Jie MJ, Zhao GJ, Zeng XH, Su LB, Pang HY, He XM, Xu J
181 - 185 Crystal growth and properties of Yb : FAP laser crystal
Song PX, Zhao ZW, Xu XD, Deng PZ, Xu J
186 - 191 Spectral properties and charge transfer luminescence of Yb3+ : Gd3Ga5O12 (Yb : GGG) crystal
Jiang BX, Zhao ZW, Xu XD, Song PX, Wang XD, Xu J, Deng PZ
192 - 199 Efficient UV photoluminescence from monodispersed secondary ZnO colloidal spheres synthesized by sol-gel method
Cheng HM, Hsu HC, Chen SL, Wu WT, Kao CC, Lin LJ, Hsieh WF
200 - 204 Growth of composite sapphire/Ti : sapphire by the hydrothermal method
Song C, Hang Y, Xia C, Zhang C, Xu J, Zhou W
205 - 209 Preparation of BaBi1/2Sb1/2O3 from Ba(COO)(2)center dot 0.5H(2)O and Sb(COO)(2)(OH) oxalates and Bi2O3 oxide
Korzun BV, Schorr S, Schmitz W, Fadzeyeva AA, Kommichau G, Bente K
210 - 217 Improved PbZr0.52Ti0.48O3 film quality on SrRuO3/SrTiO3 substrates
Contreras JR, Kohlstedt H, Petraru A, Gerber A, Hermanns B, Haselier H, Nagarajan N, Schubert J, Poppe U, Buchal C, Waser R
218 - 222 Microstructure of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/Ba0.7Sr0.3TiO3/La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 epitaxial films grown on (001)SrTiO3 substrate
Qi XY, Miao J, Duan XF, Zhao BR
223 - 227 Growth and characterization of Yb : BaWO4 single crystal
Lin XS, Chen JL, Zhuang NF, Zhao B, Chen JZ
228 - 232 Growth and spectral properties of Nd3+ : KLu(WO4)(2) crystal
Tang LY, Lin ZB, Hu ZS, Wang GF
233 - 237 Electrical properties of Nd-substituted Bi4Ti3O12 thin films fabricated by chemical solution deposition
Zhong XL, Wang JB, Zhou YC, Liu JJ, Zheng XJ
238 - 245 gamma-Fe2O3 oriented growth by surfactant molecules in microemulsion
Wang DZ, Cao CB, Xue SH, Zhu HS
246 - 251 Anisotropic electrical transport studies of Ca3Co4O9 single crystals grown by the flux method
Bhattacharya S, Aswal DK, Singh A, Thinaharan C, Kulkarni N, Gupta SK, Yakhmi JV
252 - 257 Growth and characterization of (Tm,Y)Al-3(BO3)(4) and (Yb,Y)Al-3(BO3)(4) crystals
Leonyuk NI, Koporulina EV, Maltsev VV, Li J, Zhang HJ, Zhang JX, Wang JY
258 - 263 Thermoelectric properties of p-type (Bi2Te3)(x)(Sb2Te3)(1-x) crystals prepared via zone melting
Jiang J, Chen LD, Bai SQ, Yao Q, Wang Q
264 - 268 Crystal growth and spectroscopic characterization of Yb-doped and Yb, Na-codoped CaF2 laser crystals by TGT
Su LB, Xu J, Li HJ, Wen L, Yang WQ, Zhao ZW, Si JL, Dong YJ, Zhou GQ
269 - 273 Structural and optical properties of Nd : LuVO4 waveguides grown on sapphire substrates by pulsed laser deposition
Li HX, Wang JY, Zhang HJ, Yu GW, Wang XX, Fang L, Shen MR, Ning ZY, Tang QW, Li SL, Wang XL, Wang KM
274 - 283 Galvanostatic and potentiostatic deposition of bismuth telluride films from nitric acid solution: effect of chemical and electrochemical parameters
Michel S, Diliberto S, Boulanger C, Stein N, Lecuire JM
284 - 292 Transparent conductive ZnO thin films on glass substrates deposited by pulsed laser deposition
Shan FK, Liu GX, Lee WJ, Lee GH, Kim IS, Shin BC, Kim YC
293 - 297 Synthesis and magnetic study for Fe-doped carbon nanotubes (CNTs)
Liu BY, Wei LW, Ding QM, Yao JL
298 - 302 Growth of large CsB3O5 crystals
Chang F, Fu PZ, Wu YC, Chen GJ, Xu ZJ, Chen CT
303 - 307 Growth and characterization of L-argininium dinitrate
Thomas PC, Thomas J, Julius JP, Madhavan J, Selvakumar S, Sagayaraj P
308 - 313 Growth and X-ray characterization of GdxYb1-xTaO4 (0 <= x <= 1) single crystals with large lattice spacing gradient
Almeida Silva R, Tirao G, Cusatis C, Andreeta JP
314 - 320 The U-shaped Fe(1-x)S micro-slots: growth, characterization, and magnetic property
Ma XC, Xu F, Wang X, Du Y, Chen LY, Zhang ZD
321 - 329 Nucleation and growth of ZnO micro- and nanobelts during thermal evaporation
Zhang ZQ, Jiang CB, Li SX, Mao SX
330 - 334 Multipod zinc oxide nanowhiskers
Xu CX, Sun XW
335 - 344 Oriented [111] ZnSe electrodeposits grown on polycrystalline CdSe substrates
Bouroushian M, Kosanovic T, Spyrellis N
345 - 351 Growth of dense ZnO films via MOVPE on GaN(0001) epilayers using a low/high-temperature sequence
Pierce JM, Adekore BT, Davis RF, Stevie FA
352 - 358 Growth of Al-doped ZnO thin films by pulsed DC magnetron sputtering
Ko H, Tai WP, Kim KC, Kim SH, Suh SJ, Kim YS
359 - 363 Growth of beta barium borate (beta-BaB2O4) thin films on alpha barium borate (alpha-BaB2O4) substrates
Liu JF, He XM, Zhou GQ, Xia CT, Zhou SM, Xu J
364 - 371 Epitaxial film growth of zirconium diboride on Si(001)
Roucka R, Tolle J, Chizmeshya AVG, Tsong IST, Kouvetakis J
372 - 377 Controlled growth of ZnO by adding H2O
Wang HH, Xie CS, Zeng DW
378 - 381 MOCVD growth and properties of ZnO thin films on LiNbO3 substrates
Wang YZ, Wang HL, Liu SL, Liu HX, Zhou SM, Hang Y, Xu J, Ye JD, Gu SL, Zhang R
382 - 387 Effects of the film microstructures on CVD diamond radiation detectors
Zhang ML, Xia YB, Wang LJ, Gu BB
388 - 392 Improvement of FWHM and luminance of blue organic light-emitting diodes with double hole-blocking structure
Lu HT, Tsou CC, Yokoyama M
393 - 400 Zone leveling of lead magnesium niobate-lead titanate crystals using RF heating
Zawilski KT, DeMattei RC, Feigelson RS
401 - 405 Growth and spectral properties of Er3+/Yb3+-codoped Sr3Y(BO3)(3) crystal
Zhao D, Hua ZS, Lin ZB, Wang GF
406 - 409 Crystal growth and properties of Co2+-doped Ca3NbGa3Si2O14 single crystal
Shi XZ, Yuan DR, Guo SY, Cheng XF, Sun HQ, Li ZF, Song JA
410 - 415 Czochralski growth and characterization of neodymium-doped strontium lanthanum aluminate (ASL : Nd) single crystals
Gheorghe L, Lupei V, Lupei A, Gheorghe C, Varona C, Loiseau P, Aka G, Vivien D, Ferrand B
416 - 421 The deposition and annealing study of MOCVD ZnMgO
Liu W, Gu SL, Zhu SM, Ye JD, Qin F, Liu SM, Zhou X, Hu LQ, Zhang R, Shi Y, Zheng YD
422 - 427 Plasma nitridation and microstructure of high-k ZrO2 thin films fabricated by cathodic arc deposition
Huang AP, Fu RKY, Chu PK, Wang L, Cheung WY, Xu JB, Wong SP
428 - 436 Effect of diborane on the microstructure of boron-doped silicon nanowires
Pan L, Lew KK, Redwing JM, Dickey EC
437 - 444 Crystal growth orientation and microstructure of Y0.9Ca0.1Ba2Cu3O7-delta melt grown bars
Marinel S, Grossin D, Perez O, Delorme F, He ZH, Lu CY
445 - 449 Synthesis of single crystalline cadmium nanosheets by a thermal decomposition method
Zhao JW, Ye CH, Fang XS, Yan P, Wang ZY, Zhang L
450 - 456 Preparation of highly (100)-oriented LaNiO3 nanocrystalline films by metalorganic chemical liquid deposition
Wang GS, Zhao Q, Meng XJ, Chu JH, Remiens D
457 - 461 Preparation and properties of barium ferrite microcrystal in B2O3-Bi2O3 glass
Chen GJ, Jian LY, Chang YS, Chung CY, Chai YL
462 - 466 Substitution site of La ions in La-doped Bi4Ti3O12-SrBi4Ti4O15 intergrowth ferroelectrics
Zhu J, Mao XY, Chen XB
467 - 470 Electrochemical properties of submicron cobalt ferrite spinel through a co-precipitation method
Yang XH, Xiong W, Zhang Z
471 - 478 Catalyst-free synthesis of ZnO nanowires on Si by oxidation of Zn powders
Sekar A, Kim SH, Umar A, Hahn YB
479 - 484 Star-shaped ZnO nanostructures on silicon by cyclic feeding chemical vapor deposition
Umar A, Lee S, Lee YS, Nahm KS, Hahn YB
485 - 489 Nucleation and growth of delta-Bi2O3 thin films on c-sapphire by means of chemical vapour deposition under atmospheric pressure
Takeyama T, Takahashi N, Nakamura T, Itoh S
490 - 495 ZnO nanostructure networks grown on silicon substrates
Xu WZ, Ye ZZ, Zhu LP, Zeng YJ, Liu J, Zhao BH
496 - 501 Epitaxial growth of Er2O3 films on Si(001)
Xu R, Zhu YY, Chen S, Xue F, Fan YL, Yang XJ, Jiang ZM
502 - 508 Eu3+ addition effect on the stability and crystallinity of fiber single crystal and nano-structured Y2O3 oxide
Flores-Gonzalez MA, Lebbou K, Bazzi R, Louis C, Perriat P, Tillement O
509 - 517 Growth of highly nonlinear optical organic crystal, 3-methyl-4-methoxy-4'-nitrostilbene (MMONS)
Hong HK, Park JW, Lee KS, Yoon CS
518 - 523 Shape-controlled synthesis of PbS microcrystallites by mild solvothermal decomposition of a single-source molecular precursor
Zhang YC, Qiao T, Hu XY, Wang GY, Wu X
524 - 528 Hydrothermal synthesis of porous Feln(2)S(4) microspheres and their electrochemical properties
Chen XY, Zhang ZJ, Zhang XF, Liu JW, Qian YT
529 - 535 The effect of substrate temperature on the optical properties of polycrystalline Sb2O3 thin films
Tigau N, Ciupina V, Prodan G
536 - 540 Growth of single crystals of PbBr2 in silica gel
Kusumoto H, Kaito T, Yanagiya S, Mori A, Inoue T
541 - 545 A new advance in crystal growth of two-dimensional strontium cuprate-borate
Maltsev V, Leonyuk N, Szymczak R
546 - 554 Anomalous evaporation characteristics of vitrificated K(DPM) and stable gas supply using disk-shaped K(DPM) precursors for metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Onoe A, Tasaki Y, Chikuma K
555 - 559 Atomic force microscopy study on surface morphologies of {110} faces of MnHg(SCN)(4) crystals
Geng YL, Xu D, Wang YL, Du W, Liu HY, Zhang GH, Wang XQ
560 - 565 The reduction and recovery of step velocity in crystal growth induced by convection variation under various gravities
Li CR, Tsukamoto K, Satoh H
566 - 577 Aspects of generation of destructive crystal growth pressure
Chatterji S
578 - 592 Nonlinear stability analysis of self-similar crystal growth: control of the Mullins-Sekerka instability
Li SW, Lowengrub JS, Leo PH, Cristini V
593 - 598 Pulsed laser deposition of optical waveguide Nd-doped gadolinium vanadate thin films
Li HX, Wang JY, Zhang HJ, Wang XX, Yu GW, Zhang JX, Liang F, Shen MR, Jing Y, Li SL, Wang XL, Wang KM
599 - 607 Structure and atoms mixing in electrodeposited Sn(Au) nanoaggregates
Kante I, Andreazza P, Andreazza C, Devers T, Allam L, Fleury V
608 - 622 Thermal grain boundary grooving with anisotropic surface free energy in three dimensions
Zhang W, Gladwell I
623 - 630 Effects of gravity on zeolite crystallization from solution
Song HW, Ilegbusi OJ, Sacco A
631 - 635 Synthesis and characterization of La-2(CO3)(3) nanostructures in the triton X-100/cyclohexane/water reverse inicelles
Guo GS, Gu F, Wang ZH, Guo HY
636 - 642 Shape-controlled synthesis of Cu-based nanofluid using submerged arc nanoparticle synthesis system (SANSS)
Lo CH, Tsung TT, Chen LC
643 - 649 Preparation and photoluminescence of yttrium hydroxide and yttrium oxide doped with europium nanowires
Wu XC, Tao YR, Gao F, Dong L, Hu Z
650 - 650 Erratum to: "Oriented growth of benzophenone crystals from undercooled melts" (vol 270, pg 469, 2004)
Wang WL, Huang WD, Ma YH, Zhao JL