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Journal of Crystal Growth, Vol.272, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0022-0248 (Print) 

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1 - 1 ICMOVPE-XII - The 12th International Conference on Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy - Introduction
Biefeld RM, Stringfellow GB
2 - 8 Phase control of GaN on Si by nanoscale faceting in metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxy
Lee SC, Sun XY, Hersee SD, Brueck SRJ
9 - 14 Ordering structure along the [001] direction of InAlAs
Kurihara K, Namita H, Ueda R, Takashima M, Akimoto K, Sakata K, Takahashi T, Nakamura T, Shimoyama K
15 - 23 The role of the surface adsorption layer during MOVPE growth analyzed by the flow modulation method
Nakano T, Sugiyama M, Nakano Y, Shimogaki Y
24 - 29 An RDS, LEED, and STM study of MOCVD-prepared Si(100) surfaces
Hannappel T, McMahon WE, Olson JM
30 - 36 Nitrogen-arsenic exchange process and investigation of the nitrided GaAs surfaces in MOVPE
Hoffmann V, Poser F, Kaspari C, Weeke S, Pristovsek M, Richter W
37 - 41 Trimethylindium transport studies: the effect of different bubbler designs
Smith LM, Odedra R, Kingsley A, Coward KM, Rushworth SA, Williams G, Leese TA, Purdie AJ, Kanjolia RK
42 - 46 Measurement of vapour pressure of In-based metalorganics for MOVPE
Fulem M, Ruzicka K, Ruzicka V, Hulicius E, Simecek T, Pangrac J, Rushworth SA, Smith LM
47 - 51 Chemical kinetics and design of gas inlets for III-V growth by MOVPE in a quartz showerhead reactor
Li ZQ, Zhou V, Li S, Rao TS, Jiang WY, Watkins SP
52 - 58 A combined fluid dynamic and 3D kinetic Monte Carlo investigation of the selective deposition of GaAs and InP
Rondanini M, Cavallotti C, Moscatelli D, Masi M, Carra S
59 - 64 Improved process control, lowered costs and reduced risks through the use of non-destructive mobility and sheet carrier density measurements on GaAs and GaN wafers
Nguyen D, Hogan K, Blew A, Cordes M
65 - 71 In situ stress measurements during MOCVD growth of AlGaN on SIC
Acord JD, Raghavan S, Snyder DW, Redwing JM
72 - 75 In situ measurements of strains and stresses in GaN heteroepitaxy and its impact on growth temperature
Dadgar A, Schulze F, Zettler T, Haberland K, Clos R, Strassburger G, Blasing J, Diez A, Krost A
76 - 80 Optimization of GaN MOVPE growth on patterned Si substrates using spectroscopic in situ reflectance
Strittmatter A, Reissmann L, Trepk T, Pohl UW, Bimberg D, Zettler JT
81 - 86 Use of SiC band gap temperature dependence for absolute calibration of emissivity corrected pyrometers in III-nitride MOVPE
Steins R, Kaluza N, Hardtdegen H, Zorn M, Haberland K, Zettler JT
87 - 93 InN growth and annealing investigations using in-situ spectroscopic ellipsometry
Drago M, Schmidtling T, Werner C, Pristovsek M, Pohl UW, Richter W
94 - 99 In situ metrology advances in MOCVD growth of GaN-based materials
Belousov M, Volf B, Ramer JC, Armour EA, Gurary A
100 - 105 MOVPE GaN growth: determination of activation energy using in-situ reflectometry
Kaluza N, Steins R, Hardtdegen H, Lueth H
106 - 110 In situ optical analysis of low temperature MOCVD GaN nucleation layer formation via multiple wavelength ellipsometry
Schmidegg K, Neuwirt G, Stifter D, Sitter H, Bonanni A
111 - 117 Growth monitoring of GaAsSb : C/InP hetero structures with reflectance anisotropy spectroscopy
Brunner F, Weeke S, Zorn M, Weyers M
118 - 124 Routine growth of InP based device structures using process calibration with optical in-situ techniques
Wolfram P, Steimetz E, Ebert W, Grote N, Zettler JT
125 - 130 In-situ etching of InP and InGaAlAs materials by using HCl gas in metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxy
Tsuchiya T, Kitatani T, Ouchi K, Sato H, Aoki M
131 - 137 Growth of GaP nanotree structures by sequential seeding of 1D nanowires
Dick KA, Deppert K, Martensson T, Seifert W, Samuelson L
138 - 142 Artificial control of ZnO nanostructures grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Fujita S, Kim SW, Ueda M, Fujita S
143 - 147 Real-time control of quantum dot laser growth using reflectance anisotropy spectroscopy
Pohl UW, Potschke K, Kaiander I, Zettler JT, Bimberg D
148 - 153 Controlled fabrication of InGaAs quantum dots by selective area epitaxy MOCVD growth
Elarde VC, Yeoh TS, Rangarajan R, Coleman JJ
154 - 160 Alternative precursor growth of quantum dot-based VCSELs and edge emitters for near infrared wavelengths
Kaiander IN, Hopfer F, Kettler T, Pohl UW, Bimberg D
161 - 166 Formation of high-density GaN self-assembled quantum dots by MOCVD
Hoshino K, Arakawa Y
167 - 174 Growth mechanisms for GaAs nanowires grown in CBE
Persson AI, Ohlsson BJ, Jeppesen S, Samuelson L
175 - 179 MOVPE selectively grown GaAs nano-wires with self-aligned W side gate
Ooike N, Motohisa J, Fukui T
180 - 185 Catalyst-free selective-area MOVPE of semiconductor nanowires on (111)B oriented substrates
Motohisa J, Noborisaka J, Takeda J, Inari M, Fukui T
186 - 191 Growth of self-assembled AlxInyGa1-x-yN quantum dots by MOVPE
Perez-Solorzano V, Groning A, Schweizer H, Jetter M
192 - 197 InAs quantum dots over InGaAs for infrared photodetectors
Pires MP, Landi SM, Tribuzy CVB, Nunes LA, Marega E, Souza PL
198 - 203 Structural studies of nano/micrometric semiconducting GaInP wires grown by MOCVD
Sacilotti M, Decobert J, Sik H, Post G, Dumas C, Viste P, Patriarche G
204 - 210 Selective growth of GaInN quantum dot structures
Jetter M, Perez-Solorzano V, Groening A, Ubl M, Graebeldinger H, Schweizer H
211 - 220 Growth of one-dimensional nanostructures in MOVPE
Seifert W, Borgstrom M, Deppert K, Dick KA, Johansson J, Larsson MW, Martensson T, Skold N, Svensson CPT, Wacaser BA, Wallenberg LR, Samuelson L
221 - 226 Self-assembled In(Ga) as islands on Ge substrate
Knuuttila L, Korkala T, Sopanen M, Lipsanen H
227 - 241 Growth and design of deep-UV (240-290 nm) light emitting diodes using AlGaN alloys
Allerman AA, Crawford MH, Fischer AJ, Bogart KHA, Lee SR, Follstaedt DM, Provencio PP, Koleske DD
242 - 250 High efficiency GaN-based LEDs and lasers on SiC
Edmond J, Abare A, Bergman M, Bharathan J, Bunker KL, Emerson D, Haberern K, Ibbetson J, Leung M, Russel P, Slater D
251 - 256 Impact of thermal annealing on the characteristics of InGaN/GaN LEDs on Si(111)
Fehse K, Dadgar A, Krtschil A, Riemann T, Hempel T, Christen J, Krost A
257 - 263 Growth and laser-assisted liftoff of low dislocation density AlN thin films for deep-UV light-emitting diodes
Kaeding JF, Wu Y, Fujii T, Sharma R, Fini PT, Speck JS, Nakamura S
264 - 269 Structure optimization of InGaN-GaN ultraviolet light-emitting diode with a low-energy electron injection mechanism
Kim TG, Kim KC, Kim DH, Yoon SH, Lee JW, Sone CS, Park YJ
270 - 273 Laser diode of 350.9 nm wavelength grown on sapphire substrate by MOVPE
Iida K, Kawashima T, Miyazaki A, Kasugai H, Mishima S, Honshio A, Miyake Y, Iwaya M, Kamiyama S, Amano H, Akasaki I
274 - 277 High-power laser structures grown on bulk GaN crystals
Prystawko P, Czernetzki R, Gorczyca L, Targowski G, Wisniewski P, Perlin P, Zielinski M, Suski T, Leszczynski M, Grzegory I, Porowski S
278 - 284 MOCVD-grown InGaN-channel HEMT structures with electron mobility of over 1000cm(2)/Vs
Okamoto N, Hoshino K, Hara N, Takikawa M, Arakawa Y
285 - 292 Control of epitaxial defects for optimal AlGaN/GaN HEMT performance and reliability
Green DS, Gibb SR, Hosse B, Vetury R, Grider DE, Smart JA
293 - 299 MOVPE growth and characterization of high-Al-content AlGaN/GaN heterostructures on 100-mm-diameter sapphire substrates
Miyoshi M, Sakai M, Ishikawa H, Egawa T, Jimbo T, Tanaka M, Oda O
300 - 304 High-performance GaN/InGaN heterostructure FETs on Mg-doped GaN current blocking layers
Kuan TM, Chang SJ, Su YK, Lin JC, Wei SC, Wang CK, Huang CI, Lan WH, Bardwell JA, Tang H, Lin WJ, Cherng YT
305 - 311 LP-MOCVD growth of GaAlN/GaN heterostructures on silicon carbide: application to HEMT devices
Poisson MAD, Magis M, Tordjman M, Aubry R, Sarazin N, Peschang M, Morvan E, Delage SL, di Persio J, Quere R, Grimbert B, Hoel V, Delos E, Ducatteau D, Gaquiere C
312 - 317 Influence of AlGaN nucleation layers on structural and electrical properties of GaN on 4H-SiC
Boeykens S, Leys MR, Germain M, Belmans R, Borghs G
318 - 321 Modulation-doped superlattice AlGaN barrier GaN/AlGaN HFETs
Chowdhury U, Price RK, Wong MM, Yoo DW, Zhang XB, Feng M, Dupuis RD
322 - 326 Characterization of GaInN light-emitting diodes with distributed Bragg reflector grown on Si
Ishikawa H, Zhang B, Asano K, Egawa T, Jimbo T
327 - 332 GaN-based blue light-emitting diodes grown and fabricated on patterned sapphire substrates by metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxy
Feng ZH, Qi YD, Lu ZD, Lau KM
333 - 340 Dual wavelength InGaN/GaN multi-quantum well LEDs grown by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy
Qi YD, Liang H, Tang W, Lu ZD, Lau KM
341 - 347 Thermodynamic analysis of InN and InxGa1-xN MOVPE using various nitrogen sources
Kumagai Y, Kikuchi J, Matsuo Y, Kangawa Y, Tanaka K, Koukitu A
348 - 352 Effects of growth pressure on AlGaN and Mg-doped GaN grown using multiwafer metal organic vapor phase epitaxy system
Tokunaga H, Ubukata A, Yano Y, Yamaguchi A, Akutsu N, Yamasaki T, Matsumoto K
353 - 359 Sapphire substrate misorientation effects on GaN nucleation layer properties
Lu D, Florescu DI, Lee DS, Merai V, Ramer JC, Parekh A, Armour EA
360 - 369 Growth mechanism of atmospheric pressure MOVPE of GaN and its alloys: gas phase chemistry and its impact on reactor design
Matsumoto K, Tachibana A
370 - 376 Growth of AlN by the chemical vapor reaction process and its application to lateral overgrowth on patterned sapphire substrates
Fujito K, Hashimoto T, Samonji K, Speck JS, Nakamura S
377 - 380 High-quality Al0.12Ga0.88N film with low dislocation density grown on facet-controlled Al0.12Ga0.88N by MOVPE
Kawashima T, Iida K, Miyake Y, Honshio A, Kasugai H, Imura M, Iwaya M, Kamiyama S, Amano H, Akasaki I
381 - 385 Growth and characterization of AlInN on AlN template
Fujimori T, Imai H, Wakahara A, Okada H, Yoshida A, Shibata T, Tanaka M
386 - 392 Characterisation of quaternary AlInGaN thick layers and quantum wells grown by MOVPE
Perez-Solorzano V, Groening A, Haerle R, Schweizer H, Jetter M
393 - 399 The influence of ammonia on the growth mode in InGaN/GaN heteroepitaxy
Oliver RA, Kappers MJ, Humphreys CJ, Briggs GAD
400 - 406 Nucleation and growth of InN thin films using conventional and pulsed MOVPE
Johnson MC, Konsek SL, Zettl A, Bourret-Courchesne ED
407 - 414 MOVPE process for horizontal reactors with reduced parasitic deposition
Hardtdegen H, Kaluza N, Steins R, Schmidt R, Wirtz K, Yakovlev EV, Talalaev RA, Makarov YN
415 - 419 Influence of the reactor total pressure on optical properties of MOCVD grown InGaN layers
Strittmatter A, Reissmann L, Seguin R, Rodt S, Brostowski A, Pohl UW, Bimberg D, Hahn E, Gerthsen D
420 - 425 Aluminum incorporation control in AlGaN MOVPE: experimental and modeling study
Kondratyev AV, Talalaev RA, Lundin WV, Sakharov AV, Tsatsul'nikov AV, Zavarin EE, Fomin AV, Sizov DS
426 - 431 As-grown p-type GaN growth by dimethylhydrazine nitrogen precursor
Park EH, Park JS, Yoo TK
432 - 437 Antimony as a surfactant during the growth of GaN-based GaNAs alloys by metal organic vapor-phase epitaxy
Kimura A, Liu ZY, Kuech TF
438 - 443 Facet-controlled three-step growth of high-quality GaN on sapphire substrates by mass-production-type metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy
Nitta S, Yamamoto J, Koyama Y, Ban Y, Wakao K, Takahashi K
444 - 448 Influence of laser power on crystalline quality of InGaN with high indium content grown by pulse laser-assisted MOVPE
Kangawa Y, Kawaguchi N, Kumagai Y, Koukitua A
449 - 454 AFM and temperature-dependent photoluminescence studies of the degree of localization induced by quantum-dot like states in InGaN single quantum well light emitting diodes grown by MOCVD on (0001) sapphire
Florescu DI, Ramer JC, Merai VN, Parekh A, Lu D, Lee DS, Armour EA
455 - 459 Investigation of optical and electrical properties of Mg-doped p-InxGa1-xN, p-GaN and p-AlyGa1-yN grown by MOCVD
Lee SN, Son J, Sakong T, Lee W, Paek H, Yoon E, Kim J, Cho YH, Nam O, Park Y
460 - 465 Structural, optical and electrical properties of GaN and InGaN films grown by MOCVD
Poochinda K, Chen TC, Stoebe TG, Ricker NL
466 - 474 Optical and structural studies of GaN 3D structures selectively grown by MOCVD
Viste P, Colombier I, Donatini F, Vial JC, Baldeck P, Herino R, Duc-Mauge A, Godfroyd J, Lacroute Y, Sacilotti M
475 - 480 Strain effects of AIN interlayers for MOVPE growth of crack-free AlGaN and AIN/GaN multilayers on GaN
McAleese C, Kappers MJ, Rayment FDG, Cherns P, Humphreys CJ
481 - 488 Reduction of point defect density in cubic GaN epilayers on (001) GaAs substrates using AlxGa1-xN/GaN superlattice underlayers
Chichibu SF, Sugiyama M, Nozaka T, Suzuki T, Onuma T, Nakajima K, Aoyama T, Sumiya M, Chikyow T, Uedono A
489 - 495 Characterization of GaN grown on patterned Si(111) substrates
Wang D, Dikme Y, Jia S, Chen KJ, Lau KM, van Gemmern P, Lin YC, Kalisch H, Jansen RH, Heuken M
496 - 499 GaN heteroepitaxy on Si(001)
Schulze F, Dadgar A, Blasing J, Krost A
500 - 505 Growth and characterization of GaN-based structures on SiCOI-engineered substrates
Dikme Y, van Gemmern P, Lin YC, Szymakowski A, Kalisch H, Faure B, Richtarch C, Larheche H, Bove P, Letertre F, Woitok JF, Efthimiadis K, Jansen RH, Heuken M
506 - 514 Growth of AlxGa1-xN-layers on planar and patterned substrates
Rossow U, Fuhrmann D, Greve M, Blasing J, Krost A, Ecke G, Riedel N, Hangleiter A
515 - 519 Marker layers for the development of a multistep GaNFACELO process
Habel F, Bruckner P, Scholz F
520 - 525 1.5 mu m VCSEL structure optimization for high-power and high-temperature operation
Mereuta A, Syrbu A, Iakovlev V, Rudra A, Caliman A, Suruceanu G, Berseth CA, Deichsel E, Kapon E
526 - 530 Metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxy of room-temperature, low-threshold InGaAs/AlInAs quantum cascade lasers
Bour D, Troccoli M, Capasso F, Corzine S, Tandon A, Mars D, Hofler G
531 - 537 Interdiffusion in highly strained InGaAs-QWs for high power laser diode applications
Bugge F, Zeimer U, Wenzel H, Erbert G, Weyers M
538 - 542 MOCVD growth of highly strained InGaAs : Sb-GaAs-GaAsP quantum well vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers with 1.27 mu m emission
Kuo HC, Yao HH, Chang YH, Chang YA, Tsai MY, Hsieh J, Chang EY, Wang SC
543 - 548 MOVPE growth of AlGaInAs-InP highly tensile-strained MQWs for 1.3 mu m low-threshold lasers
Decobert J, Lagay N, Cuisin C, Dagens B, Thedrez B, Laruelle F
549 - 554 Red VCSEL for high-temperature applications
Rossbach R, Ballmann T, Butendeich R, Schweizer H, Scholz F, Jetter M
555 - 558 Growth and characterization of InAlP/InGaAs double barrier RTDs
Neumann S, Velling P, Prost W, Tegude FJ
559 - 563 Scanning e-beam pumped resonant periodic gain VCSEL based on an MOVPE-grown GaInP/AlGaInP MQW structure
Bondarev VY, Kozlovsky VI, Krysa AB, Roberts JS, Skasyrsky YK
564 - 569 High contrast InP/InGaAsP grating MOCVD regrowth using TBA and TBP
Skogen EJ, Barton JS, Raring JW, Coldren LA, Denbaars SP
570 - 575 Fabrication and characterization of GaAs two-dimensional air-hole arrays on GaAs (111)A substrates using selective-area MOVPE
Takeda J, Inari M, Motohisa J, Fukui T
576 - 581 Performance comparison between integrated 40 Gb/s EAM devices grown by selective area growth and butt-joint overgrowth
Zhu JT, Billia L, Bour D, Corzine S, Hofler G
582 - 587 Selective MOVPE growth of tilted arrayed waveguides from [011] direction
Kawakita Y, Kawai A, Shimotaya S, Shimomura K
588 - 595 Pendeoepitaxy of GaAs and In0.15Ga0.85As using laterally oxidized GaAs/Al0.96Ga0.04As templates
Cederberg JG, Waldrip KE, Peake GM
596 - 602 High uniformity of InGaAsP layers grown by multi-wafer MOVPE system
Shimizu E, Sugawara S, Nakata H
603 - 608 Correlation of film properties and reduced impurity concentrations in sources for III/V-MOVPE using high-purity trimethylindium and tertiarybutylphosphine
Shenai DV, Timmons ML, DiCarlo RL, Marsman CJ
609 - 614 MOVPE growth of (AlGaIn)P/(GaIn)P heterostructures using TBP
El-Zein N, Greiling A, Koch J, Stolz W, Reinhard S, McDermott BT
615 - 620 Properties of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells grown by MOVPE using vicinal GaAs substrates
Rudra A, Pelucchi E, Oberli DY, Moret N, Dwir B, Kapon E
621 - 626 Passivation of GaAs surface by ultrathin epitaxial GaN layer
Riikonen J, Sormunen J, Koskenvaara H, Mattila M, Sopanen M, Lipsanen H
627 - 632 Defect study of MOVPE-grown InGaP layers on GaAs
Knauer A, Krispin P, Balakrishnan VR, Weyers M
633 - 641 Material properties of graded composition InxGa1-xP buffer layers grown on GaP by organometallic vapor phase epitaxy
Hasenohrl S, Novak J, Vavra I, Satka A
642 - 649 Intrinsic carbon doping of (AlGa)As for (InGa)As laser structures (lambda approximate to 1.17 mu m)
Gottschalch V, Leibiger G, Benndorf G, Herrnberger H, Spemann D
650 - 657 Tellurium surfactant effects in the growth of lattice mismatched InAsxP1-x, by metal organic vapor-phase epitaxy
Newman FD, Stan MA, Murray SL, Murray CS
658 - 663 Growth and characterization of p-type InGaAs on InP substrates by LP-MOVPE using a new carbon-dopant source, CBrCl3
Uchida K, Takahashi K, Kabe S, Nozaki S, Morisaki H
664 - 681 Progress and continuing challenges in GaSb-based III-V alloys and heterostructures grown by organometallic vapor-phase epitaxy
Wang CA
682 - 685 MOVPE-grown quantum cascade lasers operating at similar to 9 mu m wavelength
Krysa AB, Roberts IS, Green RP, Wilson LR, Page H, Garcia M, Cockburn JW
686 - 693 Effects of gas switching sequences on GaAs/GaAs1-Sb-y(y) superlattices
Hawkins BE, Khandekar AA, Yeh JY, Mawst LJ, Kuech TF
694 - 699 Reconstructions of MOVPE-prepared group-V-rich GaAsSb(100) surfaces
Kollonitsch Z, Moller K, Willig F, Hannappel T
700 - 705 C-doped GaAsSb base HBT without hydrogen passivation grown by MOVPE
Oda Y, Watanabe N, Uchida M, Kurishima K, Kobayashi T
706 - 710 Optimized 9x2-inch MOVPE reactor for the growth of Al-containing antimonides
Dimroth F, Bett AW, Giesen C, Heuken M
711 - 718 Effect of growth interruption on surface recombination velocity in GaInAsSb/AlGaAsSb heterostructures grown by organometallic vapor-phase epitaxy
Wang CA, Shiau DA, Donetsky D, Anikeev S, Belenky G, Luryi S
719 - 725 Characteristics of InGaAsN/GaAsN quantum well lasers emitting in the 1.4-mu m regime
Yeh JY, Mawst LJ, Tansu N
726 - 731 Comparison of dilute nitride growth on a single- and 8x4-inch multiwafer MOVPE system for solar cell applications
Dimroth F, Baur C, Bett AW, Volz K, Stolz W
732 - 738 Solar cells with (BGaIn)As and (InGa)(NAs) as absorption layers
Leibiger G, Krahmer C, Bauer J, Herrnberger H, Gottschalch V
739 - 747 Specific structural and compositional properties of (GaIn)(NAs) and their influence on optoelectronic device performance
Volz K, Torunski T, Kunert B, Rubel O, Nau S, Reinhard S, Stolz W
748 - 752 Improved performance of MOVPE-grown GaInNAs quantum wells by control of interfacial strain
Kim KS, Yoo JR, Lim SJ, Kim KH, Kim T, Park YJ
753 - 759 MOVPE growth experiments of the novel (GaIn)(NP)/GaP material system
Kunert B, Koch J, Torunski T, Volz K, Stolz W
760 - 764 Considerable improvement of optical property of GaInNAs/GaAs quantum well
Ishizuka T, Yamada T, Iguchi Y, Saito T, Katsuyama T, Takagishi S
765 - 771 Temperature dependence of the optical properties on GaInNP
Hsu SH, Su YK, Chang SJ, Lin KI, Lan WH, Wu PS, Wu CH
772 - 777 Te-co-doping experiments in ferromagnetic Mn(Ga)As/GaAs cluster hybrid layers by MOVPE
Lampalzer M, Nau S, Pietzonka C, Treutmann W, Volz K, Stolz W
778 - 784 Atomic vapour deposition (AVD) of SrBi2Ta2O9 using an all alkoxide precursor
Chalker PR, Potter RJ, Roberts JL, Jones AC, Smith LM, Schumacher M
785 - 788 Microscopic spatial distribution of bound excitons in high-quality ZnO
Bertram F, Forster D, Christen J, Oleynik N, Dadgar A, Krost A
789 - 794 Preparation and characterization of ultra-thin ferroelectric PZT films grown by plasma-assisted CVD
Nishida K, Shirakata K, Osada M, Katoda T
795 - 799 Growth of ZnO films by MOVPE using diisopropylzinc and alcohols
Fujita Y, Nakai R
800 - 804 Heteroepitaxy and nitrogen doping of high-quality ZnO
Dadgar A, Oleynik N, Blasing J, Deiter S, Forster D, Bertram F, Diez A, Seip M, Greiling A, Christen J, Krost A
805 - 809 MOCVD growth of monomethylhydrazine-doped ZnO layers
Saito K, Hosokai Y, Nagayama K, Ishida K, Takahashi K, Konagai M, Zhang BP
810 - 815 Efficient removal of UDMH from dilute nitride MOCVD exhaust streams
Pahle J, Czerniak M, Seeley A, Baker D
816 - 821 Environment, health and safety issues for sources used in MOVPE growth of compound semiconductors
Shenai-Khatkhate DV, Goyette RJ, DiCarlo RL, Dripps G
822 - 828 Safety benefits of using a sub-atmospheric pressure hydride gas source for MOCVD
Raynor MW, Houlding VH, Frye R, Olander K
829 - 835 Environmental considerations in the MOVPE growth of (Hg,Cd)Te
Porter KA, Hails JE, Pardoe JAJ, Cole-Hamilton DJ, Blacker NJ
836 - 843 Developments in abatement technology for MOCVD processing
Sweeney J, Marganski P, Olander K, Watanabe T, Tomita N, Orlando G, Torres R